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The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.

The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.
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The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.








Ep. 84 - How the Fight for Fox will Play Out Between Disney and Comcast

Comcast and Disney are fighting to control Fox. There is a lot of misinformation out there about how it will play out and what issues matter most. Eric weighs in with his views are these matters.


Ep. 83 - Disney as a Service

Eric discusses why Disney management should present itself to investors as a "Disney as a Service" offering offline and online entertainment for millions of families around the world on a subscription basis. Taking this subscription-based approach would help increase Disney's stock price to $500 billion in 5 years, he argues.


Ep. 82 - Ben Fritz on Hollywood's Fight For the Future of Movies

Eric speaks with Wall Street Journal Reporter Ben Fritz about his new book on Hollywood called "The Big Picture: The Fight For the Future of Movies." They cover which of the Hollywood studios are best positioned to fight Netflix, Apple, and Amazon, which will sell, how the movie-making business is different today from even 5 years ago, and how it's likely to keep changing.


Ep. 81 - Jimmy Pitaro's Selection as Next ESPN President

Eric discusses the selection of Jimmy Pitaro as ESPN's next President, why he was the most obvious choice, the problems with the criticisms of his selection, and what his priorities will be in the first year on the job.


Ep. 78 - Sony's Turnaround Still Has A Lot Of Runway

Eric discusses the current turnaround going on at Sony and why he still believes there is still good upside left to come. He discusses their latest earnings results, their plans to elevate Kenichiro Yoshida from CFO to CEO, and whether the new CEO is likely to unload Sony Pictures or keep it in the conglomerate.


Ep. 77 - The Case For Jimmy Pitaro To Be The Next ESPN President

Eric discusses the potential candidates to replace John Skipper as ESPN's next President. There are three types of candidates: outsiders, insiders from Bristol, and insiders from Burbank. Eric lays out why he thinks a Burbank insider is most likely to get the nod from Iger and why Jimmy Pitaro probably has the best shot from that group.


Ep. 76 - Stephen McKeon on Traditional Asset Tokenization and The Next Wave of CryptoAssets

Eric speaks with University of Oregon Finance Professor Stephen McKeon about the tokenization of traditional assets in and how this will have an impact on liquidity across multiple asset classes in the coming years. They also discuss the risks of regulation, governance issues, and resistance from players who want the status quo to remain.


Ep. 75 - Why Steve Ballmer Deserves His Due As A Great CEO

Eric argues that Steve Ballmer's bets on Microsoft's cloud business paved the way for Satya Nadella's success. Investors did not see the value of the cloud at the time, as Amazon and other companies hadn't shown huge financial success yet. Ballmer also made other smart bets, like investing in Facebook.


Ep. 74 - Why It's Too Late For Apple To Buy Netflix

Although there have been a number of articles which have come out since November saying Apple will buy Netflix, Eric throws cold water on this idea. Netflix is too big and Apple is too late if they'd want to do this. Netflix has reached escape velocity and they're too big, even for the biggest company in the world to buy.


Ep. 73 - 2018 Tech and Media Predictions

Eric goes through his 9 predictions for what will happen in the tech and media worlds in 2018. Will AT&T and Time Warner close? What about Disney and Fox? Will there be more mega-deals? What will happen to Apple? What about the price of cryptocurrencies? Thanks for a great 2017 and all your comments and listens.


Ep. 72 - John Skipper's Shocking Departure From ESPN And Who Will Replace Him

John Skipper's shocking resignation as ESPN's President on Monday leaves a number of questions about who the company will pick as his successor and how that will affect ESPN, Disney, and Disney's stock. Eric goes through John's strengths and weaknesses, the short-list of candidates to replace him and gives his prediction of who it will be.


Ep. 71 - The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About The Mega-Disney Fox Deal

Now that the deal has been finally announced between Fox and Disney, there's been a raft of commentary about it including a lot of off-base information. Eric goes over his top 5 misconceptions about the deal.


Ep. 70 - Don Van Natta, Jr., of and ESPN The Magazine

Eric spoke with ESPN's Don Van Natta on how he became an investigative reporter, why he switched to ESPN from the New York Times, and his recent detailed pieces on the NFL, Roger Goodell, and Jerry Jones. Thanks to Josh Dickson of for his help producing. Also, be sure to check out Don's Sunday Long Read newsletter and new podcast as well.


Ep. 69 - Disney Is Preparing To Acquire All Of Fox Sports' RSNs

CNBC's David Faber reported on Dec. 5th that Disney is set to announce next week that it's acquiring a set of assets from 21st Century Fox for $60 billion. The assets will help make Disney's planned entertainment and sports OTT apps much more compelling. Faber announced that the deal is set to also include Fox's network of Regional Sports Networks in the deal. Eric discusses the implications of this move.


Ep. 67 - Balaji Srinivasan on tokens, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and investment implications

Eric spoke to Balaji Srinivasan about his company,, and his recent writings about the blockchain space and tokens. Topics covered include: - what are tokens and why are they important, - what types of assets lend themselves to tokenization, - how is regulation likely to keep up with the growth in the underlying technology, - how should we think about valuing tokens, - is the current interest level in the blockchain warranted given its long-term potential, and - what new...


Ep. 66 - Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple, XRP, blockchain, and the multi-trillion dollar opportunity

Eric caught up with Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse. On January 1st, 2017, XRP’s market cap was $236 million. Today, it’s close to $9 billion. We go over how Brad came to join Ripple, the opportunity of cross-border banking, the criticisms he sometimes hears about Ripple/XRP, and a bit of science fiction future visions for how cryptocurrencies might work in the future.


Ep. 65 - Horace Dediu on eBikes, Cyptos, Apple's move into content, and next wave of iPhones

Horace Dediu of Asymco returns for a 3rd time to the pod to discuss what makes a business idea "disruptive," why eBikes are likely to be adopted en masse in the years ahead, whether cryptocurrencies will be disruptive and why, whether Apple's move into producing content will be disruptive or "me too," and where Apple's next wave of growth for the iPhone will come from. Thanks to for helping record the pod. (Also check out Episode 18 for a discussion with VC Andrew Parker who...


Ep. 64 - Raging Bull/Bear Debate About Disney/ESPN with Skeptic Rich Greenfield

Eric welcomes Rich Greenfield back to the podcast to have a knock-down drag-out debate about Disney and ESPN. Rich strongly believes that that cable bundle is dying and ESPN has massively overpaid for sports rights. He thinks a big digital player is about to scoop up future sports rights and ESPN will end up blowing a hole in Disney’s future earnings. Eric strongly believes Disney is the premier media company in the world and the fears about ESPN are overblown. Eric argues that ESPN and...


Ep. 63 - The Holes In Bill Simmons' Critiques Of ESPN

Bill Simmons recently hosted a roundtable podcast with Jim Miller and Bryan Curtis where he critiqued several "mistakes" made by ESPN management over the past two years. Eric lays out some flaws in those major critiques and why ESPN is still well-positioned to succeed from here.


Ep. 62 - No Silver Bullets For Fixing FS1 After Horowitz Departure

Fox Sports announced the day before July 4th that Jamie Horowitz was leaving the company after only 2 years on the job. His bravado and colorful personality masked some of the big challenges that are facing them for meaningfully improving their ratings. Eric argues that there are no silver bullets for turning it around.