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Help you become a better Salesforce developer

Help you become a better Salesforce developer
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Help you become a better Salesforce developer




32. Soft Skills – One Thing You Won’t Regret Honing It

Andrew Murphy, soft skill expert, with a combination of over 13 years of professional software engineering experience and a passion for leadership and communication skills. Andrew, originally from the UK, is Australia based and has a consulting business on communication and leadership skills. Main Points Andrew and I start with a brief definition of soft skills and the benefit of honing soft skills Then we follow by Andrew’s self-introduction and his career history with both IT hard skills...


31. Wisdom in Salesforce Play-by-Play (2)

Don Robins, Pluralsight Salesforce Play-by-play Producer, Salesforce MVP 7x, Technical Educator, Certified Instructor, PD2, Author, Training Partner, Team Lead – mentoring worldwide in the cloud. Main Points How does the PluralSight platform lift up Don’s content? Don’s arguments on most of his video series are paid content on PluralSight. Several ways Don mentions that can grant a free 30-day trial. Don’s opinion on different learning methods fit different people How much time does Don...


30. Wisdom in Salesforce Play-by-Play (1)

Don Robins, Pluralsight Salesforce Play-by-play Producer, Salesforce MVP 7x, Technical Educator, Certified Instructor, PD2, Author, Training Partner, Team Lead – mentoring worldwide in the cloud. Main Points Why does Don create the famous play-by-play video series in PluralSight? Where does the play-by-play idea come from? What is the behind-the-scene story for Don’s play-by-play? Don explains What is the play-by-play model for topic preparation What value does Don’s play-by-play bring to...


29. Salesforce Lightning Locker Service

Matt Goldspink is a UI Architect in Vlocity, Dreamforce speaker. Matt is with strong experience in server-side Java, frontend development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Web Components, Angular, React, Sencha ExtJs) and mobile application development on iOS and Android (Native and hybrid). Main Points Matt’s blog thread on the Salesforce developer site and his locker service experience Why does Salesforce create the locker service and what problem does it tackle? What are the challenges for...


28. Salesforce Architecture and Salesforce Developer

Steven Herod, Salesforce CTA, Managing Director for Salesforce Platform at Accenture, shares what Salesforce architecture and Salesforce developer roles are. Main Points The main points Steven talks about: Steven’s current role, past working experience, CTA journey What does it mean as an architecture role How to tell between good and bad programmers Why is programming difficult Find a team and company that shares the same value as you do Links Steven’s twitter handle Book – The Mythical...


27. Salesforce DevOps Is Not Just Automation

Andrew Davis is an 18 x Salesforce Certified trailblazer. He is a Salesforce DevOps specialist who’s passionate about helping teams deliver innovation, build trust, and improve their performance Main Points The main points Andrew talks about: Understand DevOps in general How does DevOps progress in Salesforce Principle 1 is about the left-to-right flow The following Principle 2: the right-to-left feedback loop The last Principle 3: learning culture Andrew’s Salesforce DevOps book —...


26. Salesforce TrailheaDX – Everything you wanna know (Solo)

In episode 16, I talked about my Salesforce TrailheaDX attending experience. It received an unexpectedly large number of listening times. I feel there is a need to share more to give listeners a holistic 360 overview of it, so here we go! What is Salesforce TrailheaDX? TrailheaDX is the Salesforce hosted a yearly conference for people who want to learn the technical platform. In the past, it was always hosted in San Francisco, close to the Salesforce headquarters. Since the year 2019, it...


25. Does Invocable Method Come to Replace Trigger?

Amnon Kruvi joins to talk about the invocable method. Amnon is an entrepreneur, Salesforce architect and developer, Salesforce MVP, and 14 x Certified. Main Points We start our conversation with what is invocable method in Apex, and how to define it Then we chat about what is the benefit of using it and in what circumstances it fit better the business needs comparing to Apex trigger Finally, we go through what are the restrictions Links Amnon’s twitter handle Article – Why Invocable Methods...


24. JSforce Open Source Project

Shinichi Tomita is the Founder & CEO of mashmatrix, Inc., the honorable creator of JSforce among many of his popular open-source repositories. Main Points What is JSforce, and what is the brief history (how/when/why did it start, how did it grow, etc)? How do we use JSforce from a developer’s point of view? What are the major challenges when developing JSforce? What has Shinich learned during this journey? What is the future roadmap? What new feature is coming? What does Shinich think about...


23. Most Developers Don’t Get This Big Picture (Solo)

IMHO, most Salesforce developers don’t get the big picture, the changes that are taking place at the moment in the Salesforce Ohana. As of today (17th September 2019), I have joined the Salesforce ecosystem for ~2 years. During this time period, I have seen many drastic improvements in terms of developers’ experience. Salesforce is a low code cloud service. This feature was one of the reasons that made the remarkable success it has today. On the flipping side, developers were considered to...


22. Understand Lightning Web Component

Philippe Ozil joins to talk about the Lightning Web Component at a high level. Philippe, France based, is a Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce. Main Points What is the developer evangelist role in Salesforce? What is the Lightning Web Component (LWC)? What are web standards and how browser vendors follow web standards? What is the difference between LWC and the popular JS frameworks such as Angular and React? What components does LWC contain? LWC engine, data binding, and base component...


21. Personal Branding

David Liu joins to talk about the personal branding. He is a six-time Salesforce MVP, the inaugural Salesforce Developer “Golden Hoodie” award winner, 20x Dreamforce, Salesforce webinar, and Salesforce user group speaker, 16x Salesforce certified Main Points Intro to David and SFDC99 01:20 – About Me02:31 – Why did you start SFDC99?03:20 – What are the most popular pages on SFDC99?04:32 – Why do you not like your two most popular pages?05:52 – Looking back at SFDC99’s success06:07 – What is...


20. Live Your Career Passion (Solo)

By the time I reached my thirty years old, I, all of a sudden, realize that “Live your passion” is the most important thing missing in my entire career journey. It was not easy to face this truth, not at all. In this episode, I talked about how I started my working career without any plan, how I continued blindly for ten years, and how I finally climbed out the hole and started to live my very own passion. The message and the only message I want to beat into your mind in this entire article...


19. Create a Salesforce IDE – Illuminated Cloud

Scott Wells, the author of Salesforce IDE, Illuminated Cloud, is an accomplished software architect and developer with over two decades of experience in all aspects of the software development process. Main Points Scott Wells joins to talk about: why and how he created Salesforce IDE, Illuminated Cloud what unique challenges he has faced along the journey and what it takes to build, support, and stand behind it In his talk, Scott mentioned that the very first step he did is to create an Apex...


18. Control Code Quality for Teams

Jim Bartek is the CEO of Growth Heroes. Control code quality is the topic. He has been a sales, marketing and communication consultant for over 10 years and has worked with dozens of startups as well as major corporations. Main Points Jim Bartek joins me to talk about his DX’19 presentation — Easy Clean Code. I was at the DX’19 conference listening to Jim’s talk and immediately wanted to have him onto the show. It is not an easy task to control code quality for teams. What tools to select,...


17. Unlocked Packages

Fabien Taillon is an unlocked packages early adapter, Salesforce MVP, the CTO at TexeiFrance, the ParisDUG Co-organizer, also part of FTDreamin Team. Main Points As developers, we need to learn new technologies fast and often. Xi talks to Fabien about Unlocked Packages, the new way to manage Salesforce solutions. What is Unlocked Packages, how to start to use it, what new challenges do we face when using it as well as the Texei sfdx plugin open-sourced by Fabien’s company. Hands-on Video on...


16. Shall I go to TrailheaDX? (Solo)

Special episode without guest. I quickly talk about my TrailheaDx 19 trip. Main Points What is DX conference? Shall you also join the conference? How to set a reasonable goal from joining the conference? Links TrailHeaDX Homepage The post 16. Shall I go to TrailheaDX? (Solo) appeared first on SalesforceWay.


15. Separation of Concerns

Separation of Concerns is a principle that all software engineer needs to learn. In his book, Enterprise Architecture, Andy Fawcett talks a lot about this principle and illustrates how to use it in the Salesforce solution. Hopefully it is useful for you to listen to our discussion :). Main Points 2:40 – Andy’s introduction 4:02 – When to and when not to use SoC 8:38 – What is SoC and examples in the physical world 16:04 – SoC original pattern from Martin Fowler and SoC ported into...


14. Unit Testing

Unit testing is an important programming skill but often times underestimated by programmers. David Reed shares what unit tests are and how to create good unit tests in Apex to guarantee production code quality. Main Points 75% code coverage in Salesforce Apex Unit testing definition Unit test v.s. Integration test Mocking in unit test 5 Unit test scenarios to create good unit tests: 1) positive 2) single record 3) bulkified records 4) negative 5) no action Unit tests as the documentation...


13. Monolithic to Modular

DX, Scratch org, and 2nd generation packaging form the new paradigm of Salesforce development. John Daniel shares how he helps large firms transfer the existing codebase from monolithic to the new modular way. Main Points Quickly recap what John shared in his video: Architecting Unlocked Packages in Your Salesforce Org What values do both DX and unlocked package features bring to John’s splitting solution journey What values do scratch org feature bring to John’s splitting solution journey...