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A series of podcasts discussing the latest tech news and trends, and featuring interviews with tech leaders who share their experiences. Visit for all the episodes released so far!

A series of podcasts discussing the latest tech news and trends, and featuring interviews with tech leaders who share their experiences. Visit for all the episodes released so far!
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A series of podcasts discussing the latest tech news and trends, and featuring interviews with tech leaders who share their experiences. Visit for all the episodes released so far!








Calvin French-Owen, CTO of Segment, talks about the need to find product market fit.

Calvin and his friends watched 'The Social Network' whilst studying and decided a start-up was for them... then they learnt some lessons. From product misfires, pivots and eventual success, Calvin charts the journey he's had with Segment; a journey that led to him being in Lisbon as a speaker at Web Summit.


Our next guest is... Calvin French-Owen

Calvin is the co-founder of Segment, a San Fran based 7-year old tech business who collect, unify and connect their client's first party data. I was lucky enough to catch-up with him early on Tuesday morning during Web Summit!


Daniel Clayton, Music Marketing Manager at Logitech, talks content creation and the power of pink!

Danny is the Music Marketing Manager for Logitech, and specifically ran a very successful campaign for the Ultimate Ears brand. Have you noticed the ‘millennial pink’ trend on Instagram? Then his campaign might have worked on you! We talk about content creation, creators finding their own voice, and how a brand can grow it’s profile and image in collaboration with that community.


Our next guest is... Danny Clayton

Danny Clayton is the Music Marketing Manager for Logitech. He's a creative guru behind influencer campaigns that have catapulted brands like the Wonderboom speaker into the minds of consumers. Here he chats about FIFA and Vans. The serious stuff is in the podcast tomorrow!


Bonnie Lister Parsons, CEO of School of SOS, talks about investing like a woman.

Bonnie talks about her struggles convincing the investment community that dance is a business, how she nearly lost herself when changing to be what she thought the market wanted her to be, and how instagram came to the rescue (thanks to an incredible female community). Today’s episode is a great listen for any would-be founder with a passion, coming into tech for the first time, who is struggling to get their idea off the ground!


Our next guest is... Bonnie Lister Parsons

On tomorrow's show we're chatting to Bonnie, the CEO of School of SOS, the Netflix of Dance. She's talking about the female founder journey - but before the serious stuff here is a short clip to tee-up the pod!


Nisarg Desai, Director of Product Management at GlobalSign, talks about security meeting IoT.

Nisarg joins the podcast to discuss GlobalSign’s approach to the next generation of security solutions and discuss the challenges posed to business and supply chain by IoT. We explore the needs to identify every device on a network, how their customers don’t understand cyber, and how the industry needs to be less reactive through embracing data and emerging tech. Also on the show, Lego’s Cybertruck. Have a look at the links below:...


Our next guest is... Nisarg Desai

Our next guest is Nisarg, Director of Project Management at GlobalSign! He's joining us from the USA, so let's say Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!


Tech Talks Meetup, recorded at General Assembly on 21st November 2019

On the 21st of November we sat down with a panel of four experts to discuss continuous learning and the skills needed to be successful in the modern tech sector. Joining me for the chat were Dee Saigal (CEO, Erase All Kittens), Dina Bayasanova (Founder,, Callum Goodwilliam (Senior Programme Manager, GA) and Abbas Moledina (Co-founder, YouMakr). The recording is a little unclear but there is plenty of great insight! Join us at our next event in the New Year!


Amber Coster, founder of Balpro, discusses her mental breakdown.

Amber talks about her struggles with mental health, what triggered a breakdown and how she's used it as an inspiration to launch a business helping growth that doesn't cause human collateral. We mentioned some articles during the show, here is one I'd recommend you check out: We also flag some news from podcast friends OKRA, have a look here:...


Our next guest is... Amber Coster

Our next guest is Amber, founder of Balpo. We're talking about mental health, removing stagma, and growing a business without leaving the human behind! But before that...


Dina Bayasanova, CEO of PitchMe, talks about her CV killing platform.

Today we’re talking about the skills talent marketplace with Dina, CEO and co-founder of PitchMe, a new business that are creating an alternative to the CV. We all know that talent is a challenge for many organisations and PitchMe are trying to broaden the number of people that might be considered for indemand roles. Is it recruitment, or something different and new? Come and listen to Dina in person, she’s part of our panel at our Tech Talks recording on Thursday!...


Our next guest is... Dina Bayasanova

On tomorrow's show Dina is talking about the evolving job market and the skills needed. Dina answers 3 quick fire questions to give you a taste of what's to come!


Oliver Parson, Principle Data Scientist at Hive, questions the need for his PhD.

Oliver has the most in-demand skill set in the technology market. Data scientists are very rare, and very valuable resources to organisations desperate to unlock the value of their data and implement new tech. However there is a debate happening around what the DNA of the data scientist should be; do they need a PhD? Oliver discusses that, and the best ways to help yourself upskill. During our chat Oliver mentions online courses for people who are interested in improving their skills, here...


Our next guest is... Oliver Parson

Our next guest is Oliver Parson, a principal data scientist. Why? Data science is hugely in demand, but there seems to be a difference of opinion in what skills enterprise business needs. Also do industry and academia understand each other?


Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper & Dash, tells us that the public can change healthcare through tech!

Orlando is bringing predictive healthcare analytics to a hospital near you! We chat to see how framing hospitals as factories, looking at patient flow, and reducing variation leading to better patient outcomes. Why? Healthcare is yet to be truly disrupted, and Draper & Dash feel that they can do this in a positive way. Come along to our recording of the podcast next week at General Assembly!


Our next guest is... Orlando Agrippa

Tomorrow we're talking to Draper & Dash CEO Orlando. Here is a snippet from him to give you an idea of what to expect on the full podcast!


Web Summit 2019 Reflections

77,000 people just visited Lisbon for WebSummit… why? The festival/conference has become a big fixture in the tech calendar, but is worth going? We have a debrief now the dust is settling, and share a short chat with Eric Demuth, CEO of Bitpanda. We also have an update from Hiber, a previous podcast guest! Have a great weekend. If you want to read the article I mention here it is:...


Hjalmar Nordgren, CEO of Karma, is saving food from the bin!

Karma are tackling food sustainability by making sure that food that would be thrown away is made available to consumers at a reduced price. This has led to millions of meals being saved, and a growing business helping customers and the environment. We chat to Hjalmar, CEO and cofounder, and discuss his background, the journey and what’s next!


Our next guest is... Hjalmar Nordegren

Our next guest is Karma co-founder Hjalmar Nordegren. Find out a little bit about his ahead of our next show!