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Talking Tuesdays 010 - Mathieu Builds a Car

The one where Mathieu talks about his collaboration with a client who wanted to build a customer portal but wasn't sure what features to include or leave out. We talk about the methodology we used to create a feature roadmap that is customer-centric and contributes to business objectives. Big lesson here is that it's not the things you know that will kill you. It's the things you take for granted and aren't so that will do you in. Oh, and we promised you this too:


Talking Tuesdays 009: LEGO Serious Play

We have a certified facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play method in our midst. Frank gives us a quick (not really) intro in what this technique is all about and how you can leverage it to have strategic meetings and workshops with better outcomes.


Talking Tuesdays 008: Jobs To Be Done

Oh boy. This puppy is one rollercoaster of knowledge. This time Sarie deep dives into the "Jobs To Be Done" method/theory. Have a listen and discover why customers don't want your product or service. On top of that, you might not even know your customers, let alone your competition. The Jobs To Be Done method allows you to discover what really is driving your customers and what really is your product's competition. We'll talk about tactics and strategies within the method that will enable...


Talking Tuesdays 007: kick fluffyness out of service design by running naked in a forest?

We're chatting with our new Service Designer Sarie Robijt about... Service design. This is a long one so brace yourselves. We discuss Service Design (the definition and the process) and the required mindsets when performing it: being empathic thinking divergent yet systemic co-create and un-silo prototype and experiment tell stories And in a weird way we link it to a naked camping trip with grizzly bears. How about that. Enjoy.



Simon Wardenier introduces you to his top 5 podcasts: Have a listen... 1. Data Skeptic: 2. Marketing School: 3. The art of paid traffic: 4. Google Partners:...


Talking Tuesdays 005: We know the future outcome of the browserwars. For sure.

Roel Peters wrote a paper. Really, he did. It's called Embrace, Extend and Extinguish: A Feasible Strategy for Market Domination?


Talking Tuesdays 004: WTWAYLT 001 - Liesbeth and Stijn

The one returning segment where Frank De Graeve, Service Designer at The Reference, interrogates (yes in that manner) unsuspecting colleagues on what the waffle they are listening to in their podcast feed. This week: Liesbeth Van Cauwenberghe's (Functional Analist at The Reference) top list: 4: Bob: 3: The knowledge Project: 2: Radiolab:...


Talking Tuesdays 003: It's 5 o'clock in Belgium

The one where we make a (virtual) jump across the pond to talk with the CEO of our New York office, James de la Bastide. Together with some of his Belgian colleagues he went to the 2018 Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, Florida and we discuss what they've seen and heard there. James is organizing a meetup in New York on October 30th where he'll go into further detail on the Symposium. For our European listeners, there's a session in Ghent, Belgium too on November 14th. The charity organisation...


Talking Tuesdays 002: Bert is Hooked

The one where Bert Janssens, Senior Functional Analyst at The Reference, talks about the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Some apps and websites have become parts of our (even daily) habits and we look into why that is. Of course, it's all about our primitive brains! Send comments and suggestions to Music by Komiku, from the album "Poupis Incredible Adventures"


Talking Tuesdays 001: Princess Zelda's Kingdom

The one where Roel Peters, Online Marketing Consultant at The Reference, talks about Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP). It's a privacy-protection measure by Apple and Mozilla (of Firefox fame) and many marketers are not happy with it. We look at what ITP is, what it means for publishers and what can be done about it. The book Roel is referring to during the podcast is Tim Wu's The Attention Merchants . Oh, and we have new mikes! The sound is so much better now (yet Roel can't help but...