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Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, visionaries, and veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve.

Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, visionaries, and veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve.


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Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, visionaries, and veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve.








How Message Queuing is Modernizing Magento 2 Store Performance

RabbitMQ has been integrated with the core of Magento 2 for a long time now. Why are many merchants opting to use this open-source message queueing software? What are you missing out on if you aren't? Beyond its basic integration within Magento's core, how are savvy developers and merchants leveraging RabbitMQ? Getting down to brass tacks, what is a message broker/queue manager, and why is it important to your eCommerce business? We thought we'd go down this rabbit hole with you. Yes, we...


Balancing eCommerce Ad Campaigns to Generate Higher ROAS

Marketing to eCommerce shoppers is similar to attracting consumers to brick and mortar stores, but it's not the same thing. When someone visits a physical store, they're exhibiting a stronger intent to make a purchase. Online shoppers are often earlier in the researching process. That means that treating every ad click like it's going to convert into a sale can be a costly mistake. In this episode, Robert and Brendan discuss how to properly balance your marketing to (1) attract new shoppers,...


Elegantly splitting orders to improve Magento order fulfillment

Some businesses have complex order fulfillment systems. Others rely on succinct solutions to problems like splitting orders. Why split orders? Maybe you'll be fulfilling an order from multiple stores or warehouses. Maybe you want to split an order between in-stock items, and back-ordered items. Perhaps items need to be shipped separately or uniquely, such as oversized items. This may all sound obvious, but just because it's logical, doesn't make it simple. Not all eCommerce businesses have...


Ecommerce Acquisitions - Learning from Failures and Successes

Every year, more eCommerce businesses are bought and sold. At the same time, many owners find themselves unable to find the right buyer in order to achieve their goals. In this episode, we discussed what you can do in order to set your eCommerce business up for an eventual successful acquisition. We also discussed common mistakes, pitfalls, and oversights that even seasoned entrepreneurs can miss fall prey to. Guest: Joe Valley, Quiet Light Brokerage Author of The Exitpreneur's Playbook: How...


You Can No Longer Rely On Email Marketing Open Rates

Apple's iOS15 is going to severely limit the amount of data marketers receive regarding if emails are opened by their recipients. Digital marketers need to be prepared for this shift in data availability. More importantly, they'll need to consider which metrics to look at in order to best optimize campaigns, including campaigns for eCommerce merchants that rely on e-mail to keep shoppers engaged with their brands. Guest: Jon Pruitt, Host: Robert Rand, Resources...


eCommerce Brands Choosing SMS over Email

Consumers open their text messages. Their e-mails... maybe... maybe not. This leads eCommerce merchants toward a crossroads. Treat SMS like the 3rd rail, or embrace it while making sure to treat this communication channel with the respect that shoppers demand. Most of us get text messages or push notifications from major brands regarding our order/delivery status, along with other valuable info. What if you added dimensionality to SMS, allowing shoppers to respond to your texts and get...


Generating eCommerce Sales Through Platforms Like Google and Instagram

Learn how eCommerce stores continue to experience growth through ad networks like Google Shopping and Instagram. Beyond simply setting up campaigns, you'll hear about common challenges and strategies for achieving success. Guest: Tony Capetola, Host: Robert Rand, Additional Resources: If you enjoyed this episode, catch Tony and Robert's first appearance together on the Sales&Orders "Ask an eCommerce Specialist" series:...


How Your Website Platform Impacts Your ADA Compliance

Recently, some popular tools that marketed themselves as tools to make websites accessible to people with disabilities have been coming under fire for not living up to their mission. So we thought it would be interesting to look at this topic from the ground up. In this episode, we discuss the role of your CMS or eCommerce platform in ADA Compliance, but we don't stop there. We share information on just how far tools can go in solving your compliance needs, and what else you still need to be...


Is It Ever Ok To Link Shoppers Away From Your eCommerce Store?

The eCommerce industry tends to put a lot of emphasis on getting shoppers to purchase immediately. Every store owner wants a higher conversion rate. This had led many shops to shy away from linking to off-site content. However, what's not talked about nearly as often is that online shoppers aren't ready to buy something 100% of the time. In this episode, we discuss when linking to off-site content can actually increase important metrics like customer lifetime value, best practices for...


Open Source vs Closed Source eCommerce Platforms

In our last episode, Ben Marks and Robert Rand took a deep dive into eCommerce platform Total Cost of Ownership. That conversation leads directly into this episode, in which Ben and Robert discuss Open Source vs. Closed Source eCommerce. If you're tired of sales teams pitching what's great about their eCommerce platforms and simply want to learn the actual pros and cons to look out for, this episode is for you! Guest: Ben Marks, Host: Robert Rand,


eCommerce Platform Total Cost of Ownership

Captains Log, Stardate -302360.5 We've entered a new reality in which eCommerce platforms can't stop talking about their low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). They all seem to believe that they provide the lowest TCO, although our data scientists have proven that can't be correct. How are they all coming to different conclusions... and should TCO really be as big a decision-making factor as these platforms are trying to make it when there are other considerations to take into account, like...


The Magento ecosystem moves beyond Luma

The Backdrop: Luma is the default theme that Magento 2 websites around the world have been using for years. It's several years old, trying to compete in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. So the question is "Is it the best solution?". There are Magento themes for sale that are full of bells and whistles. They're intended to give you lots of extra features quickly, but also add complexity and technical debt for your developers. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are another way to go, but as newer...


Optimizing Your Growing Tech Stack

The longer your business is operating and growing, the more software you've inevitably deployed. Over time, your organization can easily wind up with a variety of software subscriptions and solutions that aren't in alignment with your needs or goals. Some aren't well used or are redundant and should be eliminated. Others stop being a good fit as your business evolves. Whether you're an eCommerce manager, IT director, CMO, COO, or someone else that's responsible for signing off on a lot of...


eCommerce Loyalty and Improving Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

For eCommerce stores, 2020 was heavily focused on acquiring and supporting new customers. In 2021 those same eCommerce merchants are putting a bigger focus on retention and customer lifetime value (CLV). So, we wanted to spend some time discussing organized ways to keep your shoppers engaged with your brand and loyal to your store. Through the process, we also touch on a lot of things that don't work well and should be avoided. Guest: Fiona Stevens, Host: Robert Rand,...


The Growth of eCommerce Buy Now Pay Later

eCommerce shoppers, in the words of a famous cartoon character, will "gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". While the words of J. Wellington Wimpy, a well-known character from Popeye were meant to be entertaining, there's a serious underlying concept. Shoppers don't all have lines of credit at the ready. They may have steady incomes but haven't built a credit history yet. Whether they're young adults or immigrants, it can be tough in our credit-centric society. It's the same for...


The Intersection of eCommerce and LTL Freight

Some items don't belong on a standard UPS or FedEx truck. Perhaps the items are heavy or big. Maybe you're just moving items in bulk quantities. That's where less-than-truckload (LTL) freight comes in. These services have been in high demand in recent times, delivering items from B2B and B2C orders alike. As a merchant, if you need to spread out your goods between multiple warehouses so that they can be delivered in 1-2 days after they're purchased by consumers, LTL can really come in handy....


These Aren't The Coupons You're Looking For

Browser extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) promise to give shoppers the best coupon codes at checkout automatically. For merchants, it's like someone's standing at the checkout handing out photocopies of exclusive coupons - something they'd never stand for at brick-and-mortar stores. Shoppers wind up using coupons that weren't intended for them, hurting margins and making it harder to attribute sales to marketing and retention campaigns. So, we called in an...


Magento Training and Certification Tips, Trends and Advice

Whether you're a frontend dev, backend dev, eCommerce manager, marketer, or other stakeholder, figuring out how to gain expertise in Magento can be difficult. If you want to improve your work and advance your business or career, you'll appreciate this episode! We cover everything from where to get started, to how to become a rockstar in the Magento community. Guest: Joseph Maxwell, Host: Robert Rand, Some of the resources mentioned in this episode include: Info...


How Privacy is Getting Both Harder and Easier for eCommerce Merchants to Manage

As consumers, we are the product. The data that we generate has value. Individuals, however, are increasingly getting a say in what happens to their data. Much like sales tax collection, this puts a burden on eCommerce store owners, who need to comply with an increasing number of laws from different jurisdictions. This includes GDPR from the EU, CCPA from California, LGPD down in Brazil, and now VCDPA in Virginia. States, countries, and regions are demanding that their citizens have the...


Learning from prices on competing eCommerce websites

Online shoppers compare your prices to those of other eCommerce stores. How do you track and use competitor pricing and inventory availability? Can this practice help you to increase your prices? Which products should you track, and how often should you adjust prices? Not sure? Well, get ready to learn how eCommerce merchants are tracking competitors and optimizing their product prices continuously in this episode about eCommerce product price comparison, analysis, and strategy. Guest: Burc...