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A Podcast about Show Control. We cover everything related to show control, from QLab to TouchOSC. Our cast of experts will entertain and enlighten you about all the amazing possibilities. Visit for more info.

A Podcast about Show Control. We cover everything related to show control, from QLab to TouchOSC. Our cast of experts will entertain and enlighten you about all the amazing possibilities. Visit for more info.


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A Podcast about Show Control. We cover everything related to show control, from QLab to TouchOSC. Our cast of experts will entertain and enlighten you about all the amazing possibilities. Visit for more info.




EPISODE 18: John Huntington pt 2: Author of Show Networks and Control Systems

TOPICS: • John Huntington InterCue pt2 – author • storm chaser • photographer. LINKS: *Gravesend Inn *Meow Wolf *John Huntington Control Geek *Wireshark *Altinex Anywire *Medialon John Huntington is a Professor of Entertainment Technology at New York City...


EPISODE 17: John Huntington pt 1: Author of Show Networks and Control Systems

TOPICS: • John Huntington InterCue pt1 – author • storm chaser • photographer. LINKS: *Anywire *Beckhoff Automation Technology *John Huntington Control Geek *Indiana State Fair Collapse *Wireshark *City Tech’s Entertainment Technology Program *John Huntington on Instagram *Bob...


EPISODE 16: InterCue with Juergen Kienhoefer – Long Range Bluetooth & more…

TOPICS: • Juergen Kienhoefer InterCue – Wireless Cables Inc. : Long range bluetooth extenders and more… LINKS: *AirCable *Smart Mesh *Fresnel Zone *Eddystone Based in San Jose, California, Wireless Cables Inc. designs, manufactures and sells patented long-range Bluetooth®-based...


SPECIAL EPISODE: USITT Special – By Dave Mickey

TOPICS: • Dave Mickey interviews USITT participants. LINKS: *USITT Founded in 1960, USITT is an organization to promote dialogue, research, and learning among practitioners of theatre design and technology. Today it has grown to include members...


EPISODE 15: Sooner Routhier InterCue – Rock n Roll Lighting Designer

TOPICS: • Sooner Routhier InterCue – Rock N Roll Lighting Designer LINKS: *Sooner Routhier *SRae Productions *SRae Lighting Design Gallery *Robe Lighting *Ayrton Lighting *The Weekend *GrandMA 2 Lighting Board *Laser Curtain *Kelsea Ballerini Sooner Routhier...


Episode 14: Dave Smith-The Inventor of MIDI

TOPICS: • Dave Smith (The Inventor of MIDI) InterCue • Devamp Madness • Best Video Transport Methods LINKS: *Copper LAN *OSC Website (OFFLINE! as of Feb 17th) *Dave Smith Instruments *Dave Smith on Wikepedia *7 Crazy MIDI Controllers...


Episode 13: Justino Zoppe-The Magic of Show Control

TOPICS: • Justino Zoppe InterCue. The Magic of Show Control • RS-232 Serial Control of Projectors LINKS: • Wireless MIDI • Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote • Justino Zoppe • ASCII Converter Tool • Quickeys • Bluetooth Range...


Episode 12 – Enttec Americas InterCue

TOPICS: • Enttec Americas InterCue. LINKS: • Enttec * Pixel LEDs QUOTE: “Arts technology, used appropriately, gives people magic powers for making art. It doesn’t replace them.” -Chris Ashworth Enttec is the leading manufacturer of DMX interfaces and LED lighting products....


Episode 11 – Propared InterCue – Dave Mickey’s Internet Disaster

TOPICS: • Propared InterCue & Dave Mikey’s Internet Disaster Story. LINKS: • Propared: Revolutionary Project Management Software for Event Professionals QUOTE: I think that novels that leave out technology misrepresent life as badly as Victorians misrepresented life by leaving out sex. -Kurt...


Episode 10 – Drew Dalzell InterCue – The Collaborator Party

TOPICS: • Drew Dalzell InterCue & The Collaborator Party. FAQ THE CUE: • More UDP vs TCP • Best Video Setup for Students LINKS: • Dante Controller • Dataton Watchout • Gilderfluke: MiniBrick • Alcorn McBride • Isadora QUOTE: Technology...


Episode 9 – Marcus Ranum InterCue: TCP vs UDP Wars – Lemur Review

TOPICS: • Marcus Ranum InterCue & Lemur Review. THE CUE REVIEW: • Lemur LINKS: • Marcus Ranum: Firewall and Security Expert • Lemur. QUOTE: The real danger is not that computers will start to think like man, it’s that man will...


Episode 8 – Sam Kusnetz InterCue – BlackMagic Products – Go Box Review

TOPICS: • Sam Kusnetz InterCue & Go Box Review. FAQ THE CUE: • Black Magic Video Converters LINKS: • Go Box • Black Magic Video Products. QUOTE: All of the biggest technological inventions created by man –...


Episode 7 – The Qlab Cook Book by Mic Pool, InterCue

TOPICS: • InterCue with QLab guru Mic Pool.• LINKS: • Mic Pool’s QLab Cookbook. • Resolume VJ Software. • Lemur: Pro MIDI and OSC controller. • Catalyst Media Server. • Fifty Nine Productions: Video Mapping • Hypercard QUOTE: We are stuck...


Episode 6 – QLab 3 Show Control Book

TOPICS: • Intercue with QLab 3 Show Control author Jeremy Hopgood. FAQ THE CUE: • LED Projectors and Lumens. • Serial Digital Interface. LINKS: • QLab 3 Show Control Book. • Jeremy Hopgood Blog. • Black Magic Video Products. QUOTE:...


Episode 5 – LX Series Interview

Topics: LX Series Interview with Claude Heinz. Product Review: QLab Remote UPDATE. FAQ The Cue: How to prepare your Mac for a QLab Show. Download the SetUp File. Links: LX Series. QLab Remote. Quote: The ultimate metaphoric...


Episode 4 – Take Over a Light Board

Topics: Infusion Systems Interview with Axel Mulder How to Take Over a Light Board with MIDI Show Control Product Review: Apple iPad A remote, a interface, a back up system and more. What do you...


Episode 3 – What’s in Your Garage?

Topics: Alec Sparks Interview. Creator of QLX: EOS Lighting control for QLab What’s in your Garage? Projects that almost made it but didn’t. Product Review: DMX over Ethernet using DMX Kings eDMX1 and Enttec ODE...


BONUS AUDIO! The Cue: Sound Track

Free download of our theme music, composed by Kyle Swafford.


Episode 2 – Crazy Set Ups

Topics: Composer and Sound Designer Kyle Swafford – joins us to discuss how he created the music for The Cue with Ableton Live. Crazy Set Ups FAQ The Cue: What is a Ground Lift and...


Episode 1 – Meet The Cue

Topics: How did we get here. Product Review: Go Button, the QLab for iOS. FAQ The Cue: SYSEX Messages? What the heck is the Matrix Mixer all about? Disasters: Stories of When things go horribly...