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Join the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates in this new show all about DevOps. We go beyond the buzzword and show you how to solve your DevOps problems using a wide range of tools and techniques. Follow the League on Twitter: @damovisa @jldeen @AbelSquidHead @DonovanBrown @StevenMurawski

Join the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates in this new show all about DevOps. We go beyond the buzzword and show you how to solve your DevOps problems using a wide range of tools and techniques. Follow the League on Twitter: @damovisa @jldeen @AbelSquidHead @DonovanBrown @StevenMurawski
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Join the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates in this new show all about DevOps. We go beyond the buzzword and show you how to solve your DevOps problems using a wide range of tools and techniques. Follow the League on Twitter: @damovisa @jldeen @AbelSquidHead @DonovanBrown @StevenMurawski






Running your First Docker Container in Azure

Damian catches up with fellow Cloud Advocate Jay Gordon at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Berlin. Containers are still new for a lot of people and with the huge list of buzzwords, it's hard to know where to get started. Jay shows how easy it is to get started running your first container in Azure, right from scratch. Follow Jay on Twitter: @jaydestro Follow Damian on Twitter:...


Using Azure Pipelines for your Open Source Project

Damian speaks to Edward Thomson about how to get started with Azure Pipelines - right from GitHub. The deep integration and GitHub Marketplace app for Azure Pipelines makes it incredibly easy to build your projects no matter what language you're using. You can even use the builds as part of your PR checks! Edward shows us the incredible (free!) offers for open and closed source projects, and walks through creating and running a new Azure Pipelines build from scratch in only a few...


Using Structured Logging for Production Insight

Damian speaks to Nick Blumhardt about structured logging. Trawling through logs is often painful, and it can be hard to discover exactly what events are related to what others. The problem is far worse with popular and highly trafficked sites. Nick talks about how to structure your logging to make discovery much easier, and he shows us how you can use some built-in features in ASP.NET Core to make things easier. Follow Nicholas on Twitter: @nblumhardt Follow Damian on Twitter:...


Azure Automation Runbooks with PowerShell

Damian chats to MVP Thomas Rayner about Azure Automation Runbooks. You don't always need to jump into the portal to get things done in Azure. In this episode, Thomas walks us through how to configure and execute PowerShell inside Azure - all from the commandline! Install Azure PowerShell on Windows with PowerShellGet PSReadLine Create a Free Account (Azure):


DevOps for Data Science

Damian talks to Microsoft's Paige Bailey as well as MVP Terry McCann about DevOps for Data Science. These two really popular fields are not often combined, but there are some fantastic opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas. Damian, Paige and Terry discuss what's important to data scientists and where to start when it comes to a DevOps process. From using source control, testing and refreshing predictive models to operationalizing and evaluating success in production. Data scientists...


Continuous Availability - LIVE at Build 2018

How Azure global monitoring team uses VSTS to deploy their Azure Cloud Collab dashboard Damian sits down with Deepak Saini and Vinod Kumar to talk about Continuous Availability. Is it enough to deploy your changes continuously, or is there more you can do for projects that absolutely need to be available all the time? Deepak and Vinod talk about how they use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to deploy the dashboard application at the Azure Cloud Collaboration Centre - a 1,600 square foot...


Deploying Azure Functions with VSTS

Damian is joined by fellow Aussie Simon Waight at the MVP Summit to talk about deploying Azure Functions with VSTS. Many Azure DevOps demos show how to deploy websites, but there are so many Azure features. Simon shows us how easy it is to deploy Azure Functions, both consumption and service plans, including writing configuration settings and letting Application Insights know about a release. Follow Simon on Twitter: @simonwaight Follow Damian on Twitter: @damovisa Resources: Functions...


Moving your Data Warehouse to the Cloud

Damian talks to Deepak Kaushik about moving data warehousing from on-premises servers to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Data warehouses are traditionally hosted on physical servers located at central locations that are self-managed, but there's another way! Deepak talks about the advantages of using Microsoft's hosted offering, and walks through how to move from on-prem to Azure. Follow Deepak on Twitter: @ThinkForDeepak Follow Damian on Twitter: @damovisa Resources: Azure Data WarehouseWhat...


Improving Performance for with Troy Hunt

Damian sits down with fellow Aussie and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt to talk about dramatically improving performance for his new Pwned Passwords offering. Troy runs a popular high traffic site - - so amazing performance is a must, even through unexpected traffic spikes. In this episode, Troy shows us how he's dramatically reduced response times for his new Pwned Passwords feature, and explains how that's a win-win for both him and his users. Follow Troy...


Unit Testing your Database Changes

Damian meets with Hamish Watson at the MVP Summit to talk about testing your database changes. Unit testing is vital in a good process but tests don't often extend to the database. Can it be done at all? And do DBAs have to learn a new language? Hamish shows us two tools that can help you write database tests, in TSQL, and run them as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Resources: tSQLt: Unit Tests for SSDT Projects: Hamish's Blog:...


Building Security into your DevOps Pipeline

Damian talks to Dylan Smith about building security into your DevOps process. Now that we're deploying to production so regularly, what do the security teams do? How do we make sure none of our changes introduce a new vulnerability. Dylan answers these questions for us and even shows what Microsoft does to help avoid security disasters. Follow Damian on Twitter: @damovisa Follow Dylan on Twitter: @dylan_smith


Deploying Node to Docker on Azure

Damian is joined by Brian Clark to show off some of the cross-platform support in VSTS and Azure. Can you use traditionally non-Microsoft languages and platforms with VSTS and Azure? You sure can! In this short episode, Brian shows a process tying together VSCode on a Mac, a PR process through GitHub, CI builds (on hosted Linux agents), Azure Container Registry hooks, and Azure App Services running containers on Linux. Follow us on Twitter: Damian Brady: @damovisa Brian Clark:...


Deploying Database changes alongside your code with SSDT projects and VSTS

Damian is joined by Abel Wang to show us one way of tracking and deploying database changes alongside your code. The SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) project type in Visual Studio allows you to keep an up to date version of your code in source control. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) natively supports deploying any changes to an SSDT project to your SQL Server instance.


Deploying to On-Premises Servers with VSTS

Damian is joined by Abel Wang to walk through using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to deploy applications to on-premises servers. As Cloud Developer Advocates, we focus so much on deploying to Azure - especially Platform as a Service (Paas) - but not every app is on the cloud! Thankfully, VSTS has a solution.


Customer focus and making production visible with Raygun

Damian talks to JD Trask about closing the loop in your software development cycle and focusing on how your customers use your software - the story doesn't end when your software hits production! JD talks about why it's important to be customer-focused and shows us how tools like Raygun can expose what's happening in production. Damian on Twitter: @damovisa JD on Twitter: @traskjd Raygun on Twitter: @raygunio Raygun:


Real World Mobile DevOps with VSTS and App Center

Damian talks to James Montemagno about using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and App Center to manage your mobile application DevOps process. James explains how you can use both tools together, and shows us how the Xamarin team does DevOps for their own Xamarin Live Player app. Resources: - Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS): - App Center: - Xamarin Live Player:


The DevOps Lab Kickoff Show #1 – Connect(); 2017 Recap

In this episode Damian Brady sits down with Dmitry Lyalin to kickoff the brand new The DevOps Lab show! This new Channel 9 show will focus on all things DevOps at Microsoft and cover many product areas include Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), related Azure cloud services and beyond. In this episode we'll introduce the show, review the many DevOps related announcements coming out of Connect(); 2017 and demo the brand new VSTS CLI (command-line tools) and Azure DevOps Projects CI/CD...