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A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:

A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:


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A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast:






S3E31: Loving Cheese in the Age of Climate Change—w/ Liz Thorpe, author of The Book of Cheese

Cheese can be both rarified and common. It is also an industry that impacts and is impacted by climate change. Today’s guest is author and cheese expert, Liz Thorpe. Liz is known for working her way up at New York City’s Murray’s Cheese shop, and taking it from a specialty shop to kiosks in Kroger stores across America, making cheese accessible and available to the American general public. Today, Liz serves as Founder of The People’s Cheese, a platform designed to teach a broader market...


Supporting Early-Stage Climatetech Startups—w/ Jennifer Wagner of Breakthrough Energy

To tackle the climate change problem, we need to move traditional industries closer to net-zero and create new industries from scratch. But how do you build a new carbon removal industry, for example? What is the best way to nurture startups in the climatetech space? Jennifer Wagner is a Breakthrough Energy Business Fellow where she helps early-stage climatetech startups advance the groundbreaking technologies we need to reach net-zero by 2050. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Jennifer...


S3E30: The Cleantech Bubble Burst. What About Climatetech?—w/ Joel Makower, Cofounder and Chairman of GreenBiz

The first cleantech bubble burst in the oughts, but the industry didn’t go away. And now, we’ve entered a second big wave of "climatetech" investment. So, is this wave more promising than the first? Are we moving into a golden age for climatetech? Or is it too dissimilar to make comparisons? Joel Makower is Cofounder and Chairman of GreenBiz, a leading media and events company at the intersection of business, sustainability, and innovation. He also serves as cohost of the GreenBiz 350...


Permitting Reform, Property Rights, NIMBYism, & Carbon Removal—w/ Chris Barnard of the American Conservation Coalition

Progressives generally support regulations that protect the environment. But the permitting process has become so complex that it can take five years and 500 pages of documentation to get a project off the ground. And that red tape is holding up the clean energy projects we need to reverse climate change. Chris Barnard is Policy Director at the American Conservation Coalition and a regular guest on our sister podcast, Carbon Removal Newsroom. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change,...


S3E29: Funding for Crypto-Enabled Climate Solutions—w/ Ben West, Head of Causes at Gitcoin

As the number of blockchain-enabled climate solutions multiplies, founders need funding to get their projects off the ground. Ben West is Head of Causes at Gitcoin, a company that helps early-stage crypto projects get funding. In his role, Ben supports Gitcoin’s climate solutions, DE&I, decentralized science, and advocacy rounds. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Ben joins Ross and cohosts Alexsandra Guerra, Head of Demand, and Daren McKelvey, Head of Crypto Partnerships at...


Alternatives to Venture Capital for Carbon Removal—w/ Dr. Marcius Extavour of XPRIZE

To facilitate carbon removal at gigaton scale, we need investors to put their money in climate solutions. But VCs are often used to investing in in bits, not atoms. Climatetech hardware is more expensive and more challenging to replicate than software in many cases. And it’s more challenging to achieve orders of magnitude growth in a physical environment than a digital one. So, what is the best way to finance climate solutions? Dr. Marcius Extavour, PhD, is Chief Scientist and EVP of...


S3E28: Mutualism: Cooperation, not Competition in Nature—w/ Kristin Ohlson, author of Sweet in Tooth and Claw

Darwin and others theorized that evolution was about the survival of the fittest. But when Peter Kropotkin followed up on Darwin’s research, he discovered the competition was only part of the story of evolution in nature. And Kropotkin argued that cooperation and collaboration among organisms also helps them evolve. So, why is Darwin’s narrative the dominant one? And how can an understanding of mutualism help us protect the ecosystems we depend on and find solutions to climate...


Turning Biomass into "BBQ Sauce" for Carbon Removal—w/ Peter Reinhardt of Charm Industrial

When corn is harvested, the remaining corn stover either gets tilled into the soil or left on top. But what if we took a portion of that corn stover, converted it into carbon-rich bio-oil, and pumped it deep underground? Peter Reinhardt is Cofounder and CEO of Charm Industrial, a carbon removal company that is working on a fleet of mobile pyrolyzers that covert ag biomass into bio-oil and sequester it underground. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Peter joins Ross, Siobhan, and...


S3E27: Climate Industrialism, aka Why Is It So Hard to Build Anything?—w/ Lyn Stoler & Sonam Velani of Parachute

Lyn Stoler and Sonam Velani have coined the phrase Climate Industrialism to describe the optimistic, action-oriented response to climate change they already see happening in many communities around the world. Lyn and Sonam define Climate Industrialism as ‘a social and economic system built on the creation of climate technologies that yield human and environmental co-benefits.’ What does that mean, exactly? And how does Climate Industrialism create a virtuous cycle for companies building...


Techno-Economic Assessments of Carbon Removal Startups–w/ Grant Faber of Carbon-Based Consulting

Does the carbon removal tech you’re developing have a shot at being cost-competitive in the real world? How might you reduce the cost of a given CDR technology? And how do you convince government funders or investors that your carbon removal idea is viable? A techno-economic assessment or TEA answers these questions. So, what is involved in conducting a techno-economic assessment? And how might it help a startup improve the economic performance of its climate tech and maximize its...


S3E26: Why Is Moving Grain Easier than Moving Money?—w/ Dane Braun, VP of Product at Bushel

The easier it is to participate in a sustainability program like Nori, the less motivation it requires for farmers to enroll. But the current lack of digitization in the ag space makes it challenging for farmers to get paid for carbon removal. So, is there an easy way to track agricultural data and compensate farmers for regenerative practices? Dane Braun is Vice President of Product at Bushel, an ag software company that is digitizing the infrastructure for grain. On this episode of...


How to Link Carbon Removal to Travel—w/ Christina Beckmann of Tomorrow's Air

A lot of good comes from travel. It gives us a chance to disconnect and recharge. It exposes us to new things and helps us connect with nature and other people. Plus, we contribute to the local economies in the places we visit. But travel is not always good for planet. And the climate-conscious among us often feel guilty about the emissions we create when we get on a plane or fill up at the pump for a road trip. So, what can we do to make travel more environmentally friendly? Christina...


Carbon Removal in Local Government: The Four Corners Carbon Removal Coalition—w/ Susie Strife, Ramón DC Alatorre, & Chris Neidl

Local governments are surprisingly powerful levers for carbon removal. While large national governments can be slow and unwieldy, cities and counties can sometimes be much more nimble. They can get carbon removal projects off the ground quickly and share what they learn with other local governments. So, which municipalities are taking the lead in the CDR space? And how do they integrate carbon removal in the local government landscape? Susie Strife is the Boulder County Director of...

S3E25: Make Your Own Biochar!—w/ Lottie Hawkins & Connor Lascelles, Cofounders of Earthly Biochar

There are few ways for individuals to participate in carbon removal. Typically, carbon removal is something that someone else does that you pay for. But what if there was a way for you to practice carbon removal in your own backyard with biochar? Connor Lascelles and Lottie Hawkins are the Cofounders of Earthly Biochar, a company that manufactures consumer-accessible biochar kilns. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Connor and Lottie join Ross and cohost Jada Dormaier, Supply...


S3E24: When to Quit Your Climate Startup—w/ Annie Duke, author of Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away

We live in a culture that glamorizes grit and derides giving up. But in the world of climate startups, we can’t afford to spend time on projects that aren’t working. So, how do you know when to quit? Decision Strategist Annie Duke is a retired professional poker player and World Series of Poker bracelet holder. She is also the author of several books, including Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Annie joins Ross to explain how to...


Climate art can be a beautiful thing—w/ Nicole Kelner, Artist-in-Residence at My Climate Journey

Communicating the science behind climate change is a challenge. But when you present these concepts in an artistic way and make the data beautiful, it’s more engaging and easier to understand. And more likely to inspire climate action. Nicole Kelner is Artist-in-Residence at My Climate Journey, where she communicates the complex challenges of climate change in a beautiful, accessible way. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Nicole joins Ross, Siobhan, and Asa to explore why...


S3E23: Can You Price Carbon with Crypto?—w/ Chris Burniske of Placeholder VC

Nori lives at the intersection of climate and crypto, attempting to build a global commodities market for carbon removal on the blockchain. And while we’ve discussed carbon removal at length on the podcast, we’ve spent less time exploring how one might use crypto to determine a reference price for carbon. So, what does Nori look like under the hood? How can we use the blockchain as a tool to get the world’s atmospheric carbon balance back to 300 parts per million? Chris Burniske is...


ReFi, forestry, and distributed MRV—w/ Jeremy Epstein of Open Forest Protocol

Reforestation (and afforestation) projects can take carbon out of the atmosphere. And yet, in our current system, sometimes only the largest, most well-connected projects can afford the verification process. But what if there was a way to maintain the integrity of the MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) process, while making it accessible to anyone who wants to plant trees? Jeremy Epstein is Head of Growth at Open Forest Protocol, a Web3 platform working to transparently...


Is the DAC stock image a good Halloween costume?—w/ Jack Andreasen of Breakthrough Energy

As a nascent industry, carbon dioxide removal is often misunderstood by the general public. And that makes CDR humor very niche. Maybe only 5% of people will understand it, but those who do really, really appreciate it. Just go to a Halloween party dressed as the Climeworks stock photo, and you’ll see what we mean. Jack Andreasen serves as Manager of Carbon Management in US Policy and Advocacy at Breakthrough Energy, an organization committed to scaling the technologies we need to reach...


How to Pursue a Career in Carbon Removal—w/ Asa Kamer & Siobhan Montoya Lavender of Nori's Meme Lab

Do you wish your career was a little more gratifying? That it gave you the chance to work on something you really care about? You don't need a science or engineering background to pursue a career in climate solutions. In fact, a variety of skill sets translate to climate work. So, how do you get into the carbon removal space? Where can you go for resources and networking opportunities? On this edition of the Reversing Climate Change CDR Happy Hour, Nori Meme Lab colleagues Asa Kamer and...