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The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.

The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.
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The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.








Ep. 88 - Stitch Fix Seems Oddly Undervalued

Stitch Fix is a relatively new tech IPO, coming public last year. Eric goes through some facts about the company and why he thinks it seems to be oddly valued compared to other subscription services out there. This pod is based on an article written a couple of weeks ago in the newsletter and on Medium. He also revisits his recent piece about Apple being undervalued after it hit $1 trillion.


Ep. 87 - Why Are There No Exciting Young Tech Companies Under 5 Years Old?

When I was growing up in the dot com craze of the late 90s at Columbia Business School, all the traditionally conservative MBA candidates who normally wanted to go into banking or consulting dreamed of striking it rich by starting their own tech company or going to work for a new one like CMGI,, Yahoo, or Excite. Today, it seems like young tech talent wants to go work for Apple, Facebook, Google or Amazon. Where are the hot new young companies of today's generation?


Ep. 86 - Why Apple Is Still Undervalued

Apple recently passed $1 trillion in market capitalization and its stock has hit all-time highs. Eric argues that it could still rise another 50% before its fairly valued and explains why.


Ep. 40 - The Real Reason Why Talks Broke Off To Combine CBS and Viacom

Since news broke this week that National Amusements wouldn't pursue a merger of CBS and Viacom, the conventional wisdom has been that it was because CBS CEO Les Moonves didn't want to own the distressed assets. It's more likely there's more upside in the Viacom turnaround plan that Bob Bakish has articulated.


Ep. 39 - Faultlines at the Top of Disney and What It Means For Its Future

This week's news that Thomas Staggs is leaving his post as COO of Disney might seem like it's a simple personnel issue. I discuss why I think it is much more significant and gives a peek into how much concern there is inside the boardroom at Disney about that company's future and how it will transition its old cable business to a digital world.


Ep. 38 - Yahoo's Mistakes, How It Could've Been Different, & What Happens Now

Yahoo's had a lot of successes over its 20 years, but it's also in a tough spot at the moment. What were its big mistakes over the last few years? What could it have done differently to change its situation? What's going to happen this year? Eric Jackson shares his thoughts on these most popular questions about Yahoo these days.


Ep. 37 - Jon Russell on If Messaging Apps Are About To Swallow The World

Eric spoke with TechCrunch's Jon Russell about if Messaging Apps are about to take over the world of computing. Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger, iMessage, Line, Kik, Snapchat, and Kakao are extremely popular. Some think they will morph into places were we do all our communications and e-commerce. We discuss who's best positioned to benefit.


Ep. 36 - Jason Hirschhorn on Viacom's Deep Problems, Noises, Naysayers, and Turnaround Hope

Eric spoke again with ReDEF's Jason Hirschhorn about what Viacom and MTV used to be when he worked there in the early 2000s vs. what it has become today under Philippe Dauman. We discuss the Tom Freston days, what Shari Redstone has and might do, and how to turnaround the once great company.


Ep. 35 - Peter Kafka on The Latest In The Big Media Struggles With The Bundle

Eric caught up with Re/Code's Peter Kafka to discuss his recent media and tech interviews at Code/Media and where he thinks Big Media is at with the inexorable pressure on the bundle. We also discuss Netflix, Viacom, Time Warner, and ESPN.


Ep. 34 - Sydney Finkelstein on How To Be A Superboss

Sydney Finkelstein is a Dartmouth Business School professor, author and consultant. He was also on my doctoral committee a while back. His new book out February 9th, 2016 and sure to be another business best-seller is called "Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent." In this discussion, we cover the 3 types of Superbosses he found in his research and what specifically they did to find and develop great teams around them.


Ep. 33 - Jason Stein on the Problems Facing Twitter, ESPN and Viacom

Eric spoke with Laundry Service's Jason Stein about what he thinks are the biggest problems facing Twitter and how Jack Dorsey should fix them. We also discuss why companies like ESPN and Viacom have such a hard time changing their ways.


Ep. 32 - Rich Greenfield on the Disney Downgrading & The Future of Time Warner

Eric caught up with BTIG's Rich Greenfield about his recent downgrade of Disney with a new $90 price target and what some of his recent research shows about consumers' interest in subscribing to ESPN as a stand-alone OTT offering. We also discuss what 2016 will hold for Time Warner and if they'll sell or break up the company.


Ep. 31 - Don Hambrick On What Makes a Great Board, CEO, and Top Management Team

Eric talked to his Ph.D. advisor Don Hambrick who is now at Penn State's Business School. We discussed what makes a great board of directors, the qualities of a successful CEO, and how to build a high-functioning Top Management Team.


Ep. 30 - Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw on How Amazon Is Trying to Upend The World of Media

Eric spoke with Bloomberg's Entertainment Reporter Lucas Shaw about how Amazon has grown to be the #2 digital player after Netflix, what media aspirations they have, how they've gone about differentiating themselves in the market, and what kinds of moves they are likely to make in the future.


Ep. 29 - Jason Stein on the Future of OTT, Facebook TV and Ad vs Subscription Based Revenue

Eric caught up Jason Stein of Laundry Service (part of Wasserman Media Group) about the future of OTT, Facebook TV, which big media companies will make the leap to the new digital world, and advertising vs subscription-based business models in digital world.


Ep. 28 - John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal on OTT and Sports Rights

Eric caught up with John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal to discuss whether sports rights are in a bubble, if Yahoo's live-stream of a recent NFL game was a success and the future of OTT and cable bundle sports.


Ep. 27 - Horace Dediu on The Disruptive Nature of Apple TV and Apple Car

Eric spoke with Asymco's Horace Dediu about how disruptive the new Apple TV will actually be, the nature of the media landscape, how Apple could draw viewers away over time, and the potential for live events and interactive apps. We also explore what would make a new car from Apple disruptive and why Apple didn't just buy Tesla.


Ep. 26 - Rahul Sood of Unikrn on Why eSports Is Taking Off

Eric spoke to Rahul Sood who's the co-founder and CEO of Unikrn, a Seattle-based gaming and eSports company. We chatted about why eSports is so popular, which companies are going to benefit the most from its growth, what is happening with DFS companies right now, and how the older casinos are responding to the rise of these new forms of betting which are more popular with millennials.


Ep. 25 - Jason Hirschhorn On How Media Is Being Redefined

Eric caught up with REDEF's founder, CEO and Chief Curator Jason Hirschhorn to talk about all the wrenching changes that are going on in the media world these days with the breakdown of the cable bundle, the rise of OTT, which media companies are winning & losing, Bill Simmons, Howard Stern, how he built such an enormous Rolodex, and what he's learned in the last few weeks since quad heart surgery.


Ep. 24 - EDM Star DJ Manse on Using Technology & Social Media To Break Out

Eric spoke to rising EDM star Manse about how emerging artists leverage Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM and other services to build a name for themselves with fans. We also discuss the most important places to tour, leveraging podcasts, and getting bigger artists to promote your music.