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Help you become a better Salesforce developer

Help you become a better Salesforce developer




Help you become a better Salesforce developer




50. Why You Should Also Contribute Back To The Salesforce Community?

Joey Chan, who joins to talk about contributing back to the Salesforce community, is ranking #1 in AppExchange developers, Philippines User Group Leader, Founder and Solutions Architect of Cloud Jedi Solutions Limited. Main Points Joey ranks 1st in AppExchange developer community Is Joey paid to contribute to the community? Why does Joey contribute while knowing it is unpaid work? What benefit did Joey receive in the first couple of years? Joey’s 5-year goal after college graduation and how...


49. Agile Software Development

Ines Garcia joins to talk about Agile Software Development. Ines is a London-based Salesforce MVP, Agile Coach, Scrum Professional. Main Points Agile has the concept of continuous improvement and Kaizen, why is this so similar to DevOps? Is agile here to replace the waterfall model? What is agile, how to define it? Introduction about the agile card game developed by Ines Explanation about the four principles from Agile Manifestos Typical frameworks used in Agile Links Ines’ LinkedIn Ines’...


48. Salesforce Technical Debt

Lorenzo Frattini, who joins to talk about Salesforce technical debt, is a London-based Salesforce CTA and the founder of Clayton, a code analysis SaaS that specializes in vulnerability scanning and code quality for Salesforce. Main Points Lorenzo’s self-introduction and his play-by-play video What is the content of the technical debt handbook released by Clayton? Why is it difficult to have technical debt under full control and what shall we developers do about it? Number 1 cause of...


47. Salesforce Freelancing

Ankit Taneja, who joins to talk about Salesforce freelancing, is the content producer at, founder of, an active trailblazer in the Ohana, and of course a Salesforce freelancer. Main Points Ankit’s self-introduction Ankit shares What freelancers actually do in their jobs How to start as a freelancer job? What Skillsets are required for freelancers? Why would Ankit want to be a full-stack freelancer? When is it a good time to be a freelancer? How to acquire...


46. Nebula Core – Apex Functional Programming

Aidan Harding joins to talk about Nebula Core, a Salesforce Apex functional programming Library, an open-source project published by Nebula Consulting company. Aidan is a senior Salesforce consultant and developer. Main Points Aidan’s self-introduction and the Nebula core open-source library including Salesforce functional programming feature Feature 1 – Cached way to retrieve record type information Feature 2 – the functional programming part in the lazy iterator Feature 3 – the lazy part...


45. Create Salesforce Managed Package

Mohith Shrivastava, who shares Salesforce managed package challenges, is a Salesforce MVP, 3-Salesforce-book Author, Lightning Champion, Trailhead TrailBlazer,20X Salesforce Certified, active contributor at stack overflow Main Points Mohith’s self-introduction Comparing developing solution for one org and creating Salesforce manage package How does the CPU governor limits impact ISV packages? How do other governor limits impact ISV packages? How do ISVs debug issues in the customer’s...


44. Salesforce Governance and Change management

Anup Jadhav joins to talk about Salesforce governance and change management in Salesforce. Anup is a Salesforce Developer MVP, Co-founder of London Salesforce Developer User Group, Technical Architect. Main Points Anup’s self-introduction Anup and Francis hosting podcast – Salesforce Posse Governance and change management in Salesforce is critical What is governance and what is change management Technical process part The non-technical business process part In Anup’s opinion, the key is...


43. Pet Project – Enhance Your Coding Skill

Johan Karlsteen, joins to talk about the pet project. Johan, running top trailblazer site, is a Software Engineer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Johan has been working with Salesforce since 2012 and is currently a Salesforce consultant. Main Points Johan’s introduction We talked a little bit about Computer Bible Books – TAOCP and SICP How did Johan start his pet project – top trailblazers? How was top trailblazers technically implemented? Who are using top trailblazers? What is the...


42. Salesforce Community-Led Events

Eric Dreshfield, who guests to talk about Salesforce Community-Led Events, is a Salesforce MVP, the founder of Midwest Dreamin’, the leader of Southern Indiana Salesforce Administrators Group Work-wise, Eric is the VP-Delivery at ITequality. Main Points Eric’s introduction, which I did on his behalf 🙂 How did Eric come up with the idea of hosting Midwest Dreamin’ What has Eric experienced by arranging the first event What is the difference between Salesforce running and community-let...


41. Salesforce Performance Optimization

Paul Battison, Salesforce MVP, the COO at Cloudgalacticos, joins to talk about Salesforce Performance. Paul is a Certified Platform Developer I, II, and all-around geek (Ruby, iOS, Android, Java, Node, etc.). Paul has a passion for technology and mathematics and applying them to help improve lives Main Points Paul and I start to talk a bit about performance in B2B and B2C platform Paul’s self-introduction and multiple roles The impact of governor limits on performance in Salesforce comparing...


40. How To Stand Out In Your Career?

Christopher Hopper, who joins to talk about how to stand out in your career, is a CRM Recruiter (Salesforce Industry) based on Houston, Texas Area. Chris is using his direct CRM analysis, development, integration, managerial and delivery experience to help clients achieve the best outcomes they can in their Salesforce projects by adequately locating and qualifying resources. Main Points Chris’ self-introduction Why is Chris actively creating articles and posts on LinkedIn and why he...


39. Salesforce CLI, The 1 Thing You Need To Master

Keir Bowden, one of the first Salesforce CTAs, joins to talk about Salesforce CLI. Keir is also the author of the Visualforce Development Cookbook, five-time Salesforce Developer MVPs, and the CTO at BrightGen. Main Points on Salesforce CLI Discussion about Keir’s Visualforce book Introduction about Keir’s play-by-play on the same topic How did Keir learn Salesforce CLI? What was the developer experience preceding CLI? Can we use CLI with regular static orgs? Extending CLI with scripts and...


38. Dreamforce 2019 News For Developers

Daniel Peter joins to talk about Dreamforce 2019 news for developers. Daniel is 27 x certified, Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Developer Group Leader in the Bay Area, Salesforce Practice Lead at Robots and Pencils. Main Points Daniel’s self-introduction The reason to have Daniel on the show to talk about Dreamforce developer-related announcements Lightning Base Components have been open-sourced The evergreen platform announcement WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED and Security.stripInaccessible Enterprise...


37. Solo Review December 2019

Main Points On Solo Review 12.2019 Thanks to iTunes review from jayholt23 Help needed on inviting guests and coming up with topics Book Salesforce Lightning Platform Enterprise Architecture 3rd edition Podcast Episode 15 – Separation of Concerns Apex Insert/update empty list Data setup options on Apex test Design and code review Outro Music 『夜曲』 悪魔城ドラキュラX~月下の夜想曲~ Contact Me If you enjoy this podcast, please reach me out to let me know your thoughts or simply say Hello. My (Xi’s) contact...


36. The Power of Salesforce Asynchronous (2)

Jitendra Zaa shares a story of using Salesforce Asynchronous to fulfill the customer requirements. Jitendra is Salesforce MVP, Evangelist, famous Salesforce blogger, Sr. Technical Architect at Bluewolf, 23x Salesforce Certificates. Main Points on Salesforce Asynchronous This is the 2nd part of the storytelling from the guest Jitendra Zaa. He shares a super exciting Salesforce implementation journey, where he and his team attempted to obtain as much as possible Salesforce platform potential...


35. The Power of Salesforce Asynchronous (1)

Jitendra Zaa shares a story of using Salesforce Asynchronous to fulfill the customer requirements. Jitendra is Salesforce MVP, Evangelist, famous Salesforce blogger, Sr. Technical Architect at Bluewolf, 23x Salesforce Certificates. Main Points on Salesforce Asynchronous The guest Jitendra shares a super exciting Salesforce implementation journey, where he and his team attempted to obtain as much as possible Salesforce platform potential by using asynchronous methods to fulfill customer...


34. Career Tips From Salesforce Recruiters

Ben Duncombe is the director of Talent Hub – The Salesforce recruitment experts. Talent Hub is the host of Trailhead Tuesday in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the sponsors of the Brisbane event. Main Points We start with Ben’s self-introduction and how we connected in LinkedIn We talk about why it is a good idea that Salesforce developers have a good relationship with Salesforce recruiters? Ben considers it is important for Salesforce developers to talk to a trustful Salesforce recruiter...


33. A Trigger Framework – MyTriggers

Christian Szandor Knapp is the head of Salesforce Development at Appero, Salesforce MVP, Co-Leader of the Munich Developer User Group. Szandor is very passionate about Salesforce technology. Main Points Why does Appero release yet another new trigger framework? What benefits does MyTriggers trigger framework offer? How does MyTriggers leverage Custom Metadata Type to control the trigger logic flow? Discussion on existing trigger frameworks and their pros and cons comparing to MyTriggers....


32. Soft Skills – One Thing You Won’t Regret Honing It

Andrew Murphy, soft skill expert, with a combination of over 13 years of professional software engineering experience and a passion for leadership and communication skills. Andrew, originally from the UK, is Australia based and has a consulting business on communication and leadership skills. Main Points Andrew and I start with a brief definition of soft skills and the benefit of honing soft skills Then we follow by Andrew’s self-introduction and his career history with both IT hard skills...


31. Wisdom in Salesforce Play-by-Play (2)

Don Robins, Pluralsight Salesforce Play-by-play Producer, Salesforce MVP 7x, Technical Educator, Certified Instructor, PD2, Author, Training Partner, Team Lead – mentoring worldwide in the cloud. Main Points How does the PluralSight platform lift up Don’s content? Don’s arguments on most of his video series are paid content on PluralSight. Several ways Don mentions that can grant a free 30-day trial. Don’s opinion on different learning methods fit different people How much time does Don...