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The Bit Bit Byte Podcast - Tech podcast dedicated to all things wired and wireless. Voted the #1 podcast by the town of Buford, Wyoming, population ~1. May just be the greatest thing since $0.99 iTunes downloads, or if you're a streamer, Spotify's $9.99/month plan.

The Bit Bit Byte Podcast - Tech podcast dedicated to all things wired and wireless. Voted the #1 podcast by the town of Buford, Wyoming, population ~1. May just be the greatest thing since $0.99 iTunes downloads, or if you're a streamer, Spotify's $9.99/month plan.
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The Bit Bit Byte Podcast - Tech podcast dedicated to all things wired and wireless. Voted the #1 podcast by the town of Buford, Wyoming, population ~1. May just be the greatest thing since $0.99 iTunes downloads, or if you're a streamer, Spotify's $9.99/month plan.




Episode 25: The Uninterested Circle of Life

Samsung scores a President Trump tweet, Google Now launcher killed, Nathan is a simple creature, Uber's CEO and Trump, robots learning Ms. PacMan, cheating with the Macbook Pro Touch Bar, "I'm a Mac" guy now promotes Huawei, Sweden cutting greenhouse emissions, Outlook 2016 use scenarios, Gamestop's sketchy Circle of Life Program, Nintendo Switch's online service, Oculus loses court case, Super Bowl LI predictions, Michael slaps the mic, treasure hunting with Curse of Oak Island, and the...


Episode 24: Fiddlesticking for Subscribers

Palmer Luckey gives Rift VR testimony, Samsung files a trademark for the Dex Mount, LG's G6 will reportedly have Google Assistant, and YouTubers "Lena the Plug" and "No Jumper" will put out a sex tape if they both reach 1 million subscribers. We also talk about our experiences with the ExoLens, Aukey Car Mount, Nintendo Switch Presentation, Split movie, Final Fantasy XV, and Resident Evil 7. #BitBitByte Follow Michael Norris: Website: Twitter: @bitbitbyte Facebook: BitBitBytes...


Episode 23: Best & Worst of 2016/CES Speculation

We have returned from our hiatus to bring you the Best & Worst of 2016 Tech, our Top 2016 Games, and a bit of CES Speculation. So sit back with your bowl of celery sticks and carrots (you're still committed to that resolution, aren't you?!?) and let's take a journey together into the recent past and the mysterious future. Hope you and yours had stellar holidays! Thanks for listening. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @bitbitbyte Facebook: BitBitBytes Follow Nathan:...


Episode 22: Bigger, Fatter, and Fully Stuffed

Google Pixel revenue is up, battery tech breakthroughs, Reddit has a child for a CEO, Nintendo partners with Universal Studios but still makes boneheaded decisions about the NES Classic Edition, Final Fantasy XV sales skyrocket, everyone can now have a questionably reliable self-driving car, watching Netflix in offline mode, auto dealers "under attack" by Tesla, Amazon cuts incentivized reviews, and the Internet Archive moves to Canada to avoid repeating that whole Library of Alexandria...


Episode 21: Macbook Pro Review

The Macbook Pro is upon us and Michael has his paws on one! We discuss some initial impressions with the specs, keyboard, Touch ID, Touch Bar, other touchy things, as well as if it's suitable for a power user. We also speak more on Twitter anti-bullying news, EA instates disclosure rules for YouTubers and Streamers in Germany, a USB dongle called PoisonTap that will ruin your life, Office Depot misleads people to sell more services, and Britain passes the most extreme surveillance law in a...


Episode 20: Macbook Pros and Twitter Woes

Microsoft announces the Surface Studio, Macbook Pro specs, Tesla's new solar roofs changing the world, Twitter shuts down Vine, Michael has his hands on a Google Pixel, and Uber becomes even more useful with app integration. We also take a look at Wand Wars and Clustertruck (review keys were provided) for Playstation 4 and Nathan goes a little more in depth on his interview with Battlefield 1 Design Director, Lars Gustavsson. That and much, much more on this episode of B3! Listen you...


Episode 19: Defend Yourself with Note 7's Patented Exploding Feature

More Samsung Note 7 woes are discussed, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have arrived, Yahoo cozies up with the F.B.I., Michael tries to lure Nathan onto an Apple device yet again, and we review "Virginia," the mystery thriller adventure game by Variable State. If you still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, don't have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You could hurt your face. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @bitbitbyte Facebook: BitBitBytes Follow Nathan: Website:...


Episode 18: Gears of War 4 Review

All things Gears of War 4 are discussed and reviewed. We did our best to keep it spoiler free. Enjoy. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @bitbitbyte Facebook: BitBitBytes Follow Nathan: Website: Instagram: @wertztilithurtz Twitter: @wertztilithurtz Facebook: ThisAndThatTech Music Intro/Outro: Techno Dog Music by


Episode 17: AI Consortiums & YouTube Twerking Jealousy

Put on your tinfoil hats, because Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM have created an Artificial Intelligence Consortium! Also, we talk about iOS 10's poor encryption, Samsung "fixes" 1 million Note 7's (unlike their exploding washing machines), record labels are suing again, drilling holes in your iPhone 7, and the phenomenal YouTube growth of Zoie Burgher, the scantily clad and controversial Twitch streamer. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @bitbitbyte...


Episode 16: A Smidgen of a Data Breach

Comcast launching a MVNO cellular service, Yahoo has a minor 500 million user data breach, the music industry rebounding, Blackberry closing its hardware division, Microsoft announces a 0.3 Megapixel Nokia smartphone (not a typo), possibilities of 4K console gaming, Diablo 2 HD teaser site, Titanfall 2 doesn't actually include a physical game, Gwent is a thing, and Facebook's owners want to cure all diseases, and much, much more. This is your chance to be in the know. Don't waste your life...


Episode 15: Full on dark mode

Today Mike and guest co-host Chad Coleman discuss the new precious from Apple as well as the various "-gates" that have popped up already. Naturally, iOS 10 and Mike's affinity for all things dark mode comes to light (no pun intended). We also entertain a joyful banter about the headphone jack's death, Chad's sparring with the Verge's Nilay Patel, and macOS Sierra with a healthy bit of Twitter app debate appearing to wrap things up. It was a jam packed show and a marathon one at that. Sit...


Episode 14: iOS10 Going more Risqué

Facebook censors iconic Vietnam war photo, Note 7 recall now official, iPhone 7 sold out, there's porn hiding in iOS10, 1080ti specs leak, Steam makes adjustments to player reviews, Playstation 4.00 update, Gaia Space telescope plots a billion stars, Uber's self-driving taxis have hit the streets, Adblock Plus Now Sells Ads, the Snowden movie directed by Oliver Stone, and Paralympians who ran faster than Olympic Gold Medalists, and much, much more. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website:...


Episode 13: iPhone 7, Playstation 4.5, and sweet, sweet burrito rain.

We dissect the Playstation 4 Pro Conference and what that means for consumers who are looking to take the leap into 4K. There's also some talk about Apple's iPhone 7 conference. However, most importantly, we discover that Chipotle now possesses the technology for drone burrito deliveries. You read that right...look to the heavens for Odin's wondrous bounty. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @BitBitByte Facebook: BitBitBytes Follow Nathan: Website:...


Episode 12: Instagram Selfies and a $30 Million Cocaine Bust

Social Media...a tool for sharing information and limitless interactivity coupled with a bit of questionable human behavior. This week we cover YouTube's censorship of vloggers, more Twitter oversights, fake news stories on Facebook, a $30 Million Instagram cocaine bust, the Grumpy Cat Lawsuit, Samsung smart watches, and much, much more. #BitBitByte Follow Michael: Website: Twitter: @BitBitByte Facebook: BitBitBytes Follow Nathan: Website: Twitter:...


Episode 11 - iPhone 7 Wrap-up

Today Mike and the Ghost of Nathan, encased in a taxidermy'd dear head (read: god rest his well hair'd soul) conquer the Apple Event. There were laughs, cries, and cries of resentment throughout the event as we traveled down the roller coaster of emotions. But for real: Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 7 were the stars of the show. Carry on!


Episode 10: The State of the "B3" Union Address

We discuss lessons learned over the past 9 episodes and let you know where we see the podcast going in the future. Not only that, there is also subjective intellectual conversations surrounding Nintendo [shockingly...] refusing to engage with fans who desperately want to engage with them, Sony mistakenly takes down No Man's Sky journalism videos, Titanfall 2's single player campaign, Netflix sticking their toes into the VR waters with Stranger Things, VR guns with haptic feedback, the death...


Episode 9: Wash Your Hands at the Olympics...and Sterilize Your Body

Hey, you came back. Why? This week we cover the brand new Xbox One S, Galaxy Note 7, Instagram releasing their own form of Snapchat Stories, Niantic's new Pokemon Go update, YouTube's audiobook piracy problem, Sonic swears on the Wii U, and you could easily acquire the Bubonic plague at the Olympics in Rio. If you're watching the games from the safety of your home, I'd still suggest at least using a cleaning wipe of some kind, just to be safe... Listen to this podcast and perhaps all the...


Episode 8: Desperately More Optimistic than Nintendo

Look, I'm here, you're here, we're all here. Let's be BFF's and talk about rapper street cred in 2016 on social media, Nintendo's new console and financials with endless optimism, PoGo news (Michael calls it that because he's in the know), the Olympics committee and their archaic ideas, the large amount of people screaming and staring at us through the sound booth window, Snapchat third party apps have your tasteful nudes, and probably something else. Listen to the podcast or the powers that...


Episode 7: Ghostbusters, Free Speech, and VCRs...America

Twitter dictates free speech due to, of all things, the Ghostbusters movie, Pokemon Go scares religious people, another Netflix price increase, Nathan plays Pokemon Go and refuses to exert himself, Valve CSGO gambling update, Tesla's plans going forward, Kickass Torrents owner is arrested because Apple and Facebook share your info with authorities, Nathan's water slide physics phobia, and VCR's are being discontinued. Yes, they are still being made. We had no idea either. It's a thing....


Episode 6: PokeApocalypse and Poke-Teatz

Michael discusses Pokemon Go adventures while Nathan ponders an intervention for him, Nintendo is coming out with a new retro console in November (with lower hardware specs that are on purpose this time), McDonald's no longer offers free porn while you eat your Big Mac, the new dating app Ohlala allows women to charge for a date, and uploading your consciousness to a PC. That, and much, much, more if you decide to listen. You're either with us or you're against us. Drink that Kool-Aid....