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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.

Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.


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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.






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Packaging Converters find Cloud Freedom with Esko

Director Ryan McAbee speaks with Jan De Roeck, Director of Marketing, and Paul Land, Product Manager of Workflow Automation and Collaboration Products, on Esko’s acceleration into cloud-based software solutions for the packaging value chain. Learn how Esko solutions can provide Cloud Freedom in the packaging ecosystem by freeing data, empowering remote and hybrid workers, and reducing operational costs, while increasing flexibility and collaboration. Esko has built up many years of...


Customer Communications Trends and Roadmap for 2021

Join Marc Mascara, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Customer Communications Advisory Service, along with Ryan McAbee, Director of Production Software, as they explore the trends and innovations that are slated to shape consumer engagement through print and digital communication channels.


Getting to Know the Scanner Award Winners

Keypoint Intelligence’s Anne Valaitis, Associate Director of Solutions, Capture & Scanning Services, speaks with Associate Director of Software/Scanners Lee Davis about the recent BLI Scanner Award winners, including for Line of the Year.


2021 ODS Roadmap

Research Analyst Colin McMahon asks On Demand Print Strategies Director German Sacristan about everything guiding digital printing in the production space in 2021. The two also break down the impact of COVID-19 and discuss how it has already shaped the market, as well as how it will likely guide it in the coming months.


Determining the A4 Pick Winners with Keypoint Intelligence

Office Group Director Deborah Hawkins talks with Associate Director Kaitlin Shaw about Keypoint Intelligence’s process when choosing winners in the A4 category of print hardware. The two highlight winners, as well as give insight into the future direction of machines in this category.


The 2021 Wide Format Printing Roadmap

Research Analyst Colin McMahon and Wide Format Advisory Service Director Eric Zimmerman discuss how 2020 hit the wide format printing segment, as well as what trends are shaping up to guide the space as the year unfolds.


Reviewing Our A3 Award Winners

Office Group Director Deborah Hawkins chats with Associate Director George Mikolay on Keypoint Intelligence’s process when it comes to testing print devices and determining award winners. This podcast focuses primarily on our A3 category breakdowns.


The Textile, DTG, and Direct to Fabric 2021 Road Map

Research analyst Colin McMahon interviews Textile, DTG, and Direct to Fabric Print Strategies Director Mike Bertini on the latest trends hitting the functional print space. The two also discuss COVID-19’s impact in 2020, and what recovery is going to look like going forward.


Looking at 2021 with CEO Mack Brothers

Research Analyst Colin McMahon and Keypoint Intelligence CEO Mack Brothers kick off 2021 by giving an inside peek into the leadership of our company. Mack breaks down what drew him to Keypoint Intelligence, as well as the organization’s response to COVID-19, and what he hopes to see happen in 2021.


Road Map: Production Workflow Solutions in 2021

Research Analyst Colin McMahon asks Director of Production Workflow Services Ryan McAbee about what he sees as the year of virtual enablement. The two discuss automation trends, including the shift from isolated platforms to cohesive software ecosystems. This podcast previews Keypoint Intelligence’s upcoming Production Workflow Road Map analysis.


Divining the Secret Sauce to Success With Mack Brothers

Research Analyst Colin McMahon talks with Keypoint Intelligence CEO Mack Brothers on his recent blog series surrounding success in the workplace. The two debate the role of leadership in a company, as well as what qualities are essential in building effective colleague teams and relationships.


A Serverless Future: Looking at Celiveo and Edge Computing

Research Analyst Colin McMahon talks with Jean-Francois d’Estalenx, CEO and President of Celiveo, to discuss how the print industry is evolving toward increased use of edge computing solutions. The two also break down the impact that COVID-19 has had on this adoption and where Jean-Francois sees business developing in 2021 and beyond.


Consumer Expectations Shifting Digital Document Archives

There is a noticeable shift in how organizations are considering digital document archive and retrieval to support business needs and consumer preferences. Digital document archive is more than just a storage space for data – it is an essential communications component based on consumers personal channel preference. It has become a critical hub for managing additional touchpoints with a single thread to multiple deliveries. Listen to Marc Mascara, Director of Customer Communications Service,...


From Impact to Action in Packaging with Esko

Director, Ryan McAbee, talks with Jan DeRoeck, Director of Marketing at Esko, and his team on the impact of the pandemic and actions the packaging value chain can take headed into 2021. The conversation centers around how COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation of businesses, strengthened eCommerce, and how everyone in the packaging ecosystem is adapting. Be sure to download Covid-19: From Impact to Action in the Packaging Industry eBook filled with actionable insights from the Esko...


How Just the Right Stuff Responded to COVID-19

Consulting Editor Christine Dunne talks with Dave Constas, Co-Founder and Owner of Just the Right Stuff (a Syracuse, New York-based print and office supply shop), about how the company evolved during the pandemic and what they’re doing now to stay productive and ahead of the competition.


The Evolving Importance of Cybersecurity

Analyst Colin McMahon talks with Group Director and Chief Analyst Aaron Hale about the complex issue of cybersecurity. The two break down how the cyber landscape has evolved in 2020 as well as discuss how education remains the vital first tool in combating cyberattacks. This podcast also gives a nod to Aaron’s recent blog series on the subject of cybersecurity, which can be found here.


LDI Provides the Toolbox for the Future

Brian Gertler of LDI Color ToolBox examines office print, the production space, managed IT, and the smart workplace with Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Schell.


The Predictive Index and the Science of Remote Workflow

Research analyst Colin McMahon talks with Dr. Allison Siminovsky, lead scientist at The Predictive Index, about the challenges of remote workflow and how businesses can better maximize worker productivity and engagement.


Breaking Down the PaceSetter Award Winners in Serviceability & Support

Keypoint Intelligence’s George Mikolay and Deborah Hawkins discuss why the two winning vendors of Buyers Lab’s recent PaceSetters in Serviceability & Support took home the hardware.


Print Innovation with AAA Flag & Banner

Research analyst Colin McMahon sits down with AAA Flag & Banner representatives Patrick Green, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Jordan Schwartz, Vice President Of Business Development, to discuss the company’s latest innovative product: the printed fans now populating MLB stadiums across the country. The three also discuss the impact of COVID, the continued need for innovation, as well as how digital initiatives will spell future success within the print industry.