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A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.

A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.
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A podcast looking back at the history of Apple and the Mac community. Hosted by Ed Cormany and Brian Sutorius.




e73 – The iMac at 20

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the original iMac, tracing how the revolutionary Bondi gumdrop evolved into flagship desktop Mac of today. Follow Up Steve Jobs App Store interviewLove Notes to NewtonHistory of the iMac line iMac G3Simple Beep e39Stephen Hackett's iMacs at the Ford MuseumSimple Beep e23 Not quite. iMac G4leaked in TIME magazinedesign introduction"tongue" adLuxo Jr.Apple Pro SpeakersiSub and SoundSticksiMac G5"From the creators of iPod"Front RowIntel...


e72 – The App Store at 10

We celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the App Store launching on July 10, 2008. After a brief history of the store itself, we pick some of our favorite, most influential early iOS apps. Apple CausalInkSteve's announcementGruber's takePhil Schiller's reactionPastryKitThere's an App for ThatTimeline of App Store changesOur app picks PandoraEd's Pandora setupPandoraJamFacebookSpringboard-like interfaceJoe HewittThree20"Facebook iPhone Dev Quits Project Over Apple Tyranny"ShazamApple...


e71 – Apple Typography

👕Buy a shirt!👕 Great typography has been part of Apple products since the original Macintosh. From 1-bit wonders to Thinking Different in Garamond to SF Mono, we examine decades of Apple's fonts on screen and in print. Follow Up QuickTime getting deprecatedQuickTime 7 vs. XVox Plus twitter botTypography "Hidden Sheep and Typography Archaeology"specimens on GitHubfont files on GitHubEarly Macintosh Fonts suitcaselist of original Mac fontsSusan Kare at Layers 2015Where in the World is...


e70 – AirPort

Apple has officially discontinued its AirPort line of wireless products after nearly 20 years(!) We examine how our Wi-Fi has evolved from the original iBook until today. Follow Up hire Ed!Douglas Adams’s DragThing feature requeste42Frontiercoverage on Daring FireballCancel/OK sticky notesApple Glyph a DayAirPort Apple Abandons Development of Wireless Routers – Bloombergfinal cancellation802.11 standardsWi-Fi AllianceMacWorld NY 1999iBook G3Phil Schiller’s death dropAirPort website at...


e69 – Apple's Education Initiatives

Apple's March 2018 event highlighted how they've been working in the education space for over 40 years. We pick some of our favorite products and programs they've developed for schools, students, and teachers. Follow Up The Secret History of Mac Gamingambrosiasw.comHardware Macintosh LC familyAt EasePower Macintosh 5200 LCeMateour Newton episodeAlphaSmartStephen Hackett's AlphaSmart videoG3 all-in-oneeMaciBook cart on Low End MaciPad and iBook carts on Connectedcurrent MacBook/iPad...


e68 – Haxies

The transition from Classic Mac OS to OS X was difficult for many users who felt like OS X removed their favorite features. Enter a little company named Unsanity, who solved those problems and created new ones. Follow Up 512 Pixels member newsletterBASIS 108 at Apple Muzeum Polska Unsanity and Haxies Interview with founder Slava KarpenkoMacAMPMacAMP LiteEchoMint Audioearly HaxiesWindowShade (original)WindowShade XAppearance SoundsApplication Enhancer (APE)crashes after installing...


e67 – Wish Lists

To start 2018 off right, we run through our wish lists of what we'd like to see from Apple — in years past. What will System 7 bring? What will the iPod Phone look like? And will Apple ever make a TV set? Follow Up 1st gen iPod nano recall"Staingate"Kaleidoscope scheme Twitter botWish Lists 1991 68040 processorQuadrasMultiFinderSwitcherPublish and Subscribewas great100140170 1994 PowerPC 601 processor610072007220Cyrix1995 5200 LC5300 LCMacintosh TV1996 HyperCardLiveCardApple Media...


e66 – Hardware Failures and Recalls

We love Apple products, but not all of them have been perfect. We remember some of the worst, including exploding batteries, corrupt data, crumbling plastics, and more. Follow Up video of talkarticle formatWhatTheFontMacintosh XL's demiseXProtect Hardware Failures Apple ///"100% hardware failure"Dan Kottke's "fix"Macintosh IIROM not 32-bit cleanRev A ROM now rarePowerbook 5300NiMH replacementsG3 Blue and WhiteiBook Dual USBlogic board failuresTitanium PowerBook G4G4 Cubecracks in...


e65 – X

On iPhone X release day, we cover Apple's many uses — and pronunciations — of the Roman numeral. Follow Up Ford Remote AccessCabel Sasser's 32-bit listback in iTunes 12.6.3five total Mac architecturesMODE32 licensingX hardware Macintosh XLMacWorks XLIIxIIcxIIvxIIfxMac SE/30 (not SEx)XserveXsanX software Mac OS XSystem 1…skip a few…6, 7, 8and9box artBootXXgridX11current versionoriginal releaseQuickTime XFinal Cut Pro Xinitial reactionLogic Pro XOther odd names and numbers tvOSiTouch


e64 – Architecture changes

It's our 64th episode and big 64-bit changes are coming to iOS as we record, so there's no better time discuss Apple's architecture changes over the years (and to begin talking about "classic iOS apps"). Way of the future. iOS 11 rainbow wallpapersrainbow Apple Park shirtsFace ID logo = Happy MacMotorola 6800032-bit era of video gamesthe "Megahertz Myth"32-bit Addressing on Older Macs"32-bit clean"32-bit QuickDraw"the world’s first 64-bit desktop"Leopard adds 64-bit appsphased out in...


e63 – Mysterium and More Emoji

Brian went to Mysterium, the annual Myst fan convention, and brings back stories of Cyan's history, their latest game, and a huge fan project. And in a mega follow up segment, we cover many more emoji easter eggs. Follow Up The Emoji Movie is terriblekeynote cold openSimCityHyperCard on the Internet Archiveblog postPhil Schiller tweetsubmit your own stacksMore Emoji Easter Eggs Gruber notices Swift on 🏎Johnny AppleseedKarl the FogF Market & WharvesEmojipedia blogPicomacMysterium...


e62 – Emoji Easter Eggs

Inspired by World Emoji Day, we take a look at various bits of history that Apple has hidden in its emoji artwork. It's the reason for the season. What Apple Thought the iPhone Might Look Like in 1995original MacWorld articleVintage Apple Macintosh Software ArchiveWorld Emoji DayEmojipediaiCal introductionearly emoji (DoCoMo etc.)Infinite Loop 2Cupertino bus routesHalf DomeWhy Apple Watch shows 10:09"Here's to the crazy ones…"Johnny Appleseed"emoji everywhere" provenance


e61 – The iPhone at 10

The iPhone was released to the world 10 years ago today. We celebrate a decade of the device that changed the world. Interviews and articles Computer History Museum panel and interview with Scott ForstallIIIIIIIVVoriginal iPhone reviewers panelForstall, Fadell, Christer interviewcontroversialnew book The iPhone launch and legacy big lines at Apple storesJobs and Forstall at the Palo Alto storelaunch event for JaguariFixit goes to Australiaprice drop apology letterNewtonP1...


e60 – Everything Old is New Again

The announcements made at WWDC 2017 reminded us of a lot of classic Mac technologies, in name, design, and function. Follow Up Mac Power Users #380Internet Archive Mac emulationJake Bordens at Apple Museum PragueStephenTiccifunctioning Apple I sold at auctionPomona prototype recreated by Jeff Rule WWDC 2017 announcements macOS High SierraHigh Sierra FormatISO 9660optical media extensions in Mac OS 9in iOS 11origin on the MacGravitéDrag and Drop extensionNeXTSTEP dock and...


e59 – Apple Museums

Inspired by the grand reveal of the new MacPaw museum and some new early Apple exhibits in Seattle, we take a tour of the world's greatest Apple collections on display. Follow Up Love Notes to Newtonmap of potential intervieweesCrystal Quest KickstarterCrystal Quest ClassicRetronauts 98: Mac Gaming in the '80sPlay Different Inside the new museum at MacPaw HQ. Apple Museums Apple MuseumSteven's Foodimage galleryApple MuseumBell & Howell Apple IIimage galleryMacMuzeumcollection...


e58 – Classic Mac Games

The Internet Archive recently made a library of classic Mac software available via in-browser emulation. So we played a bunch of Mac games from the late '80s and early '90s — some that we remembered fondly, some that we'd never played, and some that destroyed us. Followup bronze colorretro iPhone skinSave/Cancel notepadsRIP EveryAppleVideo Games on the Internet Archive Roguelike Celebrationreturning in 2017Crystal Questin browserdownloadin browserdownloadWheel of Fortunein...


e57 – Colorful Apple Products

Inspired by the release of the PRODUCT (RED) iPhone, we trace case colors throughout Apple's history: candy-color Macs, lots and lots of iPods, and some expensive rarities. Followup mini vMacyoutube-dlHyperCard PreviewColorful Macs PRODUCT (RED)beige vs. platinumPower Mac 8600our episodefive flavors TV adposted"She's a Rainbow" Colorful iPods U2 Special Edition iPodStainless Steel iPod shuffle iPod mini 1st gen iPod mini 2nd gen iPod nano 2nd gen iPod nano 3rd gen iPod nano 4th...


e56 – Behind the Show

We go behind the scenes of Simple Beep: how we create the show, a comprehensive emulation how-to, and our favorite classic Mac resources. Follow up Leibniz emulatorits namesake and calculuseMate 20th anniversaryothercolorsKnowledge Navigator part 2Pippin software on Macintosh Repository Making the show (on modern computers) Blue YetiHeil PL-2TSennheiser HD 439PiezoShure PG42Sennheiser HD 280QuickTime Playerecamm Call RecorderGarageBandJason Snell's settingsOvercast uploadsDropbox file...


e55 – Crazy Apple Concepts

This episode covers a bunch of Apple products that barely or never happened, including a magic tablet, IPTV vaporware, and some wild green machines from Macworld. Knowledge Navigator intro videoJohn SculleyEducomSnow White design languageoriginal KindlePippin official websiteATMARK and @WORLDBandaiApplejack controllerapple cultivarInteractive Television Box photosSCART portApple Café official website"Meet me at Apple"Macworld/frogdesign concepts Article intro...


e54 – The Newton Community

Jake Bordens and Thomas Brand join us to share stories of the Newton community, past and present(!) e53 – The NewtonJake Bordens@allaboutjakeretronewtonJake's Newton softwareJake's Newton hardwareThomas Brand@eggfreckleseggfreckles.netPC Expo 1997INDIGI Newton web serversNewton Personal Data SharingUnited Network of Newton ArchivesNewtonTalkWaveLANUnder Siege 2 Newton supercutNewton 2000 upgrade programTactile Systems Inc.Adam Tow's Newton softwareNewton Interconnect PortGraffitiEinstein...