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The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. 0x5279e7fd39c81a969b52cd97a6dac6df7cb90018


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The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. 0x5279e7fd39c81a969b52cd97a6dac6df7cb90018






241: Beyond Cryptocurrency: Exploring the World of Enterprise Blockchain with Neeraj Srivastava / DLT Labs

Neeraj Srivastava is Co-Founder and CTO of DLT Labs, a global leader in enterprise blockchain solutions. Join us as Neeraj shares his journey from financial cryptography to pioneering blockchain technology. Gain insights into DLT Labs' successful implementation of blockchain solutions, including their groundbreaking work with Walmart Canada. Discover the concept of enterprise blockchain, the benefits of smart contracts, and how blockchain has played a pivotal role in overcoming distribution challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get ready to be inspired by Neeraj's vision for the future and the transformative potential of blockchain across various industries.


240: Creating Decentralized Ecosystems with DGT Network / Alexander Khvatov

In this episode, we chat with Alex Khvatov, the CEO of DGT Network, as he shares how their company is empowering enterprises to build open and decentralized ecosystems with retained governance and control. Alex discusses how DGT addresses the issue of inadequate Web3 infrastructure through flexible tokenization, decentralized identity, and interoperability, as well as embedded real-world information. Through their innovative approach, DGT is creating a new standard for decentralized ecosystems that can revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world. Tune in to hear more about their vision for the future of Web3 and how they are making it a reality.


239: Ari Navarro / VSA Partners - Unearthing Unique Opportunities in Crypto

Ariadna Navarro is the Chief Strategy Officer at VSA Partners. Ariadna's expertise lies in brand and innovation strategies for crypto and other fintech industries. She oversees a team of 18 strategists at VSA, where she uses analytics, experience design, innovation, and brand and business strategy to find unique opportunities for clients from IBM to AT&T. Recently, VSA was named the premiere creative partner for the Creator Fund of Ripple, a $250 million commitment to help indie creators bring their NFT projects to market on the XRP Ledger. VSA has worked with some of the world's top brands, including Google, Nike, IBM, and Pepsi. During the show, Ariadna discusses topics such as what drives NFT prices, blockchain's branding problem, and crypto trading addiction. Ariadna's journey from heading up strategy at Interbrand to her current role at VSA is also explored. Originally from Venezuela, Ariadna has made New York her home for a very long time. Her passion for portfolio strategy, brand strategy, and solving problems makes this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the evolving world of blockchain and fintech.


238: Centre Consortium / Kim Hamilton Duffy

Kim Hamilton Duffy is Centre’s Director of Identity and Standards. The Centre Consortium, an independent standard-setting body for the crypto ecosystem created by Coinbase and Circle. Centre launched an innovative set of decentralized identity protocols, called Verite, to address this question of how to protect our digital identities. Verite is designed to give people and organizations direct control over how, when, and where their personal information is shared in the crypto economy. The standards can protect individuals’ digital identities for new blockchain-based apps in the next era of the internet. Algorand, Alkemi, Block, Coinbase, Circle, Compound Labs, ConsenSys, Espresso Systems, FTX, Hedera Hashgraph, Ledger, MetaMask Institutional, Phantom Technologies, Solana Foundation, Spruce, and Stellar Development Foundation have already committed to collaborating on shared decentralized identity standards using Verite.


237: Ganesh Swami / Covalent - Blockchain Visibility

Ganesh Swami is the CEO and co-founder of Covalent - a Web3 data analytics company offering a unified API that brings visibility to billions of blockchain data points. His focus with Covalent is to provide the richest and most robust data infrastructure requiring no code and is easy to use – for the entire blockchain ecosystem. In this episode we discuss the following:


236: Matt Wisniewski / Satellite IM - Ownership of Your Digital Identity

Matt Wisniewski is CEO of Satellite IM, a fully-integrated decentralized messaging platform addressing today’s data ownership and privacy issues. Unlike the current popular instant messaging apps, Satellite IM allows people to chat in a decentralized and peer-to-peer manner, without the need for intermediaries storing or tracking users’ data. Amidst ongoing data abuses by big tech companies, and the lack of a strong federal data privacy law, Satellite IM is taking the important step of returning data privacy to users so they can communicate, share assets, and more in an off-line, serverless, and encrypted way.


235: Alexander Tkachenko / VNX - Creating a Gold Standard in Crypto

Alexander Tkachenko is Founder and CEO of VNX. Alexander is also the Founder of 2BE.LU, a Luxembourg-based VC fund, serves as co-Chair of the VC club at Luxembourg’s PE/VC association, and as an Executive Council member at Digital Banking and Fintech Cluster in the Luxembourg Banking Association. VNX is the first European regulated investment platform for tokenized precious metals. It recently launched its VNX Gold token (VNXAU), which represents a stake in a physical gold bullion certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).


234: Steven Walbroehl Returns

Steven Walbroehl is Chief Technology Officer / Chief Security Officer and cofounder of Halborn, a cybersecurity organization specializing in blockchain companies. Steven is also a course author of SANS SEC554: Blockchain and Smart Contract Security and co-author of SEC556: IoT Penetration Testing. We cover the 2022 Blockchain Security Summit as well as Blockchain and Cyber Crime issues today and in the future.


233: Micah Fraim / Navigating Crypto Taxes

Micah Fraim is a cryptocurrency tax expert and author. He founded his CPA firm in 2013. In this episode Micah shares his expertise on how crypto is currently taxed, tax planning and preparation for cryptocurrency investors. More importantly, he explains how to stay compliant with ever-changing crypto regulations while still paying as little as possible on your taxes.


232: Phillip Shoemaker /

Phillip Shoemaker is the Executive Director at and former Apple App Store Director. is a non-profit organization pioneering pseudonymous on-chain identity verification for Web3. They provide an open-source, decentralized platform that offers developers permissionless authentication and verification while allowing consumers to control their own data.


231: Jim Dolbear from xx network and Elixxer

The xx network is a fast, scalable blockchain that allows developers to deliver dapps that are secure and private thanks to their privacy protecting layer. We're talking quantum computer resistant cryptography. The Elixxer messaging app is built on the xx network and likewise provides ultimate privacy and security. Jim Dolbear is the Co-Founder of xx network and the Chief Strategy Officer at Elixxer.


230: Daniel Matalon from #IsThereEnough and Impact Launchpad

Daniel Matalon founded #IsThereEnough, a conversation about human survival, and is the cofounder of Impact Launchpad, a UK based venture studio for social impact investment, incubation, and development. Both organizations are co-developing a token designed to underwrite a new, ownerless social impact banking system "to make the world work for 100% of humanity."


229: John deVadoss from Neo Blockchain

John deVadoss is Head of Development at Neo Blockchain and the former Managing Director of Microsoft. As we transition into what some would call Web3, John points out the need for utilizing Web2 type coding.


228: Christian Kameir and Jeff Jockisch from Your Bytes Your Rights

Chris and Jeff are the hosts of Your Bytes = Your Rights, a new podcast about data privacy. Chris is Managing Partner at Sustany Capital, a VC fund focusing on Blockchain Technology. Jeff is a Data Privacy Researcher and CEO at Privacy Plan. You can find their past live streams here. Tune in there Fridays at Noon Pacific Time for new episodes. Join their LinkedIn group here


227: Oasis Protocol with Linda Lu

Linda Lu is Head of Ecosystem at Oasis. Oasis Network is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network to propel Web3 forward. We talk about the transition from Web2 to Web3, the importance of data privacy, the need for a data DAO to reward data owners, and how data can benefit social welfare and economic efficiency.


226: Helium with Frank Mong

Frank Mong is COO at Nova Labs, formerly Helium Inc. Helium is providing internet connectivity through blockchain technology. Frank explains how this works, the next phase of the Helium Network, and the rapid growth and success of the Helium Blockchain. Similar to how Helium's co-founder created the first decentralized media company at scale, Napster, Helium is also changing the mind set of how internet service providing can be done.


225: Acorns with Seth Wunder

Seth Wunder, CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer of Acorns. Previously, Seth founded Los Angeles based black-and-white Capital LP as it's sole Portfolio Manager in May 2016, with assets at peak greater than one billion dollars. black-and-white Capital's investment mandate centered on innovation, including a concentration in software, internet, fintech, e-commerce and other disruptive trends. Before black-and-white Capital, Seth was a founding partner and portfolio manager at Contour Asset Management LLC, in New York. During the almost seven years of operating Contour, he led growth in assets from approximately $500mn to over $1.5bn. Seth started his career over two decades ago as an equity analyst at two mutual fund complexes: OppenheimerFunds and Morgan Stanley Investment Management. He holds a B.S. in Applied Economics and Business Management from Cornell University. Acorns is how everyday consumers save & invest for the long term. By putting tools of wealth-making in everyone's hands, Acorns has become the largest subscription service in U.S. consumer finance, serving 4.6 million everyday Americans. Customers get automated investing in diversified portfolios built with help from experts. In this episode we cover Acorn's new Bitcoin-linked ETF experience as well as investing for the long term. As we look to the future of finance and investing, the role Blockchain will play is evident. With Seth's experience in analysis, he shares some factors influencing the emerging markets. Read Acorn's Bitcoin Manifesto here Use This Link to Try Acorns and get a $5 bonus investment Use this LINK to get $10 of free bitcoin on Coinbase and also support the show.


224: Taxes in the Metaverse and Crypto-Sphere with Martin Fiore

Martin Fiore is Managing Partner for the EY US East Region Tax practice. We talk about recent tax policies for crypto, DeFi, and metaverse assets, and speculate on the future implications of these technologies. Links referenced in the episode: EY TaxChat US Blockchain solutions | Platforms, insights & services | EY - US EY Blockchain Cryptocurrency: compliance and controls | EY - US


223: Katie Chonacas

Katie Chonacas is an international actor, NFT artist, and podcaster. The Hey Layer platform for women in blockchain recently released her latest NFT collection, 11 Pillars of Katie Chonacas. She released her Dreamland 1111 Album on Opensea last year.


222: Faraway with Alex Paley - Video Game Economies on Blockchain

Alex Paley is the co-founder of Faraway, a new gaming studio leveraging blockchain technology to unlock the potential for truly player-driven and decentralized game economies. Faraway’s debut title, Mini: Royale Nations, is the first live multiplayer game to launch on the Solana blockchain platform.