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Lighthearted security advice and banter from 1Password and guests.

Lighthearted security advice and banter from 1Password and guests.
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Lighthearted security advice and banter from 1Password and guests.






Zero Credit Coffee Oops

Were you caught up in the Equifax hack? This week we dissect the 2017 data-breach, which affected over 50% of the American population. Join us as we reflect on what went wrong, and uncover some sensational findings from the many reports since. We also unpack the latest tech news in Watchtower Weekly, including an attack on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and an iPhone vulnerability found by Google's Project Zero. It's giveaway time! Tweet us with your "surprisingly good" reviews for the podcast...


Expect Wild West Reviews with Ann Cavoukian

Boy oh boy, do we have a guest for you this week! Join us as we sit down with Former Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. Find out what you can do about the wild west of surveillence, and how to build trust in this data-tracking age. We also rundown all the latest security news in Watchtower Weekly. This episode, we discuss Microsoft & Facebook as they also fall victim to the human review scandal, a million leaked fingerprints and an unfortunately named bluetooth...


Voice Scammer Stamp Luck with Kitboga

How do you scam a scammer? YouTuber Kitboga joins us on the show this week, as we discover how he's found fame baiting scammers live on Twitch. Tune in to hear some of the crazy scenarios he's found himself in when getting these scammers off-script. In Watchtower weekly, we discuss the ongoing encryption debate, as well as the suspension of human review on all voice recordings from Apple, Google and Amazon. To mark our first ever Roo-less episode, we invite Dave Teare (Founder of 1Password)...


Karaoke Talk Goodwill Patch

Remember the TalkTalk hack of 2015? Join us as we revisit this shocking and infamous data breach. We also discuss the recent privacy concerns over viral app FaceApp, an update for your Logitech wireless dongle and the $700m record-breaking Equifax fine. It's giveaway time! Tweet us with your suggestions for the podcast, including content or guest ideas. Tweet us using #Ask1Password for your chance to win some 1Password swag! We talked about... Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More...


Ethical Bread Tracking Flaw with Daniel Davis from DuckDuckGo

Should we all use a privacy-focussed search engine? This week we delve into the benefits of these browsers with Daniel Davis, Communications Manager at DuckDuckGo. In our Watchtower news, we unpack a creepy Zoom security flaw, and the record fine facing British Airways after a serious data breach. We talked about... Serious Zoom security flaw could let websites hijack Mac cameras British Airways faces record £183 million GDPR fine after data breach@ourmaninjapanwebsiteblogThe "Do Not...


Offline Zombie Bath Attack with Dr Jessica Barker

Want to learn about some of the craziest hacks of all time? This season we revisit iconic hacks of the past in our new segment. Join us as we reflect on the now infamous Yahoo breach, and run through all the latest Watchtower news. We are also joined by Dr Jessica Barker, as we discuss optimism, and the human nature of cybersecurity. We talked about... A DDoS attack knocking Telegram messaging service offline has been linked to Hong Kong protestsFlorida city pays hackers $600,000 in...


Apple Privacy Fomo Father with Rene Ritchie

Still excited about Apple's latest keynote? Then join us this week for our WWDC Privacy Special, as we run through the new security features from Apple. We are also joined by fellow Apple expert and enthusiast, Rene Ritchie, to help walk us through all the latest updates. We talked about... Google, WhatsApp, and Apple slam GCHQ proposal to snoop on encrypted chatsUS visa applicants required to hand over social media infoFacebook lawyer argues you should have ‘no expectation of privacy’iOS...


Kids Protect Mental Monkeys with Amanda Berlin

How can I protect my kids online? It’s an important question, and we’re offering up our Top 10 Tips to help keep them secure. In Watchtower this week, we discuss a dodgy internal Snapchat tool and some ransomware holding the city of Baltimore hostage. We also celebrate Matt’s birthday without him. This episode we're delighted to welcome special guest, Amanda Berlin. We talk mental health, and how to stay afloat in an increasingly tech-obsessed world. We talked about... Snapchat workers...


Scrambled Hidden Potato Device with Bruce Schneier

This week, we find out what's been making Matt angry, discuss a hidden camera in an Airbnb and a bizarre hack to Michael Bublé's Instagram account. We also offer our "Top 10 Tips to Secure Your Smart Home." Plus we welcome security guru and very special guest, Bruce Schneier, onto the podcast. Tweet us @1Password. We talked about... Airbnb host jailed after guest finds hidden camera inside Wi-Fi routerMichael Bublé's Instagram gets hackedWhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli...


Spring Cleaning Online Scam with Jonathan from people.ai

This week we host a 1Password Spring Cleaning Special! We bring you all the latest Facebook news, discuss a Jason Statham scam and Amazon workers listening in on the Echo. Director of Information Security at people.ai, Jonathan Jaffe, talks about using 1Password for Business. Tweet us @1Password. We talked about... Fraudster poses as Jason Statham to steal victim's moneyThousands of Amazon workers are listening in on Echo audioFacebook user data used as a bargaining chip, according to...


Virtual Lobster Weekend Breach with Scott Helme

This episode, we enjoy "Facebook Breach Time" and discuss some crazy vulnerabilities found in Tesla vehicles. We also breakdown our Big Topic of the week: What's a VPN? Special guest Scott Helme, talks VPNs, Content Security Policy and bringing Hack Yourself First to the UK. Tweet us @1Password. We talked about... Latest Facebook security breach finds millions of records on Amazon servers Zuckerberg eats toast! Researchers trick Tesla’s Autopilot into driving into oncoming trafficEnter...


Spyware Shirt Onion Diaries with Jack Rhysider

This week we run our second podcast giveaway, talk about a compromised Asus update and yet another Facebook security scandal. We also unpack our Big Topic: What is Tor? Our guest this week is Jack Rhysider, creator of the hugely successful podcast Darknet Diaries. Tweet us @1Password. We talked about... Enter our giveaway! Tweet us a phrase for our next show with #wanttheshirt We've been nominated for a Webby Award, but we need your help! Please follow the link to vote.Facebook staff...


Howdy Hunter Toast Scandal with Dr Lorrie Cranor

In this episode we discuss the first $1m bug hunter, and yet another Facebook privacy scandal. In our Big Topic this week we explain: What is SIM hijacking and how does it work? Dr Lorrie Cranor, Director at the CyLab Security and Privacy Institute, is our special guest this week. We talk about the human-side of security, privacy and passwords. Tweet us **@1Password **using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... New 1Password mini now in betaHackerOne declares first $1m bug...


Secret Birthday Payment Dose with Daniel from Monzo

This week we discuss a strange class action against Apple's 2FA and a hidden microphone in Google's Nest Secure product. We celebrate Roo's birthday and introduce The Big Topic: Why is Apple Pay more secure? We also talk about payment security with Daniel, from the Financial Crime Team at Monzo. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... Apple is being sued over Two Factor AuthenticationSecret microphone discovered in Google's Nest SecureHappy Birthday Roo!...


Enterprise Restaurant Segment Bye

This week we talk about a huge collection of data breaches, Facebook’s controversial research app and that infamous FaceTime bug. Random but Memorable introduces a new segment, where we explain everything you need to know about DDOS attacks. We also talk to Tim, Keeper of Keys at 1Password on how to prevent a DDOS attack. Tweet us **@1Password **using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... Huge collection of data breachesFacebook’s controversial research appFaceTime audio...


Ship Special Jingle Fail

Recorded at sea just off the coast of Cuba on the annual company conference. Featuring Roo and his underwater microphone, Dave Teare, Sara Teare, Roustem Karimov and Jeff Shiner. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... Employees from Ring were spying on smart doorbellsA hacked Alexa device provides a bombscare What the phrase?! How's your belly off for spots? • An English way of saying 'How are you?' used informally to greet someone with whom the speaker...


German Pirate Bat Drones with Geoff White

We talk this week about the German parliament hack, the Gatwick Drone attack and about the bats attacking my neck. We also talk to Geoff White the investigative journalist about his series on the dark web. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... Drones shut down GatwickAlexa says horrible thingsGerman politician hackgeoffwhite.tech Thanks for listening, tweet us with suggestions, place names or questions for the next show.


Secret Gusset Giveaway Con with Jenny Radcliffe

We talk start our first competition, about a bizarre machine to steal money and to Jenny Radcliffe about social engineering and people hacking. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... Former Rave Kingpin back in jailPrinter HackJenny Radcliffe, the people hackerThe Hunted on Channel 4Question from a listener @kspeeckaert1Password Security Assessments Thanks for listening, tweet us with suggestions, place names or questions for the next show.


Graham Government Wahlberg Rock with Graham Cluley

We talk Governments and the security industry with Graham Cluley. How The Rock feels after cheat day, how to look like Mark Wahlberg and dive a bit deeper into VPNs. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... The Rock on InstagramSetback in the outbackAustralian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on MathUnlocking phones with a 3D headGraham CluleyQuestion from TobiaThat one privacy siteMulti-Hop VPNS Thanks for listening, tweet us with suggestions, place names or...


Cyber Hotel Business Hack with Charles Arthur

We have Charles Arthur on the show this week talking about the biggest hacks on business in the last few years and the advice to prevent it. We also talk about the Marriott data breach and how Tesla gave a forum user admin access by accident. Tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password. We talked about... The Marriott Hack on 500 million accountsTesla giving a forum user more permissions than they shouldall good book shops! Thanks for listening, tweet us with suggestions, place...