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Boost VC S3 EP32: Media in Crypto with Mike Dudas of The Block

Mike Dudas is the founder and CEO of The Block, the most reliable source of information for all things crypto. The media startup aims to cut through the noise, making the blockchain and cryptoassets accessible by way of social engagement and discourse, market information and education. Prior to founding The Block, Mike worked in business development for Google, PayPal and Venmo, and he cofounded Button, Inc., the premiere partnerships platform for mobile commerce.


Boost VC S3 EP31: Solving for Volatility in Crypto with a Decentralized Stablecoin—with Steven Becker of MakerDAO

Steven Becker is the President and COO of MakerDAO, a decentralized, autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Maker seeks to realize the potential of cryptocurrency through its Dai stablecoin, collateral loans and decentralized governance. Steven spent two decades doing market risk assessment in the traditional finance and investment space prior to joining MakerDAO.


Boost VC S3 EP30 :The New Frontier of Marketing in the Crypto Space—with Jordan Spence of MyCrypto

Jordan Spence is the CMO of MyCrypto, an open-source, client-side tool for interacting with the blockchain. The Ethereum interface provides a suite of tools the community can use to generate a wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, access the addresses they currently own, and even swap tokens. In his role as CMO, Jordan is responsible for bringing users to the site and elevating the MyCrypto brand identity. Prior to his work in the blockchain space, Jordan served as Marketing Coordinator for...


Boost VC S3 EP29: Healthcare Innovation, Data Access & the Blockchain —with Kat Kuzmeskas of SimplyVital

Today, Kat joins us to discuss the challenges of innovating in the healthcare space, describing the market’s slow adoption of advanced technology and the reteaching necessary around the role of the blockchain. She shares her interest in healthcare administration and explains how a year with Teach for America led to her idea for SimplyVital Health. Listen in for Kat’s insight on leading a global company and learn how persistence, organization and the will to win lend to her success as a...


Boost VC S3 EP28: Pen Testing, Persistence & Product/Market Fit—with Jacob Hansen of Cobalt

When you’re building a startup, it is easy to get caught up in creating the product itself and assume that the technology is the most important thing. But Jacob Hansen argues that an early focus on users is necessary in finding product/market fit. And as your company grows, attracting the right talent becomes just as important as the technology itself.


Boost VC S3 EP05 {Rebroadcast}: Returning the Power of the Internet to Its Users—Via Cryptocurrency with a16z VC Chris Dixon

Chris is a general partner with VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. He has made several seed- and venture-stage investments for a16z, including BuzzFeed, Coinbase,, Oculus and Skydio. Chris is also an active angel investor, having made personal investments in tech companies like Foursquare, Kickstarter and Pinterest, among others. He has a background in programming and entrepreneurship, serving as the co-founder and CEO of SiteAdvisor, an internet security startup acquired by McAfee in...


Boost VC S2 EP01 {Rebroadcast}: Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder of Polychain Capital

Do you know how a former lumberjack becomes the founder of and leader of the largest crypto hedge fund? Listen to this episode of The Boost VC podcast where Adam Draper talks to Olaf Carlson-Wee the founder of Polychain and one of Boost VC's portfolio companies, about starting the first ever crypto hedge fund, and how he now manages more than $250m in assets.


Boost VC S2 EP13 {Rebroadcast}: Freedom, Global Entrepreneurship and the Possibilities of Cryptocurrency with VC Tim Draper

“Venture capital, to me, is a way that we can raise money to help entrepreneurs who can go out there and do something for the world that just opens it up. I am always pushing for freedom, and I think it’s great to see venture capital be able to support entrepreneurs—wherever they are—to go out there and do something extraordinary for freedom.”


Boost VC S2 EP16 {Rebroadcast}: Sidechains, Stable Coins, and What’s Wrong with the ICO with Charlie Lee of Litecoin

Charlie Lee created Litecoin in 2011 while he was working as software engineer for Google. Litecoin is ‘the silver to Bitcoin’s gold,’ functioning as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that complements Bitcoin. In the long-term, Charlie sees Litecoin becoming a payment currency used at both physical and online stores, and he is currently working to promote widespread merchant adoption.


Season 3, Ep. 21: Fintech Applications & Cryptocurrency in Emerging Markets with Helghardt Avenant of REHIVE

Helghardt Avenant is the co-founder and CEO of Rehive, a platform working to help founders and businesses rapidly build, launch and scale fintech products by providing the necessary building blocks. Users mix and match a core set of features to their specific fintech use case, much the same way Shopify serves the eCommerce industry. Though Helghardt is based in Silicon Valley, 80% of Rehive’s engineering team works from his home country of South Africa.


Season 3, Ep. 20: Designing AI, VR and AR for Social Good with Sean White of Mozilla

We’re familiar with product/market fit, but have you ever considered product/person fit? Having empathy for the end user is what differentiates the companies that design technology for the benefit of humans from those that are simply out to make a profit. So, how do we design AI, VR and AR products that promote social good—and truly change people’s lives?


Season 3, Ep. 19: 'Hell yes' hiring for Coinbase, building on decentralized protocols with John Yi, Group Product Manager

John Yi is the Group Product Manager for Services at Coinbase, a digital currency platform where merchants and consumers can transact with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Based in San Francisco, Coinbase is on a mission to champion economic freedom through innovation in digital currency. John’s role is to manage the teams that build the infrastructure for consumer products.


Season 3, Ep. 18: Branding, Booty Calls & Banking on the Blockchain with Ameen Soleimani of SpankChain

Ameen is the co-founder and CEO of SpankChain, a startup set to revolutionize the adult film industry using blockchain technology. The team has launched its Camsite Beta program and is working to ship SpankBank and SpankPay in the very near future. Prior to SpankChain, Ameen served as Decentralization Lazer Gun for ConsenSys and co-founder of Filter, a Twitter news aggregator.


Season 3, Ep. 17: Leveraging Social Networks to Make Everyone a VC with Dan Finlay of MetaMask

Today, Dan sits down with us to explain how the CryptoKitties phenomenon fit his theory around the first viral crypto application. He speaks to his entry into the blockchain space as a natural extension of his interests in technology and governance. Dan describes the genesis of MetaMask and its aim to provide a gateway to P2P technology and provide the tools necessary to make usable apps. Listen in for Dan’s insight on social collateral and learn how social networks could be leveraged to...


Season 3, Ep. 16: The Intersection of VR & Cryptocurrency with Esteban Ordano of Decentraland

Esteban is the founder and CTO of Decentraland, a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where users can purchase land and build on it, limited only by their imaginations. Using a VR headset or web browser, Decentraland users become completely immersed in a 3D, interactive world where they can watch live music, shop with friends or even visit an underwater resort. Prior to Decentraland, Esteban worked as a software engineer at Google and BitPay.


Season 3, Ep. 15: Using Decentralized Tech to Mobilize Unused Resources with Julian Zawistowski of Golem Network

Today, Julian joins us to explain why Golem was the right kind of project for a token sale. He covers the evolution of Golem, from its inception to the current use case in CGI rendering. Julian offers insight around delivering a decentralized product, and we talk scalability—the biggest problem in the token space. Listen in as Julian shares how Golem might expand to include other use cases and learn about the blockchain’s potential to solve for the crisis of trust.


Season 3, Ep 14: Pioneering Blockchain Investment with Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital

Today, Paul sits down with us to share his Bitcoin origin story and discuss the evolution of the market since 2014. He offers his take on how the crypto market is changing, explaining why the best talent is coming into the space right now. Listen in as Paul speaks to the tokens that get him up in the morning and addresses the lack of standardization around how entrepreneurs utilize capital.


Season 3, Ep. 13: Investing in Thunder Lizards to Build Compounding Luck with VC Mike Maples of Floodgate

Today, Mike joins us at Boost to share the concept of the ‘Thunder Lizard,’ and explain why he prefers to work with Prime Movers. He discusses how he got involved with venture capital, who he goes to for advice, and his approach to cultivating humility. Mike offers insight around the time value to decision-making and the idea of progress by way of competing alternatives. Listen in to understand cryptocurrency’s potential to make trust free and get Mike’s advice for aspiring VCs.


Season 3, Ep. 12; Princesses Who Smash Computers & Women in VC with Jesse Draper of Halogen Ventures

Today, Jesse joins us at Boost to share her path to becoming a venture capitalist and offer insight around women in VC. She explains the impetus behind The Valley Girl Show, discussing the hustle required to launch and sustain a long-running tech talk show in the broken media industry. Listen in to understand how Jesse eventually came to see herself as a capable VC and learn how to raise girls who aren’t afraid to build jetpacks or take apart computers.