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Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to

Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to




Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to






Harvest electricity from the air, air bags to silence snoring and nailing a solar roof.

You have your smartwatch. Does your dog need a smart collar? Has one company nailed the solution for a solar roof? How to harvest electricity from the air. Replace your kitchen tap with one that has no handle. Use your voice to fill and empty your bath tub – at just the right temperature. Silence sleep snoring with a pillow full of air bags. Find a Rapid Antigen Test with a new Web site. Mining companies are looking to greener transport solutions with hydrogen-electric trains. Use...


5G protection necklace, robotic gecko hand and gift vouchers for young online gamers.

Anti-5G necklace to protect you against…what? Gift vouchers being offered to children in online games. If you are sick of passwords, consider a USB Biosecurity key. GM starts delivering electric Hummers to excited clients. Phase shifting substance to keep the heat out and the heat in! Keen to try solar but you don’t have roof space? A solar garden may be for you. Wireless induction charging for EV parking spaces. Designing a robotic hand that grips like a gecko. Ford Mustang Mach-E...


SPECIAL EPISODE: Season 1 highlights.

Season 1 highlights episode. Season 1 has now finished and this episode is the first episode of Season 2. Season 1 consisted of 40 episodes with more than 360 separate tech stories with over 26 hours of content. This episode has 29 of the stories from Season 1 that generated the most feedback.


EVs being powered by fried chips, flying cars and using your phone as a hotel key.

Finally the flying car is here with the Jetson ONE. If you are sick of losing your hotel keys use your phone instead. Love your spreadsheets? Enter the Financial Modelling World Cup! Fried chips being used to power EVs across the Nullarbor. AirTags are being used by ingenious thieves to steal cars. AI will help you read the Terms and Conditions on your apps. Ford has over 200,000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning. Learn more about your dog with a DNA testing kit. Do you like to...


Earth‘s black box, careful the nude household run and which emojis do we love the most? 🤔

Which emojis are we using the most at the moment? 🤔 What will be the next big thing from Apple? Earth is getting a black box so the future can see why we crashed. COVID-19 vaccine certificates for sale on the dark web…or are they? COVID-19 surveillance robots to the rescue for social distancing. Uber surveillance audio…for your safety. Think twice before you do that next nude run from the shower to the laundry – someone may be watching you. A new option for that big-screen TV you so...


Antarctica Internet upgrade, Trolls be gone and what your creepy boss is monitoring.

Using technology to stop drink driving. Mobile checkout to save time at Christmas. Your important certificates officially digitised. Trolls be gone! Teaching a computer to read an analogue clock. First ever 3D printed eye – without the Steve Austin beeps. Finally Antarctica will be receiving an Internet upgrade. 2021 News Corp EV Car of the Year Finalists. What can your boss monitor when you work from home?


5G for Christmas - Great Geek Gadget Gift Guide for Christmas.

Top 20 Gadgets to give to the Geek in your life! Coffee mug for lazy stirrers. Beer counting bottle opener. Invisibility cloak. Wireless charging photos frame. Smart ball for automated fetch. Toothbrush steriliser. LED light ring for better selfies. Novelty sound effects machine. Smart sock. Distract annoying dogs. Emergency affirmation button. Wearable fan. Reusable cup with tap to pay. Levitating speaker. Turtles in Time. Thermodynamic hand boiler. Project the...


Wi-Fi with 1km range, maths on pornhub and robot bartenders.

Wi-Fi HaLow announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance with range of 1km. What is more important when you buy a house? The number of bedrooms or fibre Internet? How a maths teacher makes his living on Pornhub - and no, it isn't what you think! Portable EV charger to address range anxiety. And for the latest trick by scamsters...blackmailing Insta users! Controlling your iPad with your eyes is now possible. Twentieth anniversary of the Xbox. Now I feel old! Will Hydrogen be the solution to...


Cycling over the water, electronic brakes and technology in coffee.

The hydrofoil bike could revolutionise the triathlon: finish the swim and the cycle legs at the same time! Nespresso trying to keep you away from imposter pods. The latest revolution in stopping your car – electronic brakes. When you over-binge on Netflix streaming, there is now Netflix gaming! Diesel cars making way for EVs in the UK. Fancy your cycling skills? The Defence Force has a role for you. Facebook to delete all facial data. Video gaming to connect with family and...


5D data storage, Squid Game casting for extras and say hello to the hoverbike!

Hoverboards aren’t here yet so would a hoverbike suffice? Time may be running out to capture old memories from cassette tapes. Toyota is charging slowly in to the EV space. Forget about 3D printing a house. Why not 3D print an entire community? Storing massive amounts of data in the fifth dimension. Is Carbon Capture going to solve our Climate Change problems? Want to be a background extra in Squid Game? Just click this link! The now ubiquitous QR Code is being used by the wool...


Solar-powered headphones, tablets to clean water and breeding virtual racehorses.

Solar panels on headphones! Really? Use this tablet to clean up your drinking water. Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Maybe try these glasses before bed. Want to own a racehorse but it all seems a bit messy? Go virtual. Net zero by 2050 seems a long way off – but it will start right now. Driving forward with Electric Buses (EBs) on the streets of Sydney. Australia could save half a trillion dollars by going EV. Make that next hire car an EV. New affordable EVs soon to hit...


Smart doorbell legalities, virtual cattle fences and iPod memories.

Classic cars with a new lease on life. Keeping cattle in with virtual fences. Nokia relies on nostalgia for sales. After COVID-19 will we need QR Codes? How big is big when it comes to wind turbines? Smart doorbells might soon show you the image of a judge! Toyota might finally be saying, “if you can’t lick ‘em, jine ‘em.” UK schools have come up with a way of stopping bullies stealing lunch money. Do you remember your first iPod? It may have been up to twenty years ago. This...


Internet censorship, opting-out of scam texts and unbreakable phone screens.

Making millions playing games. Mobile phones to control your car systems. Internet censorship. Do we want it? Cooling down your sweaty mouse hand. New third-party in-app payment system for Apple apps. Unbreakable glass inspired by nature. Smart headbands to help you think about…nothing! UK winning the ‘Ashes’ of the renewable energy landscape. Should you opt-out of receiving scam messages? This episode is brought to you by Crestron. Visit for...


Squid Game breaking the Internet, DC beating AC and cropping going vertical.

Has ‘Squid Game’ broken the Internet? The longest subsea power cable in the world saving the planet. Tesla sales bucking the chipageddon trend. Is the future of cropping high-rise buildings? Episode sponsor Crestron improving the videoconference experience. “Where no man has gone before!” William Shatner, at 90 years of age, taking to space. Computer monitors to make you look your best on a video call. There is USB-C and there is USB-C. New labelling standards. Are we any closer to...


China banning cryptocurrencies, Kiwi tricksters and the end of Facebook community pages.

Europe gangs up on Apple. How to lose money with cryptocurrencies - especially in China. New Zealand Councillors tricking the world. Public backlash for Police trying to find missing people. The first step towards mood rings with Bluetooth. The real-world equivalent of a Babel Fish for language translation. Japan making CRISPR tomatoes. US Army 3D printing buildings and bridges. Facebook community pages under threat from the High Court. This episode is brought to you by Crestron....


LASER powered Internet, forgotten passwords and guns that shoot around corners.

Microsoft recommends you forget about passwords. Magical wireless desktop charging. New EV to hit Australian shores. Loony lasers for Internet access. Guns that shoot around corners. Lucid Air cracks the 800km barrier. COVID-19 immunity tests. Potty training cows. NASA to launch the James Webb telescope.


EMF protection stickers, Roomba P.O.O.P. and a spoonful of sugar for your EV battery.

Smart glasses or dumb glasses? You decide. Who won the epic battle of Apple V Fortnite? Can a sticker protect you from mobile phone radiation? Foxtel modernises and removes the satellite. Is it an ad or a TV show with product placements? Replacement Roomba if it fails to fulfil its P.O.O.P. Mitsubishi complaining governments in Australia are doing too much for EVs! Everything is better with Bluetooth – including the Rubik’s Cube. A spoonful of sugar helps the battery in your...


Bicycles with electric generators, coffee table board games and smart toilets.

Fly by wire is coming to a bicycle near you. Is it a coffee table or a board game? Can it be both? AI creating accents on the run. Watches checking temperature; blood sugar levels and sleep patterns. Smart toilets to monitor your health. World EV Day brings new models from Mercedes Benz. Long-lasting disinfectants using nanotechnologies. Ferrari with a patent based on comfort! Japan is building a 'city of the future' with high-tech and high-hopes. Note: Due to continuing lockdowns,...


BONUS EPISODE: Overview of new Apple products announced on 15 September 2021

0:50 - iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini 4:23 - iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max 8:07 - iPad mini (6th generation) 11:30 - iPad (9th generation) 13:15 - Watch Series 7


Noisy air guitars, thorium nuclear power and stuttering weaponry.

iPhones making satellite phone calls. Nuclear power plants with thorium. Old is new again with Nissan e-Power hybrids solving range anxiety. 30 seconds for a better toothbrush. US Navy weaponry that can make the best orator a bumbling stutterer. Air guitar with Bluetooth! Need I say more? Global EV sales numbers. Nanoparticle bullet-proof vests. Bifacial solar cells break all records.