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A podcast for fans of high performance computing.

A podcast for fans of high performance computing.
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A podcast for fans of high performance computing.




RISC-V CEO Sees Bright Global Future for Open Source CPUs

RISC-V, Historic Passwords Revealed, End of the World We’re missing Henry S. Newman this week, who is down in Los Cruces inspecting and overseeing the construction of his new crib. Dan and Shahin discuss just how little they’d want to be the general contractor working to build Henry’s house. Henry would be deploying a set of lasers to make sure that the foundation was true to the nearest 1/64 of an inch and all the while pointing to the contract which contains his exacting requirements. Dan...


Turing Machine is Sequential, How About a Parallel Machine?

Solving Exponential Problems in Polynomial Time Pretty much all of computing rests on the strong foundation of the Turing Machine, a general purpose formulation of computing which happens to be very sequential. It transfers that attribute to the Von Neumann architecture that manifests it and leads to the famous Von Neumann bottleneck. It would be good if an inherently parallel foundation existed. That requires a blending of computing and memory and has led to approaches to build...


Quantum Supremacy? Yes and No!

Quantum Supremacy Is and Is Not How quantum is that?! The RadioFreeHPC team discusses the Google/NASA paper, titled "Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor", that was published and then unpublished. But it's the internet and everything is a "digital tattoo", so there are copies out there (see below). The paper, right in its title, and at least in that draft form, claimed Quantum supremacy. "Doing what?" we hope you ask. Well, nothing particularly significant, and...


FinTech and HPC-AI

@RadioFreeHPC Has Entered The Building First things first, you can call us @RadioFreeHPC now, thanks to our new Twitter account. We decided maybe this social media thing is not a fad after all. We are also pleased to inform you that our Twitter account is almost as heavily followed as the podcast itself. Thank you! We should be up to about 6 or 7 followers by the time you read this. Good thing we allocated 64 full bits to track the number. FinTech and HPC-AI Shahin gives an update on the...


RFP Pro Tips

The Dos and Donts of RFP Benchmarks In today’s show we only have Dan and Henry on deck, Shahin is away at the “HPC and AI on Wall Street” event where he’ll be hosting various panel discussions. But Dan and Henry soldier on with a discussion based on a recent, and fascinating, presentation by Tricia Balle of Cray at the HPC-AI Advisory Council event in Perth, Australia. The topic: Benchmarks in HPC Procurement Tenders. As Shahin said in the IO500 episode (originally about SPEC) "benchmarks...


Extreme Power and Cooling Efficiency

Yes, You Can Be More Efficient! Dan is back from way Down Under bearing intellectual gifts from the recent HPC-AI Advisory Council meeting in Perth. The RadioFree HPC team drills down on one interesting presentation focused on extracting more from power and cooling systems. Take a look at the video below and the rest of the talks at the conference. Henry Newman's Feel-Good Security Corner The go-to place for why being online is just too dangerous. Henry has good news actually. Targeted by...


IO500 Team Visit

IO500 Benchmark Gets Traction Storage is complicated and benchmarking it has too many complexities for the traditional kernel-like or application-specific approaches. Thanks to a few experienced and tenacious researchers, and the community that supports them, the IO500 has managed to put a credible stake in the ground, and is getting traction, with 101 entries on the current list and expecting many more by SC19. ReadioFreeHPC hosts the IO500 Steering Committee to do a deep dive. "The...


The Hottest of Hot Chips Conference

The 31st Hot Chips Conference Shahin reports from the Hot Chips conference with Henry and new guest Glenn Heinle, a veteran of AI, HPC, and Storage worlds and currently at Keeper Tech. The team discusses and debates the highlights of the conference and the hottest of the Hot Chips. Here are a few notes and images to prepare you for the podcast. AMD CEO Dr. Su's talk was all about High Performance Computing, used more in its English meaning than a market segment. The evidence that HPC is...


Coral is Cray for All

Cray Pulls an Exascale Hat Trick Guess who's having a great year? Think Aurora, Frontier, and El Capitan. Cray has put some nice numbers on the accounts receivable ledger, and these are not ordinary numbers. The Exascale era is being defined substantially by the DOE Coral program and the commercial markets are watching as their computing needs start looking like those of the national labs. In that context, Cray's clean sweep makes its leadership in this area very important. All of this is...


AMD Victory Lap

AMD Victory Lap AMD mojo continues as it pushes Moore's law one more time. RadioFree looks into the AMD Rome CPU, a beast that brings back the glory days of Opteron and establishes itself as the chip to have, and establishes AMD as the company to beat. New Segment: Henry Newman's Feel-Good Security Corner Henry typically looks out for you by tracking the week's most interesting cybersecurity stories. This calls for a new segment on the show. Shahin thinks Henry has deftly branded his...


Who will benefit from Intel dropping Omni-Path?

Spoofing the Spoofers Henry has a brilliant idea to weaponize his password generator against phishing attacks. Intel Drops Omni-Path Henry and Shahin take a close look at the history of High Performance Interconnects, recent news, and how the market is changing profoundly. The departure of Intel from this segment is good news for some, and it remains to be seen what strategy Intel will adopt for the HPC market. Catch of the Week Henry: Henry brings up one his favorite topics (going all...


Is Our Future Liquid Cooled? Also: Provenance of Surveillance Data!

The Veracity and Provenance of Surveillance Data Controversy strikes when news breaks that "Amazon's home security company Ring has enlisted local police departments around the country to advertise its surveillance cameras in exchange for free Ring products and a "portal" that allows police to request footage from these cameras, a secret agreement obtained by Motherboard shows." The nature of such agreements can, well, garner national attention, as we see here (and do our part). That kind...


Is cloud too expensive for HPC?

Is cloud too expensive for HPC? Enquiring minds want to know, as does the HPC community whose single-minded obsession with maximum price-performance is notorious and legendary. The Radio Free team looks at actual cloud pricing based on available data and Dan's research which fuel a hearty discussion. They look at configurations, compare prices, talk about the costs that are not included, segment the market, and then segment the applications. Catch of the Week Henry: Henry highlights of...


Quantum Apps Are Hybrid

"Quantum applications are always and only hybrid" is the quote that Shahin wants you to remember as he gives an update on recent news in Quantum Computing, and especially how to program them. If you're always going to have to mix classical code with quantum code then you need an environment that is built for that workflow, and thus we see a lot of attention given to that in the QIS (Quantum Information Science) area. This is reminiscent of OpenGL for graphics accelerators and OpenCL/CUDA for...


HPC Market Eyes $44B in 5 Years

HPC Market Eyes $44B New report from Hyperion Research has the HPC+AI market growing to $44B, with a B, in 5 years. The industry is hitting on all cylinders, benefiting from The big news continues to be AI fundamentally bringing HPC closer to the mainstream of enterprise computing whether it is on-prem, in a co-location facility, or in a public cloud. All of this is starting big changes in the industry. We see this in mergers and acquisitions (basically new companies), new technologies,...


ExaScale is a 4-way Competition

In this post-ISC show, the RadioFree team discusses Catch of the Week Henry: Henry point out the challenge for customers when the company that breached their data goes out of business. Collections Firm Behind LabCorp, Quest Breaches Files for Bankruptcy Shahin: Shahin highlights a paper on the beginnings of the programming language APL. A cool historical account. The Socio-Technical Beginnings of APL, by Eugene McDonnell Dan: Dan relays the sad story of the multi-year demise of a...


Why did HPE buy Cray?

Why did HPE buy Cray? The RFHPC team tackles the HPE-Cray acquisition as it reviews the companies' recent moves and strengths and market conditions in the context of: Catch of the Week Henry: Another week another breach! Massive Quest Diagnostics data breach impacts 12 million patients clinical laboratory saidDan: Dan points out that the new Apple Mac Pro can be configured to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Given that he and Dan are PC people, the nuances of the Apple value are...


Quantum Computing and HPC

Quantum Computing and HPC Another scintillating and insightful episode of RFHPC is about Quantum Computing and HPC and how the two spaces are evolving and cooperating. We welcome a a distinguished guest with a most suitable background to talk to us about HPC and Quantum Computing. Mike Booth, who’s been in supercomputing since 1979 including stints at Cray through 2000 where he ran the Software and Applications division and was later a GM at StorageTek heading the network storage division....


TOP500 Jun2019, Facebook Coin

The new TOP500 list of most powerful supercomputers is out and we do our usual quick analysis. Not much changed in the TOP10 but a lot is changing further down the list. Here is a quick take: CryptoSuper500 Shahin mentions the 2nd edition of the CryptoSuper500 list (really 50 for now), a list developed by his colleague Dr. Stephen Perrenod, which was launched last November, and is being released at the same time as the TOP500. The TOP500 has spawned variations that look at different...


Forty+ different AI chips

What are we going to do with 40+ different AI chips? This week, the team looks at AI chips again, this time motivated by an article in EE Times about once such chip, Graphcore, and touts it as "the most complex processor" ever at some 20 billion transistors. The VC-backed company out of Bristol, UK is also valued on paper at $1.7b, gaining it the coveted "unicorn" status, apparently the "only western semi-conductor unicorn". This being one of 40+ such AI chips (and that may be...