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TF188 - Increase Your Productivity With The Latest Smart Home Tech

We talk to the Samsung Canada's Director of Product Management, Terry Chen, about their newest flagship phones: the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. Next, we're joined by Fred Twum-Acheampong from Globe Living who explains the new app that helps you rent out your living room to strangers (and why it's something folks are doing). Also, we have a smart home expert from Home Depot on the latest technology in appliances that will decrease your stress and increase your productivity. In...


TF187 - Hang Out With Your Far Away Friends With Squad

We're joined by the winner of the $100,000 Telus Pitch, Divy Ojha, who shares how his company, FoodFund, partners with local farmers to sell produce at a discount when it doesn't meet the cosmetic standards of major grocery chains. Plus, we have Esther Crawford from the app, Squad, which lets you hang out with friends in real time and share what is on your screen. Also, Mark Kaufman from Mashable chats about his latest article based on the UN report of the 7 lessons we need to learn to save...


TF186 - Athletes Turning Success On The Court Into Success In Business

We talk to the cofounder of Zipnostic, Dr. Gene Ukrainsky, on their efforts to deliver real-time emergency health support at a low cost and without a trip to the hospital. Plus, we have Brent Chaters, the co-host of Accenture's podcast, Marketing Disrupted, to reveal the role of marketing officers in this age of digital disruption. Also, WNBA star, Kayla Alexander, joins us to discuss the Athlete Technology Summit and how athletes want to turn their success on the court into success in the...


TF185 - The Rise of TikTok and Will it Survive?

Our favorite internet star, Brittlestar, gives us the lowdown on this year's VidCon and the rise of the popular app, TikTok. Plus, we catch up with Amber on her #mactothefuture adventure as she completely modernizes a historic home with high-tech updates. Also, we talk to Evan Conrad, the founder of the cognitive behaviour app, Quirk. In Socially Speaking, we weigh the pros and cons of FaceApp and question if uploading your image takes away a piece of your privacy.


TF184 - Scoot Around The City On E-Scooters This Summer

We talk to the CEO of Bird Canada, Stewart Lyons, about bringing the e-scooter rentals to Canada. Plus, we have gaming expert, Jenn Cutter, to let us know what your kids are buying too much of this summer. Also, we're joined by Mark Little, the co-founder of Kinzen, who reveals how their app lets you build your own news adventure in your neighborhood. In Socially Speaking, we chat about Bill Gates' opinion on what Steve Jobs did to keep the doors open at Apple.


TF183 - Looking Pretty Through A Filter

We talk to the Chief of Brands for GE Canada about how they have incorporated the Facebook augmented reality filter into their new Café line of appliances. Plus, we have the Canadian Country Lead for Bumble, Emily Ramshaw, on how the app helps women date, find friends and build businesses. Also, we're joined by David Stein, the Managing Partner of the Leaders Fund, to discuss the Leaders Prize and what is it all about. In Socially Speaking, we chat about looking pretty through the lens of...


TF182 - It's All About The 'Gram

It's all about the 'Gram as we talk about IGTV's refocus away from strictly vertical videos with our favorite video star, Brittlestar. Plus, we have the CEO of Freeletics, Daniel Sobhani, on their customizable fitness training app that requires no equipment and uses artificial intelligence. Also, we talk to the CEO of Tile, CJ Prober, about the rise of their tracking app that helps you find lost stuff and what is coming up next for the company. In Socially Speaking, we chat about Raptors...


TF181 - Where Is Apple Heading This Summer?

We talk to Christopher Walker, a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, about why new telescopes look like giant beach-balls and how they can help us learn more about space. Plus, we have Michael Josh fresh from WWDC, Apple's Developer conference, to share where the tech giant is heading this summer. Also, Sherif Khair, CEO of iVirtual Technologies, shares their new app, Heymoji, and how it can create a 3D avatar based on your own likeness. In Socially Speaking, we dive into...


TF180 - How Social Media Is Reshaping The Way We Watch Sports

We talk to Paul Plumeri, VP of Global Brand Marketing at the Wall Street Journal, about the Future of Everything Festival's focus on projects and products that will transform how we live. Plus, we have Twitter Canada's Christopher Doyle on how Twitter is reshaping the way we watch sports. Also, Lisa Wentz, author of Grace Under Pressure, provides her tips and tricks to improve your public speaking abilities. In Socially Speaking, we learn how you can receive $100,000 to help your small...


TF179 - Keeping Your Kids Safer Online

We talk to Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, about their approach to keeping your kids safer online with KidSwitch. Plus, we have the VP of Marketing and Sales from Inkblot Therapy, Julie Sabine, to explain how they match clients with therapists and accessing their services from the comfort of your home. Next, we're joined by Ava Science co-founder, Lea Von Bidder, who shares how their bracelet is using science to help women identify their five most fertile days when trying to conceive. In...


TF178 - Finding That Perfect Home With AI

We talk to Cyrus Summerlin the co-founder of the app Down To Shop, that promises users the "funnest way to shop." Plus, we have OJO Labs CEO, John Berkowitz, on how they use artificial intelligence and image recognition with their app OJO Home, which will help you find the perfect home. Also, we talk to six-grader, Ellie Skalla, on how she created the strategy board game, Galactiquest, that can now be found in Target stores across the United States. In Socially Speaking, we discuss...


TF177 - The Future Of Work and The Skills We Will Need

We're joined by author David Wallace Wells to discuss his book, The Uninhabitable Earth, and the worst-case scenarios of climate change. Next, Amber catches up with Salesforce's Chief Digital Evangelist, Vala Afshar, at the Salesforce World Tour and chats about the future of work and the skills we will need. Also, Alice Agogino, CEO of Squishy Robotics, reveals how drones are changing the face of disaster relief. Plus, Michael Josh from GadgetMatch weighs in on the fiasco of the debut of the...


TF176 - Sing Karaoke With The Family on Twitch

Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics, discusses Polly AI and what she reveals about how humans consider the carbon tax. Also, Amber heads to the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto and talks to the EVP Dev Relations & GM Trailhead, Sarah Joyce Franklin, about building a business for good. Also, we chat with Brittlestar about Twitch's new foray into family entertainment with Twitch Sings, a interactive karaoke game. In Socially Speaking, we discuss Alibaba's billionaire founder, Jack Ma's,...


TF175 - Uniting the Physical and Digital World with LEGO

Sid Muthyala, Senior Concept Lead for LEGO Education, explains how their hi-tech approach for the next generation unites the physical and digital world with hands-on learning. Also, we talk to Aaron Shull from the Centre for International Governance Innovation about how to stay safe online and keep your data secure. Plus, Cheryl Cran, a Future of Work expert, shares how to prepare yourself professionally for the arrival of robots. In Socially Speaking, we talk about how Twitter is struggling...


TF174 - How You Can Save Money While Shopping Online

Nick Zhu from Shopbrain reveals the new tool that will help save you money while shopping online. Also, Jeff Loucks from Deloitte Insights shares his thoughts on how our watching habits are changing with the increase in streaming. Plus, we have Michael Josh from GadgetMatch on why Oprah is going into business with Apple. In Socially Speaking, we talk about the merit of fact-shaming in today's news cycle and in the world of social media.


TF173 - Find Local Contractors With A Virtual Bryan Baeumler

Bryan Baeumler talks about his new app, HeyBryan, which helps homeowners connect with local contractors when they need to get jobs done around the house. Also, we talk to Alexander Lvovich, Managing Director of Volvo Canada, about how they are leading the way to safer tech in cars. Plus, we have Ralph DaCosta from MolecuLight to share how they have developed handheld tech that measures the extent of an injury. In Socially Speaking, we talk about how Instagram is going to the next level by...


TF172 - Helping Empower The Next Generation Through Technology

Molly Burke, a YouTube star and motivational speaker who is blind, joins us to share how she helps to empower the next generation with the use of technology. Also, we talk to the Director of Business Development with Brave Software about their new browser that seeks to fix the web. Plus, we discuss what tech exists to ease you into the deepest slumber. In Socially Speaking, we delve into the power of Marie Kondo and question how she will continue her brand.


TF171 - How The Food Network and Twitter Are Teaming Up

Guy Kawasaki joins us to chat about his new book, Wise Guy. Also, Michael Palombo reveals how the collaboration between Twitter and The Food Network show, #DestinationDishes, will use Twitter polls to select a winning dish each episode. Plus, Brittlestar joins us from Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida with the latest on social media trends. In Socially Speaking, we weigh in on the Momo Challenge and its impact on children -- even if it's a hoax.


TF170 - The Unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy S10

We talk to Michael Josh from GadgetMatch about the unveiling of Samsung's new phone, the Galaxy S10. Also, we weigh the benefits of having electric vehicles on the roads with the Core Product Manager from Mercedes-Benz Canada. Plus, we have Devon Brooks from Sphere to discuss connecting with a business and development coach from palm of your hand. In Socially Speaking, we explore Facebook's digital gangsters.


TF169 - Using Blockchain Technology to Improve Customer Experience

We talk to Irfon Watkins, founder and CEO of DOVU, about using blockchain technology as a rewards platform for improving the passenger experience in rail travel. Also, we discuss who is paying for online reviews with Pete Pachal from Plus, we have Tom Bennett from Gemr, an online community and marketplace for serious pop culture collectors. In Socially Speaking, we chat about alpacas and how they are becoming social media treasures.