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The Culture Soup Podcast is where tech, culture and business collide. Each episode, L. Michelle Smith interviews foremost and emerging thoughtleaders in the space, with topics driven by hot conversations on social media.

The Culture Soup Podcast is where tech, culture and business collide. Each episode, L. Michelle Smith interviews foremost and emerging thoughtleaders in the space, with topics driven by hot conversations on social media.
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The Culture Soup Podcast is where tech, culture and business collide. Each episode, L. Michelle Smith interviews foremost and emerging thoughtleaders in the space, with topics driven by hot conversations on social media.






Ep 11: Women: Empowered by our Roots Pt 2 with Miko Branch

This is a very candid and authentic conversation with my new friend @mikobranch cofounder of @miss_jessies about courage, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. The hardships that come with owning your own business are sometimes silent lessons that no one goes through but the owner. Find out where she and her sister TiTi drew their strength, and learn what advice she has for upcoming and striving bosses. Oh, yes, and listen to the end for the product giveaway. #teamnatural. #tech...

Ep 10: Women: Empowered by our Roots Pt 1 with A’Lelia Bundles

Did you know that the first woman millionaire in the United States built her empire on black hair care? Madam CJ Walker is likely the first Mary Kay, but instead of makeup, her focus was on haircare for a segment of women who needed a self esteem boost. Imagine that you have no clue how to take care of or manage your hair. Now imagine that someone not only shows you, but shares with you how to start your own business and share the good news with others? I speak with her biographer and...

Ep 9: #DearSummerG with Summer Galvez

While the Women in the Workplace study from McKinsey and the LeanIn organization call black women "double outsiders," these women of color are creating their own spaces with entrepreneurship. Meet one of my kindred spirits who has carved out a niche with her own marketing and web design agency...and a new project that she announces exclusively on our show. It's what spurs a whole conversation between the two of us about social media and relationships.

Joy To The World! with Audrey DuBois Harris

Audrey DuBois Harris returns for an encore on the podcast for a special bonus episode to talk about her new album Joy to the World: A Christmas Celebration as well as continue our conversation on bringing inclusion to the opera. We also giveaway a signed autographed copy to one lucky listener.

Ep 8: What's So Funny?!? With Comedian Jamie Roberts

T H I S G U Y makes it his business to make you laugh. I’m just glad to call him a friend. In fact, I owe a lot to him because he took time to talk me through this podcast thing, and the thing lives because of his wise advice. I want you to meet him too. Jamie Roberts is on the rise as a comedian, and he is an accomplished radio exec in the country’s No. 1 market. You know a friend who runs towards you, not away, when you say you have an idea or a dream... and they help you make it happen....

Ep 7: Blogging: A Family Affair, Eva Greene Wilson, AKA SocaMom

This week, we’ll speak with Eva Green Wilson, of®. She is an award-winning parenting blogger and a speaker. Most importantly, she is one of my besties! The story of how we met and became friends is epic. I think you’ll love her as much as I do.And by the way, we bonded over a good curry and ginger beer at carnival in Atlanta. We talk about how her whole family has gotten in on the blogging scene, and talk about parenting in the Internet age...and a whole lot more!

Ep 6: #BAWSELady, Lauren Maillian

This beauty doesn’t have to speak to be heard, but she has something to say. Introducing to few, reintroducing to many Lauren Maillian, best-selling author and brand strategist and all-round #BAWSE. Her story is incredible, and you can hear it on #theculturesouppodcast

Ep 5: You Go Girl!!--DJ Niena Drake

A full-circle moment is really the headline of DJ Niena Drake's life, and she bucks all the negative women stereotypes. She sits at the intersection of tech, business and culture, and while she is spinning for some of the biggest celebrities and brands, she is spreading sunshine and pouring into the lives of striving young people.

Bonus Ep 2:: A Little About Acting from a Big Talent--Maceo Smedley

Happy Thanksgiving! We have a bonus episode for you! What a JOY chatting with this young man who is already killing the acting game at the ripe old age of 11 years old!! He’s had roles on Underground, Cloak and Dagger and now @netflix’s All About the Washingtons.... which is where I met him and his family— at the LA premiere party in August. Maceo Smedley’s special episode airs on Thanksgiving Day.

Ep 4: Great Things Happen When You Just #DoYou--Jarrett Hill

Ep 4 features pop culture and politics journalis & host from NBC BLK, MSNBC, NY Times and Essence writer, @JarrettHill. He talks plagiarism, First Ladies, speeches, empathy, living in your purpose and even white supremacy. It’s a juicy one.

Ep 3: The Social Media for Social Good Guru--Chris Strub

He is the man who wrote the book on social media for social good. During a time where negativity seems to constantly swirl on social media, you'll want to hear what Chris Strub is doing to bring sunshine back to your newsfeeds all while helping people in need.

Bonus Ep 1: #OperaWeek Bringing Inclusion to the Opera--Marc Scorca

This bonus episode is offered in celebration of the final day of Opera Week, 2018. It is also special because the conversation is also on YouTube uncut, and can be seen exclusively at

Ep 2: Dawn of The Creators #BlackExcellence--Jaylen Bledsoe

Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO of Bledsoe Global Group became a millionaire by the age of 15. He has been making millions for his client ever since! Talk about #blackexcellence! And we will. Find out what Black Single Mom Magic has to do with it! It drops Nov 1. If you are still new to this, listen and subscribe. #theculturesouppodcast

Ep 1: The Queen of Soul's Favorite Soprano--Audrey DuBois Harris

Our premier episode features the story of The Queen of Soul’s Favorite Soprano. Aretha loved Puccini as much as she loved church music and soul, and when she discovered Audrey DuBois Harris mixing classical and gospel on a TV show one day, she just had to contact her. Her heart-felt performance at Franklin’s funeral was one last request fulfilled for The Queen’s family, and when you rewatch with that in mind, you’ll know why she put her whole heart and talent into it. All the way from...

The Preamble Episode

Getting to know you...getting to know all about you. This episode provides context and background on the show, the show's creator and host and what to expect when the show drops Thursday, Oct 25! That's in only 2 Days! Are you subscribed? Listen up... and tell a friend to come along for the journey.

The Culture Soup Podcast--Teaser, Ep 2 Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO Bledsoe Global Group

What does it take to become a millionaire by the time you're 15? It takes the motivation that poverty can bring, and it also takes the work ethic that only a black single mom can model to all three of her kids. Jaylen talks about it with L. Michelle is this teaser from Episode 2 that drops Nov 1. Subscribe today! We're also streaming on Spotify!


The Culture Soup Podcast--Teaser

Your Host L. Michelle Smith provides just a taste of what The Culture Soup Podcast has to offer with a snippet from an up coming interview with friend, founder and CEO of the beverage company JinJa, Reuben Canada.