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Ep. 048 - Assault vape pen ban, another Apple money grab with Apple Pro, the death of the gig economy and more

Wow did we cover a lot this week! We started with a rant from Bob on the near instant ban of flavored vape juice products in the wake of 7 deaths and still nothing to be done about guns in this country! We then moved on to discuss the recent iPhone 11 and the iPhone Pro - as you can imagine, neither Kevin, nor Bob are fans of most of what apple had to announce - but Bob expressed some interest in one of the new streaming services. We also talked a little about a new Netflix show all in...


Ep. 047 - Can forced diversity work in tech? In podcasts? Anywhere? We discuss recent issues plaguing the Ladybug Podcast and more.

We don't typically shy away from controversial topics, but we really debated if we would discuss this topic or not - it is super tricky at best and we just want to say, we tried. Both Bob & Kevin had thoughts on how difficult it is to define what diversity is vs. should be. Heck, we even started the conversation with the fact that we (as two white males) may not even be permitted to discuss this issue... alas, we were not thwarted in sharing our thoughts and opinions (which are completely...


Ep. 046 - Enter the Matrix! How do we know that we are not living in a simulation? Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson and others think we may be living in a simulation!

In honor of the newly announced Matrix 4, Bob & Kevin tackle the tough (and trippy question) 'How do we know we are not living in a simulation or the Matrix already?' We did a little bit of research (see links below), but mostly we just had our minds blown by things like "The Mandela Effect" and the "fact" that maybe Sinbad did not star as a genie in the movie Shazzaam in the 1990s... what the heck! Anyway, we hope you like this one... peep our research links below, and let us know what...


Ep. 045 - Gun safety tech - Smart Guns, Second Amendment and the NRA and some Joe Rogan #1138 with Ted Nugent

So, this week we take on the VERY controversial topic of how, if at all possible that Gun related technology can help solve some our our issues with gun violence here in the good ole U.S. of A. But before we could tackle that topic, Bob & Kevin shared their personal stances and experiences with guns. Once we got past the setup, we were able to discuss the various smart gun technologies that are currently being worked on, and more importantly, we discussed the potential reasons WHY this...


Ep. 044 - The Great Hack - Cambridge Analytica, Project Alamo, Brittany Kaiser and more

Bob & Kevin both watched the Netflix documentary "The Great Hack" and, of course, they both had thoughts! Tune in to hear how your two favorite tech news podcasts hosts debate how to fix what is wrong with personal data rights today. Feel free to reach out to us on twitter: and let us know what you think of the show! Like, Subscribe, give us some stars and/or leave a review on your favorite podcast app and thanks for listening!


Ep. 043 - Sidewalk Labs Quayside proposal, new Twitter and alphabet soup

In this episode, Bob & Kevin discuss a planned neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada being proposed by Alphabet (formerly Google) subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs. We discuss both the technological and non-tech innovations that are being proposed and discussed. It actually gets a little intense when Bob & Kevin discuss the application of the word 'utopia'. In addition to Quayside, we discuss new Twitter, a recent podcast from Land of the Giants ( on the topic of the rise of...


Ep. 042 - Aliens, Area 51 and Bob Lazar on Joe Rogan #1315 - oh, and a 5 billion dollar fine for our friends at Facebook

We swear that we are not a Joe Rogan recap podcast, but this one was just too juicy to pass up for us. I mean come on... Alien technology... how can we not discuss this one! We pretty much debated the legitimacy of Bob Lazar and his amazing claims of alien technology. In addition to JRE #1315 we also referenced the documentary by Jeremy Corbell that is currently streaming on Netflix. Anti-gravity propulsion, surfaces that turn into screens and that little machine that measures the bones in...


Ep. 041 - Podcast on podcasting inspired by Joe Rogan with Kevin Smith #1123 and many, many others

First... Big thanks to all our listeners - we are on the cusp of 3000 listens and we just had our best month ever in June... so thanks! Now on to the episode notes: Yup, we know there are about a million podcasts, by podcasters, about podcasting... but we wanted to share our thoughts on why we started, how we go about the show and what gear we use from a hardware and software perspective. Sure there is some talk about Twitter and virtue signaling in there somewhere too! Feel free to drop...


Ep. 040 - Facebook introduces Libra Crypto Currency and Kevin gets some smart home security tech installed

Well, we really wanted to have three topics for this episode, but wow, did we have too much fun discussing this new, and frightening crypto development around Facebook! We kicked off the episode discussing all the new smart home security tech that Kevin is putting into his new house and we fully intended to talk about podcast tech and other pods that we like and or dislike and why... but we totally got carried away discussing Libra. Take a look at one of the articles we were referencing...


Ep. 039 - Technology on the moon, space travel to mars, Joe Rogan #1309 with Naval Ravikant and a bunch more!

Well, we kicked of the show this week discussing some of showbot's new skills and quickly jumped into some Artificial Intelligence discussions from a recent Joe Rogan episode with Naval Ravikant. We then talked about the potential sale of "Have I Been Pwned?" which was created by Troy Hunt. Finally (about 26 minutes in) we kicked off the show to discuss our main topic - the tech of space. As usual, Kevin had plenty of notes and was well prepped to try and trap the ever elusive Bob. Also, as...


Ep. 038 - Deep Fakes from Jordan Peele, Bill Hader, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Rogan

This week, Bob & Kevin talk deep fake technology and where they think it is headed. We open the show with audio from a very well known deep fake and begin the conversation with the ability to model audio to generate audio based deep fakes and we spiral down the rabbit hole from there. Take a listen and always feel free to reach out to us on twitter - or drop us an email at - be sure to check out the deep fakes we referenced in...


Ep. 037 - Meet our new A.I. Showbot intern. Plus discussions around the Huawei Android ban, Joe Rogan #1299 with Annie Jacobsen and more

An Artificial Intelligence bot is born... well, kinda. On this week's episode Bob & Kevin introduce the world to "showbot", which is what we are calling our new digital assistant intern until you help us name them... oh, yeah and we struggle with pronouns for the cheeky little intern plenty in this episode. Guess what, you can even help contribute to "showbot" because the project is open source! We also talked some Joe Rogan and Annie Jacobsen - you...


Ep. 036 - The great A.I. debate with discussion on Alan Turing's contributions to artificial intelligence, Lex Fridman's thoughts from Joe Rogan #1188 and a multitude of paradoxes

Okay, these will most likely be our most robust show notes to date... and yes we pretty much discussed each and every point below. In this episode, Bob & Kevin take sides in a friendly debate on AI and where it is going. Below, please find all our research points and feel free to call us out on social media ( ) Kevin's References: (bob used this one...


Ep. 035 - Facebook in 5 years and Sam Harris "The Trouble with Facebook" recap with guest Roger McNamee

Show Notes Galore for this Episode! We started things off sharing our thoughts about a Sam Harris podcast episode where special guest Roger McNamee discussed his book "Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe" You can catch that episode in full here: We also discussed what facebook might look like in the next five years. That conversation was sparked by this article:...


Ep. 034 - Carl Sagan's 1995 prediction, IOT Security and Sean Carroll and artificial intelligence stock market battles

The latest episode of the Bob & Kevin Show can best be summed up by the following quote: "I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time — when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the key manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to...


Ep. 033 - Mark Zuckerberg Wants More Internet Regulation and Article 13 is now Article 17?

This week, your dynamic duo of Bob & Kevin discussed Mr. Z's 4 simple rules - or the biggest corporate cop out we have seen in quite some time. Anyway, we digress. In addition to discussing the op ed that appeared in the Washington Post, we discussed the recent events surround Article 13, or is it now Article 17? Anyway, we talk master copyright databases mixed in with a little bit of Star Trek governmental wisdom and we finally end up talking about Google's ethics committee for AI that...


Ep. 032 - WTF: What the Facebook? Bob & Kevin discuss Facebook and their plain text password issues and Apple TV+

Join your favorite technology consumer advocates Bob & Kevin as they discuss Facebook giving us a real-time, Black Mirror prequel. Bob & Kevin also take a deep look at the "new monopoly" in tech, which is basically coming up with the most ubiquitous platform imaginable... hardware, software, original content... you know, what Apple is trying to become with the release of their fill in the blank plus original content platform. Oh, wow, guess what, this is also straight out of a potential...


Ep. 031 - Boeing Software Update and Parody Twitter Accounts - yes you @DevinCow

This week might be one of our darkest episodes - at least early on. Bob & Kevin discuss the difficult subject of software and the recent Boeing tragedies. Unfortunately, the darkness carried on a bit when we discussed the responsibilities of tech/social giants like YouTube and Facebook in the wake of the New Zealand tragedy. On an odd turn of events, we were able to look toward TWITTER to lighten the mood of the episode... all we can say is MOOOOOO! We closed things out with discussions...


Ep. 030 - Ethics of encryption backdoors and Joe Rogan Experience recap with Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Well, in this week's episode, Bob & Kevin kick things off discussing a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode with Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool because, well, it was an amazing cast on an amazing show. The funny thing is, when we listen to shows like that, we get a TON of validation of our topics for discussion. At about the midway point... we actually broke into the INTENDED topic for the show - encryption backdoors... and the ethics of such things! The conversation was kicked...


Ep. 029 - All In, Baby! Rapid fire role reversal and more - call for interns!

So, apparently Apple doesn't like episode numbers in titles any more... a topic for another episode for sure. In this non-numbered episode (sure we will play the game), Bob & Kevin switch roles and come up with some of the best audio quality to date (what took us so long?). Kevin drives the conversation with some difficult questions for angry Bob to deal with. Oh and we send out a call for interns - wanna work with two crazy old dudes that hate the idea of folding screen phones? Then you...