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Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, experts, visionaries, and are veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve on the internet.

Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, experts, visionaries, and are veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve on the internet.


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Hosted by Robert Rand, The JetRails Podcast presents interviews with industry leaders, experts, visionaries, and are veterans with insights and expertise into websites, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Learn tips, recommendations, and items of interest as we help you stay ahead of the curve on the internet.








The eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Mindset

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) isn't a specific set of tasks. It's a state of mind. You have to know your audience, test, measure, realize you don't really know your audience as well as you think you do and continue a cycle of improving your eCommerce operations. You start to understand what helps and hurts your sales stats as it relates to different customer segments and you can lean into the winning strategies. You can even use tech to help automate some facets of CRO - but not nearly...


The Next Generation of eCommerce Workflows

Integrating data is one thing, but transforming that data through automated workflows is a whole other challenge. Learn how technology providers and service providers are coming together to solve challenges and increase eCommerce business efficiencies. Guests: - Ramesh Cooke, - Nate Roybal, Host: - Robert Rand,


Should eCommerce stores send shoppers personalized videos?

When shoppers visit a physical store, they get to interact with people, build relationships, and have unique experiences. Video technology can bring shoppers one step closer to in-person interaction with your team. In this episode, we explore how personalized video can be effectively leveraged in by eCommerce merchants. Guest: Oli Bridge, Host: Robert Rand, Reference:


eCommerce Accessibility Compliance is Finally Becoming Mainstream

Shoppers with visual, auditory, and cognitive disabilities have historically found online shopping to be challenging... and that's putting it mildly. However, today's shoppers are being drawn to brands that do a better job of servicing their needs. Along with them can come some great PR and other benefits, but at the end of the day, why wouldn't you want your digital store to be more inclusive? On the other side of the conversation is compliance. There are regulations governing the...


How to know if your Magento site is healthy

A Magento website is a beautifully balanced mix of database tables, files, and code, all operating within a perfectly optimized hosting environment. Unless it's not, in which case you're in for a bumpy ride. That's when it's time for an audit. What should be included in that audit? We've got answers! Guest: Guillaume Le Tual, Host: Robert Rand, Recommended Resources:


What 20,000 Magento users have in common

In eCommerce, you need to get a lot of things right. Your checkout may be the most important of them. If you can't get shoppers across the finish line, all of your hard work quickly goes down the proverbial drain. That's why we invited a company that does nothing but focus on delivering an improved checkout experience for Magento stores to chat with Robert for this episode. ***Be sure to listen through the end of this track to catch a great blooper from the taping of this episode!*** Guest:...


Can a Knowledge Base Improve eCommerce Metrics?

eCommerce brands differentiate themselves in a number of ways, including by providing stellar customer service experiences. However, as brands scale-up, that can be exceedingly difficult. In this episode, we talk about Knowledge Base (KB) software, and opportunities to document pretty much every process, procedure, and piece of information that's important to your organization and your customers. Guest: Matt Romans, Host: Robert Rand,


Kick back with eCommerce automation evangelists

Instead of looking at a specific technology or challenge, we've brought together 3 friends that have some very big things in common. All 3 have worked for firms that integrate eCommerce software with other systems. In fact, one still does. When your work is at the crossroads of online and offline commerce, and you're receiving feedback from merchants and development teams in real-time, you gain a valuable perspective on the evolution of the industry. Get insights about changes they're all...


Optimizing eCommerce Post-Purchase Interactions

The eCommerce industry puts a ton of focus onto getting shoppers to make purchases. However, what happens post-purchase matters just as much when it comes to retention and customer lifetime value (CLV). It's also important for gaining positive reviews, avoiding chargebacks, and keeping down customer-service expenses - which can quickly erode profits. Guest: James Denker, Host: Robert Rand,


The story behind friendly fraud, and how you can stop it

Friendly fraud isn't particularly friendly to eCommerce merchants. In fact, for many, it's the most frequent and damaging type of fraud they're experiencing right now. Learn what the payment card industry has put forth to help merchants avoid chargebacks, and what it means to your business. Guest: Yitz Mendlowitz, Host: Robert Rand, Additional resources about fighting eCommerce fraud:


At 20 Years Old Drupal Is Still Turning Heads

Many software platforms reach their peak within a decade. However, at 20 years old, Drupal is still going strong and differentiating from the competition. A lot of Drupal's success can be attributed back to the open-source nature of this CMS platform and the community and ecosystem that continues building up around it. Learn about the past, present, and future of this content management system from one of the key people helping to ensure that future is bright. Guest: Tim Lehnen, CTO, Drupal...


Do Payment Processors Work For Merchants?

Paying for goods and services hasn't changed very much since the inventions of checks and subsequently, credit cards. As Peer-2-Peer (P2P) payment platforms are becoming popularized, what's stopping eCommerce websites from getting paid faster and with fewer fees by interfacing more directly and securely with banks? How long will it be until the eCommerce checkout process includes a more modern payment processing standard, and is it the old guard payment processors that are holding up the...


What eCommerce SEOs need to be doing in 2021

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target, but it turns out that the recipe for long-term success is more predictable than some people tend to suggest. Learn how an SEO agency has evolved to help clients rank, and what strategies they're recommending for eCommerce sites. Guest: Vlad Mkrtumyan, Host: Robert Rand, Recommended Reading: Best SEO Backlinking Sources for eCommerce Websites -...


Evolving from Legacy Systems to Unified Commerce

On one side, you have your ERP and Point of Sale (POS) software. On the other, you have your eCommerce platform and digital sales channels. How do you manage inventory and orders? What happens when shoppers expect faster, more seamless shopping experiences across your sales channels than you're able to provide? As we uncover in this episode, many businesses either find themselves stuck on old software, or they've moved to a new eCommerce platform with the promise of modernization, but their...


Why were we chasing waterfalls in the first place?

Wouldn't it be nice if website and application development projects were simple? It would be great if you could have all of the tech of Amazon's marketplace in minutes and for a low fixed price. However, like so many things in life, it's just not that simple. What looks easy to the user can require a tremendous amount of complex coding to deliver. How have agencies stepped up their game when it comes to project management and communications? What do buzzwords like Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum...


A look into the world of Magento Extensions

How has the Magento Extension world evolved? Which types of extensions are in demand? How does the Magento Marketplace fit into the mix? What are the top support issues extension developers face? A few weeks ago, Robert sat down with a couple of veterans of the Magento Extension world to get answers! Guests: Alexander Galtsow + Artem Kuznetsov of, a RaveDigital company Host: Robert Rand of


Site Search, Navigation, and Mergers, Oh my!

Nextopia and Searchspring spent years competing head-to-head to provide eCommerce sites with the best site-search and navigation tools. They each honed their solutions to help shoppers connect with products that they were most likely to purchase. Then they were both bought by the same company. Now they're one company: Searchspring. What's happening behind the scenes? Why is there tech so valuable? Why do merchants need help from a company like Searchspring to deliver better shopping...


The benefits of Product Information Management (PIM) solutions

In previous episodes, we've discussed optimizing product data, and the term "PIM" always comes up. So we invited a guest to break down just what a good PIM does, and how product information management software can bring a lot of value to businesses with eCommerce sales channels. Guest: Jon Marsella, Host: Robert Rand, If you enjoyed this episode, you'll probably like episode 33 on Digital Merchandising too:


Can Dev Agencies Change The World?

There are more teams of web developers in the world than we can count. While they all have different strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, what if some of them started to evolve into Public Benefit Corporations? What would change? Who would be better off? Listen to this episode to learn why one agency is following the path of companies like Allbirds, Ben & Jerries, Bombas, New Chapter, Patagonia, and Tom's Shoes to operate as a "B Corp". Guest: Charles "Carlos" Fry of Host:...


Helping Your Website Live On The Edge

There was a time when your users would access your entire website directly from your web hosting server. Now, if you're focused on speed, security, scalability, and reliability, you're undoubtedly using an edge network to deliver a better experience to your web visitors while doing a better job of keeping your hosting server(s) stable and safe. How does all of this work? Will this technology give you a leg up on your competitors? What about using different vendors for CDN, WAF, and other...