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Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and the use of technology in the modern age on the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast. Show notes can be found at, and you can also follow us at and Come back often and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or add the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast to your favorite podcast application. Find more information at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and the use of technology in the modern age on the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast. Show notes can be found at, and you can also follow us at and Come back often and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or add the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast to your favorite podcast application. Find more information at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.




95. 5 Benefits of Social Media

Social media is an undeniable presence in everyone's lives nowadays; some kind of virtual connection touches even those who don't post every moment in their daily routines. And social media is not only omnipresent, but it also has a bad reputation for how it negatively influences kids, oppressed minorities, or people going through hard times in particular. Nevertheless, not everything is lost; we still have a lot of control over how we use technology and whether we decide to use social media...


94. Dave Kenneally: The Common Misconception About Mindfulness Meditation

Many people believe that mindfulness meditation is about stopping thoughts from popping into our heads, which is, needless to say, impossible. As they can't prevent themselves from having thoughts, that belief makes them stop trying mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is not about preventing our minds from having thoughts but being aware of them. And being aware of those thoughts is different from knowing we have them; the difference might seem subtle but is massive. Today, my...


93. 5 Mindfulness Practices For Stressed Out Teachers

Most of the stress triggers that affect a teacher's routine can't be controlled by them—the parents' demands, budget cuts, and the difficulties that teaching in the virtual spectrum offers, to name a few. After a challenging 2020, it is not a surprise that educators deal with higher stress levels than any other profession. A recent study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed that nearly 70% of teachers reported a lack of engagement with their jobs and that 50% experience...


92. Ryder Carroll: A Mindfulness Practice Disguised as a Productivity Method

In this day and age, we’re using technology for almost everything. Whether it’s for keeping notes, making to-do lists, planning your week, or simply sharing your thoughts, there’s an app for anything we need. But is using them always a good idea? Pen and paper have been used for centuries by people to keep track of their activities, come up with ideas, and organize their life. And there are certain benefits to using your hands to write things down - one of them being it allows your mind...


91. Mindfully Entering Into 2021

Throughout the past year, we’ve experienced lots of changes with regard to our relationship with technology. Some of them are positive shifts, like using video conferencing platforms more, to stay in touch with our loved ones. But many changes may have been negative also, like spending more time than usual on social media or watching the news more than we should have. For everyone, the impact technology has had in 2020 is different, but it’s important to spend some time reflecting on...


90. Karlee Fain: Why Mindfulness is Our Most Effective Professional Tool

When it comes to setting our own boundaries, the thought can sometimes be a little daunting. Joining me today is Celebrity Business and Boundary Coach and Founder of The Boundary Academy, Karlee Fain, who is here to share her personal expertise on this topic, as well as discuss why mindfulness is such a valuable tool in both our personal and professional lives. In this episode, I ask Karlee a few pressing questions on how she made her start within the personal development industry, why...


89. Dr. Seku Gathers - The Flow State: Flowing to Heal Trauma

Trauma is a sensitive subject. Today, I’m joined by Life Coach, sought-after entrepreneur and Host of The Truth Prescription Podcast, Dr. Seku Gathers, who specializes in trauma coaching and recovery through one to one client work. By intertwining his knowledge as a former emergency physician with his extensive personal development expertise, Dr. Seku has created a practice built on seven core principles, otherwise known as the ‘F.R.E.E.D.O.M’ Method. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Seku’s...


88. Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Whilst the holidays won’t be going ahead the way we’d all initially hoped, there are still plenty of ways we can enjoy this season together and make a few socially distanced memories to solidify the year we’ve all collectively gone through. I won’t sugar coat it, 2020 has been rough for a lot of us. Many out there are still recovering from the ongoing grief that this pandemic has brought with it and this time of year will be particularly difficult for those who have been directly affected...


87: Overcoming Loss & Grief and Ways to Deal with It

In today’s episode of Technology for Mindfulness, I wanted to bring attention to the types of grief that this pandemic has brought upon so many of us. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a job, or a relationship, this year has definitely taken its toll and it will take time before a lot of us are ready to heal. I’m going to be sharing a few of the strategies that have helped me throughout the course of isolation and take a deep dive on how and why we respond to loss in the ways that we...


86: Dr. Jeff Gusky - Staying Mindfully Informed in the Midst of Crisis

How we perceive information is majorly affected in the midst of a crisis. It impacts our ability to process news in a rational way and our response is often heavily influenced by our emotions. This makes us vulnerable to false and harmful information that sways public opinion and leads people to make uninformed decisions regarding such serious issues. Learning to be mindfully aware of what is happening around us is a skill that takes time to master so obtaining the facts has never been more...


85: 4 Tips for Managing Distractions in Work and Life

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing a few of the strategies that I use in my everyday life which help me to reduce distractions and improve my overall sense of productivity. There are so many factors that influence our ability to cultivate a healthy work-life balance and so many of them are within our control and are easily accessible to us. I’ll be diving into how you can best manage your notifications to quell anxieties that present themselves when given too much information, why...


84: Sarah Tetlow - Reducing Stress Within the Legal Field Through Streamlined Processes

As someone who has worked in the field of law for a number of years now, I have seen first hand how prevalent stress is within this industry and the effect that it has had on the individuals who are practicing professionally. Joining me today is someone who is combating that issue through specialized coaching and consulting, Sarah Tetlow! Sarah is a Legal Productivity Consultant at ‘Firm Focus’, a company dedicated to helping legal professionals streamline their workflow, better utilize...


83: How to Transition Yourself and Your Team to Remote Work Effectively - Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s episode, today’s focus is all about maintaining productivity within your workspace while working remotely! I’m going to be discussing my key strategies and tips for conducting yourself effectively while operating from home, the nuances that come with communicating virtually with your team members, as well as how the very real effects of isolation must be taken into account by leaders in business. Now more than ever, our mental wellbeing needs to be prioritized...


82: How to Transition Yourself and Your Team to Remote Work Effectively - Part 1

There are many critical aspects to creating a space within our home environment that is conducive to productivity. Not only can this mental boundary assist in efficiency and boosting our motivations professionally, it can also be a healthy bridge for us to open communication between ourselves and those of us who we’re sharing space with. Particularly now in the midst of this global pandemic, learning strategies that help alleviate some of these stressors has never been more important. In...


81: Practicing Mindfulness In The Midst Of A Crisis

We’ve now entered our fourth month living in the midst of Covid-19. As all of us have begun to adjust to life in isolation and become accustomed to an ever increasing sense of uncertainty, the need for anxiety management tools have never been more pressing. There are so many benefits to practicing and implementing mindfulness into our routines, especially right now. In this episode, I share a few techniques that I’ve used to put difficult circumstances into perspective, why we tend to avoid...


80: Ron Purser - Discussing The Origins of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become such a huge part of the world we live in and has integrated into mainstream culture. There are a vast number of traditional and spiritual practices that date back hundreds of years and span across cultures far outside of what we’re exposed to in the West and it’s important we educate ourselves on the origin of these methods. Today, I’m joined by thought leader and established teacher, Ron Purser. Ron is a Professor of Management at San Francisco State University, and...


79: Paul Minors - The Journey To ‘Technology For Mindfulness’

Today I’ve repurposed an old episode of ‘The Paul Minor’s Podcast’ which I was fortunate enough to be a guest on, to share with all of you! Paul is a Productivity, Business and Self Improvement Consultant who has helped over four hundred clients reach peak efficiency in their line of work. In this interview, we discuss how the consumer's relationship with technology has evolved, how we can incorporate mindfulness into our daily practices, and more on my personal journey intertwining...


78: Kayla Kozan - The Need For Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Within The Workplace

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Corporate Meditation Teacher and CEO of Peak Wellness Co, Kayla Kozan! After experiencing a sudden onslaught of issues surrounding her mental health and observing how many workplaces were in need of wellness resources, she was inspired to launch her company and influence businesses to prioritize the wellbeing of their employees. By implementing strategies into her programs that have benefited her own life, she has successfully helped businesses across all...


77: How To Be Productive Working Remotely - And Stay Connected To Others

Today’s focus on Technology for Mindfulness is all about productivity and social connections! In this episode, I discuss some creative ways we can connect with each other using technology, how to effectively set boundaries in your home, as well as sharing some personal insights from the years I’ve spent working remotely. Now more than ever, dividing time between our work and personal lives has never been more essential. We’re all finding our own ways to adjust to this new norm and work...


76: Mitra Manesh - How to Integrate Storytelling into Mindfulness

In episode 76, Mitra Manesh joins us for a conversation around the powers of storytelling, binaural beats, and integrating them into mindfulness practices. Mitra is a mindfulness thought leader, storyteller, educator, and founder of Innermap. She has over 3 decades of experience helping people develop a more mindful mindset at home and at work. Throughout our conversation, Mitra shares about her product Innermap and how it offers support for living a mindful life. She also offers advice on...