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Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)

Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)


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Unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in the world of customer success and customer growth. Jason Whitehead (US) and Jason Noble (UK)




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Speaking the Customer's Language

In this episode, we examine the critical need for customer success professionals to learn to “Speak your customer’s language.” Customer Success professionals need to establish strong, trusted relationships where we can truly influence our customers to take actions that can increase their own success. To do this, you need to learn to engage with them and use language that resonates with them. Yet, sadly this is not often done Check out this episode to learn more about why and how you can...


CS Ops is the Secret to Customer Success!

Join us with guest Chris Hicken, CEO of 'nuffsaid, a workflow intelligence tool that lets you focus on the work that matters. Today Chris talks about the criticality of building out effective Customer Success Operations. We will look at the role of CS Ops, how it helps you scale, and the value it delivers to customers. We will also talk about when and how you should build out your CS Ops capabilities. ABOUT CHRIS HICKEN: Chris Hicken is a Co-Founder and CEO of ‘nuffsaid—the Proactive...


Guest: Prithwi Dasgupta - Customer Success Tools & Tech of Tomorrow

Customer Success Tools & Technology of Tomorrow Join us with guest Prithwi Dasgupta, CEO of Smart Karrot, a leading customer success platform. Today Prithwi shares his insights and experience around customer success technology and where it is heading in the future. We look at things such as how using Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and other tools will help scale customer success programs and empower CS professionals. ABOUT PRITHWI DASGUPTA: Prithwi is passionate...


Scaling Customer Success

In this episode, we're talking about scaling your customer success program. As the field of customer success (CS) matures, increasingly organizations are looking for how they can improve the reach of their CS programs, without just adding headcount. This often involves expanding their low-touch programs, developing new content, and investing in new tools. We explore some of the options for scaling your CS program, challenges you face, and approaches that can make you successful. Come join...


Guest: Jared Orr - Career Journeys in Customer Success

Customer success is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing career fields. There are many ways to break into the field and to navigate your customer success career. Today we are joined by Jared Orr, who is here to talk about his career journey. Jared is very well known in the community and customer success is a big contributor to a number of the communities out there like CS insider, practical CSM, and your very own success. Jared has his own blog, the Customer Success Whisper, and...


Guest: Sasi Yajamanyam - The State of Customer Success Today

Join us with guest Sasi Yajamanyam, a leader in the world of customer success. Sasi has built numerous customer success teams and programs over the last 15 years and now he is in the process of publishing a book about customer success. Sasi shares his insights into the evolution of customer success and where we are today. He shares his ideas about some of the challenges, opportunities, and current trends in customer success. ABOUT SASI YAJAMANYAM: Sasi Yajamanyam has built customer...


Guest: Donna Weber - Creating High-Impact Customer Onboarding Programs

Join us with guest Donna Weber, a leading expert in customer onboarding. Donna has recently launched her new book called “Onboarding Matters. How Successful Companies Transform New Customers into Loyal Champions.” Donna shares her insights and experience around customer onboarding and how to create high-impact onboarding programs. Onboarding is one of the most critical phases in the customer journey and many organizations struggle to get it right. ABOUT DONNA WEBER: Donna Weber is the...


What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

In this episode, we're talking about something that is super important, not just to customer success, but to the wider business, customer lifetime value (CLTV). What is it? What do we mean by it? And what does it mean for our customers? Customer lifetime value is not just about the sale or the acquisitions, it's about the long-term relationship. , but when you start to think about customer lifetime value it opens up a lot of doors for how to improve your organization. This episode takes a...


Guest: Marty Kaufman - Proving the Value of Customer Success

In this episode, we sit down with Marty Kaufman, Founder & Pricincipal at Infinipoint. Marty is an exceptional leader in the customer success and customer experience space. This is his second time as a guest on The Jasons Take On… In this episode, Marty talks about proving the value of customer success. He shares his powerful matrix framework that all CS leaders can use to help others recognize the impact customer success is having for their customers and their own organization. See the...


Guest: Esben Friis-Jensen - Maximizing Product-Led Growth

In this episode, we sit down with Esben Friis-Jenson, Cofounder and CRO at User Flow to discuss product-led growth. Esben shares his insights and experiences helping organizations move from sales-led to product-led growth models. He discusses some of the benefits, challenges, and action steps you can take to become a product-led growth organization. About Esben Riis-Jensen Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow, a no-code builder for in-app onboarding...


Guest Ross Fulton: Operationalizing Your Customer Success Strategy

In this episode, we sit down with Ross Fulton, CEO of Valuize. Ross helps B2B software companies build industry-leading customer success strategy and operations. Ross brings unique expertise in aligning strategy, operations, technology and data to make sure customer success teams are delivering results and growing profits. Today Ross is going to share his insights around how effectively customer success strategies and how to operationalize them. So many organizations struggle to develop...


Guest Marten Jagers: Turning Strategy Into Outcomes

In this episode, we sit down with Marten Jagers. Marten is a co-founder of a great technology company called #StratApp. #StratApp is a fantastic tool for helping you define your business strategy, and then drill down to your daily work, so you always know what you should be doing and how it contributes to achieving your goals. Marty is going to share his expertise and experience on where organizations struggle with building out their strategies and then actually turning goals into outcomes....


Why You Need a Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

The last few years have seen the rise of a new customer focused C-suite role – the Chief Customer Officer. This role is part of the shift to organizations being more customer centric and delivering customer focused outcomes and values. Join us this month for a conversation talking about what this new role is, why it's important and how it fits into the wider organization and why more and more companies are seeing it as part of their strategic shift to customer centricity. Come join us for...


Guest: Jack Choppin - The Power of Networking

In this episode, we sit down with Jack Choppin. Jack is the head of Client Success at Go Proposal. Jack has recently been on a proactive effort to expand his professional network. He has been doing it not to find a new job, but to grow as a professional, expand his insights and skills, and connect with others so they can mutually grow from their shared connections. In this episode of The Jasons Take on, Jack will be sharing his insights about what it is like to network in the customer...


Guest: Chad Hordenfeldt - Building and Using Trust to Drive Success

In this episode we sit down with Chad Hornefeldt, Director of Customer Success at Kustomer. Chad shares his insights and experience in building trust, and using trust, to drive relationships and success. ABOUT CHAD HORDENFELDT Chad has 15+ years of experience building and developing Customer Success teams, including implementing Customer Success strategies resulting in exemplary customer satisfaction, retention, and growth rates. Chad’s reputation to drive and create outcome-focused...


Guest: Mike Sasaki - Customer Journey Mapping & Programatizing Customer Success

In this episode, we are joined by Mike Sasaki, VP, Global Head of Customer Success & Support at Mitek. Mike shares his insights with customer journey mapping and how you can use a journey map to programatize high-impact customer success services. About Mike Sasaki Mike leads the Global Customer Success & Support organizations at Mitek - partnering with customers and partners to achieve their business objectives through optimal use of Mitek products. Mitek's Global Customer Success and...


Guest: Rav Daliwal - Why Do Venture Capitalists Care About Customer Success?

In this episode, we sit down with Rav Daliwal to get a venture capitalist's perspective on the importance of having a high-impact customer success program. Rav shares his views of the role the CS plays, where companies should be in their customer success maturity as they grow, and how you approach customer success influences venture capitalists. ABOUT RAV DALIWAI Rav has held a number of executive positions in various Enterprise Software companies over the last 20 years, most recently at...


Guest: Eric Kades - Using AI and Automation to Scale Customer Success

In this episode, we sit down with Eric Kades, to look at how customer success teams can best use automation, AI, and other technologies to scale how they engage with customers and deliver an amazing experience. We look to understand what are some of the existing and cutting edge technologies available to customer success teams. We get Eric’s recommendations for how customer success teams can quickly begin using technology to increase their scale, reach and impact when working with...


What Sales Leaders Need to Know About Customer Success

Today, sales leaders still have a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what customer success is and how talking about it during the sales process can help accelerate close rates and increase revenues. Sales leaders can leverage their organization's customer success team and capabilities to change how they sell and win more deals. In this episode of The Jasons Take On… we examine how sales leaders and customer success teams can better collaborate to accelerate initial sales, increase...


Guests: Dave Duke & Mat Sweezey - "The Performance Economy: Experience vs. Outcomes"

We are quickly entering "The Performance Economy" where what matters most to customers is achieving desired outcomes. Yet, many organizations are solely focused on customer experience. While customer experience is very important, and it often leads to desired outcomes, it alone does not deliver what customers need. Join The Jasons Take On… when we sat down with Dave Duke of Meta CX and Mat Sweezey of Salesforce. Dave and Matt share their insights about the shift towards the performance...