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Getting down to business with artificial intelligence

Getting down to business with artificial intelligence




Getting down to business with artificial intelligence




Episode 06: Accelerate the Processing of Invoices Without PO Reference

​Manual invoice processing is extremely time-consuming and error-prone, requiring at least 15 steps before the final posting is done and the invoice can be paid. Moreover invoices often arrive without a Purchase Order Reference, which means that employees spend a lot of time to find matching G/L-Accounts or Cost Centers. The SAP AI Business Servicve "Invoice Object Recommendation" can support the service agent in the accounts payable department through the prediction of correct account and...


Episode 05: Fast and accurate text extraction with Chargrid-OCR

​In an era of “digital first”, still a large fraction of the processed documents exist in printed format. A train ticket, a signed contract, an invoice coming with shipped goods… To cut down on manual handling and automatically processing such documents, the first step is often Optical Character Recognition – the process to extract text from printed pages. Though many technologies to solve this problem have been proposed over decades, they are often unsatisfying in accuracy and runtime. In...


Episode 04: Easily Locate and Identify Named Entities in Unstructured Text

​Businesses still navigate huge amounts of labour-intensive, manual and error prone activities and struggle to implement automation successfully and in the right processes. A huge number of manual tasks can be especially found in customer service centers and wherever large amounts of documents, such as vendor inquiries, invoices or customer service requests roll in. Wouldn't it be wonderful if new technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning powered...


Episode 03: Classify Unstructured Documents with AI

​Many companies today still struggle with low process efficiency across organizations due to extensive paper and document-based communication. Bursting e-mail folders and large numbers of business documents that need to be processed consume valubale time of your employees that could otherwise be invested in more strategic business tasks. But what if through the usage of artificial intelligence, automatic and customer-specific document classification for documents was possible? The SAP AI...


Episode 02: Facilitate & Automate the Processing of Service Requests

​Are your employees also drowning under the amount of service requests they are receiving every single day? At the same time you want to provide your customers with the best possible service to increase customer retention and ensure a happy and loyal customer base? Top-notch Customer Service has become a competitive advantage because it retains customers and cultivates loyal following. SAP AI Business Services "Service Ticket Intelligence" can support you to achieve just that. Tune in, get...


Episode 01: Start your Intelligent Journey with SAP AI Business Services

​In the first episode of this podcast series Nadine Hoffmann explains how SAP AI Business Services ensure that artificial intelligence can be easily consumed across the entire business, by providing strategic services and applications that automate and optimize corporate processes and enrich the customer experience across the intelligent suite.


Teaser: Welcome to Getting Down to Business with SAP AI Business Services

Automating business processes by introducing artificial intelligence into your operating systems allows for a more efficient way of handling business operations, more time for value-adding tasks, and reduces the potential for human error. Find out how this new podcast "Getting down to business with SAP AI Business Services" can support you in reaching exactly that!