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A 30-to-60-minute roundtable discussion on issues surrounding new and emerging tech and how it relates to the CEDIA channel (primarily residential applications of “smart home” devices and networks).

A 30-to-60-minute roundtable discussion on issues surrounding new and emerging tech and how it relates to the CEDIA channel (primarily residential applications of “smart home” devices and networks).


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A 30-to-60-minute roundtable discussion on issues surrounding new and emerging tech and how it relates to the CEDIA channel (primarily residential applications of “smart home” devices and networks).








The CEDIA Podcast: Expo Booth Talks Highlights (2020_38)

A roundup of some of the Talks offered by CEDIA Volunteers at this year’s Virtual Expo Experience. Topics include the difficulties of making voice control interfaces really understand various phrasings, video analytics for surveillance, a preview of Wi-Fi 6E, and more.


The CEDIA Podcast: Flat Panel Displays (2020_37)

Everything you need to know about flat panel displays – especially the big, bright ones that are now on the market. We’ve got deets on installation and applications, and what you need to consider regarding heat, power, noise, and the perfect audio setup. Our guest is Samsung’s Kris Hogg. Samsung’s The Wall:


The CEDIA Podcast: Mehdi, the ElectroBOOM Guy (2020_36)

And for something a little different: Imagine a cross between Bill Nye and the guys from Jackass, but with content focusing on electronics, debunking fake viral videos ABOUT electronics, and dispelling myths about 5G panic and what have you. That's Mehdi Sadaghdar. This YouTube sensation is informative, funny as heck, and apparently impervious to injury.


The CEDIA Podcast: Linzi Boyd, Expo Experience Keynote (2020_35)

A chat with CEDIA’s Keynote speaker at the 2020 Virtual Expo Experience. Boyd will deliver two addresses: Building Brands to Shift Industries: Today, Tomorrow, The Future; and Economic, Societal, and Consumer Trends for a 21st Century Mindset: In Conversation with Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw.


The CEDIA Podcast: Display Week (2020_34)

Mike Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) attended the annual Display Week show (virtual this year) to fill us in on the latest gear – that you can’t even buy yet. This show from SID (the Society for Information Display) is a look at emerging tech as it begins to come to market.


The CEDIA Podcast: CEDIA and Big Tech (2020_33)

Google and Ring are now offering products and services tailor-made for CEDIA firms – and we’ll learn more about the philosophy behind their growing pro divisions. Guests include Google’s Adeel Tufail and Ring’s Andrew Vloyanetes. Google Duplex Google Nest Pro Ring


The CEDIA Podcast: TCD Update (2020_32)

Guy Singleton, creator of The CEDIA Designer, joins us to talk about handling “non-traditional” room shapes (that perhaps aren’t optimum for cinemas), proper audio for displays like Samsung’s The Wall, and how CEDIA’s standards and practices work informs TCD. TCD: Samsung’s The Wall:


The CEDIA Podcast: The State of the Lighting Segment (2020_31)

Want to add lighting to your integration projects? Start here. Pete Romaniello (IALD) of gives us an overview of the lighting segment from the certified lighting designer’s perspective. Pete has volunteered as a CEDIA instructor and has trained CEDIA integrators who’ve won awards for their lighting projects. Romaniello is teaching a class called “How to Work with Lighting Designers” at the CEDIA Virtual Lighting Conference on August 11....


The CEDIA Podcast: Creating Lasting Change (2020_30)

Creating lasting change is much easier said than done. How do you know what change is needed? How do you get your team on board? How do you make it stick? OneVision’s Jason Griffing walks us through the steps of change management. By the way, Griffing will be presenting a webinar on this very subject soon:


The CEDIA Podcast: Holistic Education (2020_29)

CEDIA’s Steve Rissi and Samantha Ventura break down the philosophy behind the curriculum in the new CEDIA Academy coursework, and the differences between holistic and utilitarian educational styles.


The CEDIA Podcast: Survive, Reset, Thrive (2020_28)

Dr. Rebecca Homkes outlines her three-step strategy for actually growing your business during a downturn. Interested in more?


The CEDIA Podcast: Best of 2020, Part One (2020_27)

From 5G to cybersecurity to managing streaming content for your clients, our twice-yearly highlight wrap-up features clips from the five most popular shows we recorded this year. Also -- here's the link for nominations to the CEDIA Board of Directors:


The CEDIA Podcast: The Power Show 2020 (2020_26)

Walt and Ed once again dig into the world of delivering clean, surge-free power to the integrated home. What’s the latest UPS technology? How are best practices developing? And what should an integrator avoid? Our guests are Nyron Kahrim from Middle Atlantic/Legrand, and Vince Luciani and Jimmy Paschke from SurgeX.


The CEDIA Podcast: Best Practices Update (2020_25b)

The CEB28 HDMI System Design and Verification and CEB22 Audio Design best practice guidelines are nearing completion with the ongoing efforts of CEDIA/CTA R10 Working Group. CEDIA’s Senior Director of Technology and Standards (and podcast co-host) Walt Zerbe is a big part of that effort, as are Technical Research Consultant David Meyer and CEDIA Board Member Peter Aylett (HTE). Here’s a progress report.


The CEDIA Podcast: Stimulus Update (2020_25a)

Mitch Reitman of the Reitman Group – regular contributor to the CE Pro family of publications – walks us through changes in small-business stimulus, and some pitfalls you need beware of.


The CEDIA Podcast: Living in Place and the Pandemic (2020_24b)

As Grandcare’s Laura Mitchell tells us, “With COVID19 we have just seen aging and senior housing turned on its head with social isolation, lack of healthcare workers, and the fear of hospitals. We are inundated with calls and requests for the video chat, telehealth capabilities, and activity monitoring.” Mitchell joins us to talk about the state of the post-COVID aging industry and best practices to stay safe.


The CEDIA Podcast: The Business Pivot (2020_24a)

How do you change products or services to fit a lockdown situation or match your client’s comfort level? Can you do that even without having techs in the house? Pete Trauth (Nirvana Home Entertainment), Mike Ranpura (Smart Life AV), and Mike McMaster (Wilshire Media Systems) have all been working on solutions to that problem. Peter Aylett (HTE), meanwhile, has some ideas about business opportunities created by this pandemic that he offered on a recent CEDIA...


The CEDIA Podcast: Keeping Your Sanity (2020_23b)

Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO Mental Health America joins us to speak about mental health as it relates to the small business owner (and their employees) during this pandemic. What are good coping mechanisms? How does one deal with these added pressures? What should someone be on the lookout for; the danger signs that things are getting away from them?


The CEDIA Podcast: The All New CEDIA Site (2020_23a)

CEDIA’s Desiree Friedman and James Bliss tell us about the work (and thought) that went into CEDIA’s new website: the look, the learning systems, and the combination of several sites into one location serving our global community of integrators, specifiers, and clients.


The CEDIA Podcast: The Culture Shift (2020_22b)

Two integrators share how their conversations with suppliers and clients have changed – and so has the way they do business. Guests include Heather Sidorowicz (SouthTown AV) and Jamie Briesemeister (Integration Controls).