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Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)

Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)


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Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)




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Guest: Rav Daliwal - Why Do Venture Capitalists Care About Customer Success?

In this episode, we sit down with Rav Daliwal to get a venture capitalist's perspective on the importance of having a high-impact customer success program. Rav shares his views of the role the CS plays, where companies should be in their customer success maturity as they grow, and how you approach customer success influences venture capitalists. ABOUT RAV DALIWAI Rav has held a number of executive positions in various Enterprise Software companies over the last 20 years, most recently at...


Guest: Eric Kades - Using AI and Automation to Scale Customer Success

In this episode, we sit down with Eric Kades, to look at how customer success teams can best use automation, AI, and other technologies to scale how they engage with customers and deliver an amazing experience. We look to understand what are some of the existing and cutting edge technologies available to customer success teams. We get Eric’s recommendations for how customer success teams can quickly begin using technology to increase their scale, reach and impact when working with...


What Sales Leaders Need to Know About Customer Success

Today, sales leaders still have a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what customer success is and how talking about it during the sales process can help accelerate close rates and increase revenues. Sales leaders can leverage their organization's customer success team and capabilities to change how they sell and win more deals. In this episode of The Jasons Take On… we examine how sales leaders and customer success teams can better collaborate to accelerate initial sales, increase...


Guests: Dave Duke & Mat Sweezey - "The Performance Economy: Experience vs. Outcomes"

We are quickly entering "The Performance Economy" where what matters most to customers is achieving desired outcomes. Yet, many organizations are solely focused on customer experience. While customer experience is very important, and it often leads to desired outcomes, it alone does not deliver what customers need. Join The Jasons Take On… when we sat down with Dave Duke of Meta CX and Mat Sweezey of Salesforce. Dave and Matt share their insights about the shift towards the performance...


Being Customer Centric in 2021 and Beyond

Being customer centric has never been more important than today but what it means to be customer centric has and is evolving. With the global pandemic still here, it's critical that we look at what it really means to be customer centric today and for the future and what our customers really want and need. Come join us for this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success. Jason Noble, a UK based visionary customer success executive and leader, and Jason Whitehead,...


Guest: Dan Steinman - "The Future of Customer Success"

Customer success has had an amazing progression over the past decade and with incredible change in 2020 alone. So what can we expect in 2021 and beyond? Join The Jasons Take On… when we sat down with one of the original gurus of customer success, Dan Steinman. Dan shares his experiences and views about the future of customer success. You don't want to miss this episode! Come join us for this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success. Jason Noble, a UK based...


Guest: Adam Joseph - "Customer Success Tech to Help You Grow and Scale"

Come and learn from Adam Joseph, Director of Customer Success at Gainsight. Adam shares his thoughts on how customer success technology can help you grow and scale your customer success program. ABOUT ADAM: Adam Joseph is the Head of Customer Success, EMEA at Gainsight. In this role, Adam oversees the delivery of exceptional customer experience and creates long-term value for all of Gainsight’s European customers. Adam brings a wealth of leadership and customer success experience, having...


How To Measure the Impact of Customer Success?

Are you measuring the wrong shit? A great question and one that can be difficult to get right. Is it about revenue? Is it about customer happiness or loyalty or something very different. Figuring out how to measure customer success is super critical and it can have some specifics depending on your industry, your competition and of course your customers. NPS, CSAT, CES, LTV, churn, time to value, NRR, GRR and many more. Join us this month and find out how to measure customer success, and...


False Assumptions That Are Killing Your CS Program

There are many false assumptions and myths that surround the world of customer success – and it can be challenging and very frustrating to start a new customer success program or initiative with these in the background, and with some key stakeholders challenged to break loose from these. These false assumptions can be simply to identify and highlight, but the question then is how do you overcome any damage already done from them and get things to where they need to be – for your customer...


Guest: Shanta Bodhan - "Moving Beyond the Buyer to Drive Adoption"

Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Shanta Bodhan. Shanta is a leader in customer success at Supply Shift and she shares her insights and her thoughts about moving past whoever purchased your product to really get end users to adopt it. About Shanta: With a background in Human Resources, Shanta applies her extensive SaaS industry customer success experience to help enterprise customers make better, data-backed business decisions, ensuring they gain the best possible...


Guest: Szuyin Leow - "Balancing Product, Customer Success, and Subject Matter Expertise in Your CS Staff"

Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Szuyin Leow. Szuyin shares her experiences and insights around how to identify the skills required to deliver effective customer success services in niche industry. About Szuyin Leow: Szuyin is the Director of Customer Success at Logic Gate. She spearheaded the development, growth, and evolution of the customer success program in this highly specialized industry. About Logic Gate LogicGate is a leading provider of cloud-based...


Guest: Paul Henderson - "Designing Customer Outcome Programs"

"Designing Customer Outcome Programs" Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Paul Henderson. Paul shares his insights around how to design a customer outcome program. About Paul Henderson Paul Henderson is an author, speaker, and consultant on Outcome-based Customer Success for technology companies. Before founding Outcome Leaders, he led the Asia Pacific region of an enterprise software company. He had 200 staff across nine countries supporting 800 enterprise customers. In...


Does Customer Success Mean Anything to Your Customers?

Does Customer Success Mean Anything to your Customers? It should, but there's a good chance that it doesn't. We all know customer success is still a relatively new term and way of thinking for many but often misunderstood. This makes it all the more difficult to ensure everyone, including our customers understands what it is and what it means for them. Ultimately it is about their success, and we need them to help us understand what that success looks like. We've all seen examples where...


Customer Success Isn't Just a Department

The clue is in the name "Customer Success" and that clearly is what all your company or business is trying to do – ensure that your customers are successful. Or are they? We too often still see customer success just as a department or even an individual in companies, and no other teams or leaders, being aligned to what it is and why it's important to everyone. Join us this month as we explore how to make it more than just a team and why it has to be. Come join us for this unplugged...


Special Guest: Laura Culbertson

Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Lauren Culbertson. Laura is the Co-Founder and CEO at LoopVOC, a Voice of the Customer software platform designed to change the way companies use customer feedback. Lauren is on a mission to help companies use customer feedback to drive better growth strategies. In this episode, Lauren shares her ideas and insights around how to focus better and align teams around the customers, understand customer needs, and turn insight into action...


Change Management and Customer Success

Change management is a whole separate discipline and one overlooked far too often, with no group or team heading up your change management activities. For our customers it is even more critical, as their supplier or partner, what you are proposing, selling, implementing and delivering, will mean that they need to change (both them as individuals and as part of their company). Who is helping to navigate and manage this change? Join us this month as we talk about this and more and the role of...


The Psychology of Customer Success & Customers

Our customers are individuals as well as being parts of bigger organizations. How do we know what makes them tick, what they're motivations are and what their own needs and values are. The topic of customer psychology is a fascinating and very in-depth one. Join us this month for a conversation talking through some of the key ideas and schools of thought in this space. ABOUT THE JASONS... Come join us for this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success. Jason...


Guests: Chris Adlard & Daniel Bausor - "The Customer Catalyst: How to Drive Sustainable Business"

Join us for a great double guest podcast with Chris Adlard and Daniel Bausor, to talk about their book “The Customer Catalyst: How to Drive Sustainable Business.” Launched last year, their book helps companies put the customer at the heart of their business and catalyze genuine sustainable growth. Chris and Daniel are both experienced customer experience professionals working across a range of industries with some great companies. In their book they’ve created a framework for the c-change...


Revenue ownership - How commercial is your customer success organization?

Revenue ownership still differs from organization to organization, we know that sales are there to bring in new business and close deals, but what about renewals, cross sells and up sells, where do they sit and ideally where should they sit in your business? Customer success professionals are often seen as the trusted advisors for customers but when it comes to anything commercial they get other teams involved. Is this the right model and approach for your customers and what are some other...


Guest: Marty Kaufman: How Marketing and Customer Success Can Collaborate

Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Marty Kaufman. Marty is a highly accomplished Customer Success leader who has built and scaled high-impact CS teams. Marty shares his insights about, “"How Marketing and Customer Success can actually collaborate to achieve 1:M influence)" CONTACT MARTY KAUFMAN Marty Kaufman - Founder and principal at Infinipoint, the customer retention consultancy. Questions or Contact: email: linkedin:...