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An Apple based podcast covering the last 7 - 10 days in the world of Apple news, reviews, rumours, roundups, guides and anything else that catches our eyes in the world of tech.

An Apple based podcast covering the last 7 - 10 days in the world of Apple news, reviews, rumours, roundups, guides and anything else that catches our eyes in the world of tech.
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An Apple based podcast covering the last 7 - 10 days in the world of Apple news, reviews, rumours, roundups, guides and anything else that catches our eyes in the world of tech.




Essential Apple Podcast 136: A Pragmatic Approach to a Lack of News (Part Two)

Recorded 12th May 2019 This edition, Part Two of the show recorded with John Chidgey of Bubblesort and The Engineered Network (home of Pragmatic, Analytical, and more) and in this part we talk about a variety of technology topics including Windows 7 EOL, Graphene, Google autodeleting info on you, Facebook suing some Koreans and more.. The power of “post” has allowed me to make it sound like this was how it was intended; but I can promise you that isn't how it happened at all! GIVEAWAYS &...


Essential Apple Podcast 135: A Pragmatic Approach to a Lack of News (Part One)

Recorded 12th May 2019 Alright – it is late again, mea culpa! However in my defence this show took quite a lot of creative editing as I split it in to two parts. This week stories were a bit thin on the ground (as so often happens in the lead up to WWDC). However I was joined by John Chidgey of Bubblesort and The Engineered Network (home of Pragmatic, Analytical, and more) and we had a good old chat about a variety of technology topics. Actually we recorded so much material that I have...


Essential Apple Podcast 134: Of Clickbait, Brain Herpes and Starting a Podcast

Recorded 5th May 2019 First of all deepest apologies for the very late posting of this edition - I won't bore you with the details but let's just say a holiday weekend, some life events and some work things meant I just didn't make the time to get it done as soon as I usually try to. Also there were a large amount of notes to compile regarding the “Starting Podcasting” section. Sorry, for the delay. Anyway in this episode I am joined by Guy Serle of the MyMac Podcast and more to talk about...


Essential Apple Podcast 133: The Donkey… Ehh, he was not pleased

Recorded 28th April 2019 Well what the actual hell? I take a week off and the internet goes berserk! Apple and Qualcomm settle, Intel drop 5G modems, Samsung Fold review units are a bust (literally), Samsung “delay” its launch as a result. Jony gives an interview and says he lives in the future, Tim Cook says he believes in doing the right thing, Apple get into a row about 'screen time' apps, plus buckets more stuff happened. I am joined by Nick (@spligosh) Riley to take a gander at some of...


Essential Apple Podcast 132: Down the rabbit hole with Simon & Nick

Recorded 14th April 2019 This week there didn't seem to be a great deal of Apple news, not so much a “quiet week that wasn't” as a “quiet week that was”... So expecting a relatively short show Nick and I sallied forth, only to go down a rabbit hole or two and end up with a show so long it had to be cut back (and still ended up extra long - and it could have been longer believe me...) Anyway - it's Easter next week so we will be taking a break for a week... and thus this somewhat longer than...


Essential Apple Podcast 131: It was a quiet week... & then it wasn't!

Recorded 7th April 2019 This week was a bit slim on Apple news, or at least until the last minute... Then all of a sudden there were quite a few stories including MagSafe, an ML/AI hire, iTunes rumours and Apple ads on YouTube. Anyway to discuss all of these and whatever else we turn up along the way I am joined by Nick “Spligosh” Riley and original EAP host Mark Chappell. Also I have to give a big shout out to all the slackers who put in stories - I don't always thank them but every week...


Essential Apple Podcast 130: So that Showtime event… Hot or not?

Recorded 31st March 2019 This week, in the wake of the Apple “It's Showtime” keynote, and with the luxury of a few days to mull it all over, I am joined by very special guest Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies and Tech.pinions to examine what was hot and what was not... and consider why so much of it felt like it wasn't fully baked yet. Plus, as always, a few other stories from the tech sphere. A special thank you shout out to Allister Jenks (@zkarj) for his special donation to...


Essential Apple Podcast 129: Maybe Jules Verne was right?

Recorded 24th March 2019 This week I am joined by fellow Slacker resident Ivor “the Airship” Pope to see what we thought of this week's hardware releases, Apple's interesting way of breaking the news and Uncle Tim's trip to China. Also Google previewed their coming cloud gaming platform “Stadia” (which appears to work everywhere but iOS), while Microsoft talked up their xCloud gaming push. Of course the news feeds were full of everyone trying to tell us/guess what Apple will unveil on the...


Essential Apple Podcast 128: Mindblowing stuff is coming!

Recorded 17th March 2019 This week I am joined by fellow Suffolk MUG member and Slackroom resident Suffolk Pete to ponder the likely shenanigans to come on the 25th, and WWDC in June, pour scorn on scientists claims that AirPods give you cancer, scratch our heads over the Apple headmounted display patents and of course a few other things that caught our attention this week. GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Listeners of this show can claim $10 off purchases of Luminar and/or Aurora HD 2019Get Photolemur...


Essential Apple Podcast 127: Hey Tim! Is that you?

Recorded 10th March 2019 This week Uncle Tim made a joke out of Donald Trump's name slipup, US Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to break up tech companies, German teen hacker relents and gives Apple the secret to his hack, Google Zero Day group find a vulnerability dubbed Buggy Cow, and Zuck claims Facebook wants to change... and takes a dig at Apple to boot. To discuss these stories and more this week I am joined by Mac to the Future, Go! livecast co-host and “buy all the things” Warren...


Essential Apple Podcast 126: The Tucson MUG Takeover

Recorded 3rd March 2019 The Tucson Mac User Group rounded up a posse of MyMac contributors and sent them to take over the show... I am joined by Bob Wood, Curt Blanchard, David Acklam and Roger Harmon to take a ramble around the stories that caught our attention over the last week or so, including the Apple Shareholder Meeting, Tim Cook making his position on privacy pretty clear to all, hacking tools available for $100 and a daft smartphone/cuff/watch thing... With 5 of us on the line I...


Essential Apple Podcast 125: Should I just get a megaphone?

Recorded 24th February 2019 This week I am joined by “the eccentric iOS developer” Weyhan Ng and Nick Riley (@spligosh) and we get stuck into a variety of topics including eye-wateringly expensive folding phones, the Marzipan thing and Mark Gurman's prognostications, Google and that “forgotten” microphone, apps tattling on you to Facebook, and how to stop those annoying “can we send you push notifications” pop ups on web sites! GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Listeners of this show can claim $10 off...


Essential Apple Podcast 124: Cyber Security Special with Andy J

Recorded 17th February 2019 This week I am joined by our resident digital forensics specialist and the Slackroom security guru @dougee (Andy J) for a Cyber Security Special to talk about passwords, password managers, browsers, tracking, fingerprinting, AV/Malware protection and lots more. We even find time to fit in a few short news stories too! GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Listeners of this show can claim $10 off purchases of Luminar and/or Aurora HD 2019 Why not come and join the Slack community?...


Essential Apple Podcast 123: Feeling slightly SMUG with Mark Elliss of Suffolk Macs

Recorded 10th February 2019 This week things went bonkers, Jeff Bezos refused to be blackmailed, Apple fixed one bug and then got accused of another... Some apps have been recording your screens and Apple tells them stop that or else, Angela Arhendts is leaving Apple, Apple are working on making their own modems and rumours surface of revised iPhone 7s and 8s because of the German sales ban won by Qualcomm. To talk to me about that and of course “anything else that comes to mind” is my...


Essential Apple Podcast 122: Sometimes bad news is all there is

Recorded 3rd February 2019 This week Simon had trouble with iCloud, Facebook and Google had trouble with Apple, and Apple had trouble with FaceTime. Meanwhile criminals are tapping into the phone system backbone to attack banks, governments continue to try and get into everyones chats, and the Internet of Things may be an even worse security threat than you ever imagined. Meanwhile guest Guy Serle of the MyMac podcast has problems of his own with some shelves, Apple's “awful terrible no...


Essential Apple Podcast 121: Happy Birthday Macintosh & SE/30 – TheMacMommy

Recorded 27th January 2019 This week it was 35 years since Steve pulled the Macintosh out of the bag to say hello, also it is 30 years since the launch of the SE/30. The latest iOS Beta holds clues about new iPads and even a possible new iPod Touch! Apple reassigned 200+ staff from the Titan project elsewhere (notice I said “reassigned” not laid off...). Apple got some flack about a photo competition and promptly did the right thing about it, while Zuckerberg continues to be a lying...


Essential Apple Podcast 120: The Bob is back in town

Recorded 20th January 2019 This week Slackers everywhere lost their collective cool over a new Slack logo, Apple put some iPhone SE's on clearance for $249 and they sold out almost instantly, a huge cache of email addresses and passwords got put online and Duck Duck Go moved over to Apple Maps. Here to talk with me about all of that, plus woodworking, a great computer cutting machine he discovered and much more is the always effervescent Bob “Dr Mac” LeVitus. GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Ghostery...


Essential Apple Podcast 119: Ghostery: spikes spooks and knackers trackers

Recorded 11th January 2019 This week Apple caught everyone by surprise by bringing their services to Samsung and other smart TVs... CES was surprisingly “iterative” - that LG roll up TV was back again plus there was a demonstration of my Sci Fi fantasy OTA power with promises it could be in consumer's hands by 2020. Meanwhile I am joined by semi regular co hosts Nick Riley and Donny Yankellow and special guest Pete Knowlton of Ghostery - the amazing free “anti tracker” that helps you browse...


Essential Apple Podcast 118: “But I’m keeping my Fahrenheit”

Recorded 6th January 2019 This week it was ALL about the DISASTER of Apple announcing a likely Year on Year revenue decline... CES is coming and no doubt it will be full of “smart” things! But far more importantly we are joined by Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba to talk about the new Loopback 2, and lots of other audio related things... and as ever some off script stuff too. GIVEAWAYS Listeners of this show can claim $10 off purchases of Luminar and/or Aurora HD 2019Also we have a two...


Essential Apple Podcast 117: Merry Christmas Everybody!

Recorded 23rd December 2018 This week we are having a party... I am joined by Karl Madden, Guy Serle, Donny Yankellow, Bart Busschots and Mark Chappell. With six of us on the line I am afraid that some of the audio struggled a little but it held up and we had a pretty fun time. Thanks to all the listeners and guests over the last year. All the Essential Apple crew wish everybody a Merry Christmas (or your midwinter festival of choice) and all the best for 2019. GIVEAWAYS Listeners of this...