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The Art of Visitor Engagement : Erica Gangsei, Head of Interpretive Media, SFMOMA

In a city where the tension between artists and techies is palpable, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has pushed exhibitions, programs and projects that bridge the two spheres, like their insanely popular “SendMe SFMOMA” text service, their seamless museum app, and their experimental PlaySFMOMA initiative. Erica Gangsei, head of Interpretive Media at SFMOMA and a working artist in her own right, shares her thoughts on tech's place in the museum and the "art world" at large. -About...


The Art of Mixed Reality: Nancy Cahill, Artist

Nancy Cahill creates intensely fragmented forms pulsing with momentum that threaten to explode of their paper confines. Well, her creations did just that earlier this year when she partnered with a developer to create her augmented reality app, 4th Wall, which allows users to place her VR drawings within their own environment, anytime, anywhere. The app also allows users to virtually visit her LA studio, and to experience an AR hologram of her discussing the conceptual underpinnings of her...


Moneyball for Art: Jason Bailey of Artnome

What happens when you quantify art? Can breaking down art into data and stats help create a better collection and smarter collectors? Jason Bailey, self-identified artist turned analytics nerd, is the founder of the Artnome blog and creator of a massive online database of the world's best known artists which he says is “moneyball for art”, which he believes will revolutionize the way we engage with, understand, and purchase art. -About Jason Bailey- Jason is mission driven to use...


The Art of Connectivity: Suhair Khan from Google Arts & Culture

Earlier this year, Google's Art & Culture app went viral for their selfie-matching tool which allowed users to discover their likeness in paintings across art institutions from around the world. In this episode, we chat with Suhair Kahn, project manager at Google Arts & Culture, where a team of creative engineers and cultural enthusiasts are making it their mission to connect everyone, everywhere with cultural content. Suhair shares why Google is invested in arts and culture, what the...


The Art of Getting Grants: Hadi Eldebek, CEO of Grantpa

Hadi Eldebek, founder and CEO of Grantpa, a website that connects artists, dancers, musicians, and other creatives with grant money worldwide. A musician himself, Hadi wondered how many people apply for grants versus how many receive them, and, after canvasing among his friends and relatives, he learned that the majority did not even bother to apply because of the time investment and intimidation factor of submitting an application. In this episode, Hadi discusses how Grantpa works for...


The art of being an artist: Julia Kaganskiy at New Inc

Julia Kaganskiy, Director of New Museum’s multidisciplinary development program, NEW INC, has had a fascinating journey into the world of art and tech with a number of amazing stops along the way. Her ambitions led her from a childhood dream of becoming an arts and culture editor, to a dream job that unifies all her interests in one melting pot bubbling with creative thinkers and innovators. In this episode, Julia shares how experiences as diverse as heading VICE's Creators Project to...


Is Art for Everyone?: Live from The Battery SF

“Is Art for Everyone?”, a discussion about how tech is disrupting the traditional art world model originally recorded live at The Battery in San Francisco on April 11th, 2018. Our panelists include Erica Gangsei, head of Interpretive Media @SFMoma, Jen Becman, CEO of 20x200, and Andrew Herman, founder of French Girls & MiniCanvas. These guest speakers offer a comprehensive and insightful overview of what “art for everyone” means, how tech is democratizing the arts, and what accessibility...


The Art of Creativity: Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky is like Batman: he’s not the hero we deserve, but he’s the one that we need. Creatives can be unorganized and idealistic. They tend to not be the most business oriented people. Scott has spent his entire career creating and improving tools, frameworks, and infrastructures that help make ideas happen. His work helps creators treat themselves more like businesses, and makes creative people and tools accessible to more businesses. His work is maybe best epitomized in the founding...


The Art of Access: Absolut Art CEO Nahema Mehta

The Art of Access: Absolut Art CEO Nahema Mehta Before exiting her own start up (Art Remba) to co-found and become CEO of Absolut Art, Nahema Mehta did stints working for the Supreme Court, Merrill Lynch, and Sotheby’s. Her cross disciplinary life makes her the perfect person to run Absolut Art, a company dedicated to becoming the place people go to buy art, that also happens to be the little brother of that well known vodka company. In today’s episode Nahema and Ethan talk about...


Live from SXSW 2018

We're excited to bring your our Art and Tech panel, originally recorded live from the podcast stage at SXSW March 15, 2018. Our panelists were Erica Gangsei, head of Interpretive Media @SFMoma, Nahema Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Absolut Art, and (State of the Art Alumni) Andrew Herman, founder of French Girls & MiniCanvas. Our panelists got on like three peas in a pod and tackled some of the major questions we try to answer here at State of the Art. Questions like, how has technology...


The Art of Education: Director of Sotheby's Institute of Art, Los Angeles, Jonathan T.D. Neil

In Jonathan T.D.Neil’s decades long career, he’s been an art critic, an art educator, an art consultant, an art historian, and even an architect. His diverse background makes him uniquely suited to comment on macro trends in the art world, and lead him to start a brand new interdisciplinary MA in Art Business, and Information Systems and Technology at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Los Angeles; where he is the Director, and Head of Global Business Development. In today’s episode, he and Ethan...


What an Art Fair Is: Viennacontemporary

In this episode Ethan chats with Christina Steinbrecher-Pfant, artistic director, of Viennacontemporary art fair. They touch on the hackathon hosted by Viennacontemporary and other art groups and startups as well as the future of tech at art fairs and how Viennacontemporary tries to help their attendees. Viennacontemporary Viennacontemporary is an international fair for contemporary art in Vienna, Austria. Since 2015, it takes place annually in the fourth week of September at the Marx...


The Art of SaaS: PRNCPL

Moenen Erbuer has founded not one, but two art tech startups. In this episode he shares his uncommon views about the art world: how it works, who it caters to, and if it is capable of change. He also shares what might be in store for the future for PRNCPL. About Moenen Erbuer Moenen is the co-founder of Curiator.com and PRNCPL. He is a visual designer, born and raised in Brussels, with extensive experience in the research, design and development of interfaces for a variety of products...


The Art of Being Alternative: Ello

Everybody knows Ello; but few people understand the roller coaster ride that brought Ello into the public eye and then took it back to the art world. In this episode Ethan talks with Ello Co-Founder and CEO, Todd Berger, about the turns Ello took over the course of its development, what the Ello community looks like now, and what is in store for the future of Ello. About Todd Berger Todd Berger is a cofounder and the CEO of Ello, The Creators Network. He has spent the past 19 years...


The Art of Going Viral: Send Me SFMOMA

Send Me SFMOMA is the perfect storm of genius in art and tech. It makes exploring art fun, interesting, and accessible. In this episode, Ethan talks with Jay Mollica, creative technologist at SFMOMA, about how the app came to be, what the response was, and what's next. About Jay Mollica Jay Mollica joined SFMOMA in July of 2015. As the museum's Creative Technologist, he pursues innovative and experimental digital initiatives while also maintaining and extending wonderful existing...


Rent the Runway of Art: GoARTful

Art can save lives. And for both Brandolon Barnett and Messay Derebe art did save their lives. And art brought them together. Now they want to bring art to everyone by making it accessible and affordable to dip your toes into the art world. Hence goARTful was born. This startup allows individuals or companies to rent art from local artists and switch out the art as much as they want. Brandolon Barnett, co-Founder and co-CEO Brandolon has a love for music and the arts that comes from his...


The New Age of Patronage: Patreon

Patreon is a game changer for artists and creators. Their goal is to help people get paid while doing what they love. In this episode Carlos Cabrera, VP of Data Science and Operations at Patreon, talks about where Patreon started and where Patreon is going. He gives us some tips and insight on what works on Patreon and what doesn't. And he talks about the rationale behind last December's proposed fee changes, why users were so upset, and what is coming next. About Carlos Cabrera Carlos...


The Art of Being a Superhero: Joanne Wilson

She is an angel investor! She is an art collector! She is a podcast host, and a blogger, and a foodie, and a mom. How does Joanne Wilson do it all? Simple. With her super powers! In this episode Joanne tells us about how she got the name 'Gotham Gal', why she collects art, what she looks for in investment opportunities, and what she thinks is the biggest business opportunity in the art world today. About Joanne Wilson Joanne got her start in retail and wholesale. During the 1990s’...


How Art Will Make Us Human: Daniel Doubrovkine CTO at Artsy

Daniel Doubrovkine is currently CTO at Artsy. Daniel's experience with art is a far cry from what most of us have encountered. Growing up in the Soviet Union his father would use books to take care of the family's needs. In Daniel's life art has been his currency, his healthcare, his passion and now part of his career. In this episode, Ethan and Daniel talk about what art is going to be in the future, how artists are entrepreneurs, and how the experience around art will change. About...


The Art of Driving Change: Art.com CEO Kira Wampler

Art.com is all about helping people get art they love on their walls. According to Art.com CEO Kira Wampler “blank walls are the enemy.” Kira has been at Art.com for just over a year. She brings experience from an impressive background in leadership at customer driven startups including Lyft, Trulia, and Lytro. In this episode she shares her thoughts about knowing your customer, tech adoption, trying out different kinds of art, and the future of the retail experience. About...


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