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A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:

A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:


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A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:






Welcome to Reversing Climate Change!

Welcome to the Reversing Climate Change podcast, created by the team at Nori. This podcast is hosted by Nori's Creative Editor, Ross Kenyon, and features the people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. We started this show in late 2017 as a way to make the esoteric world of carbon removal more accessible while sharing solutions-oriented stories and learnings about climate change. Nori is a carbon...


The Road to COP26— w/ Brock Benefiel of The Climate Pod

The climate crisis will be on the world stage once again in November 2021, as the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties known as COP26 convenes in Glasgow. The summit brings together 200-plus countries to tackle climate change, and it is billed as the most significant climate event since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015 at COP21. So, how can you learn more about what’s happening at COP26 and why it’s important? Brock Benefiel is the cohost of The Climate Pod, a podcast that...


Solutions: The Climate Change Board Game—w/ Samuel Levac-Levey, Founder and Game Designer

Most efforts to educate the public around climate change are pretty dour and leave people feeling hopeless and helpless. But there are things an individual or small group can do to have a meaningful impact on the climate. And now, there’s a board game that teaches people about the most effective climate solutions and gives them the agency to take action. Samuel Levac-Levey is the Founder and Game Designer behind Solutions, a collaborative board game designed to inspire hope and action on...


S2E74: Sanitation and EJ concerns grow with climate change—w/ Catherine Coleman Flowers, MacArthur Genius

Do you take having a working sanitation system for granted? What if you didn’t have access to a public wastewater treatment plant? What if you lived with sewage running back into your home? And what if your failing septic system made YOU a criminal? MacArthur Fellow Catherine Coleman Flowers is the founder of The Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice (CREEJ) and author of Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change,...


Freedom, Mayhem, and the Uncertain Future of Revel’s Mopeds—w/ Kate Knibbs, Senior Writer at WIRED

If you don’t have access to public transportation or you’re looking for a climate-friendly alternative to Uber, then you may have considered renting one of Revel’s electric mopeds. But do micromobility companies like this actually make money? And how should micromobility fit into the larger ecosystem of getting from point A to point B? Kate Knibbs is a Senior Writer at WIRED and the author of ‘Freedom, Mayhem, and the Uncertain Future of Revel’s Mopeds.’ On this bonus episode of Reversing...


S2E73: The challenges of being a chef/restauranteur in climate change—w/ Renee Erickson of Sea Creatures

Are you missing the experience of eating out at a restaurant? Or maybe you’re itching to travel and revisit the food traditions of the places you love? What if you could recreate these experiences at home, using simple recipes to embark on a culinary journey around the world? Renee Erickson is the James Beard Award-winning chef behind several popular Seattle restaurants including The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Whale Wins, and Bateau. She is also the author of the critically-acclaimed...


S2E72: NFTs, carbon removal, & the music biz—w/ Imogen Heap, Grammy-winning artist

Data in the music industry is incredibly fragmented. There is no one consistent place to go for information about a work. It’s hard to know where songs are being played or who was involved in creating a piece of music. And this means that a lot of artists don’t get royalties for their work. What if blockchain technology is the answer? Imogen Heap is the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer behind The Creative Passport, an identity management platform for music makers...


S2E71: Elon Musk's Carbon Removal XPRIZE—w/ Dr. Marcius Extavour, VP Energy & Climate at XPRIZE

Big-ticket investments in carbon removal innovation are newsworthy, but perhaps nothing captures the public imagination quite like a cash prize. And the $100M purse associated with XPRIZE Carbon Removal happens to be the largest in history. So, how does an award of this magnitude translate to meaningful climate solutions? Dr. Marcius Extavour is the Vice President of Energy and Climate at XPRIZE, a nonprofit using large-scale global competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world’s...


S2E70: What scares a wizard?—w/ Teresa Carey, journalist at Freethink

Should we genetically engineer carbon-hungry trees? Can metal-eating trees clean up abandoned mines? Does seaweed have the potential to save the planet? While these ideas might seem outlandish, they are all examples of actual solutions to our environmental issues people are working on right now. Teresa Carey is a senior staff writer at Freethink, a platform that features the passionate innovators working to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Prior to becoming a journalist, Teresa was a...


Why CEOs should support climatetech startups—w/ Nicole Systrom, Sutro Energy Group

For large, established companies to be sustainable long term, they need to consider how a changing climate will impact what they do. CEOs have got to ask how their businesses can be resilient in the face of climate change and what they can do to help mitigate it. Nicole Systrom is the Founder of Sutro Energy Group, a consultancy working to scale high-impact climate solutions. On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Nicole joins guest host Alexsandra Guerra to discuss her recent...


S2E69: Mark Bittman on the political economy of junk food

60% of the calories in our food supply are alleged to be ultra-processed junk. So, when did we lose our way? When did we go from growing food to feed our communities to growing food for profit? And how do we find our way back to a just food system—and society? Mark Bittman is a former New York Times columnist and bestselling author of 30-plus books, including the well-known How to Cook Everything series. His new release is called Animal, Vegetable, Junk: A History of Food, from Sustainable...


Replacing plastic with captured carbon: an update from Mark Herrema of Newlight Technologies

Since its founding in 2003, Newlight Technologies’ goal has been to create consumer-driven solutions to reducing carbon in the air. And while that intention has not changed, the Newlight team’s approach has evolved as they consider how to achieve the greatest impact. Mark Herrema is the cofounder and CEO of Newlight, an advanced biotechnology company using greenhouse gas to produce sustainable materials and replacements for plastic. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Mark joins...


S2EP68: What would happen if our rivers ran wild?—w/ Tyler J. Kelley, author of Holding Back the River

Since the first levee was built in New Orleans in 1717, we have been trying to manage America’s rivers. But now our infrastructure is failing. And if we don’t compromise on a plan to restore (or strategically remove) our dams, levees, and locks and give our waterways more space, flooding events will continue to devastate entire communities over and over again. Tyler J. Kelley is a journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker, among...


S2E67: The Carbon Takeback Obligation & carbon removal—w/ Margriet Kuijper

What would happen if businesses were expected or even required to store a tonne of carbon for every tonne of carbon they produce? A Carbon Takeback Obligation is a policy framework that aims to make that the new standard. Today we learn more about how such a system might operate. Margriet Kuijper is a former civil engineer for Shell, where she focused on the development of carbon capture and storage projects. Today, she serves as an independent consultant working on a Carbon Takeback...


S2E66: Build your own DIY direct air capture machine: Cyan!—w/ Dahl Winters of OpenAir Collective

Carbon removal tends not to be the most accessible pursuit for the layperson. One can plant a tree or practice regenerative farming in one's garden plot, but there typically isn't a lot else one can do. At least before Cyan! Cyan is an open-source do-it-yourself modular direct air capture machine for hobbyists you can build in an hour or two and start learning about and practicing carbon removal in your free time. And in this episode, Ross and his guest Dahl Winters build one in real time!...


S2E65: How to start learning about carbon removal—w/ John Sanchez of Carbon Removal Academy

So, you’re interested in carbon removal and curious about working in the climate space. But you’re not sure how your skills might apply, and you don’t know where to begin learning about the different types of carbon sequestration or the major players in the industry. John Sanchez is the Founder and Curriculum Designer at Carbon Removal Academy and the Co-Creator of the AirMiners Boot Up Program and Problem Pack Climate Sprint Workgroups. He is also building Carbon Visions, a community of...


Nori's Past, Present, & Future: An Update—w/ Josh Felser, climate investor

Nori has evolved a great deal since its founding in 2017, and today, the team is ready to shift from a build-to-learn prototype to a build-to-scale model. The product team is working to reduce friction in the supply experience, while the sales team develops a repeatable, scalable business model. So, what progress have they made in the last year? And where is there still room for growth? Josh Felser is an angel investor in Nori and Founder of Climactic, a VC fund that invests in visionary...


S2E64: How to Be Animal: a guide for confused humans—w/ Melanie Challenger, author

The narrative of human exceptionalism posits that there is something unique about being human that makes us more valuable. And we believe that what matters most are the things that seem to separate us from animals—like our ability to reason or the immortal human soul. But what if you can’t separate the animal part of us from our spirit? What if being human IS being animal? Melanie Challenger is a writer of environmental history, podcast host of Enter the Psychosphere, and author of the new...


Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with the Soil—w/ Dr. Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow, author

Are we out of balance? Some thinkers pose that the scales have tipped toward industry, ego, and individuality, and we’re disconnected from the cycles of nature. We’re all Yang and no Yin. And this imbalance is causing climate change. So, what can we do to restore our sense of interconnectedness among all living things? How can tapping into our spirituality help us heal ourselves and the earth? Dr. Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow is the author of Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with...


S2E63: Carbon removal in the Biden Administration—w/ Dr. Jan Mazurek, ClimateWorks Foundation

In order to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we can’t just reduce emissions. We have no choice but to add carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to the mix to keep global temperature rise under 2°C. So, what CO2 removal processes are in development? And what are governments and nonprofits doing to advocate for and fund carbon removal? Dr. Jan Mazurek serves as Senior Director at the ClimateWorks Foundation, where she leads the Carbon Dioxide Removal Fund. On this episode of Reversing Climate...