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Brakes Under Pressure – 02×04

FCC guts Net neutrality, Disney buys Fox for 52 billion, Wildfire updates in California, US Petrodollar + Middle East and Alabama senate race — Doug Jones v. Roy Moore Hosted by Antwand Howard, Francisco Pierre-Louis, and Slade Winston Timestamps: (0:38) Net neutrality (7:14) Disney buys Fox for 52 billion (13:03) Wildfire updates in California (16:56) US Petrodollar + Middle […]


Dynamo! – 02×03

Bitcoin breaks through the $16,000 mark, Four Things That Could Explain Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Decision, Google’s Machine Learning Software Has Learned to Replicate Itself and Jony Ive is retaking control of Apple’s design team after two years in hands-off role. Hosted by Antwand Howard and Francisco Pierre-Louis Timestamps: (0:27) Bitcoin breakout (4:57) Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem (7:22) […]


Domo Arigato – 02×02

Honduras imposes martial law due to public protests, US, UK vs. Bitcoin, enforcing cryptocurrency taxation, CVS buys Aetna for $69 billion, uncompetitive practices, Amazon invests in machine learning and John Conyers leaves congress after being exposed for sexual misconduct. Hosted by Antwand Howard, Francisco Pierre-Louis, and Slade Winston Timestamps: (0:18) Honduras imposes martial law due […]


Grassroots of Control – 02×01

John Morgan: I’m leaving Democratic party, Nelson should run for governor, Big Pharma may be trying to ban another harmless plant that helps people, Donald Trump warns federal shutdown coming, Government Banks Have Complicated Feelings About Cryptocurrencies, US Congress withdraws RT America’s accreditation on Capitol Hill. Hosted by Antwand Howard, Francisco Pierre-Louis and Fatina Shahzad […]


Paper Planes – 01×10

Wall Street Wants to Kill the Agency Protecting Americans From Financial Scams, The FCC just repealed a 42-year-old rule blocking broadcast media mergers, Kim Dotcom to build alternative web, Homeland Security Department terminates temporary residency program for almost 60,000 Haitians. Hosted by Antwand Howard and Francisco Pierre-Louis Timestamps: (0:48) Wall Street Wants to Kill the […]


Dirty Mongoose – 01×09

We dissect a JFK file titled Operation Mongoose, TSA Plans to track Americans through face recognition, House backs 700 billion dollar defense bill, Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power, a person can have two stands of DNA, and there’s thousands of areas that have poisonous water with levels even worse than Flint. Hosted by Antwand […]


Well that bites! – 01×08

Drug companies swindle by making you buy more medicine, Texas shooter was a militant atheist and we have a discussion on preventing more of these situations from happening. US government approves “killer” mosquitoes to fight diseased ones and we’ll talk about the pros and cons of this idea. Hosted by Antwand Howard, Francisco Pierre-Louis, Slade […]


Mo’ Hurricanes, Mo’ Problems – 01×07

Hurricane Ophelia and the devastation that has occurred in Ireland, the EPA says higher radiation levels pose no harmful effect although there’s evidence that show otherwise and the city of Munich is having growing pains after leaving Windows for Linux. Hosted by Francisco Pierre-Louis and Antwand Howard Timestamps: (0:43) Three people die as Hurricane Ophelia […]


Media and Diversionary Tactics: Brainfood Exclusive – 01×06

We will be diving a bit deeper in how the media uses ways to distract people on a regular basis. Important topics that we’ll talk about is Flint, Michigan and how they still don’t have clean water, as well as how there’s not enough substance in media but a lot of filler instead. Hosted by […]


Blazing Saddles – 01×05

The controversy regarding multiple shooters in the Las Vegas shooting, a new study by Princeton shows that presidential elections more likely to look like 2016 in the future, and a new bill that would end Native American “sovereign immunity” for patents, also we will be covering the wildfires in Cali. Hosted by Francisco Pierre-Louis Timestamps: […]


Las Vegas Shooting: Brainfood Exclusive – 01×04

A mass shooting occurred in Vegas, but on this episode, we will be talking about the massacre from a different lens. This is our brainfood segment where we take serious issues that affect people on a regular basis and provide deep insight through commentary. A few things we cover in this episode is gun reform, […]


Manna from Heaven – 01×03

China has a new technology that grows crops in deserts, Trump’s reluctant response to Puerto Rico crisis and three Americans earn the Nobel prize for Bio clock discovery and what could this mean for our future? Hosted by Francisco Pierre-Louis, Antwand Howard and Slade Winston Timestamps: (0:50) New technology in China turns desert into land […]


Let’s get hacked! – 01×02

Deloitte, a UK accounting firm got hacked and what it could mean in the future for cybersecurity. Also, US Senate Dems are filing a bill to remove the debt ceiling. Would it benefit us or could it lead to something more severe? Hosted by Antwand Howard and Francisco Pierre-Louis Timestamps: (0:30) Deloitte hit by cyber-attack […]


The Broke, Bankrupt, and Beaten (feat. Corbin Craig) – 01×01

Is St. Louis a vision of what’s worst to come? Is the iPhone X a scam, and does Toys R’ Us bankruptcy spell the end for retail? Hosted by Francisco Pierre-Louis and Antwand Howard Special Guest: Corbin Craig. He’s a musician and runs the political commentary channel Darkmonsterccc on Youtube. Timestamps: (0:53) The Police State […]