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A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.

A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.
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A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.




e85 – Apple Kremlinology

Apple hardly ever gives away information about upcoming products…unless you believe that there are secret clues in hidden places. We look at what Apple may (or may not) have signaled in event invitations and product codenames over the years. Follow Up QuickTake photos in 2019final WayBack captureEV Override rewrite Kremlinology The VergeOak Innovations"Hint: It's not a Mac"change pocket"One more thing…""It's Showtime""It's show time."Welcome to 2007Time MachineRoadmap"in the air"double...


e84 –

Apple's online presence has evolved significantly since the days of the early web. From rainbow imagemaps to WebObjects to epic scrolljacking, we tour the technology and content of Apple dot com. Follow Up James Thompson's talkSpitfire discovery……and caveatthe final word on ProDOSG5 tower deskG5-style Cubeoptical drive in a Disk IIEd's Apple history quiz Version Museum galleryKevin Fox's screenshotHTML tagflat redesignQuickTime 4host of Star Wars Episode I trailerhistory of...


e83 – Mac Mods

Brian made a summer project of putting a Mac Mini in a Macintosh Classic and it got us thinking about all kinds of mods people have done with old Apple hardware. Besides the "Classic Mini", we cover Macquariums, unexpected iLamps, weight-bearing cheese graters, and more. Follow Up ProDOSMac OS 9 code namesMoonlight SonataMac OS 8 color pickersDestiny corrections Mac Mods Brian's Classic MiniRaspberry Pi in a Classic8-inch LCD panel3D printing to the rescueretr0brightoff-the-shelf...


e82 – Pro

The announcement of the 2019 Mac Pro got us thinking about what Apple has called "Pro" in the past. That includes incredibly expensive hard drives, printers with RAM slots, an OS patch release, and even its employees! Follow Up Taligent screenshotsGeneral Magic preorderVoice Controle38new New Yorke71our shirtsEd's Mac Pro pricing article Pro Hardware ProFileLaserWriter Pro and StyleWriter ProPro. Go. Whoa.SpeakersMouseKeyboardMacBook Pro name hot takes🧀🗑️🧀Beats ProPowerBeats ProMKBHD...


e81 – The NeXT Transition

Follow Up Dashboard going away in macOS 10.15Dashboard widget galleryGeneral Magic screeningsBefore Macintosh kickstarter Taligent, Copland, and Mac OS 8 Aqua and Bondi bookBlue and PinkBlue MeaniesTaligentCoplanddelaysAaron CoplandAaron extension NeXT NeXTSTEPBeOSSteve Jobs demos NeXTSTEP 3NeXTSTEP v. Mac OS X screenshot megathreadDockDragThingFitt's LawServicesQuick Actions in macOS MojaveGrabChessInterface Builder Becoming Mac OS X Apple code namesRhapsodyUser Experience...


e80 – Fictional Mac Draft

As Apple turns its attention to TV and movies, so do we! In this episode we pick our favorite appearances by Macs and other Apple products on the big and small screens. Follow Up Mighty Mouse speakerUniversal Binary upgradeHaloMDDraft Sources Starring the ComputerMacs in MoviesDraft Picks Performa 600from Blank CheckTwentieth Anniversary Macintoshfrom SeinfeldMacintosh Portablefrom Salute Your ShortsApple IIfrom LOSTApple IIIEXECUTE keyQuadra 700from Jurassic ParkiMac G3Jessica...


e79 – Bungie

This episode is all about the venerable game developer Bungie and how they got their start on the Classic Mac. We cover all their titles, including a trio of Marathons, terrible code names, and the coolest game Steve Jobs had ever seen. Follow Up Talking Moosecoming backscary moose Bungie Alex SeropianJason Jonesthe gamethe military campaignMinotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete7 Steps to World DominationPathways Into DarknessMac App Store portMarathoncreative retail boxesPfhorpediain-game...


e78 – Apple Audio

Apple has been building computers — and standalone products — with sound capabilities for over 40 years. We discuss 1-bit audio, incredible hardware hacks, usable and unusable old speakers, a CD drive with a horrible logo, and even the HomePod. News and Follow Up main sitemirror on Internet Archiveclassic Word on The Talk Showhistory of AppleLinkMacWrite version numbersSpeakers Apple II's 1-bit speakerMacintosh 128K's 8-bit speakersound as video hackTAM's Bose speakersiMac G3's Harman...


e77 - Word Processors

This episode, we trace the evolution of Mac word processing from MacWrite to the present. Along the way we find a secret moose, complain about Microsoft, and learn that some apps have true staying power. Evelyn Berezin, inventor of the first word processorTeachTextreadme filesAntler NotesOS X applicationDashboard widgetSimpleTextTextEditsource codeCocoastandard text controlsvertical textMacWrite5 versionse25 – The Works"MacWorks" nameinternet archive emulatorpage number in scroll...


e76 – System Alert Sounds

For our 4th anniversary episode, we return to our roots of discussing classic Mac sound design. We cover the tragic backstory of the Wild Eep, the immortal Sosumi, the poorly named "ChuToy", and much more. Follow Up Shirts coming back!Alert Sounds original Control Panelthe Simple Beep toneHyperCard and other sound formatsQuack and Sosumi originsDuck applicationSosumi CSSWild Eep's sad story"The Natural Eep"KaboomSimpleSound utility"Wish List: New Mac Alert Sounds"Moof


e75 – MacAddict

This episode we revisit MacAddict magazine and its freakin' awesome coverage of the Apple world in the late '90s. Follow Up Part 1Part 2receipt and luggage emoji easter eggsWi-Fi adopts version numbers"Asteroid" honeypot rumor"Super Secret Apple Rumors" GarageBand demo MacAddict Magazine Issues 1–112Issues 113–125early issuesofficial website"Hey look it's a PC!"That's aggression"Office Space printer scenethe appeal to teensAbuseMythThe Disc ISO imagessome musicThe Website The MacAddict...


Myst 25th Anniversary on Twitch

A quick announcement: We'll be doing our first live event on Twitch, on Monday September 24 at 8:30 PM Eastern time. We'll be streaming Myst on its 25th birthday! Follow Ed's Twitch account for broadcast notifications or watch on our new Live page. Catch up on our previous Myst coverage: e16 – Myste63 – Mysterium


e74 – The Rumor Mill

With an iPhone event right around the corner, the Apple rumor mill is operating at full capacity. We examine how this important part of the Apple world got to where it is today, from wild speculations, to Apple lawsuits, to outright hoaxes. Follow Up Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?Airport 2 on iPod Hi-FiLove Notes to NewtonRumor Sites Mac OS RumorsAs the Apple TurnsWired – "MIA: Jack Miller"short-lived relaunchAppleInsiderThink SecretNick "DePlume" CiarelliMac mini...


e73 – The iMac at 20

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the original iMac, tracing how the revolutionary Bondi gumdrop evolved into flagship desktop Mac of today. Follow Up Steve Jobs App Store interviewLove Notes to NewtonHistory of the iMac line iMac G3Simple Beep e39Stephen Hackett's iMacs at the Ford MuseumSimple Beep e23 Not quite. iMac G4leaked in TIME magazinedesign introduction"tongue" adLuxo Jr.Apple Pro SpeakersiSub and SoundSticksiMac G5"From the creators of iPod"Front RowIntel...


e72 – The App Store at 10

We celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the App Store launching on July 10, 2008. After a brief history of the store itself, we pick some of our favorite, most influential early iOS apps. Apple CausalInkSteve's announcementGruber's takePhil Schiller's reactionPastryKitThere's an App for ThatTimeline of App Store changesOur app picks PandoraEd's Pandora setupPandoraJamFacebookSpringboard-like interfaceJoe HewittThree20"Facebook iPhone Dev Quits Project Over Apple Tyranny"ShazamApple...


e71 – Apple Typography

👕Buy a shirt!👕 Great typography has been part of Apple products since the original Macintosh. From 1-bit wonders to Thinking Different in Garamond to SF Mono, we examine decades of Apple's fonts on screen and in print. Follow Up QuickTime getting deprecatedQuickTime 7 vs. XVox Plus twitter botTypography "Hidden Sheep and Typography Archaeology"specimens on GitHubfont files on GitHubEarly Macintosh Fonts suitcaselist of original Mac fontsSusan Kare at Layers 2015Where in the World is...


e70 – AirPort

Apple has officially discontinued its AirPort line of wireless products after nearly 20 years(!) We examine how our Wi-Fi has evolved from the original iBook until today. Follow Up hire Ed!Douglas Adams’s DragThing feature requeste42Frontiercoverage on Daring FireballCancel/OK sticky notesApple Glyph a DayAirPort Apple Abandons Development of Wireless Routers – Bloombergfinal cancellation802.11 standardsWi-Fi AllianceMacWorld NY 1999iBook G3Phil Schiller’s death dropAirPort website at...


e69 – Apple's Education Initiatives

Apple's March 2018 event highlighted how they've been working in the education space for over 40 years. We pick some of our favorite products and programs they've developed for schools, students, and teachers. Follow Up The Secret History of Mac Gamingambrosiasw.comHardware Macintosh LC familyAt EasePower Macintosh 5200 LCeMateour Newton episodeAlphaSmartStephen Hackett's AlphaSmart videoG3 all-in-oneeMaciBook cart on Low End MaciPad and iBook carts on Connectedcurrent MacBook/iPad...


e68 – Haxies

The transition from Classic Mac OS to OS X was difficult for many users who felt like OS X removed their favorite features. Enter a little company named Unsanity, who solved those problems and created new ones. Follow Up 512 Pixels member newsletterBASIS 108 at Apple Muzeum Polska Unsanity and Haxies Interview with founder Slava KarpenkoMacAMPMacAMP LiteEchoMint Audioearly HaxiesWindowShade (original)WindowShade XAppearance SoundsApplication Enhancer (APE)crashes after installing...


e67 – Wish Lists

To start 2018 off right, we run through our wish lists of what we'd like to see from Apple — in years past. What will System 7 bring? What will the iPod Phone look like? And will Apple ever make a TV set? Follow Up 1st gen iPod nano recall"Staingate"Kaleidoscope scheme Twitter botWish Lists 1991 68040 processorQuadrasMultiFinderSwitcherPublish and Subscribewas great100140170 1994 PowerPC 601 processor610072007220Cyrix1995 5200 LC5300 LCMacintosh TV1996 HyperCardLiveCardApple Media...