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The JetRails Podcast is your source for tips, recommendations, and items of interest related to eCommerce, Web Hosting, and powerful platforms like Magento.

The JetRails Podcast is your source for tips, recommendations, and items of interest related to eCommerce, Web Hosting, and powerful platforms like Magento.
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The JetRails Podcast is your source for tips, recommendations, and items of interest related to eCommerce, Web Hosting, and powerful platforms like Magento.








Are you leaving $$$ on the table with your shipping carriers?

If you ship with a carrier like UPS or FedEx, it's likely that you're paying more in fees than you should be. For instance, if a shipment, such as an overnight shipment, is late, you may be entitled to a full refund. Tune in to learn more about where you may be overpaying your shipping carrier, and how to recoup those funds. Guest: Jose Li, Founder & CEO, 71lbs Host: Robert Rand, Director of Partnerships & Alliances, JetRails


Can you compete with 2-day shipping?

Shoppers expect orders to arrive at their doorstep quickly and cheaply. It's put a lot of pressure on merchants to compete. It's also brought challenges regarding eCommerce profitability. Learn more about the issues that ShipBob saw shoppers and sellers facing, and techniques for addressing those challenges. Guest: George Wojciechowski, Co-Founder, ShipBob Host: Robert Rand, Director of Partnerships & Alliances, JetRails


The Journey to Entering the Magento Marketplace

Clyde built a robust platform to allow eCommerce store owners to easily offer extended warranties and product insurance plans, and decided that to target Magento users, they'd benefit from having a Magento Extension. Learn how they connected with Xumulus, a web development agency (and Magento Extension Partner) to help build their Magento extension and launch it in the Magento Marketplace. Host: - Robert Rand, JetRails Guests: - Brandon Gell, Clyde - Dan Kozlowski, Xumulus


Can Shoppers Trust Your eCommerce Site As Much As They Trust Amazon?

Online shoppers have been given ample reason to fear privacy and fraud in recent years. They’ve watched behemoths like Target and Home Depot suffer data breaches. So why should they feel comfortable and confident to make a purchase on your website? Tune in to learn about how merchants are building trust and improving their conversion rates. Special Guests: Eric Thorson + Mark Wilkinson, Norton Shopping Guarantee Host: Robert Rand, JetRails


Competing with Amazon's Delivery Data

Amazon figured out that if you let shoppers know when they can expect to receive a product, it cuts down on friction and helps improve conversion rates. We're excited to share firsthand feedback from a long-time eCommerce merchant on the impacts of adding this feature to his website. If you're into chess, you'll appreciate this guest's ability to think a few moves ahead! We've also brought on the founder of the tech company that's making this tech available to more and more eCommerce shops....


Increasing orders through eCommerce optimization

You spend lots of money driving shoppers to your eCommerce website, whether through paid ads, or organic advertising. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how to convert more of those website visitors into customers, including by meeting expectations being set by titans of the eCommerce industry, like Amazon. Hosts: Tom Puchalski and Robert Rand of JetRails Guest: Jay Omar of Bolt


Comparing Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce on B2C Shopper Experience

Magento is one of the most robust and popular eCommerce platforms available. Learn about key differences between the free Open Source version of Magento, and the paid Commerce version, including ways that merchants using the more popular Magento Open Source version have been adding Enterprise features and functionalities to their stores. Hosts: - Tom Puchalski, JetRails - Robert Rand, JetRails Guest: - Alex Povolotski, Collins Harper


The Past, Present, and Future of Online Reviews

Product and Store reviews are some of the most important indicators that shoppers use when making a purchase. James Denker of Trustpilot, a veteran of the tech industry, joined to discuss where online review technology started, where it is now, and where it's headed. If you're an eCommerce merchant and trying to determine how to use reviews to your advantage, you won't want to miss this episode of The JetRails Podcast. Guest: James Denker Jr., Senior Partner Manager @ Trustpilot Host: Robert...


Best Practices for Magento Data Management

With Magento, you can import and export data through a variety of methods, including Flat File Uploads and Downloads, Direct Database Connections, and working with Magento's API. In this episode of The JetRails Podcast, we look at the pros and cons of each. Host: - Robert Rand, JetRails Guests: - Chris Frigo, Technical Team Lead @ 121eCommerce - Ryan Lunka, COO, nChannel


The Progression of Magento 2

When Magento 2 was first released, it was buggy and not well received. Since, it's become a stable platform with many benefits and improvements over Magento 1. With each passing year, it's become stronger and has remained an industry leader. Listen in to learn more about incremental updates that have continued to add to the value proposition of Magento 2. Hosts: Tom Puchalski & Robert Rand of JetRails Special Guest: Alex Povolotski of Collins Harper To learn about Magento 2.3.1 you can...


The JetRails Podcast Season 1 Introduction

An introduction to Season 1 of the JetRails podcast, a new advertising-free show with important tips and insights into eCommerce, digital marketing, and web hosting. You can visit to learn more about The JetRails Podcast.


Magento 1 End Of Life And Transitioning To Magento 2

The teams from Collins Harper and JetRails discuss the End of Life of Magento 1, best practices for maintaining your M1 site, and when you need to move beyond Magento 1.x, as well as best practices for replatforming onto Magento 2. Learn from the experiences of Magento experts in order to keep your Magento store safe and secure, and to have a successful experience in migrating to M2 prior to M1 EOL. Watch the video at: Hosts: Tom Puchalski &...