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Put Your Best Voice Forward

As a complement to Episode 17, which dealt with vocal health, on this installment of TASCAM Talkback the host is joined by vocal expert Tracy Goodwin from Captivate The Room in addressing questions such as, Do you know how to use your voice? How do you want the listener to feel? For those podcasters who do interviews, what happens when you have a guest whose energy level sounds very unenthusiastic and uninspiring for the listeners? Did you know that we process everything in the voice on a...


7 Ways to Pre-Promote Your Episodes

While we talked about how to promote your podcast (in general) on an earlier episode, this time around the conversation centers specifically on steps that you can take to promote an episode before it ever even gets released. Listen in as the host of The Danielle Daily shares seven angles you can leverage to gain attention and thus help overcome the challenge that podcasters face – especially those whose show isn’t daily – of what to post about on social media.


Ideas for Podcast Episodes

How do podcasters keep finding things to talk about? Always having a topic for each show is critical to keeping a show going. The more often your podcast comes out, the more challenging it is to think of subject matter to present. On this episode, Mark Asquith, who has done over 500 podcast episodes, gives strategies and even covers "have I talked about this before?" and "what if someone else has already done a podcast on that topic?" Listen for tips on how to get ideas for something to...


Your Home Podcasting Setup Simplified

As a follow-up to a couple prior episodes aimed at those who record their podcast at home, we delve this time into a creative setup solution, thanks to a listener who wrote in with something anyone can take advantage of -- podcaster, YouTuber, or any other creator. If you are unhappy with and battle against your current setup, listen as Craig Richard describes what he came up with to eliminate bumps and other obstacles that were impacting the recording of his podcasts. We also refer you to a...


Your Podcast Intro Music

While streamers (especially YouTubers) will benefit from this episode too, since there is talk of using the following in videos too, setting the emotion, the tone, what you want your listeners to feel – before you even speak your first word – can be accomplished by having the right music playing to intro your podcast. Listen to not only a conversation with Ryan Allen from StockMusic.net, who discusses the logistics and legalities and other considerations around royalty-free tracks, but,...


Podcast EQ'ing - Because Sound IS Important

Some podcasters say that audio quality isn’t super important, that it’s good content that keeps listeners coming back. However, if your audio isn’t friendly to the listener’s ear, it could be a deal breaker. How can you make your episodes sound better? On this episode the host and TASCAM Director of Marketing Eric Larsen talk about EQ’ing – what it is, the features and benefits, plus when, where, why, and how to take advantage of it. They also discuss the topic in relation to what was...


Evergreen Podcast Content

Is the content in your podcast dated? Is what you present time-sensitive, such that it's no longer relevant if a listener finds it "too late"? Listen to a conversation with someone who does a daily podcast and intentionally aims to deliver content in such a way that it doesn't have a limited shelf life. Hear how you might pivot to reposition your podcast so that a new listener that discovers it will find current and prior episodes helpful and thus be more likely to become a subscriber. This...


What are the Guests Saying About Podcast Interviews?

Our host did man-on-the-street interviews in Nashville, asking folks who have been interviewed on a podcast before what their experience was like. Are podcast interview opportunities welcomed in the same way that radio and TV are? Did they feel the host did a good job interviewing them? Were they pleased with the finished product (the podcast episode they were interviewed on)? What could have been done better? Hear the feedback from the five individuals who spoke to TASCAM – as well as...


Podcasting as a Digital Marketing Tool

At the core of what podcasting is (or was) supposed to be for many podcasters is using it as a digital marketing tool. On this episode the host admits to first-hand straying and how podcasters can easily get sidetracked into chasing monetization channels that aren't that first one -- using your podcast to promote your business. Joining him on this episode is Mike Stewart, who has been on the leading edge of digital marketing for years and who talks about how he successfully used one of the...


Podcast Release Frequency - How Often Should You Release Your Episodes

As TASCAM Talkback hits the one-year mark, our show host merges his experience putting this show out every other week and releasing his other podcast every week with an on-location discussion with David Hooper from Big Podcast, who has experience releasing a podcast every day of the week, once a week, and doing a radio show too. The two address the challenges and the benefits of these various release schedules as well as how this all intertwines with audience building. And, be sure to stick...


Facebook Live vs YouTube vs Periscope and More

Our longest episode ever! Users of top streaming platforms discuss Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and even one other website that has live broadcast capabilities and a monetization aspect that feels like Patreon. This episode helps podcasters consider additional avenues for getting notice for their show, for their brand, and it lets them know about hardware, software, and relevant considerations. Hear from three individuals who are using these services on a very regular basis.


Recording at Home vs In a Studio

Where do you record your podcast? At home? At a studio? At a library? What is the difference? What are the pros and cons of each? Our show host walks you through the need-to-know for each of those environments, based on his own first-hand personal experience. Regardless of whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro podcaster, this episode will help you make an informed decision on where is best for you to record, now as well as 6-12 months from now.


Filling Up Your Show Notes Page

As a logical continuation from our previous episode -- and thanks to a listener request -- we delve into your podcast's show notes page; what it is and what it isn't, the reasons why you might or might not include or withhold certain information for it, the bare bones basics you should have, how it differs from your episode description, and relatable examples as well as some tips. This episode will help you give your listeners a reason to come to your podcast website, even if they are...


Writing Your Podcast Title and Description

The Do's and Don'ts of a podcast episode title and description, including why and why not, plus results of a poll taken for this episode. Our show host also presents two exercises that a podcaster can do to help with their episode titles and episode descriptions.


Affecting Your Podcast’s Audio: Compression

Having good content is always key, but making your podcast sound even better can go a long way towards building and keeping an audience. This episode features a conversation between the show host and TASCAM’s Eric Larsen about compression – what it is, why you would use it, how it will affect your podcast’s sound, and even where it came from. Audio samples are included to give a demonstration of a clip where no, some, or too much compression is used.


Where Does Podcasting Live in the Broadcasting World

Conversations were recorded in the Podcasting Pavilion at the NAB Show in Las Vegas last month, centered around what questions the broadcasters were asking relative to adopting our medium. Listen as seven individuals talk about the type of response broadcasters had/have to podcasting during their face-to-face conversations at the tradeshow in Las Vegas. This episode also helps current podcasters see the many facets of the business from a different perspective and even learn a new option or...


Streaming Options

Are you a streamer looking to amp up what you’re already doing? Perhaps you’re a podcaster wanting to start a video presence. You might even be a gamer who is immersed in the online world, yet curious about additional possibilities. Bryce Stejskal, Product Manager at Telestream, talked with our show host during the NAB Show in Las Vegas for this episode of TASCAM Talkback, covering options for all of those mentioned and helping navigate the Facebook Live, YouTube (Live), Vimeo, Periscope,...


Calling it Quits on a Podcast

What are some warning signs that your show might be coming to an end? What can you be on the lookout for so that you don't podfade? Listen in as our show host talks with podcaster Daniel Abendroth, whose show ended up ceasing after 19 months and 20 episodes, and then Niel Guilarte, whose podcast went on hiatus for five months but has recently come back on the air.


Vocal Health plus International Guest Interview

Our show host walks the listeners through Do's and Don'ts regarding their vocal health, to properly maintain the instrument that is their voice. Next he goes into preparations, and then when it's time to perform (record). The second part of this episode features an interview with a guest from outside the country relative to an important date coming up in conjunction with the institution that he represents and the increased activity in audio podcasting there, versus the charges he has heard...


Podcast Cover Art

The importance of your podcast's cover art is underscored by an entire episode being devoted to the topic, as our host talks with a guest expert, Jason Hewitt, from Illustrata, who also has a podcast (in the branding category, appropriately enough). The two discuss strategies, specs, applications of your cover art, what to include and what NOT to include, and other valuable considerations.