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Podcast series from BJSS, the UK's leading privately-owned IT and Business Consultancy.

Podcast series from BJSS, the UK's leading privately-owned IT and Business Consultancy.


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Podcast series from BJSS, the UK's leading privately-owned IT and Business Consultancy.




BJSS Deployed - S3 E1 - Emma Sterry & Marija Zinevica - Women in Tech and Bias in the Tech Industry

In this episode, Mario De'Cristofano is joined by Emma Sterry, DevOps engineer at D|Ops Digital, and one of our own platform engineers, Marija Zinevica. They talk about what it's like being a woman in tech, getting your foot in the door, biases in organisations, and how we try to tackle these issues at BJSS. Emma and Marija represent amazing success stories (you should check them out on Linkedin) and in this episode you can hear their top tips for women wanting to get into tech. If you want...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E8 - Paul Bailey & Max Earp - Thinking About User Centric Design to Give Agile More Oomph

In this episode, Mario De'Cristofano is joined by Paul Bailey and Max Earp, Head of Design and Strategy Consultant, respectively, at Sparck. They talk about why the human being should be at the centre of every technology project (whether you're building for the Public Sector or not) as well as how to think about the users and how your product can make them feel. They also discuss tips and strategies to put users at the heart of a project. If you're a Delivery Manager, learn more about...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E7 - Sebastien Bonicel & Tim Haines: Dealing With Complex Projects

In this episode, Mario De'Cristofano is joined by BJSS Delivery Managers, Sebastien Bonicel and Tim Haines. Both Sebastien and Tim have recently completed a large multi supplier project. Taking their learnings from this engagement, they share what agile techniques and principles work, how you deal with supplier complexity and what things you should consider when running a large complex digital project. Learn more about our delivery management opportunities at BJSS here:...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E6 - The Non-Technical Skills All Tech Professionals Need To Have

As you progress through your tech career, there are certain aspects outside of the day-to-day that are important for your personal and professional development. In this episode, BJSS senior engineers Chris May and Chris Sewart delve into the important non-tech related skills that will help you excel in your career path, including how to progress your career and still code, how to be a nurturing leader, and how to effectively communicate. Learn more about the software engineering...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E5 - Tony Buzzard-Nall: Personable Delivery Management

Working as an IT delivery manager is not just about the delivery of enterprise-scale technology projects. There is a significant people element to the role that is often undervalued by many tech consultancies. In this episode Mario de Cristofano is joined by Tony Buzzard-Nall, delivery manager and people lead for BJSS Midlands, to discuss the importance of people and communication skills in delivery management and what you can do to build better relationships with both clients and your...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E4 - Alex Moore & Ollie Strachan: Diving into DevOps

According to Stack Overflow, almost 80% of developers worldwide class DevOps as being at least somewhat important in scaling software development. But what exactly is DevOps? What business benefits can it generate and what does good look like? In this episode Mario de Cristofano is joined by Alex Moore, DevOps strategy consultant at BJSS and Ollie Strachan, test lead at BJSS to explore the topic of DevOps in more detail, why it’s important in the world of technology delivery and how you...


BJSS Deployed - S2 E3 - Five Reasons Why You Should Use Golang

Join BJSS Engineers, Andrew Beattie and Joseph Cheverton-Wynne, alongside Head of Academy, Dan Webb, as they uncover the five reasons why experienced and junior developers alike should consider adding Go to their tech stack. They share their experiences of using the programming language and how you too can start your Golang journey. Learn more about the software engineering opportunities at BJSS here:


BJSS Deployed - S2 E2 - Careers in Tech: What I wish I knew before starting a career in tech

There has never been a better time to opt for a career in tech. And there's never been a better time to join BJSS. Hear from three BJSS software engineers and the Head of the BJSS Academy, Dan Webb, about their experiences of getting into tech. They also share their tips on searching for a great place to work and dealing with interviews. Learn more about career opportunities at BJSS here:


BJSS Deployed - S2 E1 - Lisa Mountford: Settling into Delivery Management at BJSS

In the first of our 12 part delivery management series, Mario deCristofano is joined by BJSS’ Midlands Delivery Lead, Lisa Mountford, to talk all things relating to delivery management. Mario sits down with Lisa to hear about her experience of working at BJSS since joining the company three months ago. Lisa also shares some delivery management best practices and advice on overcoming the common challenges associated with enterprise technology projects. Lisa is a Project, Programme &...


BJSS Deployed - Episode 5: The re:Invent 2020 Partner Keynote

In this episode of Deployed, BJSS’ cloud experts share their key takeaways from the live AWS Partner Keynote hosted by Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels and Alliances. Watch the recording of the keynote here.


BJSS Deployed - Episode 4: Making online public services accessible

At least one in five people in the UK have a long term illness, impairment or disability - and even more have temporary disabilities too. With most public sector websites and mobile apps failing to currently meet accessibility requirements, new regulations are in place to make it a legal duty for public sector organisations to meet these standards. This is a monumental shift that challenges long standing design principles. But it needn't be a big deal! There are quick wins to achieve...


Is it time to trade in the public cloud?

Is possible to trade in the cloud? Greg Allen, Group Chief Technology Officer of the London Stock Exchange shares his perspective and experiences and explores the innovation that took place during his time at TMX where he led IT Governance, Architecture, and Planning. BJSS CTO Larry Ryan moderates. For more about BJSS and trading in the public cloud, or to watch the recorded webinar, please visit


BJSS Deployed - Episode 3: Agile Surgery, Real-World Sprint Challenges

So you’ve planned your Sprint. Surely it will run like clockwork - what could possibly go wrong? In this episode of BJSS Deployed, Craig Howarth, Charlotte Sutton, Donna Tosney, and Leah Unsworth-Hughes identify some real world Sprint challenges and discuss the tactics they use to handle them. From testing, to fake news, and then shifting scopes and priorities, our team takes a look at the gap between textbook and reality. This episode is moderated by Hannah Ellston.


BJSS Deployed - Episode 2: Hybrid vs Native Mobile Development

Is it better to develop apps using the language that the target device is built on? Or is it better to use another language so that the app can be used by multiple device platforms? What are the advantages? And are there any pitfalls to avoid? In this episode of BJSS Deployed, Lee Crossley chats with Joe Thornton and Leonie Collier about hybrid vesus native mobile development.


BJSS Deployed - Episode 1: Monolith vs Microservices

In this first episode of the BJSS Deployed Podcast, Lee Crossley and John Gill discuss the pros and cons of monolithic vs microservices architectures based on experiences gained on a range of recent engagements.


ChangeMakers – Episode 3: Is training really worth it?

In 2019, the average British company spent over £1,000 on new employee training. And with recent research suggesting that companies which offer structured training programmes generating over 200% higher income per employee than companies that don't, what type of training works best? Formal courses or on-the-job? Face-to-face or e-learning? Join the BJSS ChangeMakers as they explore how best to enable employees to learn and develop. In this episode they ask: is training really worth...


On Retail - Episode 13: Harnessing an innovation culture and customer obsession: Secrets from four global retailers

This is a special edition of OnRetail recorded live at NRF 2020's Kustomer Stage. The panel was hosted by Jake Knowles, Senior Business Consultant at BJSS. Panelists were Alexa Geovanos, Brand President, North and South America for Chloe; Dave Wood, General Manager (Americas) for Joules USA; Heidi K Isern, Senior Director of Customer Experience Innovation for Gap Inc; and Alex Genov, Manager of Research and User Experience at ===. Innovation and customer obsession. They aren't...


On Retail - Episode 12: The store is no longer the store

Brick and mortar is so last century. And online is so last decade! The next big trend is Retail as a Service (RaaS). It offers solutions for cost-conscious retailers to provide a great brick and mortar service, but without splurging out the cash. It’s being driven by a new consumer trend - “showrooming” - where consumers spend time browsing, touching and feeling physical products in a traditional store, before making the purchase online or via an app. But why is this a game changer for...


ChangeMakers – Episode 2: The experience of change

We often display a sense of resilience when change occurs in our personal day-to-day lives. But then we tend to struggle when we're faced with change at work. What contributes to how we handle change? And what can we learn about how consumers adapt to change? ChangeMakers is the change podcast of BJSS Business Consulting. It is hosted by BJSS People & Change consultants Tom Silver and Becca Duncan. Visit us at to learn more.


On Retail at Christmas 🎄: #MeanTweets 😲

It's Christmas! And retailers up and down the nation are being lambasted for their seasonal sins. Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, M&S and Amazon - no one's immune from the public's festive scorn. In this special Christmas episode of On Retail hosted by Jake Knowles, we take a look at last Christmas's funniest Twitter rants. From those predictable complaints about rancid turkey, to disappointment over questionable pizza choices, and cars getting egged in the car park, Giorgia Gallarati, David Gore...