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Tech Tea 030: The Episode of Titles Episode

Tea: Dian Hong Jin Ya (“Golden Buds”) black tea. Damon talks about shoe technology. Michael tackles the basics of blockchain. Also: ice cream and bitterness, asparagus, Latin problems, the Pope, building a base, gas masks, extra bones, cylons vs. Knight Rider, pop culture of the 1980s, prosthetics and keeping body parts around the house, survival … Continue reading "Tech Tea 030: The Episode of Titles Episode" The post Tech Tea 030: The Episode of Titles Episode appeared first on Tech Tea.


Tech Tea 029: The Spirit of Tea

Tea: Meng Ding Mao Feng green tea. Damon explores his own DNA and also covers new technology for the visually impaired. Michael ponders how the future we envisioned in the 1980s differs from the future we’re living now. Also: Finnish vs. Latin, the Spirit of Tea, spicy Chinese food, how Michael knows how long to … Continue reading "Tech Tea 029: The Spirit of Tea" The post Tech Tea 029: The Spirit of Tea appeared first on Tech Tea.


Tech Tea 024: Bag of Words

Tea: Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) wulong. Damon explores land line phones and the WeChat app. Michael takes on the episode title: the bag of words technique. Also: embossing printers, rubber fingers, another trip down Saga Street, a mea culpa, knowing how to read, land line phones, blanking the names of things or people, convenient … Continue reading "Tech Tea 024: Bag of Words" The post Tech Tea 024: Bag of Words appeared first on Tech Tea.


Tech Tea 023: The March for Science

Tea: Da Shan Tian (Sweet Mountain) sheng puer. Damon and Michael head off to the March for Science to interview people about their favorite science and technology topics. Also: being cool, fingerprint readers, Apple ripping off a Google design, hand size, new phone rumors, naming evil hacker groups, transportation for villains, and the new CenturyLink Saga. This … Continue reading "Tech Tea 023: The March for Science" The post Tech Tea 023: The March for Science appeared first on Tech Tea.


Tech Tea 019: Fuzzy Bits from the Misty Mountains

Tea: Meng Ding Mao Feng green tea. Damon covers the “Cloudbleed” vulnerability that’s in the tech news recently. Michael considers cybernetics and machine learning. Also: hobbit feet, paper and pens in the news, being insecure, passing out, fifty (or more) shades of grey, The Goonies, turning green, being a beginner vs. being a wizard, and Candy Crush. This … Continue reading "Tech Tea 019: Fuzzy Bits from the Misty Mountains" The post Tech Tea 019: Fuzzy Bits from the Misty Mountains...


Tech Tea 018: Green Granola

Tea: Golden Guan Yin wulong. Damon talks about full drive encryption and encrypted chat apps. Michael considers encryption and security from a behavioral perspective. Also: water boiling technique, rhyming, sniffing microphones, automated reminder spam, Michael’s parents, 13 different operating systems, protecting your Justin Bieber collection, password managers, fast food, malicious encryption (ransom ware), going through your … Continue reading "Tech Tea 018: Green Granola"


Tech Tea 017: A Bag of Mice

Tea: Emperor’s Orchid (Wang Zhe Zhi Xiang) green tea. Damon talks about permission concerns in the hot new app, Meitu. Michael considers the friction between different levels of technology. Also: brown towels, InCoWriMo, Sprinting, the planet Baltimore, laptop touch screens, cutting arguments, never using Bluetooth, dongle reprogramming, putting stupid things on your face, Mahler and … Continue reading "Tech Tea 017: A Bag of Mice"


Tech Tea 016: The Miscellaneous Sounds Episode

Tea: Qimen Caixia (“Sunrise Keemun”). Damon talks about the shift to a new studio. Both discuss public information as a security risk. Michael looks at a new VR experience coming in early 2017. Also: buzzing phones, dripping rain, spilling hot water, table bumps, echoes, rustling paper, last minute adjustments, winging it, physics, photography, sniffling, and more! … Continue reading "Tech Tea 016: The Miscellaneous Sounds Episode"


Tech Tea 015: My Tasty Strips

Tea: Palace (Gong Ting) Puer. Damon discusses some problems with ebooks and other cloud-storage solutions. Michael talks machine learning, language, and translation. Also: inappropriate names for digital assistants, cellphone problems and improvements, making fudge, Michael’s crowded desktop, job loss to automation, basic universal income, and of course a reference to Skynet. This episode was brought … Continue reading "Tech Tea 015: My Tasty Strips"


Tech Tea 014: It’s a Five not a 7

Tea: Yellow Sprig (Huang Zhi Xiang) Dan Cong. Damon discusses the innovations of 2016. Michael covers web projects that make people safer. Also: Hacks and hacking, confused assistants, searching in Latin or when you don’t know how to spell, visualizing words, Michael dissecting Damon’s brain, Nerf, fear of VR pink-eye, language translation…and it’s our last … Continue reading "Tech Tea 014: It’s a Five not a 7"


Tech Tea 013: These Tea Balls Smell Good

Tea: Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls. Michael differentiates between “scented” and “flavored.” Damon describes his week in Vegas learning about Amazon’s AI services. Also: helicopters coming to get us, watermelons, getting a lei in Hawai’i, cranky old men, the first movie Michael ever saw a second time, the Amazon Echo Dot, Damon’s preferences on comic book adaptations, getting Twitter love, genealogy … Continue reading "Tech Tea 013: These Tea Balls Smell Good"


Tech Tea 011: Mistakes and Bad People

Tea: Bai Hao Yin Zhen (“White Hair Silver Needle”), a white tea. Damon talks about a sea change in internet usage and recent attempts by bad folks to take down the web. Michael goes over the basic ideas of machine learning and how you may already be using it. Also: brussel sprouts, clean barns, the … Continue reading "Tech Tea 011: Mistakes and Bad People"