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Welcome to Shine: a podcast by Star. Here you will get actionable insider knowledge directly from globally leading industry experts and companies. We answer essential questions and take a deep look into technology and design thinking within Star core industries: Health & Wellness, Automotive & Mobility, and Fintech.

Welcome to Shine: a podcast by Star. Here you will get actionable insider knowledge directly from globally leading industry experts and companies. We answer essential questions and take a deep look into technology and design thinking within Star core industries: Health & Wellness, Automotive & Mobility, and Fintech.


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Welcome to Shine: a podcast by Star. Here you will get actionable insider knowledge directly from globally leading industry experts and companies. We answer essential questions and take a deep look into technology and design thinking within Star core industries: Health & Wellness, Automotive & Mobility, and Fintech.






Why product delivery excellence starts with united global teams

Break down barriers, build a shared culture and deliver excellent products with globally distributed teams. Explore how on this product delivery and management-focused Shine Podcast episode.


Why the future of HMI design and in-car experiences is complicated but bright

Listen to our new Automotive & Mobility podcast episode. Are you curious about the future of the in-car experience? Have you ever wondered how autonomous features and in-car connectivity are transforming HMI design? Or maybe you are just passionate about user-centric design. Denis Dobre, Design Lead at Autoliv, joins our own M. Ross Gray, Lead Designer Automotive & Mobility, to discuss this, and more, in a fun and fast-paced episode of Shine.


Why your design strategy is critical for building winning e-wallets

How else can you leverage e-wallets to create solutions that transform FinTech and digital finance? Find out in the complete podcast episode. Our experts discuss insights on how to evolve your solution into a "super app," digital wallet development tips for monetization strategy, and how to create financial services that improve lives and are a true delight to use. Explore what you need to know and listen to the podcast now.


Why Digital Therapeutics are a new growth opportunity for healthcare transformation

Whether used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with prescribed medicine and medical devices, digital therapeutics are standing on the precipice of mainstream adoption. Companies like Omada Health and Biofourmis have already reached unicorn status, and that’s just the beginning as DTx companies continue to secure record-breaking funding rounds. So on this episode of Shine, we’ve gathered three experts to discuss what you need to know about DTx. They share different perspectives from...


Why your team setup matters most for a successful Fintech product launch

While FinTech continues booming, competition and regulation are simultaneously heating up. So we brought two experts together to answer one of the most important questions every company in the sector faces: how do you successfully launch a FinTech product? We combine the startup experience of Monavate CEO Michael Rolph with Star’s perspective as a product innovation partner to give you exactly what you need to know. Whether you’re in FinTech or not, these lessons apply to every startup and...


Why a great design career starts with leveraging all your skills

At Star, design fuels everything we do. Our designers play a critical role in every stage of our end-to-end product building. And their importance will only continue to grow over the next few years. Get a strong foundation to start your design career by listening to the complete podcast. Alisa and Tiffany share more, including their biggest tips for aspiring UX designers, their career journeys, and valuable resources no matter what stage of your professional life. Listen now and check out...


Why fleet management technology is driving transformational change

We've just opened the door to this expert fleet management conversation. Now buckle up for the complete insights. They dive into near-term predictions of how fleet operations are evolving, the technologies that will enable 10x growth, the importance of merged hardware/software solutions, and attaining true efficiency. They even explore one of the most contentious topics for fleets working to reduce their carbon footprint: electrification isn't everything. As Sebastian highlights, "The best...


Why carpooling adoption will continue to rise

In this episode of the Shine podcast, we explore why carpooling has the potential to make a tremendous impact on the mobility industry, the environment, and society. With our special guest Nicolas Beytout, Lead Product Manager at BlaBlaCar, an online marketplace for carpooling, we also dive into carpooling monetization strategies and how autonomous, electric and connected cars will affect carpooling moving forward.


Why tech has disrupted traditional work models and what comes next

After two years of radical disruption and change, what does work even look like anymore? And how can companies inspire and create environments that help their team members be at their best? These were the questions our experts tackled on this first episode of the new year. This conversation rooted in the built environment answers "the big why" on the importance of understanding human needs and how to promote productivity, wellbeing and growth in our highly unpredictable world. Technology,...


Why your approach to product management is so crucial for success

As businesses of all stripes grow increasingly solution-driven, the role of product management will only continue to expand in scope and importance. So on this episode of Shine: a podcast by Star, we're diving deep into product management. As an end-to-end IT consultancy, product managers play a crucial role in helping our clients across HealthTech, FinTech, Automotive & Mobility and every industry we serve deliver groundbreaking products that accelerate growth and define their brand. What...


Why Open Banking is transforming much more than finance

Open banking is reshaping not only the financial services industry but the world at large. It is a key driver for FinTechs, facilitating access to data that’s enabled them to create breakthrough offerings such as aggregation platforms, neobanks, buy now, pay later programs and others. Open banking is so much more than a buzzword in the world of digital finance right now. That’s why our host Tom Hunt sat down with Leandro Pupe Nóbrega, LatAm Product Operations Leader at Belvo, the leading...


Why design is key to building trust in FinTech

Design has the unique ability to transform FinTech services, and this includes fortifying trust with end-users. So, how do today’s biggest players engage design principles so that consumers buy in even more to the products they are building? Our host Tom Hunt sits down with Shalika Hanum, UX Design Lead, FinTech at Star, Masaaki Tanaka, Senior Manager of Interaction Design & UX Strategy at Paidy, and Vincent Guillevic, Director of Product Design at Onfido, to unpack why trust is so essential...


Why successful MedTech development leverages regulation as an advantage

In this episode we are joined by Stefan Schlichting, Manager of Product and Service Innovation at Unity, Tomasz Puk, Director of Regulatory Consulting and Technology at Star, and David Box, Managing Director of HealthTech at Star to talk about the challenges of medical device development particularly on MedTech-focused companies that are driving the future of health. They share their insights on what these companies need to know about medical device regulation, key technologies currently in...


Why 21st century patient data access rules are a big deal

In this episode we are joined by Yanick Gaudet, President at KLYG Solution, Drew Hannah, Director Of Business Development, US at Smile CDR, and Geoff Parker, Technology Director, Health & Wellness at Star to talk about the unexpected, second order effects of the 21st Century Cures Act. Learn the importance of these new data access rules and the wide-ranging implications for patients, clinicians, healthcare businesses, insurers, IT administrators and developers.


The value behind FinTech’s emerging ecosystem

In this episode we are joined by Scott Lucas, Co-Founder and CCO at Monavate, Prerna Goel, Head of Customer Experience at ClearBank and Olivier Bessi, Product Director of Fintech at Star to discover why a signification shift is happening in today’s fintech ecosystem. Learn how B2B fintech providers are reimagining the link between financial institutions, third-party developers and consumers to fuel innovation throughout the ecosystem.


How technology is shaping two-wheel mobility

In this episode we are joined by Dominique Kwong, Co-Founder and COO at Damon Motorcycles and Seth Vogel, Managing Director, Automotive & Mobility at Star to discuss and explore why four-wheel mobility gets so much more attention than two-wheel mobility, particularly in North America, despite the exponential growth of e-bikes and motorcycles. They also talk about the benefits of two-wheel mobility and the factors shaping its bright, burgeoning future.


Digital health innovation in mental health

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Acacia Parks, Chief Science Officer at Happify Health, Mette Dyhrberg, Founder & CEO at Mymee, Megan Zweig, Chief Operating Officer at Rock Health and Chris Scales, Director of Strategy & Insight at Star to discuss the current state of mental health tech, the nuances of digital therapeutics and a more holistic and individualized approach to healthcare.


Enterprise design: redefining the modern concept

In this episode we are joined by Jenny Goh, Principal and Market Leader, ASEAN at IBM Garage, Hung-Hsiang Chen, Senior Design Director at Lilly, Alexander Debkaliuk, Head of Design, Ukraine at Star and YenWei Zheng, Design Manager APAC at Star to discuss the definition of enterprise design, how to calculate it's ROI and examples of enterprise design that are having a significant impact on society.


Beyond buzzwords: defining empathy in design

In this episode we are joined by Christine Mauro, Innovation Director at Salesforce, Todd Simmons, Vice President at IBM Brand Experience & Design, and Agnieszka Billewicz, User Experience Design Lead at Star. Hosted by Linda Bracanovich, Star’s Head of Design Business Development, the discussion ranges from designing in unfamiliar territory, the role of curiosity in design and whether empathy is a skill that can be cultivated.


How Voice Technology is Transforming Healthcare

In this episode we are joined by Nathan Treloar, Co-Founder, President and COO at Orbita, Tomasz Jadczyk, Chief Science Officer in CardioCube, and Teri Fisher, Sport & Exercise Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, creator and host of The Voice Den. They discuss the current state of voice technology in healthcare, how voice biomarkers could be game changing and the challenges that the technology is facing and will face in the future.