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The real reason manufacturers ditched the headphone jack

The headphone jack is controversial, but ditching it means more than just forcing customers to buy new headphones. It’s actually forcing customers to buy your new headphones. Chris Thomas takes a deep dive into why the headphone jack is disappearing on our phones, and it goes a lot deeper than you might think. We have all that and a few more surprises along the way in this episode of the SoundGuys podcast! Full transcript available at SoundGuys is: Chris...


Can music really improve your workout?

Lily Katz takes us on a journey filled with exhaustion and endorphins to examine if music can really improve your workout. How can a simple song motivate you to go harder, faster, and stronger and push through the pain? Will this podcast help you become a better you? You’ll find out! We have all that and a few more surprises along the way in this episode of the SoundGuys podcast! Read the source article here: SoundGuys...


The Intense History of Sound in Video Games

Today, we take sound in video games from granted. But how did sound evolve from the pings of pong to the toe-curling growls of The Last of Us? What innovations now allow us to slash boxes to the beat in Beat Saber, and what music genres have grown out of the video game community? It’s a wild ride with the SoundGuys, and they’ve brought a friend for the ride. Juan Carlos Bagnell of joins us on our journey through the bleeps and bloops of video game sound. We have all that...


Can you hear me now? Why does my mic suck?

Sometimes when you’re on a call, the person on the other end has no idea what you’re trying to say. Fortunately, we have some experience in that realm, and Adam breaks down the four most common reasons why your microphone might suck, and how to fix the problem. So check it out! SoundGuys is: Chris Thomas - @CThomasTech Lily Katz - @KatzGame Adam Molina - @AdamLukas17 Produced by: Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology Make sure to subscribe to the SoundGuys Podcast on iTunes and visit...


Sounding off on privacy

Sometimes your headphones come with an app to help get the most out of your cans. But what happens when your headphones want to know more about you than just what the next track is? Privacy is becoming a huge issue all around the internet, and our experience with privacy recently intersected with an episode from our sister podcast, the DGiT Daily. Privacy violations can happen where you least expect them. Read more on SoundGuys is: Chris Thomas - @CThomasTech Lily Katz -...


Loudness Wars!

Since digital music became popular, audio engineers have been pushing the idea that louder is better. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. As music gets louder, fine details within the music become undetectable, and the experience is ruined. This all came to a head in 2008 when the game Guitar Hero had to remix some tracks for the game. Most notably, was Metallica’s Death Magnetic and suddenly, the music sounded better. Since then, it seems the loudness was have come to an end, but we wanted...


Introducing Sound Bites

We love sound here at the SoundGuys, and after a year of podcasting, we've come across a lot of great topics that are super interesting, but there isn't enough there for a full episode. So we're introducing a new kind of episode called Sound Bites. Sound Bites will be short, to the point, give you something really neat, and then let you go about your day. The first episode will debut on April 1st and every month after that on the 1st. Happy listening!


Weaponizing Sound

When most of us think of sound, we think about music that gets our foot tapping, or maybe a pleasant background noise like birds chirping or waves washing up against a shoreline. It’s soothing, and calming. But, like most everything else in life, it can also have a darker side. What if you wanted to use sound… harm? Adam Doud fills in for Chris Thomas this month and joins fellow SoundGuys Lily Katz and Adam Molina to take a walk through the darker side of sound. We have all that and...


CES 2019 Wrap Up

This round table discussion of CES 2019 was recorded at the Blue Microphone podcasting suite at Treasure Island. Jonathan Feist of led our discussion for our laryngitis-laden podcast hosts. We break down the hows and whys behind The SoundGuys Best of CES awards. It’s a great look inside the tech from one of the the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. We have all that and a few more surprises along the way in this episode of the SoundGuys podcast! Special...


It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

You always know when the holidays are approaching because of the music you hear. From stores to radio stations to shopping malls, you are awash in the spirit of the season. There’s a very good reason for that, but there are also reasons why it can be migraine inducing. Holiday music has a real psychological effect on you - for better or for worse, and we wanted to explore that, and what you can do about it. Featuring special guest interviews with Dr. Eric Spangenberg and Dr. Linda Blair. We...


Codecs: The Alphabet Soup That Matters

When shopping for a nice set of headphones for yourself or someone on your holiday list, you might run into codecs, and you might not be sure what to do with them. What are they? Do they matter? Help us SoundGuys! Fortunately, we’re here to do just that. Including a special appearance by Gary Sims, we break it all down for you. We have that and a few more surprises along the way in this episode of the SoundGuys podcast! Full transcript available at...


Spooky Audiophile "Ghost" Stories (That People Still Believe)

Three tales that will surprise and shock you. These spooky audio myths come straight from the cult of audiophilia, and we’re here to help you sort through fact and fiction. Are Monster cables any better than coat hanger wire soldered together? What is jitter? And how far does one need to go to break in those headphones and get them just right? These scary (read: not scary) tales are served up with a healthy dose of fact in the SoundGuys Podcast. We have that and a few more surprises along...


Sound: The Original Internet

You might be surprised to find out that before we had fiber optic cables linking the world, we had to reply on other means of communication. Those older means almost always involved sound. You know about the dots and dashes of the telegraph, and the screeching handshake of the modem. But did you know computer geeks in the 80’s used to transmit video games over FM radio? We have that and a few more surprises along the way in this episode of the SoundGuys podcast! Full transcript available...


Is Bluetooth Dangerous? NO! Part 1

If you do a Google search for “Is Bluetooth Dangerous?” you are met with page after page of disinformation about the supposed dangers of Bluetooth radiation, and non-ionizing radio frequency radiation. This is part of a campaign by a few organizations to capitalize on your fear, and sell you some worthless trinkets on the side. Don’t be taken in. This is a two-part crossover podcast with our friends Jonathan Feist and Joe Hindy at the Android Authority podcast discussing the science behind...


Drones Gone Wild

Drones are becoming more and more common in today’s society. Consumer products can be seen zipping around our parks. Commercial applications range from civil engineering projects to search and rescue. Drones are enhancing our society every day, at least our human society. But are we forgetting about those with more than 2 legs? Drones are aptly named since they cause an unmistakable and constant noise that affects creatures great and small. Join the SoundGuys Podcast and special guests as...


The Sound of Every Day

Whether you realize it or not, you deal with technology based on sound every day. From ultrasound machines, to music in your favorite stores, to hovering objects in mid air, the sounds you work with everyday can be subtle, but they make your lives easier and more interesting. First, Chris Thomas discusses how home-roasting coffee requires sound cues from the roasting beans. Adam Molina takes a look at how sound waves can make objects levitate. Lily discusses how sound can be used to...


The USB-C Train Wreck

What led us to relying on USB Type-C connectors for audio? Why don’t they work very well or at all? The SoundGuys break down the loss of the headphone jack, and the difficulties surrounding USB-C audio with the help of Robert Triggs of Android Authority. Why is this universal standard not universally standard? It turns out, there are a lot of reasons and we break them all down for you on our fourth episode of the SoundGuys podcast. Full transcript available at...


The State of Smartphone Audio in 2018

If you listen to music today, chances are you’re doing it on a smartphone. So, we decided to take a look at smartphone audio and see where it is today. There have been some polarizing changes made to the medium in the last few years - do the changes matter? Can an audiophile still get a great experience even if a smartphone lacks a headphone jack? Come with us as we explore wired and wireless audio coming from the most important gadget you own, how it’s working today, and how it will be...


Smart Speakers: A New Legal Frontier

Smart Speakers are taking the world by storm, but is that opening up new, legal cans of worms that we’re not prepared to deal with? What happens when your entire life is recorded from within the sanctity of your home? Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy when your every word is recorded, transcribed and stored? Does this create a constitutional crisis? Join us on the SoundGuys Podcast as we explore this phenomenon that is seemingly innocuous, but actually potentially sinister....


The MP3 revolution

The .MP3 is arguably one of the most important innovations in digital media. Without MP3s we don’t have iPods, Podcasts, or P2P file sharing. Arguably, the smartphone looks completely different today if not for the MP3 format. And it all started with a woman in a diner waiting for a cup of coffee. Join us on the SoundGuys Podcast as we explore the history of the MP3, and discover how the MP3 turned not one, but two entire industries on their heads with the creation of a new file...