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Ep. 019 - How much privacy do our browsers really give us, and are there alternatives?

Yup, we talked about browsers tonight… something along the lines of browser wars version 3.0. Apparently firefox is coming out with a new version that blocks all tracking out of the box… then we find out that a browser called Brave also already does this out of the box! Kevin talked about a chrome plugin that lets you pick which scripts to block and Bob worried about what all this new browser stuff will do to his robust event tracking in google analytics. We also talked a bit about the...


EP. 018 - Bob & Kevin go unscripted and just have a chat about a lot of stuff!

We had so much fun with this episode! We discussed everything from Dependency Injection, to the Surfacebook 2 and pretty much everything in between. If you are interested in learning Bob’s & Kevin’s thoughts on many current TV shows and more, this is the episode for you! We talk Westworld, House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. As usual, please let us know what you want to hear more of, or less of… and be sure to rate us on Apple Podcasts if you can… Thanks!


Ep. 017 - As developers, how far down the tech stack should we learn?

So, we try a cold open for the first time and would love to know what you think of it. In the actual episode, Bob & Kevin have an interesting conversation about how much learning is required to be a developer today and where code camps fit into the equation. Kevin found some pretty expensive camps with some pretty big promises. We cover some interesting aspects of development and the various levels of knowledge that it might take to get specific tasks down. Well rounded or specialized… we...


Ep. 016 - Would Bob & Kevin ban Alex Jones and Infowars from their social network?

This was by far our most controversial episode! Bob & Kevin discussed propaganda, brain washing, cults and more as it relates to when something shoudl be banned from various social outlets and the slippery slope that comes with deciding when someone no longer has the right to spread their message. We also talk about the blurred lines between entertainment and reality and if anyone is really EVER telling the full truth and sharing all the facts. Where the heck are we supposed to get our...


Ep. 015 - Throwback Episode! When will the robots take over?

Bob & Kevin throw it back to an episode when we were on that video platform… so glad we are podcasting now… The topic of the show is still very timely - when will robots take over the world? We dig deep into AI, machine learning, autonomous weapons and more. How does a machine know right from wrong? Check it out and let us know what you think… we will be back next week with another FRESH BK Show episode!


Ep. 014 - Build vs. Buy - websites, software, barbecue monitoring web servers and more.

This week Bob & Kevin tacked the build vs. buy debate when it comes to web enabled technology. We talked about several angles and scenarios and shared some of our own personal and proffessional build vs. buy dilemmas. We even consulted an article to try to give us some parameters for making the difficult decision to build or buy. Let us know in a comment or review if you are enjoying the...


Ep. 013 - How trustworthy are product reviews? With special guest Andrew Barta

We did eventually get to our main topic of product reviews and how trustworthy we think they are with our special guest, Andrew Barta, but it did take us a while! We had tons of fun talking about many other topics including tech industry job interview controversies, social media audience building techniques and more. Oh, and we also had a few audio issues along the way that made for some entertaining space filling conversations from Bob & Kevin. Be sure to check out Andrew’s social media...


Throwback Episode - Is College Worth It? Bob & Kevin Debate

This is a throwback episode from our YouTube Channel (that we don’t really care about any more). In this episode Bob and Kevin discuss options that our young adults have today when it comes to their education. We share our experiences and offer some insight as a couple of people that have been out in the industry for a coupld decades. Did we answer any big questions? That is up to you to decide! We did use this episode to debut our brand new show bumper… give it a listen and let us know...


Do you even Javascript, Bro? with Special Guest Kyle Weems

Yup, you guessed it… we talk about javascript frameworks tonight… but we also talked about a BUNCH of other stuff too! We are joined in this episode by Kyle Weems… who is a javascript developer, but he is so much more than that. He is a fellow podcaster, award winning cartoonist, and just a great all around person! As per our usual, we do some Facebook bashing and if you listen through to the end there is a special segment that was dubbed podcasting after dark… check it out! Find us on all...


Is any of this new technology actually new? Well, Bob & Kevin definitely have thoughts!

Bob & Kevin discuss five technolgies that are getting lots of buzz these days. We start with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning then we transition into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality… then we finish with our old favorite… Good ole Block Chain. We approach each “New” technology, by defining it and then exploring its roots… some of which go WAY WAY BACK! Join us for a magical journey were we learn a lot and make some pretty bold statements!


So, You Wanna Be a Developer?

In this episode, we are joined by special guest, Marcin Zajkowski, (@zajkowskimarcin on twitter and instagram) and we discussed what we think it takes to be a developer in this day and age and the various paths you can take to get there. We compared and contrasted traditional and not so traditional paths to becoming a technology professional today. Marcin also shared some of his experiences with helping to teach young developers (starting at age 5!) and the techniques, platforms and course...


How do the new Facebook Privacy Initiatives Impact App Developers?

In this episode we welcome special guest Kevin Long (@socialimpostor) an entrepreneur behind many apps on various platforms. We brought Kevin in to speak about Facebook before and after the Cambridge Analytica events and how those revelations have impacted both users and app developers. We got DEEP into political influence, social impact and why this incident with Cambridge was singled out and so high profile. If you thought previous episodes were ripe with opinion, you have not heard...


Are Full Stack Developers a Myth?

Tonight, we welcome a special guest - Mr. Jamie Pollock and the three of us spend our time discussing what it we think it means to be a full stack developer and how that developer (if they truly exist) fits into various development scenarios. We compare and contrast our own development styles and areas of expertise, as well as share experiences that helped shape us into the developers we are today. We even discuss the role of imposter syndrome briefly and how that may or may not impact how...


What is Simple? When it Comes to Writing Code.

Rumors of our death have been greatly exagerated! Bob and Kevin are back and we decided to take on a super simple topic this week - er, NOPE! Bob and Kevin debate what it means to Keep It Simple Stupid when it comes to code and project architecutre. We also discuss Pull Request etiquette and a standardization of process in Open Source Libraries. Finally, we breeze though some current events in tech and weigh in on them. Lots of debate in this episode


So, Do We Really Have to SSL All the Things? It turns out we probably do…

In this episode, Bob & Kevin discuss first, what SSL is and then why it is so necissary. Of course, Bob shares his frustrations with the entire thing and questions WHY we even need to have SSL in the first place. We discuss three (or more) options that web developers have when it comes to implementing SSL solutions and the pros and cons of each.


Is There Room for Technology in Comedy?

In this special episode of the podcast, Bob & Kevin sit down and talk with comedian, writer, actor and producer Tom Clark and talk about his current Amazon Video special and what roles, if any, technology play in his act, writing, producing, etc. It was a great conversation and your first try at three participants in a podcast format. We hope you enjoy. To learn more about Tom, please visit his webpage at


Did Google Redefine the Robocall and We Discuss Tech Companies Like Family Members

We are just cranking out the content as fast as tech is spitting out the headlines! In this episode, we discuss the recent demo of Google Duplex and just how creepy robot calling could get. Then we try to identify any of the tech giants that we are okay with… it was hard to find any, but the banter is hilarious. We even talked some flying cars, the Turing Test and a bunch more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @bobandkevinshow -


Is Facebook Bad for You? Leaving Facebook, Deleting Your Profile and More…

This episode is actually a throwback to our YouTube show, but the audio stands up pretty well, in our opinion. Kevin is pretty fed up with how Facebook is behaving, and it appears that Bob really just doesn’t care… or does he. We explore the various data points that Facebook has collected on each of us and discuss where we think this will and end… or even will it. Take a listen and be sure to follow us on twitter @bobandkevinshow. Also, you can follow us as individuals - Bob is...


Bob and Kevin Leave YouTube and Start a Podcast

So, it looks like we are trying this #Podcast thing! The Bob & Kevin Show is dropping YouTube as our content platform in favor of doing a good ole fashioned podcast. On our first TRUE podcast episode, we talked about why we are leaving YouTube, how social media networks like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and more have monopolies and how there is virtually nothing we can do about it. Don’t worry, we throw some shade toward eBay and Amazon as well… heck, we even do some Walmart bashing. We will...


YouTube Revoked Our Live-Streaming

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