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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.

Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.


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Listen to our industry experts help you cut through the noise of data, offering unbiased insights in imaging, printing, and communications.






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Zaikio Will Transform the Print Industry with Its Business Platform

Print service providers (PSPs) and their suppliers want to simplify and streamline pricing, ordering, and integration, while print buyers are always looking to avoid unpleasant surprises. Karl Ciz, Head of Partnerships at Zaikio, speaks with Keypoint Intelligence’s Greg Cholmondeley, Principal Analyst of Production Workflow Software, about Zaikio’s system that enables the interchanging of data between PSPs and suppliers—and how it will transform the print industry.


Tigerpaw Adds MPS Functionality to Its Flagship IT Platform

Trevor Moses, Vice President of Customer Success at Tigerpaw, speaks with Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Schell about Tigerpaw One software as well the features, benefits, and evolution of its new managed print services (MPS) capabilities. The conversation also touches on Tigerpaw initiatives (expanding its dealer network, helping organizations achieve more through automation) while explaining how the company is further bridging the gap between IT and print.


Talking Recycler Live Conference, The New Normal, and EC Industry Regulation

European Industry Consultant David Connett joins Deborah Hawkins and Peter Mayhew to discuss The Recycler Live Conference in Prague at the end of May 2022, where Keypoint Intelligence will present on digital transformation in today’s business world. They also speak about working from home and hybrid working, along with some interesting insights on the forthcoming regulation for the European office printing hardware and supplies markets.


Developments in Digital Textile and Direct-to-Garment Inks

David Clark (Huntsman Corporation) and Eric Beyeler (DuPont) speak with Keypoint Intelligence’s Johnny Shell on developments in digital textile and DTG dyes and pigments. The lively conversation also includes discussions on new ink formulations for improved color gamut and print results, the advancements in white inks, durability improvements, and recent trends and technologies that are opening the door to new opportunities for ink manufacturers.


Keypoint Intelligence Reports on 2021 Office Placements and Market Shares

Deborah Hawkins, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group, and German Sacristan, Director of On Demand Printing & Publishing, discuss final year placements of office hardware for 2021 as well as the corresponding market shares. There were winners and there were losers, so be sure to tune in for all the insight and analysis!


Steps to Build a Successful Omnichannel Campaign

Keypoint Intelligence’s German Sacristan speaks with Frank Arostegui, Executive Vice President of Sales at American Litho, which helps serve some of the largest financial, insurance, and retail companies in the US. Other topics of discussion include the ins and outs of how to create a powerful omnichannel strategy in real customer environments, along with common challenges and channel effectiveness within an omnichannel campaign.


Regional Magazine Turns More to Subscriptions, Retail Shop Distribution

Consulting Editor Christine Dunne talks magazines with Amy Bleier Long and MJ Kravec, Co-Editors of Central New York Magazine, an award-winning “regional keepsake” that celebrates Central New York’s people, places, businesses, artisans, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and the seasons with stories that inform, entertain, and inspire. The trio discuss topics applicable to print magazines in general, including how business models are changing, the role digital fatigue is playing in magazine...


Ricoh 3D Solution Simplifies the Creation of Anatomic Models

Ricoh USA’s Gary Turner, Managing Director of Additive Manufacturing in North America, discusses the company’s recent 3D printing efforts in the healthcare space. Along with sharing the benefits of the RICOH 3D for Healthcare solution (an end-to-end workflow solution for designing and producing 3D-printed anatomic models), he talks about affordability and ease of use, as the solution integrates with IBM Connect Access from IBM Watson Health—enterprise imaging software many healthcare...


Small Print Services Provider Uses AI to Streamline Impositioning

Greg Cholmondeley, Director of Production Workflow Software at Keypoint Intelligence, interviews Leiman Chan, CEO and CTO of Nonstop Printing, about his experience with Tilia Labs’ solutions for automating the impositioning process for his small, California-based print shop, which focuses on high-quality color books and graphic novels. Tyler Thompson, Solutions Director at Tilia Labs, joins the conversation to share his perspective on working with Leiman and Nonstop Printing and how Tilia...


Understanding Business Development Priorities in 2022

Associate Director Colin McMahon virtually chats with business development specialist Karen Kimerer on the continuing changes impacting business brand and communication strategies. The two break down several notable trends expected to further unfold in 2022, including the changing perception of packaging as a brand extension, as well as how automation factors into the client experience.


Tilia Labs AI-Driven Solutions: Past, Present, and Future

Greg Cholmondeley, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Workflow Software Advisory Service, has a conversation with Sagen de Jonge, Co-Founder and CEO, and Tyler Thompson, Solutions Director, about Tilia Labs, its use of AI to solve real-life production print issues, and the path into the future. Tilia Labs is a leading developer of prepress software for planning, imposition, and automation of applications spanning the full range of graphic arts sectors including packaging, labels,...


Keypoint Intelligence Production Group Delivers 2022 Roadmaps (Part 2)

How will current technology, labor, supply chain, and sustainability changes impact vendors and print/marketing services providers moving forward? Members of Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Group talk to Carl Doty, Vice President & Chief Analyst, to put those things into perspective in the wide format, functional/industrial, and workflow software segments, along with making some predictions for 2022.


Keypoint Intelligence Production Group Delivers 2022 Roadmaps (Part 1)

Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Doty, Vice President and Chief Analyst, speaks with members of the company’s Production Group about what to watch out for in 2022. Along with some predictions in the areas of production print, workflow software, and customer communications, the discussion focuses on current technology, labor, supply chain, and sustainability changes and how they will impact vendors and print/marketing services providers moving forward.


The State of Hybrid Work in 2022

Keypoint Intelligence’s Colin McMahon (Associate Director), Jamie Bsales (Director of Smart Workplace & Security Analysis), and Lee Davis (Associate Director of Software/Scanners) hold a virtual roundtable on the evolving state of knowledge work in the US. Listen as the three break down various trends shaping the industry, then point to signs that the pre-pandemic days of location-based employment are likely done for good.


The Myths and Facts About Paper Sustainability

German Sacristan, Director of On Demand Printing & Publishing at Keypoint Intelligence, talks to Kathi Rowzie and Jonathan Tame from Two Sides to discuss false claims against paper sustainability (going paperless can save forests, and that electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than paper). Kathi and Jonathan share their activities and what the industry can do to support the paper sustainability message.


The Relevance and Power of Print

German Sacristan, Keypoint Intelligence’s Director of On Demand Printing & Publishing, sits down with advertising agency veteran Ulbe Jelluma to discuss why print remains an effective and vital part of a communications channel strategy. Among the other areas of interest are challenges and bottlenecks as well as how to enable the power of print long into the future.


Campfire and the Potential of Targeted XR Solutions

Associate Director Colin McMahon talks with Founder and CEO of Campfire Jay Wright about startup Campfire, a holographic projection XR platform designed very specifically around design and engineering remote collaboration. The two also discuss the XR industry at large, pinpointing potential problem areas and how organizations are moving forward.


Why Modernizing Revenue Is Vital, and How to Achieve It

Shawn Peterson, Founder and CEO of Quantum Business Solutions, spends some time with Keypoint Intelligence’s Carl Schell discussing how dealers can systemize, optimize, and automate sales processes. What could the future look like when salespeople have more time to sell, or if businesses saw as much as 10x in productivity gains? Peterson answers those questions while adding plenty of more color to the conversation around modernizing revenue.


Konica Minolta’s AIRe Link and the Growing Importance of Remote Support

Associate Director Colin McMahon speaks with Zdenek Vrbka, Program Manager for Assisted and Connected Technologies and Leader of the AIRe Link project, about Konica Minolta Europe's recent efforts in the remote support space. The two break out the evolution of the AIRe Link, the impact of the ongoing pandemic, along with why it is so important for decision makers to embrace a new mindset going forward.


TWAIN Direct Is the Answer to Your Remote Scanning Needs—and Others, Too

Keypoint Intelligence's Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners, is joined by Joseph Odore, Global US&C Portfolio Marketing Manager at Kodak Alaris, to discuss the power of TWAIN Direct. The two run through what the open source protocol does and how it helps overcome problems with scanning in the hybrid workplace era.