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Helping others reach their potential






4 Essential AWS Solutions with Chris Judd

Episode 249 Chris is CTO and partner at Manifest Solutions, Author, Java User Group leader, Java Champion, Trusted Technical Advisor, and Talent Developer. Links Resources


Colum Ferry: Microfrontend, Module Federation, Monorepo

Episode 248 Colum is a Senior Software Engineer at Narwhal Technologies. He enjoys speaking about #nx, #angular, #monorepos, #javascript, and #typescript. He's joining us from Northern Ireland. Links Resources


Remix with Kent C. Dodds

Episode 247 Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. Kent is a Co-Founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix. He is the creator of EpicReact.Dev and He's an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family,...


VS and VS Code Extensibility with Calvin Allen

Episode 246 Calvin is a Microsoft MVP, Software Engineer @newrelic on @TeamCodeStream and Host of @dotnetbytes podcast. Links Resources


Releasing Software with Tommy McClung

Episode 245 A software engineer by trade and multiple time entrepreneur, Tommy was the CTO at TrueCar for a number of years and is Co-founder and CEO of Release. Links Resources "Tempting Time" by...


Eric Potter on F# and .NET Interactive Notebooks

Episode 244 Eric helps companies succeed by finding the right custom software solutions to their business problems. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2015, and is currently Director of Technical Education at Sweetwater. Links Resources


Azure Cosmos DB Repository .NET SDK with Billy Mumby

Episode 243 Billy is a Senior Developer working @ Next PLC in the Warehouse & Distribution Systems Team. Links Resources


Temporal with Maxim Fateev & Dominik Tornow

Episode 242 Maxim has worked at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and is currently CEO and cofounder of Temporal. Dominik is a Principal Engineer at Temporal. He focuses on systems modeling, specifically conceptual and formal modeling, to support the design and documentation of complex software systems. Links Resources


gRPC in .NET 6 with Anthony Giretti

Episode 241 Anthony is a passionated developer, Microsoft MVP, and MCSD. He is currently senior developer @ Sigma-HR, specializing in Web technologies. We're giving away several copies of Anthony's new book, "Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6". Leave a comment below for your chance to win! Links


The Latest on RavenDB with Dejan Milicic

Episode 240 Dejan is a Software Craftsman from Novi Sad, Serbia and Developer Advocate for RavenDB. Links Resources "Tempting Time" by Animals As Leaders used with permissions - All Rights Reserved × Subscribe now! Never miss a post, subscribe to The...


Postman with Nate Taylor

Episode 239 Nate is Director of Software Engineering at Pluralsight & Co-Organizer at Connectaha in Omaha, NE. He joins us to talk about Postman, an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster. Links Resources


DevSecOps with Sandy Carielli & Janet Worthington

Episode 238 Sandy is a principal analyst at Forrester advising security and risk professionals on application security, with a particular emphasis on the collaboration among security and risk, application development, operations, and business teams. Janet is a senior analyst at Forrester advising security and risk professionals. She covers product security, proactive security design, securing new development methods, security testing in the software delivery lifecycle, and collaboration...


WireMock with Andrew Morgan

Episode 237 Andrew is an independent consultant with cross-functional expertise in the design, development, and deployment of enterprise level software systems. Working with various clients, Andrew has been exposed to many different technology stacks, most recently specializing in Java microservices and continuous delivery. Links


Fundamentals of Software Architecture with Neal Ford

Episode 236 Neal is Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy with a focus on end-to-end software development and delivery. His professional focus includes designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications. Links Resources Fundamentals of Software Architecture


Accessibility First with Alexander Lemkin

Episode 235 Alexander is a Web Engineer and Architect focused on accessible and extensible solutions. Links Resources "Tempting Time" by Animals As Leaders used with permissions - All Rights Reserved × Subscribe now! Never miss a...


Jerome Pascua: Rootines using Azure Apps, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and more!

Episode 234 Jerome is a voice actor, musician, coder, parent, husband, and Senior VP of Software for Rootines is a mobile journal for the caregivers of children on the Autism spectrum built with Azure based serverless architecture using Azure Applications, Azure functions, App Insights, CosmosDB, and the Azure Event Grid. Links Resources


.NET Turns 20 and Clean Architecture with Steve Smith

Episode 233 Steve works with companies that want to avoid the trap of technical debt by helping their teams deliver quality software, quickly. Steve and his team have been described by clients as a “force multiplier”, amplifying the value of existing development teams. Steve’s client list includes Microsoft, Quicken Loans, Celina Insurance, and many other satisfied customers. Steve also offers career coaching to developers through Links


SecOps with Allie Mellen

Episode 232 Allie Mellen is a Forrester analyst covering security operations. She has been in the technology industry for over a decade in various engineering roles, running her own engineering consultancy for a number of years before becoming a hacker. She advises enterprise clients on their security operations practice and is a frequent speaker at global industry-leading events with the press. Links


Pro Microservices in .NET 6 with Whitesell, Rich, and Groves

Episode 231 Sean Whitesell is a Microsoft MVP and cloud architect at TokenEx, where he designs cloud-based architectural solutions for hosting internal services for TokenEx. He serves as President of the Tulsa Developers Association. He regularly presents in the community at developer events, conferences, and local MeetUps. Rob Richardson is a software craftsman, building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, React, and Vue. He is a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at...


All About Couchbase with Matt Groves

Episode 230 Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn't matter if it's C#, jQuery, or PHP: he'll submit pull requests for anything. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent's pizza shop back in the 90s. He currently works as a Product Marketing Manager for Couchbase. His free time is spent with his family, watching the Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .NET (published by...