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The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.

The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.


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The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.




Episode 418: Flash Forward to Railsconf Day 2 with Andrea Fomera

Andrea Fomera is a Senior Software Developer at Podia who finds enjoyment in updating dependencies and crafting high quality, robust and maintainable code. She and Brittany flash forward to Railsconf Day 2 to discuss Andrea's talk, goals for the conference and an epic quest to find the best donut in Portland. Show Notes & Links: Andrea's Personal Site ( Andrea Fomera (@afomera) · Twitter ( Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum...


Episode 417: Treading Water & Panel Planning (Brittany + Jemma)

Fresh off of treading water in a sweatsuit for a swim test, Brittany called up Jemma to do a live brainstorm for the Railsconf 2022 Podcast Panel. After discussing Jemma's team trip to London for Shopify, they go over the panel participants, moderation strategies and potential topics. Show Notes & Links: Railsconf 2022 COVID Policy ( Ruby Podcast @ Railsconf 2022 on Day 1 ( Remote Ruby ( Framework...


Episode 416: Tackling Technical Texts with Steve Lynch

Steve Lynch is an Engineering Manager at Root Insurance, working with a full-stack team on a Rails and React stack. Brittany invited Steve on to the show to discuss Engineering Management and his Rubyconf talk, "I Read It But Don't Get It, or How to Tackle Technical Texts" so she could tackle some texts on her bookshelf. Show Notes & Links: Voulez-Vous with Zach and Steve ( I Read It But Don't Get It, or How to Tackle Technical Texts by Steve Lynch |...


Episode 415: Respect & Retros with Andrew Strovers

Andrew Strovers is a Senior Software Engineer out of Omaha, Nebraska. Being that he has serious opinions on trust and communication in the workplace, he was the perfect guest to discuss retros: how to reward vulnerability, adjust to the remote components and incorporate fun. Show Notes & Links: UpDog ( Nathan Knisley on LinkedIn ( Andrew Strovers on LinkedIn ( Sponsored By:...


Episode 414: The RoR Podcast x Coders Coders Crossover Event with Drew Bragg

Brittany interviews Drew Bragg, the Staff Engineer at Within3 and the host of the new Code and the Coding Coders who Code it podcast about his origin, his love of the Ruby community and their experience at Sin City Ruby. The pair then switch host seats and Drew interviews Brittany about her love of burpees, what she is working on, her blockers and what she currently finds interesting. Show Notes & Links: With3 ( Code and the Coding Coders who Code it Podcast...


Episode 413: Positivity and railsdevs with Joe Masilotti

Joe Masilotti is an independent developer who specializes in Ruby on Rails, iOS, and automated testing. He helps clients port their Rails apps to iOS with Turbo Native. Brittany and Brian talk with Joe about building railsdevs in public, the challenges he has faced and the technical decisions he is proud of. They wrap up by discussing Joe's upcoming "Porting your Rails app to iOS with Turbo Native" workshop he has been inspired to do. Show Notes & Links: railsdevs - The reverse job board for...


Episode 412: Plant Killers (Brittany + Jemma + Emily)

Emily is guesting as co-host this week with Jemma and Brittany! The trio celebrate Emily's new role at Shopify and discuss taking breaks between roles. Emily and Brittany just wrapped up reviewing CFPs for Railsconf so Jemma asks them about the patterns they observed. They wrap up by talking about their (not) green thumbs and home desk setups. Show Notes & Links: Sorbet · A static type checker for Ruby ( Jemma's Tweet to Ruby Central...


Episode 411: Sin City Reunion (Brittany + Nick)

Brittany and Nick gush about their long awaited reunion at Sin City Ruby in Las Vegas. They talk about talk prep, hype music, and even costume changes. After discussing how to pull off a company onsite and remote whiteboarding, they wrap by sharing their thoughts on "No Railsconf". Show Notes & Links: Sin City Ruby ( Miro ( Figjam ( Code and the Coding Coders who Code it (


Episode 410: Ruby Loyalty and Engineering Management with Ufuk Kayserilioglu

Ufuk is the Engineering Manager of the Ruby Infrastructure team (Jemma's team!) at Shopify. After transitioning his career from physics to software development, Ufuk has had the fortune of working with lots of interesting technologies at various levels of the stack. He, Jemma and Brittany chat about management philosophies, why he remains excited about Ruby and what is the ideal role for Shopify in the larger Ruby ecosystem. Show Notes & Links: Shopify / maintenance_tasks...


Episode 409: Ruby on Trails with Jennifer Konikowski

Jennifer Konikowski had been doing mostly Rails since 2012, though is currently taking a detour and working in Go at Splice. She and Brittany talk about what lead her to Pittsburgh, her fitness journey and tips. Show Notes & Links: Splice ( Jaybird ( PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells ( The Peloton App ( Strava ( TrainingPeaks | Reclaim Your Race Day...


Episode 408: Functionally Fit with Mike Coutermarsh

Returning after seven years and back by popular demand, Mike Coutermarsh is a software engineer at PlanetScale, where he’s building a serverless relational database. After catching up and sharing their adoration of Flash, Brittany and Mike nerd out on home fitness: equipment, routines and goals. Show Notes & Links: 202: Behind the Scenes at Product Hunt with Mike Coutermarsh ( PlanetScale - The Database for Developers ( GitHub...


Episode 407: Get to Senior with Stefanni Brasil and Thiago Araujo (hexdevs)

Stefanni Brasil and Thiago Araujo, the duo behind hevdevs, join Brittany to discuss their new course launch "Get to Senior", sharing your career goals with your manager and how to feel like a promotion was deserved. Show Notes & Links: Get to Senior Crash Course ( Get to Senior ( hexdevs Interview with Brittany Martin ( Buy Get to Senior (10% off)...


Episode 406: Default to Action with Tanner Johnson and Nick Gervasi

Tanner Johnson, Engineer, and Nick Gervasi, CTO, of Flowdash join Brittany to talk about why they chose Rails, how customers deploy their app on premise and the design of their internal users dashboard. They wrap up discussing the perks and challenges of all engineers being involved in growth, sales, and marketing at Flowdash. Show Notes & Links: Flowdash ( Flowdash on Youtube ( How we automated new user...


Episode 405: Dev Rel and Second Career Developers with Ben Greenberg

Ben Greenberg is a second career developer who previously spent a decade in the fields of adult education, community organizing, and non-profit management. He works as a lead developer relations engineer at New Relic by day and is building hirethePIVOT, a reverse job board for career changers, at night. Show Notes & Links: On Being an Early Career Dev in Your 30s by Ben Greenberg ( hirethePIVOT ( Hummus on Rails...


Episode 404: 404: Developer Not Found (Brittany + Jemma)

After a campy true crime start, Brittany and Jemma recap Brittany's first full marathon, Brittany's promotion to Engineering Manager and Jemma brings up the exciting news of YJIT porting to Rust. They wrap up by discussing the tracks for the Railsconf 2022 CFP. Start applying! Show Notes & Links: Feature #18481: Porting YJIT to Rust (request for feedback) ( Railsconf 2022 CFP ( Sponsored By: Hook Relay...


Episode 403: Unlocking More Plasma Supply with Damian Galarza

Damian Galarza is the VP of Engineering at Buoy Software. Buoy is building software for good — connected intelligence that unlocks more plasma supply. Brittany, Brian and Damian discuss scaling engineering culture and reflect on technical decisions in a post Rails 7 world. Show Notes & Links: Buoy Software ( Damian Galarza (@dgalarza) / Twitter ( Buoy Software on Github ( Sponsored By: Hook Relay...


Episode 402: UX Hot Takes with Pancakes (Nikki LeServe)

What is an Engineering Lead without her UX Designer? Nikki "Pancakes" LeServe, Senior UX Designer at Textus, joined Brittany to discuss her UX origin story and to respond to Brittany's controversial UX theories. Should design by committee die? Should Bootstrap ever be used? Should some stuff be designed to be difficult to use? Tune in. Show Notes & Links: How to Get to Senior | HexDevs | 10% Discount ( How to avoid ‘design by...


Episode 401: From Frontend to Fullstack with Shameel Abdullah

Shameel Abdullah is a Senior Developer at Shopify. Starting his career with frontend development, he has transitioned to a fullstack developer, working with Rails across multiple startups. He, Nick and Brittany chat about GraphQL and frontend opinions. Show Notes & Links: Sin City Ruby ( Get Your Conference Proposal Accepted - Schneems ( Gusto/apollo-federation-ruby - GitHub...


Episode 400: Nothing But Gold Stars All The Way with Collin Jilbert

Joining Brittany to celebrate episode 400(!), Collin Jilbert is a Ruby on Rails Developer at GoRails. They discuss why he committed to Rails so early in his career, his various ambitious projects (Ruby Radar, fleur de ruby), his love of the community and what his new role will entail. Show Notes & Links: fleur de ruby (@fleurderuby) ( Ruby Radar ( GoRails ( Jumpstart Pro...


Episode 399: New Year's Resolutions & Mediocrity with Brittany and Jemma

Will Ruby 3.1 drop on Christmas (spoiler: it did!)? Jemma and Brittany catch up with the changes from this past year, talk about some resolutions they are planning for 2022 and whether the pursuit for mediocrity should be one of them. Oh yes, they also touch on the release of Rails 7. Show Notes & Links: Ruby 3.1.0 Released ( WNB.rb (@wnb_rb) · Twitter ( In Praise of Mediocrity...