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Sex Positive: The Art of Shaping Body Politics with Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Artist

Guest host, MegZany dives into the work of new media artist, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, who explores aspects of relationships and interactions through digital spaces and performances. Together, the two discuss Shawné's transition to offline work, her interest in power dynamics and how these are addressed in her pieces, the correlation between kink spaces and Shawné's artwork, and how she transfers aspects and sensations from sexual and "taboo" realms into art spaces to engage her audience,...


Sex Positive: The Art of Shaping Body Politics with Uncle Reezy, Artist

Welcome to a world of explosive color and convoluted bodies, where pleasure-seekers come adorned with halos and bodies are shamelessly explored and shared. This is the art of Uncle Reezy aka Marissa Kelling. In this episode, guest host MegZany speaks with self-taught artist, Kelling who goes by Uncle Reezy on Instagram. Reezy's drawings unabashedly depict individuals and groups engaged in various acts of pleasure from playfully making out to masturbation and threesomes. Together, they...


Sex Positive: The Art of Shaping Body Politics with Amanda Micallef, President & Co-Founder of Arsenic

MegZany kicks-off her month-long exploration of sex positivity with Amanda Micallef, co-founder and president of Arsenic, a media group focused on embracing sexuality and empowering women in the industry. Together, they discuss Arsenic's mission, how they're championing sexuality, the affects social media has had on the movement, and the backlash sex positivity faces amongst both men and women. **Things to Note** The name "Billy" comes up in this conversation, referencing Billy Hawkins,...


Introducing Guest Host, MegZany, Artist

This month we welcome guest host, MegZany who will be taking our mobile recording studio for a fierce ride bringing you a fantastic lineup of women artist's embracing sex positivity at the core of their work. Before we drop her first episode this Thursday (March 7, 2019), Andrew talks with Meg about her journey from corporate America to full-time street artist, feminism, and why she decided to focus on sex positivity this month as State of the Art's second guest host. Guest hosting is a new...


Reflecting on "The Black Creative" with hosts Andrew Herman & Tre Borden

State of the Art host, Andrew Herman, returns to the podcast to unpack February 2019's theme, "The Black Creative," explored and produced by guest host, Tre Borden. Together they discuss inclusivity on platforms, how we (SOTA) and others can improve our approach and expand that dialogue, Tre's takeaways and the moments he found most resonant in the interviews, and how each artist brought a different perspective and served as a reminder that, yes, these are all black experiences but they're...


The Black Creative 03: Martin Alexander Spratlen Etem, Artist

In this episode of The Black Creative, Tre speaks with multidisciplinary artist, Martin Alexander Spratlen Etem about his experiences growing up as a mixed-race person, his journey into embracing his full-name and his identity, his creative practice, and how he has navigated the fine art world. -About Martin Alexander Spratlen Etem- Martin Etem is a multidisciplinary artist using drawing, painting, and sculpture to survey modern society’s ideologies and sociology. Influenced by past...


The Black Creative 02: Leila Weefur, Artist, Writer & Curator

In this episode, Tre Borden speaks with artist, Leila Weefur, whose discussion of black identity is at the center of her work and who is helping to build collectives and spaces in the Bay Area. Together, Tre and Leila ruminate on the complexities of black identity, how it is defined, for whom and by whom. This episode also dives into the double edged sword that is Black History month, and discusses Leila’s upcoming solo-show, Between Beauty & Horror, opening Friday, February 15, 2019 at...


The Black Creative 01: Jessa Ciel, Artist, Filmmaker, & Creative Director

Guest host, Tre Borden, launches his four part series, The Black Creative, with artist Jessa Ciel. Together they discuss Jessa's definition of an artist, what a black artist’ role is in society, what it was like for Jessa to navigate Cranbrook, her experience of making art post MFA, and how her identity factors into her response to our current social and political moment. The Black Creative theme aims to offer a glimpse into the art world from the viewpoint of a black person and offer some...


Introducing "The Black Creative" with Tre Borden

As we continue to explore the various factions that have shaped the state of art as we know it today, a big goal at State of the Art Podcast is inclusivity. With this in mind, we welcome guest host Tre Borden, LA-based consultant and producer, to lead this month's discussion on "The Black Creative." -About Tre Borden- Tre Borden is a Los Angeles-based placemaking consultant and producer. Tre seeks out clients and collaborators looking to produce values-based creative products that activate...


New Museums: Examining "Selfie Palaces" with Albie Hueston of Refinery29's 29Rooms

Continuing our exploration into the world of "Selfie Palaces," in this episode we speak with Albie Hueston, Creative Director behind Refinery29's hugely popular installation, 29Rooms. 29Rooms first emerged in 2015 as an immersive story-telling experience intended to spark conversations addressing current events with the aim of disrupting pop-culture. As one of the original immersive art experiences--around long before The Museum of Ice Cream--we ask Albie how 29Rooms is different from other...


Viewing Art in the Digital Age: Live Panel Recording with Untitled Art Fair @ The Battery, SF

Untitled Panel: Viewing Art in the Digital Age Panelists: Lynn Hersman Leeson (artist), Dorothy Santos (artist & educator), and Erica Gangsei (SFMOMA) As technology continues to evolve and permeate nearly every aspect of human life, it’s only natural that our markets and culture evolve alongside it, ushering in new concepts and questions. The art world, arguably moving at a slower pace than other markets, is a delicate ecosystem grappling with what the digital age means for the arts, from...


New Museums: Examining Selfie Palaces with Leila Amirsadeghi of OneDome

Museums, galleries, exhibitions, and art venues at large are catering more and more to the rise of social media and being “insta-worthy.” In fact, in 2017, participants in a study by Culture Track said they would much rather be entertained than educated, and that the majority prefer social interactions, as opposed to quiet reflection, when attending cultural events like exhibitions. This month we speak with the minds behind some of the most noteworthy, grammable exhibitions, museums and...


A Year in Review: Re-visiting "The Art of Visitor Engagement"

As we approach the end of the year, SOTA host, Andrew Herman, reflects on his favorite episodes from the podcast's first year in production. Today, we revisit Andrew's first episode as a host on State of the Art featuring Erica Gangsei, head of Interpretive Media at SFMOMA. ----- In a city where the tension between artists and techies is palpable, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has pushed exhibitions, programs and projects that bridge the two spheres, like their inventive video...


A Year in Review: Re-visiting "Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls" with Andrew Herman

As we approach the end of the year, SOTA host, Andrew Herman, reflects on his favorite episodes from the podcast's first year in production. Today, we revisit Andrew's first appearance on State of the Art as a guest. In 2014, Andrew Herman co-founded the mobile app French Girls. As the name of the app may reveal, Andrew doesn’t take himself too seriously; but he is serious about the app’s ability to introduce users to art appreciation and original art. In this episode, you'll hear SOTA...


A Year in Review: Re-visiting SXSW 2017

As we approach the end of the year, SOTA host, Andrew Herman, reflects on his favorite episodes from the podcast's first year in production. In this episode, we revisit our very first panel, originally recorded live from the podcast stage at SXSW on March 15, 2018. Our panelists included Erica Gangsei, head of Interpretive Media @SFMoma, Nahema Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Absolut Art, and (now, current SOTA host) Andrew Herman, founder of French Girls & MiniCanvas. Our panelists got on like...


1 Year Anniversary: The Most Famous Artist

State of the Art officially turns 1 today! As we approach the end of the year, current SOTA host, Andrew Herman, reflects on his favorite episodes from the podcast's first year of production. In this episode, we revisit our very first interview with Matty Mo, aka "The Most Famous Artist"


The Art of Rachel Ara, Conceptual Artist

Recommended to us by former SOTA guest, Carla Gannis, SOTA is very excited to speak with conceptual artist, Rachel Ara, about her immersive installation, Transubstantiation of Knowledge. The holographic, mixed-reality journey, Transubstantiation of Knowledge, opened at the Victoria & Albert Museum in September 2018 installed in the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. The piece takes the form of an audio guide and uses a Hololens allowing visitors to interact with and hear the stories...


The Art of Quantifying Aesthetic Judgement: Paul Golding, Technologist & Philosopher

Paul Golding's extensive technical expertise coupled with his philosophical, problem-solving approach has enabled him to work on a variety of projects, with companies like Motorola, O2 UK, Acision, McLaren Applied Technologies, Navteq, Telefonica, Inc and Prosper Inc. A visionary with the know-how, skills, and respect to pickup any project, we ask Paul how he became interested in the arts. In this episode, Paul discusses his work in understanding and deconstructing people's aesthetic...


The Art of Doodling: Jon Burgerman, Artist

As 2018 draws to a close, the team at State of the Art is experimenting with broadening the scope of the podcast to include all aspects of the ever-evolving “art state.” Although our primary interest remains technologically inclined, we are dabbling in opening up our discussions to include elements and viewpoints on the art world beyond the niche of tech to address current events and trends. This new approach is something we plan to seriously pursue and develop in 2019. To kick us off, we...


Building San Francisco's Public Art Scene: Dorka Keehn, San Francisco Arts Commissioner

This episode is near and dear to our hearts at State of the Art as we speak with Dorka Keehn, San Francisco Arts Commissioner who chairs the city's Visual Arts Committee in charge of the city's public art scene. An artist in her own right, and a serious mover and shaker in the community, Dorka explains how the arts is an economic driver in SF, what the city is doing to help artists stay in the city, and how the committee makes decisions about the projects they commission to elevate San...