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The podcast that goes behind and beyond the technology news headlines to explore the unheard and unseen. The topics include 5G, AI, IoT, Smartphones, Networking, Intellectual Property and others.

The podcast that goes behind and beyond the technology news headlines to explore the unheard and unseen. The topics include 5G, AI, IoT, Smartphones, Networking, Intellectual Property and others.


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The podcast that goes behind and beyond the technology news headlines to explore the unheard and unseen. The topics include 5G, AI, IoT, Smartphones, Networking, Intellectual Property and others.




Xeon Scalalble 3rdGen for 5G Networking & EdgeCloud - Discussion with Jeni Panhorst, VP & GM of Intel

An in-depth discussion with Jeni Panhorst VP & GM of Intel, on the latest trends in the Networking and EdgeCould market, what are the challenges the ecosystem is facing, and how Intel's latest 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors can address them. The Xeon Scalable 3rd Gen processors were announced at a recent event titled "How Wonderful Gets Done."


Rural 5G - interview with Mike Irizarry, CTO of US Cellular

Defying expectations, rural 5G is attracting a lot of attention. FCC has set up a sizable "5G Fund" to help rural cellular carriers to expand the reach of 5G in the rural parts of the country. In this episode, I discuss with Michael Irizarry - CTO of US Cellular, opportunities, challenges, and the driving forces behind rural 5G. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Articles mentioned in the podcast: 5G FWA Broadband: A Better Option For Urbanites,...


How to expand 5G mmWave coverage with IABs

Small coverage footprint is one of the major challenges of mmWave bands. They require hyper-dense deployments to be effective. But bringing fiber backhaul to these is very expensive as well as time-consuming. Integrated Access Backhauls (IABs) introduced in 3GPP Rel. 16 solve that issue. It’s not just IABs, you will also need Self Interference Cancellation (SLIC) implemented in them to maximize the performance. In this episode, I talk to David Cutrer, CEO of Kumu Networks, the company...


Are Virtual and Open RANs on the path to become mainstream? An open discussion with VP of Intel 5G Infra Group

Intel is a leading provider of the solutions to virtualized networks--both core and RAN. In this wide ranging discussion, I talk to Caroline Chan, VP and GM of Intel's 5G Infrastructure Division (Network Platform Group) about Intel's vRAN and Open RAN journey so far, quiz her about what makes her think the market forces are aligning to make these new architectures mainstream, and how Intel is accelerating that trend with its technologies, products and partnerships.


Qualcomm re-entering cellular infra business with 5G RAN Solutions - How, What and Why?

Qualcomm was a major cellular infrastructure player in the CDMA days, but only had a limited Small Cell offerings in 4G. It all changed with their recent announcement of 5G RAN solutions for virtualized and open radio networks. In this episode, I talk to Gerardo Giaretta of Qualcomm to understand the reasons behind this new development as well as the overall vRAN and Open RAN market landscape.


How to evaluate 5G patents - Views from the subject matter expert

Patent evaluation is a complex process. Many industry observers usually take an easy route and use simple patent counting to decide technology or market leadership, completely disregarding the quality of the patents they hold. But when it comes to patents, we know that quality matters much more than simple quantity. In this episode I talk to the head of a leading patent evaluation firm Patent Sight William Mansfield regarding patent quality vs. quantity, the patent evaluation process, and...


The status and progress toward Open and Virtualized 5G RAN - Discussion with Alok Shah, VP - Samsung Networks

After many years of discussions and token deployments, Open and virtualized RAN (Open RAN and vRAN) architectures are seeing lot of market interest and traction. In this interview podcast, we discuss their suitability for 5G, drivers, current status, and future trends, as well details about Samsung's recently announced Open and vRAN offerings.


Role of 5G and AI in robotics - A perspective from Qualcomm's business head

The cosmic combination of 5G and AI will play a key role in the future of robotics. In this interview with Dev Singh, the head of robotics business at Qualcomm, I go behind the market speak and hyperbole to discuss the current trends, exciting applications and services they are currently working on, and how their recently announced cutting edge robotics platform, RB5, will deliver on the promise of industry 4.0.


Is owning lots of 5G patents equal to 5G technology leadership?

A recent report ranked the global telecom companies based on how many 5G Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) each of those companies owned. Many industry observers and media wrongly equate patent holding to technology leadership. This podcast takes a deep dive into the perils of simple “patent counting” and explains how SEP designation works. It also explores why patent quality is more important than quantity, and what are the best ways to evaluate patents. Links referred in the...


Open RAN Policy Coalition - Is this US Govt's effort to neutralize Huawei in 5G?

Exploring the motivations behind the formation of this new group Open RAN Policy Coalition and the prognosis for 5G infrastructure business in the USA, in view of security concerns and Huawei ban. The coalition includes who's who of US Tech industry -- Cloud giants, Compute majors, Chipset leaders, and Global Operators.