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Why Do We Need Black-Centered Music Conferences?

Arthur Mitchell (Urban Network Digital, Founder) joins Tech This Out to discuss the Business of Music Conference, the longest running Black-owned music conference dedicated to giving emerging artists the tools to succeed within today's music industry and streaming landscape. Mitchell also shares plenty of gems on the importance of being business savvy as an artist, why the urban community needs to stick together and the current state of music. More info on Business of Music Conference...


From Oakland to The White House: Game time w/ Mayor Libby Schaaf

Resilient, authentic and fearless. Oakland stand up! In this episode we have The Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf and she holds no punches on this one. She shares her thoughts on Silicone Valley's effect on housing in Oakland, the Raiders moving to Vegas, and racism within legalized cannabis. Mayor Schaaf even talks about her love for Bay area rappers from Too Short to G-Eazy. She even gives out some advice to recently axed Omarosa and her former boss President Trump. Stay Tuned!


Bob Johnson: The CREAM Interview

Robert L. Johnson is arguably the most successful African-American businessman in American history. He quickly realized the potential of cable TV, and in 1980 launched Black Entertainment Television. It grew rapidly and in 2000 he sold it to Viacom for $3B. He owned 42% and became the first-ever African-American billionaire. Johnson formed RLJ Entertainment and launched UMC. UMC – Urban Movie Channel, a digital channel that will feature “urban-themed” movies. In This Interview: Bob sits...


How Kanye and Kim Could Level up With Blockchain

Blockchain Expert Wei Woo breaks down how celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and The Kardashian's can use blockchain to transform the world of music and celebrity. Also we have new music from Polo Frost, its a banger so you're definitely going to want to stay tuned for this one!


Demystifying Tech Entrepreneurship in South LA

Gen Z, here’s what you need to know about entrepreneurship in South Los Angeles and what it will take to succeed anywhere in the world!


Rapper Chamillionaire Breakdown What It Takes To Be A Entrepreneur In Today's World

Rapper Chamillionaire Breaks down the mindset of entrepreneur in 2018.


Meet B. Bandz The Augmented Reality Rapper

B. Bandz: Chiraq Rapper Utilizes Augmented Reality To Connect With Fans


Netflix Co-founder Marc Randolph

This week we have Marc Randolph. The co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Marc talks about some of his approaches to entrepreneurship, boss strategies, and the steps Netflix took to become a Streaming Giant.


Tim Draper Talks Big Government vs. Cryptocurrency

This week we have Tim Draper, the man, the myth the legend. In this episode he breaks down cryptocurrency and bitcoin. He talks about cryptocurrency vs. government, three Californias, the uses of cryptocurrency now and in the future, and much more. Tune in!!!


Wack 100 Unfiltered

West Coast OG Wack 100 shares his unfiltered views on 'all things'. Not holding his tongue during the interview, Wack speaks on how technology has single handedly changed the game of Hip Hop, the do's and don't of social media, suicide is for coward, what you didn't know about Suge Knight and much more. This is one episode you don't want to miss tune in!


On the download with Issa Rae

Actress, Director Issa Rae keeps it very real and discusses her rise to fame. Known for YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl to now entering her 3rd season on the hit HBO show Insecure. Rae goes in on how she leverage digital technology such as social media to make her mark in the Hollywood grind!


Sean Comb Goes 'Black Panther' at SHAPE AT&T

Music Mogul Sean "P.Diddy" Combs was a keynote speaker at Shape AT&T. Speaking on the subject "New Platforms for Artist," Combs speech should've been called "Black Proud & Digital." [We’ve been called] thugs, slaves. And we’re not slaves, by the way. We’re Kings and Queens. That’s where we were first … and that passion, that’s Revolt.” John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communication interviews Sean Combs were they share a common childhood story that helped separate them from the rest while also...


Is Blockchain The Answer To Entertainment Industry?

For decades licensing and royalties rights have been a prominent issue in the push-pull relationship between artist and their record labels. This problem only compounded with the invention of the internet and digital music.Artists aren’t only being fleeced by their record labels now, they also have to deal with streaming services that take a percentage of their creative work in exchange for distributing their content. Tune in and listen as this is where blockchain can and will help change...


Chris Cole: Cryptocurrency's Southern Boss!

ATL brother breaks cryptocurrency all the way down from C.E.O. to the local D Boy in your hood! This is one you don't want to miss. Tune in!!!


Entertainment On The Blockchain: Crypto Invest Summit 2018 Panel Discussion

A panel featuring some of the most revolutionary and brilliants minds when it comes to the future of Blockchain and entertainment. Matt Sorum (Guns & Roses/Artbit), Andrew Duplessie (BlocSide), Lauren Selig (MovieCoin), Frank Erik Banks (ZEN), Ann Greenber (Entertainment AI), and Les Borsail (Wavemaker).


Over 2 Billion People 'Unbanked', Blockchain To The Rescue!

With over 2 billion adults worldwide that are still 'underbanked' or unbanked, Latino-owned FinTech company Uulala saw the huge untapped potential of this multi-trillion dollar market. CEO of Uulala, Oscar Garcia discusses how his company has created a solution that is geared at servicing this audience.


Enter The World's First Smart Rapper: Money Man

Money Man: What's life like after leaving the notorious Cash Money Records? If your looking to get into the rap game, ATL's Money Man is someone you might wanna soak up some game from. From street hustle to now taking on Silicon Valley...Money is disrupting the game, enter the world first SMART Rapper.


In The Age of Disconnect:This App Connect People Beyond The Screen

Technology may have disconnected people but this new mobile app is actually connecting people at local bars. Enter BOTY the new mobile app that actually enhances your experience at your favorite bar, tavern or nightclub.


DriveHer, The Game Changing Ride Share App for Women

Today we have DriveHer creator Aisha Addo, who has created a new ride share app targeted for women by women. She talks with us about why she made her app and how she plans to change the ride share game for women. She also tells us about the challenges of creating apps and getting them running.


From Jail To Assembling The Largest Workforce Ever

Meet the man who went from selling marijuana to major cocaine. Finally busted he served time in a federal prison only to organize the largest creative work force ever assembled. These Cons are Creators who have nothing but time on their hands to develop some of the most innovative and out of the box ideas for marketing, branding, and PR campaigns. Causing such disruptive its no wonder Sheryl Zuckerberg among others within Silicon Valley has taken notice. Enter CEO and Founder Vincent Bragg...