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The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. 0x5279e7fd39c81a969b52cd97a6dac6df7cb90018

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. 0x5279e7fd39c81a969b52cd97a6dac6df7cb90018


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The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. 0x5279e7fd39c81a969b52cd97a6dac6df7cb90018






181: Dan Holdings with Danny Oyekan - Blockchain in Africa

Danny Oyekan is the founder and CEO of Dan Holdings - Africa’s leading fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies firm. They're developing new blockchain-powered products and services, including Telechat - a chat application with a built in social payment application for cryptocurrency, Coins App - an all-in-one social payment application for global digital currencies, and BlockFinex - a crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto exchange platform. Danny gives host...


180: JellySwap with Tito Titov and Krasimir Raykov

Tito Titov is the CEO of JellySwap, a DEX working on several blockchains aiming to solve the interoperability issues between the different networks. In addition to swapping coins, users can provide liquidity and become market makers thereby enabling them to make profit. Tito is joined accompanied with CTO Krasimir Raykov for an interview with Blockchain Show host Ethan for a look into JellySwap's features, use-cases, and technology. Several interesting anecdotes are mentioned, including...


179: Blockchain in Education with Nadav Zeimer

Nadav Zeimer has worked in technology and education for decades, from software engineering in the Silicon Valley to serving as a principal in NYC. Thus, Nadav has unique insights into how blockchain technology can help students. He's been recognized for his digital media centered approach to reforming schools by integrating podcasting into his curricula. In his book Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There he explains the need to re-imagine how academic credits are stored and utilized...


178: Uphold with Michelle O'Connor

Michelle O’Connor is VP of Marketing and Community at Uphold, an “anything-to-anything” digital money platform, serving two million customers in more than forty countries, with access to fifty-five currencies, including commodities, digital assets and precious metals. Michelle is passionate about building the future of inclusive finance through emerging technologies and was recently recognized in the list of ‘Most Inspirational Women in Tech 2019.


177: Max Sklar

Max Sklar is a machine learning engineer and podcast host at The Local Maximum. On this episode, Max speaks to the state of emerging technology, rapid prototyping and building products, as well as the current state of the Tech Industry / Silicon Valley. We also talk about his contributions at Foursquare as a machine learning engineer. This includes Foursquare's City Guide and Ad Attribution products. We speculate how Blockchain and Crypto will work with future technologies in the near...


176: TALGiving with Tej Gundavelli

Tej Gundavelli is CEO and Co-founder of TALGiving, a giving platform built with blockchain technology. It's an app that helps facilitate one-to-one connections between donors and recipients, built with matchmaking features. Beyond just monetary assistance, TALGiving also provides people in need with specific resources including clothing, shelter, food, medical, and education—crowdfunded by individual and corporate donors. Differing from platforms like GoFundMe, TALGiving has absolutely 0...


175: Grey Swan with Peter Harrigan

Peter Harrigan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Grey Swan Digital. Grey Swan is a decentralized, global platform that will serve as the foundation for the Price Sharing Economy, by doing for the $500 Trillion derivatives industry what Apple did for the computer.


174: EFANI with Haseeb Awan - America's Most Secure & Private Cellphone Carrier

Haseeb Awan is a cell phone security expert and the CEO of EFANI the most secure and private cellphone service in the USA. By using 11 layers of client-side integrity and authentication protection they are ensuring no one's cell phone number is attached to personal information through their service. As a SIM swap attack survivor, Haseeb knows what it's like to recover from this potentially devastating situation which is why he created EFANI. They've protected hundreds of crypto investors in...


173: Zilliqa with Amrit Kumar

Amrit Kumar is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa, the high-performance, high-security blockchain platform which looks to enable a new standard enterprise-grade scalability and security in the industry.


172: Polyient Games with Craig Russo

Craig Russo is Director of Innovation at Polyient Games. Polyient Games is the first open, chain-agnostic investment ecosystem devoted entirely to funding and expediting the growth of early-stage startups that are developing the infrastructure and application layers necessary to scale the blockchain gaming industry.


171: InfiniGold with Jon Deane

Jon Deane is the CEO of InfiniGold and was formerly CEO of TCM Capital, and a Managing Director of JP Morgan where he was the Global Head of Agricultural and Bulks Commodities Trading, as well as Head of Commodities Trading for Asia Pacific, covering oil, base metals, bulks, precious metals and agriculture. The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is the first digital gold token on a public blockchain with its underlying asset underpinned by government guaranteed gold. Each digital token is issued...


170: Mysterium.Network with Jaro Šatkevic

Jaro Šatkevic is the head of Product at Mysterium.Network an open-source project that built the world's first decentralized VPN. We cover the ways in which everyday people's data is vulnerable on the current version of the internet and how to better safeguard digital footprints. Some surprising insights into censorship, digital discrimination, and more online injustice are brought to light as well as solutions with their platform and others.


BCS Ethereum Show 2: Kosala Hemachandra - MyEtherWallet

Kosala Hemachandra is the founder of MyEtherWallet, a safe, free, open-source wallet that puts you in control of your private keys as the nexus for all interactions on the Ethereum blockchain. This episode includes:


169: IoTeX with Raullen Chai and Larry Pang

IoTeX has been recognized for using blockchain for a use case that makes sense: decoupling the identity of devices from users and issuing decentralized accounts to serve as access controls and logins for IoT devices.


168: Securrency with Dan Doney

Dan Doney Co-Founded Securrency in 2015 and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Lead Architect of Securrency’s comprehensive, cutting-edge technology. Dan is a recognized expert in software development, artificial intelligence, process automation, cybersecurity, dynamic asset pricing, and enterprise architecture. Dan served as the Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and is the recipient of the 2014 Fierce 15 award as a top government change agent. Dan holds...


TBCS Ethereum Show 1: Back to Basics, Flipping Bitcoin

Steve and Joey host a spinoff of The Blockchain Show called The Ethereum Show. The original concept for the podcast dates back to 2016 with Steve and Ethan going forward instead with The Blockchain Show. As interest in new developments in regards to Ethereum surge, Steve reclaims the hosting throne this time with his friend Joey to shed some light on the Ether side of things. Ethan joins briefly to recount the early days of The Blockchain Show and Steve later breaks down decentralization and...


167: RealT with David Hoffman

David Hoffman is Co-Founder and COO of RealT, the platform for tokenizing property ownership in the United States. RealT’s platform allows investors to earn daily dividends on a fractional, tokenized basis.


166: Fold with Will Reeves

Will Reeves is CEO of Fold, and a tech entrepreneur with expertise in developing payments solutions. Will continues to work as Head of Payments at Thesis with previous experience as Venture Lead at A3Ventures and Co-founder of Membo. Of note, Will also was part of the early team that brought the Google Store to market, and he led the vision for the cult project, Lightning Pizza, the first real-world service using the bitcoin Lightning Network that allows customers to order Dominos Pizza...


165: DigitalMint with Marc Grens

Marc Grens is an investor, Fin Tech expert, and the Co-Founder and President of DigitalMint, the leading Bitcoin point-of-sale provider in the USA.


164: O(1) Labs and Coda Protocol with Evan Shapiro

Evan Shapiro is the CEO and Co-Founder of O(1) Labs, the team behind Coda Protocol. Coda swaps the traditional blockchain for a tiny cryptographic proof, enabling a cryptocurrency as accessible as any other app or website. This makes it dramatically easier to develop user friendly crypto apps that run natively in the browser, and enables more inclusive, sustainable consensus.