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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.

Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.


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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.






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Exploring How Bishops Printers Responded to COVID-19

ODS Director German Sacristan sits down to talk with Gareth Roberts, Managing Director at UK-based Bishops Printers. The two talk about the initial shock of COVID Wave One and how the company is reinvesting and rethinking for the future.


How to Effectively Use LinkedIn

Research Analyst Colin McMahon sits down with Business Development specialist Karen Kimerer for a talk about the “professional social media platform.” The two discuss mistakes to avoid and how to strategically setup your profile to achieve the most value for yourself and your company.


How L'Artegrafica Responded to COVID-19

Director German Sacristan gets a European perspective on the coronavirus when he sits down with Valentina Vivian, a process analyst with Italian print service provider L’Artegrafica. The two discuss the initial fallout from the COVID outbreak, as well as how rebuilding and realigning efforts are materializing.


Evolving Sales Practices During COVID-19

Senior Analyst Colin McMahon sits down for another discussion with Business Development Expert Karen Kimerer to discuss where print service providers fail when it comes to sales strategies. The two also talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sales and how companies can use this downtime to refine their client relationships.


Why Data Matters Now More Than Ever

Printers across the globe have faced remarkable challenges to business continuity in 2020. Now, more than ever, the ability to rely on key financial and operational data is critical to inform and influence the next steps to take. In this episode Ryan McAbee and Colin McMahon briefly discuss the results from this year’s North American and European Software Investment Outlooks that were focused on PSP’s use of data and KPIs.


Markzware on the Importance of Adaptability

Managing director at Markzware Europe David Dilling sits down with Senior Analyst Colin McMahon to elaborate on the print software solutions they provide. Dilling also expands on the importance of flexibility and adaptability when it comes to managing the needs of the print industry.


How Telepathic Graphics Adapted to COVID-19

Director German Sacristan sits down with Bob Boyle, Chief Telepath at Telepathic Graphics, to discuss how his company responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.


How to Educate Customers in the Age of COVID-19

Senior Editorial Analyst Colin McMahon sits down for another conversation with Business Development Specialist Karen Kimerer to discuss why customer education is important for print service providers looking to remain competitive during COVID-19 and beyond.


ACTS360 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Greg Sweers, CEO and Steward of ACTS360, talks about what it was like for the MSP during COVID-19, from preparation to everything that followed.


The Importance of Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Colin McMahon speaks with Karen Kimerer, Business Development Expert, consulting with Keypoint Intelligence, to provide tips and hints on how to engage your audience with a marketing plan that will develop long lasting relationships.


Linemark and the Strength of Versatility

German Sacrastan, Director of On Demand Printing Services at Keypoint Intelligence speaks with David Ashton, Partner at Linemark, about how they have learned the value of providing service offerings beyond on demand printing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How Lexmark Took on COVID-19

John Gagel, Global Senior Manager of Corporate Sustainability at Lexmark, shares a heartwarming story with Keypoint's consultant, Christine Dunne, about their recent efforts to help provide protective gear for local hospitals during this difficult time with COVID-19.


How Gamification Can Strengthen Your Company During COVID-19 and Beyond

Research Analyst Colin McMahon sits down with Yu-kai Chou and Simón Duque of The Octalysis Group to explain gamification and its uses in the modern workplace environment, as well as how and why gamification can create such a large impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How PTC is Powering Remote Collaboration in the Age of COVID-19

Michael Campbell, General Manager, Augmented Reality Products at PTC, speaks with Colin McMahon, Research Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence about how they help customers drive business value as a global software provider. During the COVID-19 crisis, PTC is offering their remote assistance product, Vuforia Chalk, at no cost. Learn more by clicking here.


Discussing the Impact of COVID-19 with American Litho

In this week's episode, German Sacristan, Director of On Demand Printing Services at Keypoint Intelligence, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on business with Frank Arostegui, Executive Vice President of American Litho.


Discussing the Potential of VR Remote Collaboration with Glue

In today's environment it is sometimes inefficient and expensive to have face-to-face meetings. Colin McMahon talks to Jussi Havu, CEO at Glue, about the company's shared virtual environments for remote collaboration.


Making an Impact Networking in Managed IT

Patrick Layton, Vice President of Managed IT Services at Impact Networking, speaks with our very own Carl Schell about the company’s security-first approach to IT as well as Microsoft Azure and plenty more.


Talking genARate and Augmented Reality with Konica Minolta

Ashley McConnell, International Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta, speaks with Colin McMahon about KM's relationship with augmented reality, and how they are constantly innovating in the field of imaging technology across all verticals and groups.


Esko's Digital Maturity Model with Jan de Roeck

In this week’s episode, Ryan McAbee, Director of Production Software at Keypoint Intelligence, discusses Esko’s Digital Maturity Model with Jan de Roeck, Marketing Director - Industry Relations & Strategy at Esko. This self-assessment tool for packaging suppliers allows users to measure where they are in digitally transforming their business. Suppliers will gain an understanding of where they are at today and where to focus their efforts in the future. How digitally mature are your...


The 2020 On Demand Print Road Map

Companies in the printing value chain are driven by the needs and preferences of print buyers and brands regarding quality, delivery time, and price. In this segment of our Road Map series, Ron Gilboa speaks with German Sacristan, Director of the Production Print & Media group to discuss 2019 trends and how they will impact production document printing in 2020.