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EP. #122 - LIVE #E32019 edition of the Tech Zone

On this this special #E32019 edition of the Tech Zone Paul welcomes Gamestop, Children's Miracle Network Extra Life Foundation & many more cool things from the show floor!


EP. #121 - Bit Coin Bounce Back, Intel AI Powered Wheelchair, E3 2019 Preview

Are we starting to see a bit coin bounce back? Anna Bethke Head of Intel AI for social good talks how their processors are making facial expressions powered wheelchairs a reality. Geoff Keighley Joins me to discuss upcoming E3 hype.


EP. #120 - Snow cone or shaved ice, AI Powered Wheelchair, CTA Foundation Grant update

Paul starts the show with the question Snow cone or shaved ice? The amazing Jim Ryan joins me to discuss the latest innovation in AI wheelchair control. He also discusses how this has helped him have more independence as a C4 complete quadriplegic. Steve Ewell executive director of the (CTA) Consumer Technology Association Foundation joins me to reveal the latest group of non profit organizations to receive grants in the furtherance of assertive, adaptive and senior technology.


EP. #119 - Trade War & Reliant Technologies

Paul welcomes back Patrick sherwin CEO and co-founder of GoSun. As they talk about the newest Innovation the GoSun Chill. Don't miss out on being a part of this campaign by clicking on If you are interested in any other products they have to offer visit. Don't forget to use promo code TECHZONE for your special discount What is the impact of the trade war and how it affects you? Bronwyn Flores Specialist, Policy...


EP. #118 - Smart Locks, Pro Audio Innovation, PC Gamers Migration to Console

Find out the latest innovation in smart locks. Are there really a use for them? Gloria Lopez – Gil of Tapplock joins me to discuss all the features and uses of their smart lock. Dan Boatman discusses all the pro-audio innovation IK multimedia has to offer and more. PC gamers migrating to console gaming is this true? Gaming editor Tony Polanco and I discuss a new report that came out.


EP. #117 - Email Scam, Verizon Media, MEIRON VR GO

Paul talks about the latest email scam. Verizon Media talks VR. MIERON VR talks about thier new MIERON GO


EP. #116 - Giblets, ESports & Noddles

Google helps set the record straight! I have been mispronouncing the word giblets for decades. What if I told you the way that our bodies are designed that you Can unlock the technology that works in tip top shape . Dr Jonathan Carp shares his insights on this subject.


EP. #115 - We Better, World’s first smart, automatic home cheesemaker, Verizon Media Assistive Tech

In the beginning Paul talks about toning down the hateful rhetoric on social media and online platforms. Are you ready for the world's first smart automatic cheese maker? Dr. Glen Feder CEO and inventor of Fromaggio talks about the journey and why this revolutionary product will change the way we buy and consume cheese. Larry Goldberg Senior Director, Media Accessibility with Verizon media talks about why they were at the CUSN conference and what Verizon media is doing to lead the way in...


EP. #114 - Cutting The Cord, Gaming Inclusion. Tariffs Update

Paul tackles the subject of cutting the cord. Why are so many getting rid of cable and satellite opting for streaming services. Accessibility specialist ian Hamilton joins Paul to discuss some major conferences the deal with accessibility issues. They also discuss Gaming inclusion and accessibility. Izzy Santa Director of strategic communications with the consumer technology association gives us an update on the trade war and tariffs. Is there an end in sight?


EP. #113 - Gaming Accessibility, RemoBell S, CTA Data: Active Aging

In this first segment I talk about my appearance on Cheddar sports with the great Sam Thompson Senior producer at Sony PlayStation's worldwide Studios. Monica Gonzales marketing associate at Remo plus stops by to talk about their latest in video innovation. What makes their video doorbell different from the rest? Steve Ewell Executive Director of the CTA foundation talks about their latest report on seniors and technology.


EP. #112 - 5G Ready?, Thinkware, Aperio Insights, bdpatoday

Are you ready for the 5G rollout? Bailey Wong of Thinkware talks Dashcam innovation and CES. Mike Courtney of Aperio Insights discusses his company's approach to Tech. Perry Carter bdpatoday of opens up about Tech and outreach. Lastly Paul is joined by first-time contributor Michael Rodney Allen as they share their CES experience


EP. #111 - Papa TOAST, Tech Myths, Miliboo Dreaming

In this addition of Tech Zone Paul talks about the saturation of the video doorbell market with a new player making a push. He also talks about device accessories with Papa Toast Matias Breacher who shares with you the latest and greatest of their accessory lines. What Tech myths are being googled in your state? Victoria Merinda of high-speed Internet shares data from their latest report. Are...


EP. #110 - heyou, Jamstack, Drust

Restaurants can learn how heyou is the solution you expect to make all your customers smile and make them happy. Jamstack innovation is the most freeing and addictive way to play guitar. DRUST is an automotive intelligence platform that allows insurers and automakers to improve the driving behavior of their customers by turning them into superdrivers.


EP. #108 - NAMM 2019, Yamaha President Tom Sumner, Smart Guitar

Join Paul as he takes you through the journey of technology in music with his recent visit at NAMM 2019. Hear from Yamaha's CEO Tom Sumner as he discusses what is company debuted and a walk down music memory Lane. Smart guitars? Yes they do exist. Paul is joined by HyVide CEO and co-founder Adrien Mamou-Mani . Sit back and enjoy a real live jam session as Paul test the skills of Lag Guitars Joachim LeFonq


EP. #103 - Live From CES 2019

Live From CES 2019