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Unplugged Conversations on Key Customer Success Topics with Two Leading Jasons. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)

Unplugged Conversations on Key Customer Success Topics with Two Leading Jasons. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)
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Unplugged Conversations on Key Customer Success Topics with Two Leading Jasons. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)




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The Jasons Take On... Customer Success Technology - Platforms, Solutions & More

We always say that technology is a critical part of customer success, along with people and processes but what does this mean and how does technology help organisations deliver success for their customers? We're all very aware of how many great technology solutions there are in the marketplace but what areas do we need to look at for our own customer success management? Join us this month for an unplugged conversation talking about where technology fits in, the many different areas it covers...


Episode 0 - Intro To The Jasons Take On...

Get to know your hosts, Jason Noble (UK) and Jason Whitehead (USA), and the reason for "The Jasons Take On…" podcast. We are all about encouraging Bold Customer Success, and we want you to go out and do great things to help your customers succeed with technology. In this brief introduction you learn a bit about why we are so passionate about customer success, our backgrounds, and experiences. This show is our opportunity to try to give back to the customer success community and help you and...


The Jasons Take on... The Financial Side of Customer Success

In this unplugged conversation, Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK) discuss the financial issues, considerations, and impact of an effective Customer Success program for SaaS vendors.


Building Trusted Relationships With Customers

Building great relationships and partnerships with our customers is one of the cornerstones of customer success management and account management, but it’s not easy to do well, particularly when customers are as busy as they are in 2019. In this conversation we look at the most effective strategies for building long term and lasting relationships with all our customers, and what the key areas are to focus on, and some common pitfalls to avoid. Come join us for this unplugged conversation...


Thas Jasons Take On...Getting Customer Onboarding Right

We all know that proper onboarding and effective adoption is critical for minimizing time to first value, getting quick wins, building positive client relationships, and setting yourself up to have long-term customer relationships. In this conversation we look at how to design, build and deliver a fantastic customer onboarding program that will set you and your customers up for long-term success. Come join us for this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success....


Aligning Sales and Customer Success

Getting sales and customer success aligned so they collaborate effectively to ensure that customers are successful throughout the lifecycle is a major challenge for most organizations. Learn more about this challenge and what to do about it.


Being Customer Centric

This conversation examines what it means to be customer centric and why it is a challenge for businesses today. We examine different perspectives on customer centricity, the business case for being highly customer centric, and key challenges.


Customer Success Leadership

This episode focuses on global customer success (CS) leadership. We examine a variety of challenges that CS leaders need to address. We discuss the qualities it takes to be an amazing leader of CS and how you can grow customer success leadership talent.