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The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.

The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.
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The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.




Doing the DevOps with Yasmin Rajabi and Nick Maludy

In today’s episode, we talk to Nick Maludy DevOps Manager at Encore Technologies. He shares his career journey going from a developer to managing teams and applying DevOps at scale. Doing the DevOps can be hard and transformation takes time, Nick shares insight on how his team has implemented changes and continues to improve over time. Learn what tools they used and what advice he has to help introduce DevOps into your teams. Mentioned in the episode: • Nick's twitter: @NickMaludy •...


Automation and parenting: data-driven diaper changing and more

Automation and parenting: data-driven diaper changing and more We’re covering a few DevOps parallels, data-driven diaper changing, and, apparently, Baby Shark. Taking care of a newborn is a gargantuan task for everyone involved. We invite one of our technologists to tell us more about how he and his partner are automating the rough manual tasks away to make more time for rest and peace of mind. Automating chunks of the newborn/baby experience is beyond software. It’s about taking out...


The best of the rest of Puppetize PDX

You've probably heard that we've got a conference coming up soon. But have you also heard about the exciting additional events going on around Puppetize PDX? We're coming back home to Portland, and are super excited to show you some of our favorite parts of our city. We've added a few extra events into the Puppetize PDX agenda and in this podcast, we'll talk with a small handful of Puppet employees who're helping facilitate some of those experiences for you. They range from integral parts...


Introducing Puppet at Scale: a panel discussion on IT automation and model trains

Sometimes big challenges need to be tested and solved for at a much smaller scale. In this case, it’s the 1:87 model train scale with an interesting experiment coming out of Puppet. Learn more about a new way to bring people together and automate with Bolt. On this episode, Engineers Cas, Ken, Jacob, and Managing Editor Andrew chat about “bolting” remote task orchestration and automation onto a HO-scale model train set. The vision: sending Bolt plans to operate a model train at Puppet’s...


Contributor Summit was a lot of firsts. What's next?

Last month, we spent two and a half days in Budapest with some of our best community friends. I think the summary of Contributor Summit was the one common complaint I heard: "There was too much good content and it was really hard to decide between workshops!" said everybody. That's a really good problem to have and is the hallmark of a great experience. The key was in how the event was organized. Rather than tightly control the messaging, we simply asked our facilitators to build workshops...


If I tell you, I'd have to kill you: Puppet in Federal Environments

In this podcast, Eric talks with Bryan Belanger from Fervid about working with Puppet in highly regulated compute environments. As a consultant for US Government agencies, Bryan's been working to get "Authority to Operate" for governmental cloud services, to speed up time to delivery and reduce compliance risk. The Puppet modules for STIG hardening, especially for Windows servers, let them build a baseline from existing systems and enforce that across the environment. We talk about the...


Contributor Summit 2019: Budapest

I hope to see you in Budapest, 4-5 June. Contributor Summit is just around the corner and we can't wait to catch up with you. Budapest will be beautiful in June and we've got two days of workshops, collaboration, hacking, and discussions on the present and future of Puppet projects lined up for you. For some of you, this will be the first time we've met face to face, and that's pretty exciting! And don't forget, Project Month is going on right now, and you'll have the opportunity to...


Community Spotlight: Vox Pupuli

Vox Pupuli has long been the backbone of the open source Puppet community. But as often happens when a group is so capable and ubiquitous, sometimes the work done by individuals in the group goes unsung. In this episode, Eric and Hunter tell the story of their own involvement in the group and share some fun historical stories. Today's musical intro was recorded by Eric Putnam. Ben Ford is a developer advocate at Puppet. Transcription Ben [00:00:08] Hi, my name is Ben Ford. I'm the...


Bolt: Uniting Models and Tasks

One of Puppet’s big strengths is declarative automation – you model the desired end state of your infrastructure and Puppet does the hard work of enforcing it. This concept is quite powerful and has become the industry standard for configuration management. But sometimes your workflow doesn't quite fit into that pattern. Sometimes you really do need to deploy point-in-time changes, or mix imperative and declarative approaches together in a single workflow. With Bolt, we've learned from the...


Guest Feature: Learning from the greybeards with @DevOpsFables

It seems like every day is another paradigm shift anymore. SaaS, PaaS, configuration management, cloud native, immutable infrastructure, serverless, and so on. But one has to ask, what do we lose by always chasing the bleeding edge? Information hiding, API contracts, and other ways of abstracting away implementation details are all part of solid system architecture. Are there patterns from yesterday that we should continue applying towards the new ways of working today and tomorrow? George...


Community Spotlight: Corey's Bitcoin Miner

We're all familiar with Puppet's main forte; that of managing configuration for computers, servers, cloud instances, etc. But as with any tool, community members often… color outside the lines. Carrying on with our community spotlight series, this episode highlights one of those unusual usages. Corey Osman started this project by using Puppet to manage tiny IoT devices but ended up building a whole management framework out of Puppet and Bolt technologies. Let's get started and hear his...


Community Spotlight: Puppet Debugger

We're kicking off 2019 with a bang and a series of spotlights on notable community members and their achievements. We've got some great shows lined up for you, from useful development tools, to community experiences, to lessons we could learn from the history of computing. Let's get started today with Corey Osman of Portland, Oregon who's built a command line REPL debugging tool for Puppet. This quick screencast shows some of the capabilities of the tool: A REPL, or command-line shell,...


Puppet Podcast: Introducing the Puppet Development Kit (PDK)

The Puppet Development Kit makes it easier than ever to develop and test Puppet modules by providing a simple, unified interface to a set of helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code. Leveraging the Puppet Development Kit, it’s now possible to: Learn more about the PDK: Listen to the podcast now! Anna Velasco is an associate community manager at Puppet. Learn more Download the Puppet Development KitRead the PDK documentationPuppetConf 2017Contributor Summit


Puppet Podcast: Meet Lumogon

Editor's note: The Lumogon open source project is now unmaintained. The technology is part of Puppet Discovery, which lets you discover what's running in your hybrid infrastructure — from servers to VMs, cloud instances and containers. On May 11th, we announced Lumogon™, a new technology for inspecting, reporting on, and analyzing your container applications. In our podcast about Lumogon, we hear from Kenaz Kwa, Lumogon’s product manager, and Tyler Pace, Lumogon’s UX architect, on the...


Security and DevOps: Puppet Podcast with Gareth Rushgrove

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. Welcome to the final episode of our three-part infrastructure security series. Puppet senior software engineer Gareth Rushgrove chats about the future of infrastructure security, and how breaking down organizational silos can help devs, sysadmins and security experts work better together. Gareth discusses how other DevOps practices like test-driven development and continuous delivery can help you create...


Puppet Podcast: Security with Luke Kanies and Chris Barker

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. In this podcast about IT security, hear Puppet founder Luke Kanies talk about how he built security into Puppet from the beginning; how his thinking on security has evolved; how locking down systems too tightly can actually make your IT infrastructure less secure; the security challenges of containers and the Internet of Things; and more. Puppet engineer Chris Barker brings his experience to the table,...


Puppet Podcast: Security with Ben Hughes of Etsy

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. The Puppet Podcast is back with a three-part series on security. “But wait, isn’t Puppet all about DevOps?” you ask. Here’s the thing: People have always used Puppet for security. (Check out Bill Weiss’ talk at PuppetConf to learn more.) In this episode, we chat with Ben Hughes from Etsy about DevOps and security working together. Turns out, security professionals are people too, and having empathy for...


Gene Kim on Being a Change Agent in IT & insights from DevOps Enterprise Summit

Note: This podcast was originally posted on November 6th, and we're reposting it to our main podcast channel. Welcome to the Conversations with Puppet Labs podcast. We'll be talking with folks in the industry about a variety of topics that affect IT operations. Over the next few weeks, we'll focus on what it means to be a change agent in your organization, and how ops can influence positive change. We'll explore the challenges and roadblocks you might come across when trying to implement...


Podcast: What's New with Razor

In the latest edition of the Puppet Podcast, you’ll find out about Razor, the Puppet provisioning application. The Puppet Labs software engineers who work on Razor, David Lutterkort and Scott McClellan, join Kent Bye and Kara Sowles to discuss the history of Razor and the new capabilities you can look forward to in the upcoming release. You can also check out our many other recent podcasts by visiting our podcast page or subscribing in your favorite podcast tool. Learn More: Razor on...


Up to 80 Times More Deployments for Hiscox Insurance with Puppet Enterprise

Jonathan Fletcher of Hiscox Insurance talks about building a reusable change platform with Puppet that includes continuous integration and testing tools. His teams have seen a radical increase in the pace of change, going from a half-dozen deployments in a 10-week change cycle to as many as 50 deployments per week! Deployments used to be big events, and are now routine non-events. In this interview, Jonathan also describes: Finally, Jonathan talks about the fact that some of Hiscox's most...