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Every episode of the Sorted Retail Sessions podcast taps into behind-the-scenes (and usually hard to reach) knowledge from the people powering the retail industry. Covering carrier management, delivery tracking and communications, ecommerce returns, final mile budget efficiencies, warehouse, logistics - and much more. Listen now for debate, speculation, strategy and honest discussion – on demand.


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Every episode of the Sorted Retail Sessions podcast taps into behind-the-scenes (and usually hard to reach) knowledge from the people powering the retail industry. Covering carrier management, delivery tracking and communications, ecommerce returns, final mile budget efficiencies, warehouse, logistics - and much more. Listen now for debate, speculation, strategy and honest discussion – on demand.




Bonus episode – A session on driving down carriage costs

By popular demand, we’ve treated you to another episode of the Sorted Retail Sessions podcast. Paul Hill, our Customer Success Director, and Dan Greenall, our VP of Product and Marketing, sit down to discuss something that a lot of retailers are working on at the moment - carriage cost efficiencies, and final mile budget optimisations. Smart parcel allocation, PUDO, carrier contract negotiations, delivery and logistics tips – it’s all in here.


Indie Retail Sessions: CEO and Founder of RMDY, James Moore

From forming and building the brand at just 13 years old, to Geordie Shore influencers and Brexit battles – this interview is packed with insight, lessons and learnings from a growing business navigating Shopify, cross-border shipping and social commerce. Recorded July 2022


Indie Retail Sessions: Ops Director of RESPONSIBLE, Taylor May Woolsey van Maasdijk

With a mission to make existing fashion more sustainable through the circular economy, hear all about how to grow a business without compromising green credentials, through investing in solutions that ensure convenient yet sustainable delivery and returns, as well as their favourite customer engagement tactics, and the reason for their rave Trustpilot reviews. Recorded August 2022


Indie Retail Sessions: CEO and Founder of Calla, Jenni Bailey

As a growing footwear brand with a particular niche, Jenni shares how she saw a gap in the market and took the plunge to start her own ecommerce brand. Find out how she became self-taught in essential skills, from SEO to paid ads, and how a venture into influencer marketing helped drive profits. Recorded August 2022


Indie Retail Sessions: Co-founder and Creative Director of Ramble & Co., Kathryn Hager

Join us as we chat to the co-founder of a growing US based fashion brand with a niche in graphic tees. Hear about the lessons and successes as they grew from small beginnings as a bricks and mortar store, to gaining traction as an established ecommerce brand- and why they feel brand community is so important. Recorded August 2022


Indie Retail Sessions: Carrier Product Manager at Sorted, Vickey Eggleston

Hear from Vickey, our inhouse carrier expert, and find out how growing retailers can boost their brand image through developing a high-class delivery experience. She shares the essential post-purchase elements that every ecommerce business should consider – from carrier suitability, fuel costs, carrier negotiations, brand comms and even when the delivery goes wrong. Recorded September 2022


A session with Director of Carrier Services at Sorted, Ed Osborne

Wayfair, John Lewis, Waitrose, MATCHESFASHION, Tesco… and the Ministry of Defence - Ed has, quite literally, seen it all when it comes to carriers, dropship, customer operations and supply chain. We grill him on what goes on behind the scenes at some of the UK’s biggest household retailers, and find out how the meaning of ‘customer delivery experience’ is changing.


A session with General Manager UK of Paack, James Lovett

Paack are a tech-driven carrier – or, essentially, a tech business that physically carry parcels. With sustainability at the centre of the company, James share tips on measurement and visibility for retailers looking to go greener, and chats about the importance of nailing first attempt deliveries.


A session with Co-founder of Think Beyond, Steven Cozens

Think Beyond uses data, numbers and science-based solutions to help brands, retailers and businesses transform and measure their marketing efforts in completely different ways. In this session, Steven explains the role of neuroscience in marketing, and how emotional responses trigger customers to buy online…


A session with Head of Outbound Logistics for the Very Group, Chris Haighton

In this session, Chris shares a unique, behind-the-scenes view into the dropship and carrier operations at Very, including how the logistics network responded to COVID and Brexit disruption. Plus, we talk customer experience, customer expectation - and how the warehouse is responsible for both.


A session with Operations Director EMEA of Insight, Gill Holloway

VR warehouse tours, the WFH supply chain and a post-Brexit tariffs lesson; in this session, Gill shares her expertise and experience as an operations leader supporting stability and transformation for both her clients and her own company. As a global shipper, Insight works with organisations of all shapes and sizes, including retailers, to find technology solutions that help maximise the business value of their IT.


A session with Jonathan Simons, UK Sales and Client Services Director at Landmark Global

For more than a decade, Landmark Global has helped customers expand with full service, end-to-end delivery and logistics solutions. Shipping all over the world, the company has found unexpected challenges and solutions in the last 12 months - including the disruption from having over 60% of shipping routes suddenly being canceled overnight at the start of the COVID pandemic. Jonathan, a specialist in cross border distribution, talks us through the impact on retailers and carriers during so much change and uncertainty, and we discuss how returns are are the one thing retailers need to fix right now.


A session with CEO of retailTRUST, Chris Brook-Carter

In February, we chatted to Chris Brook-Carter – long-serving industry expert, ex-Managing Director and Editor in Chief at Retail Week and now CEO of retailTRUST. Covering retail acquisitions and what they mean for the high street, transformation priorities and, most importantly, the impact the pandemic has had on the mental health of retail workers. Recorded before the March 2021 budget, so inclusive of requirements and predictions, there’s some interesting discussion on what the government needs to do to alleviate pressure and uncertainty around Brexit, business rates and pandemic recovery.


A session with author, research director and consultant, Miya Knights

Miya shares examples of emerging retail innovation – both in store and online. Revealing which retail sector is acting as a slow ‘super tanker’ and discussing what retailers desperately need to know about the new meaning of omnichannel.


A session with Head of Commercial Projects at Retail Week Ascential, James Knowles

For our last podcast of the year, we revisit our September catch-up with James from Retail Week. With a unique insight into the retail market, we discuss the change in customer loyalty, predictions for the new year and name some of the retailers who have pulled it out the bag in 2020.


A session with Group Head of Customer at musicMagpie, Jonathan Beirne

Recorded in September 2020, we caught up with Jonathan to get his thoughts on how customer service offering has needed to adapt during the pandemic. Chatting to Andy Hill, our Sales Director, Beirne talks about enquiry volume fluctuations, as well as how he manages customer contact channels at musicMagpie. The conversation took place pre-peak season, so there are some interesting predictions to review...


A session with Operations Director from Party Delights, Julia Dietz

Pandemic, peak and 2021 retail predictions. In this interview, Andy Hill (Sorted) has an honest chat with Julia about the state of CX, including: