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With "The Counterpoint Podcast" we aim to deliver deeper and unique, fact-based insights on various industry trends and topics in multiple engaging ways.

With "The Counterpoint Podcast" we aim to deliver deeper and unique, fact-based insights on various industry trends and topics in multiple engaging ways.




With "The Counterpoint Podcast" we aim to deliver deeper and unique, fact-based insights on various industry trends and topics in multiple engaging ways.




Auto Sector’s Semiconductor Shortage Likely to Ease in Late 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted automobile sales in H1 2020. But as the demand started recovering in H2 2020, the semiconductor shortage crisis hit the automobile industry too. The chipset production capacity is already stretched by the rise in demand from smartphones and laptops due to work-from-home and learn-from-home. As a result, the semiconductor shortage faced by the automobile industry is unlikely to ease before late 2021. Some automakers have already been forced to slow down their...


Over 50% Smartphones to Have Embedded Hardware Security by 2025

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, data security has come under the scanner. In particular, robust security is needed to use smartphones for activities like financial transactions and for unlocking our homes and cars. This is where embedded hardware security can help in storing user credentials securely in an environment called secure element (SE). Around 35% of the smartphones sold globally in H1 2020 had embedded hardware security, according to the latest research from Counterpoint’s...


Over 6 Billion eSIM-based Devices to be Shipped by 2025

Over the years, the size of the SIM card has shrunk from a credit card form factor to a size smaller than the index fingernail. But as we move into a more connected world with NB-IoT devices and foldable smartphones, the eSIM (or embedded SIM) is gaining popularity. The eSIM eliminates the need for having a physical SIM card slot, thus saving the board space for engineers, which can be used for other components. It has a wide range of applications, from smartphones and smartwatches to...


Resilient Smartphone Market Heads Confidently Into 2021

Despite economic uncertainty that was created, the key takeaway from 2020 is that the smartphone market is resilient as there is a strong demand for it. There were interesting events that took place in 2020, where we saw the shift in channel where online sales have been growing. There were some geopolitical issues too where US sanctions on Huawei caused a major impact on the company. Huawei lost access to GMS for Play Store and lost access to TSMC for chipsets, among others. At the start of...


XR - Where are We in Reality?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world around us has changed with people working-from-home, and students learning-from-home. XR is all about offering users with an immersive experience, and standalone gaming could be one of the key drivers for the eXtended reality platform. With learning can be fun as explaining the concept of universe, chemistry and physics could be fun and exciting with virtual and augmented reality (AR). It could even benefit the manufacturing and healthcare sector among...


Wearables get Pandemic Push

Wearables come in different forms, from fitness bands to smartwatches. These devices have a unique proposition as they are worn on wrist. This enables the user to constantly monitor vital health parameters. Basic fitness trackers come with features like a pedometer, sleep monitor and heart rate sensor. The advanced ones include GPS and workout detection features to log cycling, skipping, squats and other forms of exercises. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch feature...


Gaming Smartphones are More Than Just Flagships

The gaming smartphones are more powerful than the regular flagship smartphones in terms of hardware, design and capabilities. In fact, popular features such as high refresh rate displays, vapour chamber cooling and dedicated gaming mode were first introduced in gaming smartphones. But what differentiates these special phones from regular flagship smartphones? And who are these phones meant for? We discuss all that and more in a podcast. In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’,...


Artificial Intelligence – Winter is coming!

AI is a broad definition that includes everything from statistical analysis to software to deep learning. Now, there are companies there are actually doing AI by pushing back the boundaries, and we call them practitioners. Then there are others that base their intelligence on statistics, that we call pretenders. There is also a third category called “tricksters” that do not do any AI at all. So, what is the percentage like for these companies? In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint...


Over 50% of Cars Sold Globally in 2020 will be Connected

There are different types of connected cars that are available in the market, from embedded TCUs to hybrid and smartphone-connected ones. Add-on connectivity features also open up new revenue streams for automakers. But which are the leading automakers in the connected cars market, what are the key drivers and which countries are leading the segment? We discuss all this and more in our latest podcast. In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne is joined by...


iPhone 12 to Make 5G Mainstream in Europe

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Peter Richardson is joined by associate director Jan Stryjak to talk about the European smartphone market outlook. Jan shares some updates on COVID-19, and how the market has been performing. The discussion touches upon the gap that Huawei has created and smartphone makers that are benefitted from that. And lastly, Jan also talks about the new Apple iPhone 12 series and how it can give the much-needed boost to 5G in Europe. Follow us...


Chinese Brands Catalyzing SEA Smartphone Market

The lockdown period brought upon the pent-up demand, and smartphone makers are coming up with aggressive marketing strategies to cater to the users. Aggressive pricing and innovative marketing strategies such as shopping through WhatsApp have helped smartphone makers bounce back. E-commerce platforms are also running promotional sales with discounts and more, which has further helped the growth. In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne is joined by research...


2nd Gen Foldables Point to a Promising Future for Mainstream Market

The foldable phones have been around for a few years now, especially if you remember the clamshell form factor. Even the Nokia Communicator was a foldable smartphone with a small screen on the outside and a bigger display on the inside. But a lot has changed over the years, as we moved from phones with alphanumeric keypads to full QWERTY keyboards to a fully evolved touchscreen smartphone. A smartphone with a flexible, foldable display which was once just a concept, is now a reality. The...


App Economy and Apple’s Epic Battle

Recently, Fortnite creator Epic Games bypassed the App Store payment gateway, after which Apple booted the game out of the App Store and also terminated their account. In return, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple, after which Apple also filed its counterclaims alleging breach of contract. In a court filing, Epic Games accused Apple to maintain its monopoly over in-app payments on the iOS platform and inflating prices. This battle that would eventually hurt Epic Games more as millions...


How & When Shall We See the First sub-$200 5G Smartphone?

There are various factors that drive the cost of 5G smartphones. As the technology is still in its nascent stage, smartphone makers need to add a separate baseband, RF antennas, and passive filters for 5G to work. But there are other factors, such as high refresh rate displays, bigger batteries and multiple camera setups that drive the cost of 5G smartphones. In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Peter Richardson is joined by analyst Shobhit Srivastava and Ethan Qi to...


Video Streaming Takes a Bigger Slice of Digital Life Amid Pandemic

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne is joined by research director Jeff Fieldhack and senior analyst Pavel Naiya to discuss how Americans are entertaining themselves amid the lockdowns. Pavel offers insights on different apps and services consumers are spending their money on. Jeff, on the other hand, sheds some light on how carriers were well prepared to offer uninterrupted internet access, even with the spike in usage. He also talks about different...


FWA: Killer App for 5G & A Help In Bridging Global Digital Divide

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is emerging as one of the leading use cases for 5G New Radio (NR) architecture, something that we recently highlighted in our report. We at Counterpoint expect that the global consumer 5G FWA will reach more than 50 million connections in 2025 and increase to more than 450 million in 2030. In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne and senior analyst Tina Lu are joined by Shiv Putcha, founder and principal analyst at Mandala...


Future of Mobility After COVID-19

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Peter Richardson and senior research analyst Aman Madhok discuss the future of mobility post the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion covers topics such as emerging mobility options such as e-bikes, e-scooters, electric vehicles, and more. We have also touched upon the types of investments and partnerships that are happening in the industry, and how they will benefit the future of world mobility. Come join us to listen to the...


India Smartphone Shipments Getting Over Pandemic Pain

The Q2 2020 was probably one of the worst quarters for smartphone makers in years. As the COVID-19 outbreak started, the Indian government had imposed a strict lockdown starting March 25. As a result, smartphone production and sales came to a standstill. April was the worst month with all smartphone brands registering zero sales. Though, as lockdown restrictions started to ease, pent-up demand pushed India smartphone user base to half a billion. In the latest episode of “The Counterpoint...


Global Pandemic Makes The Right Pitch for Podcasts

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne and research analyst Abhilash Kumar discuss the growth of the music streaming market in Q1 2020. We also deep-dive to understand factors that are driving the growth of podcasts and touch upon the revenue share of the music streaming platform. Our detailed report on the Global Online Music Streaming Market in Q1 2020 can be found here. Follow us on social media platforms – Twitter –...


SoC Players Democratizing 4G & 5G Mobile & IoT Experiences

In the latest episode, “The Counterpoint Podcast” host Maurice Klaehne and associate director Tarun Pathak discuss the feature phone market which has a sizeable chunk of share. The discussion focuses on different topics like opportunities for both handset vendors and network operators. Even a popular feature phone chipset maker like Unisoc can have a bigger role from the 5G NR IoT perspective. Detailed whitepaper can be found here: Cellular Technology Transitions and Potential for SoC...