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Welcome to Tech 'n Savvy! April is a software engineer, and Emily is a quantum computing and cryptography consultant. Listen in as we explore topics in technology and global issues important to us.


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Welcome to Tech 'n Savvy! April is a software engineer, and Emily is a quantum computing and cryptography consultant. Listen in as we explore topics in technology and global issues important to us.




17' FinTech with Sherry Ruan

April and Emily discuss FinTech with Sherry Ruan, an Application Developer in the proprietary trading industry for over 7 years. They talk about getting a career in FinTech, innovation, emerging technologies, ethical dilemmas, their experiences and more.


16' Software Development Methodologies

It's the battle of the software development methodologies! Emily and April dive into different methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, and XP. They discuss each methodology and its pros and cons. Then the duo get into their experiences and discuss their preferred ways to work.


15' Remote Work with AC Hardy

In this episode April and Emily are joined by their friend AC Hardy, a software content analyst and recent Chicago transplant, to discuss remote work. The trio will discusses their experiences with remote work, embarrassing zoom stories, their remote work tips, and more.


14' Quantum Computing Part 2: Software and Applications

It's season 3 and April and Emily get into the second part of quantum computing! Emily leads the discussion as they talk about the various different quantum software and libraries and dive into the modern applications of quantum computing. Resources:


13' Quantum Computing Part 1: Mechanics and Hardware

In part 1 of the season finale, Emily talks about her two favorite subjects: quantum computing and cats. April and Emily discuss the basics of quantum computing, the challenges facing this field, and different quantum hardware. We explain topics like Schrodinger's Cat, superposition, entanglement, decoherence, NISQ, annealing. Sources Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Isaac Chuang and Michael Nielsen Quantum Annealing Explained - D-Wave...


12' Peek Inside a Computer

April and Emily explain computer hardware, operating systems, and tips for building your own personal computer. April leads the discussion answering questions like: How do you build a computer? What are the components that make up these machines we use every day? What's the difference between HDD and SSD? Resources:


11' Creating a Security Framework for Developers with Erin Bailey

Emily and April talk with special guest Erin Bailey. They discuss building a security education framework for developers. Learn about how to create specific training based on your company’s tech stack and identify key vulnerabilities. These resources below will give you hands-on training on all sorts of different kinds of vulnerabilities! The more you learn about them, the more capable you are of preventing them. 1. The Open Web Application Security Project - you can...


10' Handling Imposter Syndrome as a Perfectionist

In this episode, April and Emily talk about their experiences as perfectionists dealing with imposter syndrome. They describe the different types of perfectionism and imposter syndrome, discuss how these concepts relate, give their tips, and bust some myths.


9' Dive into Databases & SQL with Daniel Yoon

April and Emily take a deep dive into learning about databases and SQL. They speak with Daniel Yoon, a Senior Data Reporting Analyst at Innovista Health Solutions. The trio discusses what databases and SQL are, their use cases, dispel some myths and talk about careers in data.


8' How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is Accelerating Innovation with David C. Williams

David C. Williams, Director of RPA/Emerging Tech at AT&T, discusses Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We cover bots, low/no-code solutions, and the future of RPA and Artificial Intelligence. David gives tips for companies, teams, and individuals pursuing RPA. Learn how to get started with RPA and use it to improve your life. Follow David Udacity:


7' Cybersafety Tips 'n Myths

April and Emily discuss what is cyber safety, their personal tips, news, and some myths. Emily gets her math on debunking random character vs passphrase passwords and April talks about how the pandemic impacted cyber safety. Resources CSNP Cyber Safety: HaveIBeenPwned: Random Word Generator: Cyber Safety News: Duck Duck Go:


6' Solidarity and Reimagining the Tech Workplace with Andrew Carr

It's the season finale! In this episode, April and Emily talk with Andrew Carr, a community organizer in the Northside of Chicago who also happens to code. They discuss their experiences in tech, solidarity, and how we can reimagine the workplace to be better for all tech workers. --- Follow Tech n' Savvy! Instagram: Twitter: Website: Follow Andrew! Instagram:...


5' Sustainability and Biological Modeling with Annie Innes-Gold

April and Emily interview Annie Innes-Gold. Annie is a Marine Biology Ph.D. student at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa & the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology where she studies the ecology of coral reefs and their fish populations. They discuss biological modeling and how it contributes to sustainability efforts. The trio also discusses innovations in sustainable tech, barriers to sustainability, and how you can use your voice in regards to climate change.


4' Investing in Cryptocurrency with Ty Cooper

April and Emily interview Ty Cooper, a cryptocurrency expert and enthusiast. The trio discusses blockchain, what cryptocurrency is, how to invest in it, and more! Follow us on Social Media! Instagram: @technsavvypodcast Twitter: @technsavvy Website: Follow Ty! Instagram: @mrcryptopriest Twitter: @tycooperaow ***Disclaimer 1*** Neither Tech & Savvy nor our speakers are financial advisors. All views and statements about investing in crypto are based on our own...


3' Put the Security in DevSecOps with Abdel Sy Fane

April and Emily interview Abdel Sy Fane, a security manager with over 10 years of experience. They discuss how Abdel got into tech, DevSecOps, personal cybersecurity tips, and more! 00:00 Intro + How Abdel got into tech and DevSecOps 10:29 What is CSNP? 13:11 Personal Cybersecurity Tips 20:39 DevSecOps Overview 41:33 A Day in the life of a DevSecOps engineer 49:09 CyberSecurity and DevSecOps career advice Resources Mentioned (not owned or created by us!) OWASP:...


2' What's an API anyway?

April and Emily break down what APIs are, best practices, and how they are relevant to society today.


1' Encryption Declassified

In the first episode of Tech & Savvy, Emily and April talk about the evolution of encryption, from the Caesar cipher, to the current AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), to a glimpse into modern quantum-secure algorithms. Follow Tech n' Savvy! Instagram: Twitter: Website: