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Weekly interviews with top executives and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation.

Weekly interviews with top executives and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation.
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Weekly interviews with top executives and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation.






Greylock Partners Partner Sarah Guo

411: Greylock Partners general partner Sarah Guo provides perspectives on robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. We also discuss what Sarah looks for when making investments, the benefits of having parents who are entrepreneurs, why Sarah believes that a company’s size and scale can prohibit its ability to remain current, and a variety of other topics. Read More... The post Greylock Partners Partner Sarah Guo appeared first on Metis...


Humu CEO Laszlo Bock

410: Humu Co-Founder and CEO Laszlo Bock describes the genesis, development, and deployment of Nudges, which were created to address that problem that great numbers of people are miserable in their jobs. Nudges are digital reminders that prompt the small actions that are most impactful when driving five factors: organizational performance, retention, individual happiness, inclusion, and innovation. In addition to using the product themselves, Humu targets large organizations as customers in...


McAfee CEO Chris Young

409: McAfee CEO Chris Young explains how the cybersecurity industry faces a duel challenge of keeping up with the transformations that happen within core technologies and simultaneously tracking the innovative nature of cyber attackers. Staying current requires consistent research, collaboration within the industry, acquisitions, and partnerships. Chris describes some of the best practices he sees within the cybersecurity space, including red teaming and risk prioritization. We also discuss...


Tenet Healthcare CIO Paola Arbour

408: Tenet Healthcare CIO Paola Arbour describes the process of transforming Tenet’s IT organization from a cost focus to an investment focus. The transformation centered around 4 imperatives: enhancing the voice of the customer, changing the language of IT, building an innovation culture, and focusing on talent. Paola highlights the importance of transparency, communication, and collaboration among teams to successfully lead an organizational change of great scale. We also discuss Paola’s...


Hunt Consolidated Chief Digital & Information Officer Diane Schwarz

407: Hunt Consolidated, Inc. CIO and CDO Diane Schwarz describes her methodology for transitioning into new executive roles using her arrival at Hunt to explain the 90-day process. Extensive planning, learning the business and stakeholders, meeting the company, and, lastly, focusing on suppliers develops the extensive knowledge of an organization needed to effectively lead it. Diane emphasizes the importance of understanding company culture to successfully rally support for changes to...


CBRE Chief Digital & Technology Officer Chandra Dhandapani

406: CBRE CDO/CTO Chandra Dhandapani breaks down the process of digital transformation through her experience of modernizing technology and rapidly creating agile teams at CBRE. She explains that technology is at the core of any business model, making it crucial to insource the talent necessary for software development and understand the ecosystem of technology trends. Dhandapani describes how building collaboration between product designers and clients yields entrepreneurial services, such...


Royal Caribbean CIO Martha Poulter

405: Royal Caribbean Cruises CIO Martha Poulter describes the growth minded business strategy of Royal Caribbean which places emphasis on differentiating products, gaining value from scale, engaging employees and guests, and reducing business risk. The company responds to the distinct needs of diverse demographics of guests and creates unique brand experiences on each cruise, a task that requires the collection and optimization of data from numerous sources. Poulter explains how data drives...


Align Technology SVP of Global Information Technology Sreelakshmi Kolli

404: Align Technology Senior Vice President of Information Technology Sreelakshmi Kolli discusses how the company is leading the evolution in digital dentistry by transforming the industry from analog to digital. Kolli claims that there are over 300 million consumers that could benefit from teeth straightening, and the only way to reach all of them is through digital technologies. Because of this, Kolli cites that everything the company does is dependent on digital and that IT is the central...


Sierra Ventures Managing Director Mark Fernandes

403: Sierra Ventures Managing Director Mark Fernandes discusses the five attributes he looks for in an entrepreneur. These five attributes include their ability to raise money beyond the early stages, their ability to attract talent, their ability to generate momentum, if they come prepared, and their ability to tell their story. In terms of what Mark looks for in a company, he cites that there needs to be a technology platform shift or a business model innovation that is applicable to...


UPS CIO Juan Perez

402: UPS CIO Juan Perez details how the company has taken data from simply being an input for descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics, which goes beyond predictive analytics. Juan has played an integral role in developing the company’s on-road integrated optimization and navigation system [ORION], which helps optimize the delivery paths that the company’s drivers take to make sure that they efficiently satisfy their service commitments to its customers. Juan also describes an...


Express Scripts CTO Emeritus Phil Finucane

401: Express Scripts CTO emeritus Phil Finucane details Express Scripts’ integration with Cigna. While Cigna has a strong engineering organization, the two companies have different visions for how to execute a successful integration. Because of this, a large part of Phil’s job was to help Cigna understand how Express Scripts operated, to understand how Cigna operated, and to understand how the combined entity would interface with its business partners. From there, Phil looked to build a path...


New York Times Best-Selling Author Michael Lewis

400: Bestselling author Michael Lewis tells the story of his career and dives deeply into several of his most notable books, including Moneyball, Liar’s Poker, and The Undoing Project. Despite being discouraged from his thesis advisor at Princeton to pursue writing and consistent rejections from publishers, Michael always had a passion for writing, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he left Wall Street to pursue this passion. We also discuss how Michael organizes his ideas,...


Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen

399: Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen describes how the company is looking to use data to give insights back to its small business owners and self-employed individuals regarding how their businesses are doing, as well as how the company can give consumers insight into their finances and help individuals file their taxes with more confidence using artificial intelligence and machine learning. While many believe that big data will only benefit large corporations, Atticus provides examples of how big...


Zoom CIO Harry Moseley

398: Zoom CIO Harry Moseley discusses how collaboration needs are changing with new generations. Millennials and Generation Z make up about a third of the global population, and since these generations have grown up in a digital world, they have different expectations regarding how they collaborate in their personal, academic, and professional lives. We also discuss Harry’s view on artificial intelligence and 5G, his experience on the board of Rewards Network, his time as the first ever CIO...


Atlassian President Jay Simons & Atlassian CIO Archana Rao

397: Atlassian’s President, Jay Simons, and CIO, Archana Rao, discuss the unique culture of Atlassian. Both note that the company is extremely open, honest, and direct. The work of the executives is transparent to the rest of the company. Archana believes that allowing people to see other’s work, performance, and perspectives provides a recognition that there are challenges everywhere and it builds an immensely strong culture because people tend to work well together in this way. Jay has...


E. & J. Gallo Winery CIO Sanjay Shringarpure

396: E. & J. Gallo Winery CIO Sanjay Shringarpure elaborates on the changes the company has made to achieve its transformational vision. One of the major changes has involved transitioning IT toward supporting four verticals supporting each of the business functions of the company. We also discuss the cultural changes necessary to realize this vision, Sanjay’s take on blockchain and the cloud, the Wine OS platform the company has created, and a variety of other topics. Read More... The...


Liberty Mutual CIO James McGlennon

395: Liberty Mutual CIO James McGlennon discusses the company’s agile and cloud transformation, which has included a multi-pronged approach designed to eliminate or refactor legacy technology, send existing employees to coding immersion programs, have 90 percent of teams working in an agile fashion, and move from one percent to 25 percent of technology in the cloud with a goal to reach 100 percent. We also discuss James’ take on artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented and virtual...


Schneider Electric CDO Herve Coureil

394: Schneider Electric CDO Herve Coureil discusses how Schneider has blended talent in the new digital unit. Herve believes the organization needs to balance the internal and external view, Herve does not believe in a digital organization that only includes external digital talent looking in from the outside or an exclusively internal team that is made up of subject matter experts, without an infusion of external talent. To create a mix, Schneider has focused on reskilling, retraining, and...


Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard

393: Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard discusses how the company has modernized its technology stack. She notes that architecture needed to lead the company’s decisions and be in everything that it did going forward. Through this modernization, Adobe has switched to being cloud-enabled and it has enabled architecture and business capability changes without causing disruption along the way. We also discuss Cynthia’s take on immersive technologies, how Adobe is using AI to complement its workforce,...


Ingram Micro CIO & CDO Tom Peck

392: Ingram Micro CIO & CDO Tom Peck says that Ingram Micro is in race to win the customer experience. The speed in which IT is delivered has changed dramatically. In response, Ingram Micro has made massive changes around its IT team. These changes include shifting from a traditional waterfall approach to agile and scrum methodologies, changing its technology stack to be more reliant on microservices, getting people to collaborate in small teams, and showing businesses that a near-perfect...