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This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty-gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce! This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.

This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty-gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce! This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.


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This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty-gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce! This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.




Optimizing Payments For B2B eCommerce With Balance CEO Bar Geron

We have the luxury of bringing on Bar Geron, CEO of Balance, a new breed of payment technology designed specifically for B2B eCommerce. Balance can do it all, including accepting checks, wires, net terms, factoring on invoices, credit cards, and other types of unique B2B payments. Bar talks about how critical it is for B2B companies to move faster into eCommerce because there are major VC and private equity investments in B2B eCommerce that are going to make legacy B2B companies obsolete in...


Scaling B2B eCommerce To New Heights With Ian Leslie of Industry West & Bolt

Ian Leslie has been in marketing for nearly two decades and the past seven years of his career, have been in eCommerce. As CMO of Industry West, Ian helped turn a startup into a leading eCommerce provider of furniture to both B2C and B2B markets online. In this episode, we talk about all the things that lead to their success online on the Magento platform and how they evolved with the market. Ian is now a brand ambassador at Bolt, helping merchants get best-in-class payment technology with...


Fixing Unauthorized Reseller Problems With Joe Kovacs CEO of Brand Gaurde

Joe Kovacs has found a niche in which many unwarranted sellers are destroying brand loyalty and brand reputations on marketplaces. He founded, Brand Guarde, which has dedicated the last 3 years to helping companies of all sizes successfully regain control of their distribution and presence on marketplaces like Amazon. We talk about how brands can take control of their distribution, pricing, and processes to reduce bad actors that may harm their pricing models and brand reputation.


Why ERP Integration Is Critical To B2B eCommerce Success With Sam Bayer From Corevist

In our very special 50th episode, CEO of Corevist, Sam Bayer, joins us to discuss his journey in B2B around SAP. Sam has been working in software most of his career, and has over 20 years of experience with SAP. SAP has the strongest ERP offering and touches most of the major companies in the world. That is why he developed an ERP first B2B eCommerce offering, Corevist, that is tightly integrated with SAP's S4/HANA. We discuss why an ERP 1st approach to eCommerce is so important and why you...


Digitizing B2B Orders In The Food Industry With Notch CEO Jordan Huck

In this episode, we get the please of speaking with Jordan Huck who has taken on the difficult task of trying to modernize the restaurant and food industry. In this multi-trillion-dollar industry, most things are done manually and even chefs are up late at night trying to prepare for their food needs in the coming days and weeks. Jordan Huck has developed a B2B eCommerce platform, Notch, that helps restaurants and food industry companies automate many of these things. They can integrate...


Optimizing For Multi Channel Selling With Tim Reintgen - Head of Partnerships At Plytix

Tim Reintgen has seen a large variety of clients using Plytix across many channels such as marketplaces, selling to distributors, retailers, and direct-to-consumer eCommerce. Plytix is an SMB focused PIM (Product Information Management) solution that allows for anyone, even very small companies to get started with modern data management best practices. Tim helps us navigate the complexity of channel management and where B2B companies should be investing their time to grow new channels...


EDI & B2B eCommerce Integrations With Chris Bidleman of Celigo

Chris Bidleman has been building integrations for B2B eCommerce for over a decade and has seen everything from legacy technology like EDI that is still widely adopted today to newer GraphQL based integrations. Integrations are a key backbone and issue that often stops B2B companies from moving forward with eCommerce. We discuss how to get over those hurdles and leverage modern technologies to move forward in a positive direction that may include both EDI and other more modern approaches.


Building A B2B Marketplace With Josh Penfold - CEO of Goose

Josh Penfold has been in eCommerce and B2B for 20 years. He has worked on both the brand side and built his own eCommerce website. In doing so he realized how many challenges come up in B2B eCommerce and that there isn't really a great solution for the customer B2B needs to buy online. That is where he came up with Goose, a B2B focused marketplace that takes away the complexity and hassle of buying or finding B2B goods online.


Enterprise B2B eCommerce With Dan Renda - Head of Global eCommerce at Siemens Healthineers

Dan Renda has an impressive eCommerce background. He started out on the agency side managing eCommerce projects and then transitioned into B2B eCommerce at Siemens Healthcare. Dan Renda has helped scale Siemens to billions of dollars in eCommerce via a combination of EDI, digitizing payments, invoices, and of course through eCommerce via multiple platforms like SAP, Bigcommerce, and more!


Using Data & Analytics To Grow eCommerce With Nick Amabile - CEO Of Das42

Many companies struggle with the idea that their data and analytics hold the key to growing their business. Nick Amabile can unlock business growth with that key. Between unifying and organizing all key data in one place or analyzing the path to purchase, Nick and Das42 have been able to help many businesses leverage data to grow their business. Often times the simple drop-off of sales from the homepage, category page, product page, or other parts of the website are the key reasons eCommerce...


Why Culture Is The Most Critical Aspect Of B2B eCommerce With Bill Mirabito

In episode 43 we break down what Bill Mirabito has been seeing in the eCommerce industry over the past two decades. His experience has led him to work with some of the largest and most successful eCommerce businesses in the world and he continues to help major enterprise companies grow eCommerce. What was most interesting about his experience was that the single biggest issue he found was that the culture in companies not succeeding with eCommerce was often the biggest issue. A losing...


Funding Inventory As You Scale Your Business With CEO of Kickfurther Sean De Clercq

Sean De Clercq started his eCommerce business years ago and went from a small profitable startup to a struggling scaling business because it was simply too hard to fund larger inventory purchases. Thus, he started Kickfurther which can help businesses fund inventory without massive interest or loan costs. Scaling inventory funding is critical when your business grows in B2B and requires fulfilling larger purchase orders for larger business buyers. We discuss how to scale your inventory to...


Building A B2B eCommerce Brand With Staples Vice President of Brand & Product Management Daniel Reilly

Daniel Reilly joins us to discuss his growth as a B2B leader at Staples and how he has seen the industry evolve from a focus on direct-to-consumer eCommerce to B2B eCommerce. We discuss the complexities of selling to small businesses, medium-size businesses, and large enterprises and how their buying habits may differ. Daniel helps us break down the areas to focus to capture online sales from a wide variety of types of B2B buyers.


The B2B eCommerce Market In 2021 With Mark Brohan From Digital Commerce 360

Mark Brohan from Digital Commerce 360 is the ultimate B2B eCommerce researcher. He has done more research to quantify the industry than anyone else in the world. We are lucky to have him back on the podcast to discuss his latest finding on the industry and all that has changed after one year of Coronavirus.


Going Headless With B2B eCommerce & Nessim Btesh

Nessim Btesh is our first second appearance guest and impressed us with his incredible transformation of his family B2B business to 100% digital sales during the height of covid. Since then, Nessim has added many features to their Headless B2B eCommerce website and is also seeing a better balance between in-person and online sales with Covid ramping down. Nessim is one of the most innovative technology leaders in the B2B eCommerce space and is constantly pushing the limits of what can be...


Scaling B2B eCommerce With Deloitte Digital Managing Director of Commerce and Content Paul Do Forno.

Paul do Forno is considered a top 100 eCommerce influence in the world and has worked on some of the largest B2B eCommerce projects out there. Paul is a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital, the Gartner leader in the Commerce and Content space. He brings more than 25 years of experience in strategy, digital experience, consulting, technology, and digital. We talk about how to break down enterprise projects into smaller more effective projects that can be done in phases and how to leverage...


Modernizing Sales With B2B eCommerce And CRM Best Practices

In, season 2, episode 18, we bring on sales experts Sean Doyle Co-Founder of Fitzmartin, and their Director of Revenue Operations, Will Riley. FitzMartin is a specialized marketing and sales communications firm that helps clients solve complex sales and marketing problems. What we have uncovered is that building a more unified CRM process that aligns with B2B eCommerce and empowers sales reps to actually sell versus spending too much time processing orders or doing mundane CRM tasks can...


Pricing & Coupons For B2B eCommerce

Kathleen Booth has been in B2B for two decades now and has been in both the agency and SaaS world for many years. Recently she has been specializing in coupons and the problems with pricing, coupon cannibalization, and other issues around pricing at We discuss the complexity of pricing, coupons, and how to implement best practices with things like coupons for B2B eCommerce.


erpCommerce with Pixafy Practice Director Adam Goldschmiedt

Adam Goldschmiedt has transformed and rebuilt the Pixafy eCommerce practice to focus on ERP first eCommerce in the B2B space. Their parent company Net@Work had a very strong Sage and ERP practice and offered a unique value to their customers in eCommerce. Adam formed a unique integration product called ErpCommerce that connects SageX3 and Magento so that you can use a modern eCommerce platform like Magento with all the data and functionality you need from your ERP. We discuss the importance...


Branding & Video Marketing For B2B eCommerce With Guy Bauer

Guy Bauer is the Founder and Creative Director of Umault, an agency that makes wildly creative B2B video marketing campaigns people actually want to watch. Guy has been making commercial videos for over 20 years and is the author of Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works. In this episode, we discuss how B2B companies need to simplify and improve the communication of their brand to stand out. Many companies simply look the same in the B2B space and fail to communicate...