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Qlearly.com brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️ Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.

Qlearly.com brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️ Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.


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Qlearly.com brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️ Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.




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Here is a list of 27 Podcast we often listen to: http://bit.ly/tech-podcasts - Thank you for tuning in! Today is Sunday May 6th 2018. As we are getting close to being able to launch http://Qlearly.com we are going to have to put the podcast on hold for a little while. We want to thank all 10,043 of you listening. It is quite amazing. Some of you have been returning for almost every episode and you have helped us reach the charts numerous times, which we are very thankful for! If you would...


Warren Buffet, Casey Neistat, Alex Schultz, Vine 2

Vine co-founder halts development of its replacement, V2 http://bit.ly/qlearly591 2018 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. http://bit.ly/qlearly592 Tesla Q1 Earnings Call. http://bit.ly/qlearly593 Alex Schultz @ Standford. http://bit.ly/qlearly595 Rob Dyrek on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu http://bit.ly/qlearly596 Clayton Christensen: "Where does Growth come from?" | Talks at Google http://bit.ly/qlearly597 Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes on Memory Mastery, Brain Performance, and Accelerated...


Encryption, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora

You Can Finally Encrypt Slack Messages So Your Boss Can't Read Them. http://bit.ly/qlearly582 Snap’s stock just hit an all-time low. http://bit.ly/qlearly583 Salesforce Ventures earmarks $100M to invest in Canadian enterprise cloud startups. http://bit.ly/qlearly584 Twitter advising all 330 million users to change passwords after bug exposed them in plain text. http://bit.ly/qlearly585 Instagram quietly added an in-app payments feature. http://bit.ly/qlearly586 YouTube has 1.8 billion...


Microsoft, Square, Mark Pincus, Gizmodo, Xiaomi

Testla Announced their Earnings Today http://bit.ly/qlearly571 http://bit.ly/qlearly572 http://bit.ly/qlearly573 Amazon selects Southwest Sydney for new fulfilment centre. http://bit.ly/qlearly574 FTC Warns 6 Major Companies That Their Warranty Coverage Is Illegal. http://bit.ly/qlearly575 Square's Bitcoin Business Is Struggling to Make Money http://bit.ly/qlearly576 Zynga founder Mark Pincus is giving up voting control of his gaming company: ‘It’s time’ http://bit.ly/qlearly577 Spotify...


F8 Conference, OfferUp, Groupon, Segway, Cisco

FB giving users the option to clear their history. http://bit.ly/qlearly555 FB Messenger is getting a clean new design. http://bit.ly/qlearly556 FB now lets anyone create an AR experience. http://bit.ly/qlearly557 IG ‘Explore’ section is getting a makeover. http://bit.ly/qlearly560 WhatsApp’s stories hit 450M users. http://bit.ly/qlearly561 Apple Beats Sales Estimates http://bit.ly/qlearly562 Apple says it will return $100B to investors. http://bit.ly/qlearly563 Snapchat slowing user growth,...


WeChat, CoinMarketCap, Apple, Lightspeed, Jan Koum,

Don't expect Apple to merge iOS and Mac apps this year. http://bit.ly/qlearly540 FB rolls out trial of 'dislike' button. http://bit.ly/qlearly541 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse. http://bit.ly/qlearly542 Microsoft Chairman Becomes a VC at Lightspeed. http://bit.ly/qlearly543 Another PayPal Co-Founder Is Embracing Blockchain http://bit.ly/qlearly544 WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum quits over privacy disagreements http://bit.ly/qlearly545 Telegram is now banned in Iran, affecting 40...


T-Mobile, Sprint, Sergey Brin, Blue Origin, Disney

T-Mobile and Sprint sign $26.5B merger http://bit.ly/qlearly527 Disney’s ‘Avengers’ $630M Weekend Debut http://bit.ly/qlearly526 Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently tried to value itself at $8 billion http://bit.ly/qlearly528 Google co founder Sergey Brin warns of AI's dark side. http://bit.ly/qlearly530 When Ford will stop making most of its cars http://bit.ly/qlearly531 Burning Man’s Larry Harvey passes away http://bit.ly/qlearly532 Microsoft to spin its role in counterfeiting case...


Tim Ferris, James Altucher, H3 Podcast, Gimlet

New Jeff Bezos interview with Business Insider http://bit.ly/qlearly517 James Altucher, Guest Lecture 3/23/17 http://bit.ly/qlearly518 Reid Hoffman: Build A World-Changing Business | Chase Jarvis LIVE http://bit.ly/qlearly519 Cardinal Conversations: Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel on "Technology and Politics". http://bit.ly/qlearly520 H3 Podcast #2 - PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) http://bit.ly/qlearly521 H3 Podcast #12 - Steve-O http://bit.ly/qlearly522 H3 Podcast #59 - Deadmau5...


Barbara Corcoran, Tom Bilyeu, Sara Dietschy, Avicii

Barbara Corcoran " Shark Tales" | Talks at Google http://bit.ly/qlearly508 Tom Bilyeu "Escaping the Matrix" | Talks at Google http://bit.ly/qlearly509 Tom Bilyeu - YouTube http://bit.ly/qlearly510 Sara Dietschy - YouTube http://bit.ly/qlearly511 The Creative Exchange - YouTube http://bit.ly/qlearly512 Brian Chesky on Launching Airbnb and the Challenges of Scale. http://bit.ly/qlearly513 Brian Chesky Full Q&A @ Oxford Union. http://bit.ly/qlearly514 Interview With AirBnB Founder - from $0 to...


Square, Weebly, Vitalik, Microsoft, Nintendo

Square is acquiring website builder Weebly for $365M. http://bit.ly/qlearly500 Amazon will raise the price of Prime from $99 to $119 in the U.S. http://bit.ly/qlearly501 Amazon is up 7% following earnings beat. http://bit.ly/qlearly502 Ethereum Founder Is Boycotting One of the Biggest Crypto Summits. http://bit.ly/qlearly503 The Nintendo Switch sold 17.8 million units in 1 year – more than the Wii U sold in 5. http://bit.ly/qlearly504 Snap Is Trying Again With Spectacles; No More Vending...


Digg, Twitter, BigCommerce, Sonos, WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg revealed one of his 'great regrets' http://bit.ly/qlearly490 Amazon and Tesla listed among the most dangerous US workplaces. http://bit.ly/qlearly491 Digg Was Just Bought By An Ad-Tech Company Called BuySellAds. http://bit.ly/qlearly492 Snapchat to start testing non-skippable advertisements next month. http://bit.ly/qlearly493 Twitter revoked API access for 142K apps covering 130M ‘low-quality’ tweets in 1 week under new terms http://bit.ly/qlearly494 BigCommerce raises $64...


Intercom, Trello, Oracle, Bloomberg

Instagram launches “Data Download” tool to let you leave http://bit.ly/qlearly478 Intercom - The Business Messenger, reimagined. http://bit.ly/qlearly479 Bloomberg is planning to make readers pay up to read its digital content. http://bit.ly/qlearly480 Popular crypto wallet MEW hit by DNS attack that drained some users’ accounts. http://bit.ly/qlearly481 Trello gets a newsfeed and improved notifications. http://bit.ly/qlearly482 Oracle acquires Grapeshot, a marketing tech startup....


Google, Ransomware, Ed Sheeran, 8VC, Bluedot Innovation

YouTube reveals it removed 8.3m videos from site in three months. http://bit.ly/qlearly471 Alphabet Is Sitting on About $11 Billion in Startup Investments. http://bit.ly/qlearly472 Atlanta spent $2.6M to recover from $52,000 ransomware scare. http://bit.ly/qlearly473 Apple nabs world rights to Ed Sheeran documentary ‘Songwriter’. http://bit.ly/qlearly474 Amazon Has a Top-Secret Plan to Build Home Robots. http://bit.ly/qlearly475 8VC has closed its second early-stage fund, seemingly with an...


Michael Seibel, Kevin Rose, Dan Mace, Peter McKinnon

Michael Seibel - Startup Investor School Day 2 http://bit.ly/qlearly461 Foundation 20 // Elon Musk http://bit.ly/qlearly462 Building a brand.. Where do I start?! http://bit.ly/qlearly463 Dan Mace http://bit.ly/qlearly464 CaseyNeistat http://bit.ly/qlearly465 http://bit.ly/qlearly466 Wikileaks Claims Coinbase Has Shut Down Its Online Store's Bitcoin Account. http://bit.ly/qlearly467 Valve has acquired Firewatch studio Campo Santo. http://bit.ly/qlearly468 'WordPress of Blockchain' Startup...


Guy Kawasaki, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Wade Foster

Guy Kawasaki - The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/qlearly451 Guy Kawasaki @ SXSW http://bit.ly/qlearly452 Guy Kawasaki @ Startup Grind Hangout http://bit.ly/qlearly453 The CEO Who Pays Employees to De-Locate From the Bay http://bit.ly/qlearly454 Zapier's Wade Foster on creating the ultimate app connector & the future of automation & integration. http://bit.ly/qlearly455 Elon Musk and Bill Gates talk about artificial intelligence future possibilities http://bit.ly/qlearly456...


Evan Williams, Chris Sacca, Kevin Systrom, Kevin Rose

Evan William: Foundation 31 http://bit.ly/qlearly440 This Week In Startups #345 http://bit.ly/qlearly441 Foundation 07 // Chris Sacca http://bit.ly/qlearly442 Kevin Systrom: Chat @ H’University 2016 http://bit.ly/qlearly443 PandoMonthly Fireside Chat http://bit.ly/qlearly444 From Stanford to Startup http://bit.ly/qlearly445 Twitter was down again http://bit.ly/qlearly446 Wells Fargo Hit With $1 Billion In Fines Over Home And Auto Loan Abuses. http://bit.ly/qlearly447 RealSelf, a community...


Reddit, Airbnb, IKEA, eBay, Square, Eventbrite

Reddit now has more active users than Twitter. http://bit.ly/qlearly432 Airbnb launches tool to help event planners find their guests somewhere to stay. http://bit.ly/qlearly433 Robot does the unthinkable by assembling IKEA furniture in 20 minutes. http://bit.ly/qlearly434 eBay’s mobile app can now fill out your listings for you. http://bit.ly/qlearly435 Square acquires corporate catering startup Zesty. http://bit.ly/qlearly436 Eventbrite acquires Spanish ticketing platform Ticketea....


Reed Hastings, Samsung, Firefox, Cybersecurity

Study finds over 3,300 Android apps improperly tracking kids. http://bit.ly/qlearly389 SpaceX will try 'giant party balloon' to recover upper rocket stages. http://bit.ly/qlearly390 Elon Musk says Tesla will be profitable in Q3 and Q4. http://bit.ly/qlearly391 Samsung Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon. http://bit.ly/qlearly392 It’s time to give Firefox a fresh chance. http://bit.ly/qlearly393 World’s third hyperloop test track is now under construction. http://bit.ly/qlearly394 Apple might...


Stripe, Product Hunt, CoinList, Minecraft, Qualcomm

Amazon's Bezos Says Company Topped 100 Million Prime Members. http://bit.ly/qlearly423 Qualcomm Begins Cutting Jobs to Meet Pledge to Slash Costs http://bit.ly/qlearly424 Minecraft fans get a nasty surprise in malware-infected skins. http://bit.ly/qlearly425 Stripe’s AI fraud detector is crazy smart. http://bit.ly/qlearly426 Product Hunt Mobile Theme with Redux in React Native Part II. http://bit.ly/qlearly427 CoinList announced Legal Office Hours for Token Sales. http://bit.ly/qlearly428...


Stewart Butterfield, Vitalik Buterin, David Cancel, Drift

iPhone X Responsible for 35% of Total Worldwide Phone Profits in Q4 2017. http://bit.ly/qlearly411 Salesforce has spent $6 million on pay raises for women. http://bit.ly/qlearly412 Spotify begins rolling out redesigned interface. http://bit.ly/qlearly413 YouTube details how its updates help creators get paid. http://bit.ly/qlearly414 Tesla Shifts Model 3 to 24/7 Production. http://bit.ly/qlearly415 Twilio’s wireless platform http://bit.ly/qlearly416 Drift raises $60 million to be an Amazon...