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Warehouses Evolved: From Storage to Strategic Advantage

From the first mile to the last mile, consumers and the rise of digital technology are transforming the entire supply chain. And from their position as one of the last stops between manufacturers and retailers (not to mention end consumers), warehouses are ripe for innovation. Stacie Immesberger joins Guy Courtin to discuss the evolution of warehouses, and how advances in everything from automation to robotics are changing the game.


The Great Logistics Network-of-Networks is Coming

If you distilled the impact of every recent tech disruption to one key takeaway, you could say the result was choice. More choice, for the buyer, for the seller. As technologies like IoT and blockchain enter the logistics space, the result will be more choice; from the ways you can optimize your routes, to how you can utilize your assets, 24/7. In this episode, host Guy Courtin talks to industry veteran Bob Ferrari about the key enabler of more choice in the logistics industry: the...


Navigating a Sea of Supply Chain Data

Businesses are navigating an ocean of data, often without a map. Especially those in e-commerce, where customers readily provide information about location, pricing, and demand -- all of which have an impact on the supply chain. In this episode, Matt Gunn and Jenny Reese Potter speak with Toolkite's Jordan Roper about building a better map for a sea of supply chain information.


Gartner 2018: Transformation, Technology, and Beer

Operations and technology collide! Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin recap Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2018, where they covered everything from the state of digital transformation to the inner working’s of Heineken’s adoption of next-gen technology in this week’s episode of Supply Chain Radio.


Why is Buying Supply Chain Software Such a Pain?

The search for a software solution to your supply chain problems can sometimes feel like an ordeal out of a Tolkien novel. Part of the problem is that the buying process for software is a direct reflection of the complexity of the supply chain itself--there are a lot of people to please. In this episode, Brittany Brown, Suhas Sreedhar, and Matt Gunn lay bare the issues involved in obtaining a solution, and offer some essential tips to make the process smoother.


Supply Chains, Trade Compliance and the Evolving Regulatory Landscape

In this episode, George Weise who served as Commissioner of US Customs, joins Greg Kefer to discuss global supply chains, the current regulatory environment, and technology. Excellence in Global Trade Management and compliance are vital if companies are to avoid disruptions, fines, and potential legal action caused by failing to adhere to the array of rules and documentation requirements. The discussion also touches on the current political situation and how evolving trade agreements and...


Why Consumers Care About Supply Chain Visibility

Eight out of 10 consumers expect to receive regular updates about the status of their orders, according to a new survey from YouGov and the Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network. In this episode of Supply Chain Radio, Matt Gunn and Greg Kefer dive into the data and discuss why supply chain visibility is more important than ever.


How Fresh is Your Supply Chain?

That produce on the shelves? Not always the freshest stuff around. By the time most food reaches the grocery store, it might already be several weeks old. And just how much shelf life remains? It's anyone's guess. Matt Schwartz, CEO of Afresh aims to make the food supply chain smarter, and reduce food waste and stock-outs along the way. He joins Matt Gunn to explain how on this episode of Supply Chain Radio.


Aligning the Supply Chain for the Subscription Economy

From snacks and groceries, to razors and fashion, there's a subscription box for just about everything. As more consumers opt-in to receiving new goodies each month, it's created an entirely new opportunity to introduce new products and build brand loyalty. But as you'd expect, the supply chain plays a significant role in ensuring these products get there on time. In this episode, Georg Richter, CEO of OceanX, and Alon Waks, VP of marketing at Kustomer, join Matt Gunn to discuss how...


Betting the Farm on Grocery AI

The more things change, the more the grocery industry stays the same. But in an increasingly digital world, where consumers want personalized service delivered right to their door, could groceries soon go digital? Pradeep Elankumaran is betting the farm on it. The founder and CEO of Farmstead joins Supply Chain Radio to discuss how AI and the personalized supply chain will lead an online revolution in groceries.


The 3PL Role in Global Supply Chain Transformation

The race to digitally transform is on. 3PLs play a vital role in helping their customers run supply chains by providing scale, services and technology at the global and local level. Companies now prioritize IT capabilities from their partners. In this episode, Ron Park and Greg Kefer talk about how 3PLs have evolved to meet their customer’s digital expectations and how the added value services make a difference.


The Great AI Debate

Artificial intelligence is the new black. Or so it would seem. But will AI reinvent the way the world does business, or is it merely a buzzworthy topic that's captured the minds of consumers and technologists alike? Guy Courtin joins Matt Gunn to discuss the rise of the machines and debate whether this growing technology will change business in the years ahead.


Are Logistics Providers an Endangered Species?

There's a lot of inefficiency in the supply chain, and no lack of ideas on how to streamline global logistics. For many shippers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) play a vital role in connecting shippers to transportation and warehousing services in order to keep the supply chain running smoothly. But as emerging technologies and new entrants all look for a slice of this nearly $1 billion global industry, are 3PLs at risk of becoming a commodity? Live from the 2018 RILA Retail Supply...


The Consumer Product Supply Chain Conundrum

Consumer products manufacturers want a supply chain you can set your watch to. They rely on strong forecasting and consistent operations to protect margins and make sure their products are always available on store shelves. But new business models and e-commerce giants like Amazon have begun to change the relationship with these manufacturers and end consumers. Brittany Brown joins Matt Gunn to discuss how the consumer products supply chain is transforming to meet the need.


Why Modern Fulfillment Strategies Depend on Supply Chain Visibility

The retail industry is in a state of massive change and supply chain innovation is a critical piece of the strategy keep up with elevated consumer expectations. As part of our ongoing series on supply chain visibility, Greg Kefer and John Nadvornik talk about how retailers are leveraging network based visibility systems to modify their global fulfillment strategies, to be agile, and to keep costs under control.


Why Great Customer Experiences Start in the Supply Chain

The retail industry is transforming before our eyes. But it's the things that take place behind the scenes that really matter most -- especially in supply chain. Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin discuss how the changes we see at stores or online are only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing great customer experiences and a path to sustainable business growth in the age of ambient commerce.


Can demand management evolve for changing consumer needs?

Consumers are a fickle bunch. And planning to meet their needs, and get the right products in the right place wherever there's demand is a science as much as it's an art. But many organizations still rely on outdated technologies and spreadsheets to get the job done. With consumers increasingly expecting more personalized products and services, can today's methodologies truly meet the need? Matt Jones joins Guy Courtin and Matt Gunn to discuss how machine learning and networked technology...


SapientRazorfish's Jon Reily on AI, convergence, and the science behind Amazon's prosperous private labels

Business models collide! As retailers turn to private labels and manufacturers go direct-to-consumer, both industries are repositioning their supply chains to serve an increasingly influential customer base. An industry veteran who founded two e-commerce companies and helped Amazon build its billion-dollar Kindle brand, Jon Reily knows a thing or two about creating compelling consumer experiences. Live from the NRF 2018 podcast studio at Retail's Big Show in New York, Jon joins Matt Gunn...


Applying Visibility with Purpose: How you can actually fix your major supply chain issues

We all value visibility as an ideal. The more you see, the better informed you are. But what supply chain issues can we tangibly fix by seeing better? In this episode of Supply Chain Radio, Greg Kefer and John Nadvornik discuss the applications of visibility, from reducing transportation costs, to in-transit inventory, to making better commitments to customers.


Redefining Visibility in the Supply Chain

Frequently discussed and often misunderstood, companies have been trying to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility for decades. However, many still struggle to define exactly what that means. In part one of our new series on supply chain visibility, Greg Kefer and Jon Nadvornik discuss why companies still struggle to get real-time information on their inventory, and how networked, cloud technology is paving the road toward a brighter, more connected future.