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Episode 221 - Tools, Tips and Tricks -

This week's tools, tips and tricks episode goes over A website search engine for Internet connected devices. THis website is a powerful security research tools to help you find and understand how awful the security practice around Internet of Things devices is. - I say it in the episode and I will say it here. Use this website for educational purposes only. Connecting to any device without authorization, secure or not, is illegal in most states....


Episode 220 - IoT Strikes Again - The Worst Is Yet To Come

Internet of Things (IoT) is a security nightmare. Millions of devices are out on the open Internet with 10 year old vulnerabilities that are being exploited. This episode goes into the problems of why IoT devices are so insecure and what this could mean in the future. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter @binaryblogger...


Episode 219 - Firefox Releases Privacy Protection By Default In iOS

Mozilla has been stepping up their privacy centric approach for users. Earlier this week they released a feature in Firefox for Facebook isolation. Now they have released a feature in the iOS Firefox browser to have privacy protections turned on by default. Now the same privacy protections that were added in the Firefox desktop app and Firefox Focus browser are now standard and turned on for the iOS browser. This episode goes into the details on how it works and why you should...


Episode 218 - Mini Series Top 10 Reasons To Pen Test - 4 - Test Your Controls

Continuing with the mini series Top 10 Reasons To Run Penetration Tests. Number four talks about using the tests to not just check for the target apps failures but test the controls you have in place. This episode goes into the details. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter @binaryblogger -...


Episode 217 - Firefox Can Now Isolate Your Facebook Identity From Being Tracked

Mozilla is not a fan of Facebook's privacy position. Recently they pulled all advertising off Facebook and now have released a plug-in for Firefox to isolate your Facebook identity. This will make it much harder for Facebook to track you outside of Facebook. This episode goes into how it works and why you should use it. Download the Facebook Container - Get more technical details on the Firefox blog -...


Episode 216 - Cloudflare DNS - Why You Should Start Using It Today

This week's Tools, Tips and Tricks episode is the one you should use starting today. Cloudflare released a new, private and public DNS that anyone can use. In the growing concern around privacy and the rest of the Internet users waking up to how companies use their data this is a welcome addition. Stop your ISP from snooping on your traffic and start to regain control of your privacy. Cloudflare DNS - Go to that website and follow the instructions. Be aware, be...


Episode 215 - Ways To Detect A Hacker In Your Environment

On average it takes a business 180 days to detect a breach. Six months of a hacker walking around your systems, stealing data, planting malware and anything else they can. There are things you can look out for, abnormalities in your environment's behavior, that can help identify someone who shouldn't be there. This episode goes into the things you can look out for with the tools in your environment now as well as advance components you can invest in. Be aware, be...


Episode 214 - Protecting Your Business From A Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are an unfortunate reality in today's world. They can be far more disruptive and destructive than your typical malware. Ransomware can destroy your business and data. There are things you can do to protect your business. This episode goes into the steps you can take to help protect and reduce the impact of a ransomware attacks. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page -...


Episode 213 - Mini-Series: Top 10 Reasons To Pen-Test - 3 - Justify Business Decisions

Continuing with the Top 10 Reasons What You Should Pentest mini-series we are at number 3. Penetration tests will help you justify business decisions for your security initiatives. Regardless of the problems you find decisions needs to be made to spend time, people and money to fix it. This episode explains how penetration tests can help with those business decisions. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page -...


Episode 212 - Panera Bread Breach - They Knew And Did Nothing.

If you shopped online with Panera Bread or did business through their catering arm chances are your data was compromised. Panera Bread's website had a gaping vulnerability that exposed millions of user's account information. The scary part is they were told about it back in Aug. 2017... and did nothing. This episode goes into the details and hopefully make you realize to not be like Panera. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website -...


Episode 211 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - HTTPS Everywhere

If you browse the Internet you should always use HTTPS when visiting websites, especially those that support it. It can be a manual effort and every website doesn't apply HTTPS equally all the time. That's where the browser plugin HTTPS Everywhere comes in. This episode breaks down what this plug-in does, where it came from, why it should be trusted and why you should go use it starting right now. HTTPS Everywhere - Be aware, be...


Episode 210 - Tax Season Is Approaching, That Means The Phishing Scams Are Increasing

The tax man is coming. The date to file your United States taxes is looming closer and that means the phishing attacks are increasing. This episode goes into the different types of phishing scams, phone call scams and how to avoid them if you get them. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter @binaryblogger -...


Episode 209 - IoT Strikes Again - Most Devices Can Be Hacked Using Only Google

IoT, the Internet of Things, is the thorn in my security side. The unregulated, uncertified, unreasonable devices with minimal to no security flooding our homes and child's toy boxes. This episode talks about how easy it is to hack and find these things, mainly by using only Google. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter...


Episode 208 - Mini-Series - Top 10 Reasons To Pen Test - 2 - Find Out What Is Wrong

Continuing with the mini series Top 10 Reasons To Conduct A Penetration Test we are at number 2. The second reason to test, because you need to find out the gaps. This episode breaks down things you can find only through pen tests you can't from other security reviews. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter...


Episode 207 - Alexa Is Recording What You Say, Here Is How You Delete It

With the inclusion of all these home automation, personal assistants into our lives we are adding more ears listening. Each one of the devices have microphones listening, some when you don't think they are, and your voices, conversations and lives are uploaded outside your home. Alexa is one of those devices doing just that. This episode goes into how and why it's doing that but more importantly how to see what's being recorded and delete it from Amazon servers. Amazon Device...


Episode 206 - Tools, Tips and Tricks -

If you have a Windows PC you probably have looked at your Task Manager and asked yourself, What Is That File? Is it dangerous? Why is it consuming so much memory? That is where ProcessLibrary comes in. This episode goes into what the is and how it can help you troubleshoot and learn about your PC. - Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page -...


Episode 205 - Facebook Fail - How To Break Away From Facebook

If you are done with the privacy practices of Facebook you can break away from it. The hard part is the social aspect of family members and friends that may not. But you go back to the old methods of socializing by direct texting or actually picking up the phone and talking to them... if you get crazy, actually see them in person from time to time. This episode goes into how to break away from Facebook and delete your account. Be aware, be...


Episode 204 - Facebook Fail - How To Limit Your Presence On Facebook

Facebook has no concern about your privacy, that's a proven fact. They want to gather as much information about your private life the better because that allows higher prices to advertisers to better 'customize' ads you see. If you aren't ready to dump Facebook because of your other personal contacts you can reduce your presence on Facebook and not give them what they want. This episode goes into the steps you can take to reduce your footprint in Facebook without deleting your...


Episode 203 - Facebook Fail - How To See What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook gathers more data about you than you realize. However, you can download almost everything from Facebook to review it. This episode goes into how to do it and why you should. Take control of your data and privacy. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS - Twitter @binaryblogger -...


Episode 202 - Facebook Fail - Their Business Is Your Private Data

After the week Facebook had I decided to commit a week's worth of episodes to talk about the various Facebook practices that are ultimately at your expense. The first episode talks about Facebook's business and at the core it's all about your private data. Data that you freely grant them access to. Be aware, be safe. ------------------------------------ Website - Podcast Page - Podcast RSS -...


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