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"The CX Pod" is an interview series featuring best practices and the leading thinkers and doers who are changing the way business gets done. The focus is on the customer experience and how business' need to actively evolve with their customers instead of reacting. It is hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski, editor of the Customer Strategist Journal.


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"The CX Pod" is an interview series featuring best practices and the leading thinkers and doers who are changing the way business gets done. The focus is on the customer experience and how business' need to actively evolve with their customers instead of reacting. It is hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski, editor of the Customer Strategist Journal.








TTEC Engage CEO gets real

Shelly Swanback, new CEO of TTEC Engage. shares her perspectives on digital transformation, innovative culture, the future of CX, and "embracing the mess."


Behind the CX curtain: Healthcare licensed agents

In the first of our series exploring the people behind amazing customer experience delivery, we delve into the role of healthcare licensed agents. Liz Glagowski interviews TTEC vice presidents Ebony Langston and Shelley Larrick about what licensed agents do and how important they are to create a good impression with health insurance members and prospects.


Celebrating Juneteenth — A conversation about what the holiday means for business and employees

Though it's been celebrated since the 1860s, Juneteenth became a U.S. federal holiday in 2021. The holiday commemorates the official end of slavery in the United States and has become a celebration of African-American culture and heritage. In honor of the day, Liz Glagowski partnered with TTEC’s Leesha Bush on a LinkedIn Live event to discuss the holiday and what it means for employees and business. Here is an excerpt of their conversation with Mita Antoine and Nisa Hill, members of TTEC’s...


What it takes to create a winning retail experience

Retail is an industry in constant evolution. Liz Glagowski and TTEC Head of Retail Jon Stough discuss challenges and opportunities for retailers to improve the customer experience and engage employees to shine as valuable brand ambassadors.


Drive employee retention with relational intelligence

In the era of the Great Resignation, businesses across industries are struggling to retain employees. Organizational psychologist Dr. Adam Bandelli explains how relational intelligence shapes employee and employer relationships and what leaders can do to strengthen those connections to improve employee engagement and retention.


What we got right and wrong about virtual reality

TTEC writers Liz Glagowski and Dylan Haviland got together to chat about nearly a decade of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. They looked at past predictions, the future of technology, and what the Metaverse will bring to the table.


Customer Strategist Journal roundtable: The Great Re-Engagement

Join the editors of the Customer Strategist Journal as they discuss their favorite trends, stories and facts from the newest issue, "The Great Re-Engagement."


Brick-and-mortar 2.0: What’s next for retail stores

Retail stores underwent dramatic changes in the last two years. Jeff Bradbury, Senior Marketing Director at Hughes Network Systems, discusses next steps in the increased digitalization of retail stores and trends that are reshaping the shopper experience.


CX 2021: A year in review

The editors of the Customer Strategist Journal came together to discuss their favorite CX stories, trends, and insights from 2021.


CX New Year’s resolutions: Innovate for 2022

Now is the perfect time to reflect and improve on your customer experiences. We asked CEOs, business leaders, and CX experts to share their plans on how to make 2022 the best year ever for customer (and employee) experience.


New study points to customers redefining brand loyalty

Over the past few months, conventional notions of what drives brand loyalty have been upended by new consumer expectations and needs. Robert Passikoff, founder and president of the research consultancy Brand Keys, offers insight into the new loyalty paradigm, including surprising results from his firm’s latest Loyalty Leaders survey.


CX BanterCast: Watch out for poor digital experiences

CX BanterCast is back and this time we are exploring the dark side of customer experience —poor digital experiences. But not all is lost. TTEC’s Tim Keefe and Andreas Wieman are back to explore how your CX organization can recognize, act, and improve on the digital channels your customers crave.


From spreadsheets to AI: A look at the future (and past) of customer service

Customer experience in the contact center industry has always been a one-to-one conversation, but the DNA of these conversations has changed. The prevalence of self-service capabilities, AI, and digital channels is rewriting how customers tackle everyday issues, and contact centers are evolving to match these expectations. Recently, TTEC’s Mary Nelson sat down with Sharon Jones, the Senior Director of Workforce Optimization Strategy and Planning for Cigna, to discuss the latest innovations...


CX BanterCast: where does customer experience go from here?

Clear the way for the newest series on the block, CX BanterCast! TTEC’s own Tim Keefe and Andreas Wieman are partnering up to deliver their takes on what’s paving the way for amazing leadership, innovations, and technologies all in the CX world. In their pilot episode we’ll explore how customer and employee experience is evolving in a post-pandemic world.


Marketing in 2021: navigating through change

Marketers are resetting their strategies and adapting to new customer expectations but what does that look like at a time marked with so much uncertainty? Judith Aquino spoke with Donovan Neale-May, founder and executive director of the Chief Marketing Officer Council, about the biggest challenges—and opportunities—facing marketers today.


Employee retention vs. the great resignation

As a record number of employees leave their positions in search of more fulfilling work, better pay, or other reasons, employee retention is more important than ever. Heather Younger, CEO and founder of Employee Fanatix, an employee engagement, leadership development, and consulting firm explains what employers can do to drive employee loyalty—and what pushes workers away.


What’s Now and What’s Next in Customer Experience

Business leaders and customers alike know how we do business has changed, but are we truly acting on it or merely observing? In the second episode of TTEC’s “Redefining Value” podcast series, Mary Nelson sits down with Matt Benjamin, US & Canada Operations & Technology Customer Engagement Leader at Mercer, to learn more about what customers value and how to meet these expectations head on.


Redefining Value: A New CX World with Don Peppers

Customer experience is fluid. Social factors, environments, and technology shape people’s expectations and the interactions they expect from the brands they shop with. As a part of the CX Pod’s newest series, TTEC’s own Mary Nelson guest-hosts conversations with the world’s top CX professionals to explore the evolving nature of business. To kick off the series Nelson spoke with renowned CX guru Don Peppers on the idea of defining value in a post-covid world.


How Retail CX is Evolving

The retail landscape is transforming faster than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out what’s next, Judith Aquino speaks with Steve Rowen, managing partner at Retail Systems Research, about the technology trends that have been accelerated, retailers’ customer experience priorities, and emerging innovations.


Listen up: How Clubhouse Can Accelerate Customer Engagement

Audio apps and social media networks like Clubhouse are taking off for personal and professional development. Liz Glagowski speaks to business strategist Rita Goodroe about the opportunities in Clubhouse and other audio apps to increase customer engagement, drive sales, and provide great experiences.