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Britains most underated podcast. Everything is just so overated

Britains most underated podcast. Everything is just so overated
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Britains most underated podcast. Everything is just so overated








Popcorn Storm - Episode 100 ( featuring James Atkins ) EMF

So we finally done it guys !!!! we reached episode 100 and i couldn't have done it without your support.. So as a reward i have a interview with one of the biggest 90s band members to come out of the UK music industry. Remember that band EMF who produced , Children , I Believe and Unbelievable ? well i've only managed to speak to the lead singer James Atkin on this episode!! He has a fantastic new album that comes out on April 19th .. The album is called Popcorn Storm and on this...


Sweet Harmony - Episode 99 - Featuring Hannah Ewing

This week we are very lucky to have Hannah join us in the studio to talk everything about social media.. Hannah runs Harmony social media and is an expert in everything related to social media.


Episod 98 - Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout (featuring Jeff Austin)

On this episode we have a good friend of mine and Liams pop in for a chat. Jeff is an wizard at making Home Brew. We chat various different topics as well as finding out what a Rocky Mountain Oyster is....


This Time (featuring Liam Cloke) - Episode 97

We welcome Liam back to talk about This Time by Alan Partridge .. We also catch up on current affairs . music and general chat... We also preview the new release from The Raft.


Episode 96 - Not Out!

As we come up to our 100th Birthday ...... How has this podcast changed? How can we improve ? What would you change?


Hitting The Bottle - Episode 95 - Feat Blaze The Quirky South African

We this week open up the bottle of Port and invite my next door neighbour Baze , in for a relaxed alcohol induced chat. This weeks episode is uncut , unedited , raw and original, as we come close to hitting our 100th episode id like to reflect on past episodes inviting old friends in for a good old yarn please tell us what you think and get in contact


Changing Your Life With Dru Yoga - Episode 94 - Featuring Kathy Hutchings

On this episode we carry on the spiritual route by inviting Kathy Hutchings into the studio for a chat. Kathy Used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks until she discovered Dru Yoga. 20 years in Practice Kathy is now a Dru Yoga Teacher and wishes to one day take her spiritual journey to a far away land !!


A Spiritual Awakening - Episode 93 - Featuring Sam De La Haye

We welcome back Sam De La Haye to talk to us about Patreon. Patreon is a system which allows Sam to build her community, in a way that hopefully one day, will allow her to work full time on her music through sponsorship. Sam is a super talented Pianist from Cornwall. Shes a mum , wife , wedding singer , Musical Therapist and Busker. She is also a very good friend and i love watching how her works progressing and also proud to be one of her Patreons. On this episode she sings Caledonia...


The Effects Of Online Gambling with Soozi Baggs

On this episode we welcome Soozi Baggs into the studio. Soozi is a Lecturer in Criminology at Plymouth University. After completing her Masters Dissertation on the harms of Online Bingo soozi is now researching for her PhD on online Gambling. We talk about how the industry has changed since the introduction of online gambling and also look at how gambling differs from Males to Females. From Bingo to Football. From the national Lottery to Childrens Computer games. From Matched betting to...


The Environmentally Friendly Beanbag - Episode 91 featuring David Crawford

Do you consider your a Green person? Do you recycle ? Do you know how to Recycle Properly? What could you do to educate yourself more about recycling? These are all questions i found to be asking myself on this episode. We invited David Crawford into the studio to help us answer these questions on how to make ourselves more Environmentally friendly. David is the owner of The Big Beanbag Company LTD. A fantastic new business which has opened up in East Cornwall. The Big Bean Bag Company...


Faceless Book , Responsibility And Beyond - Episode 90 (FEAT Gareth Addidle)

Can you remember the times before Social Media ? MySpace , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter ? Can you remember life without a mobile phone? Marc invites Gareth Addidle, Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice into the studio to discuss Social Media and the harm it may be causing in our lives. We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and loved ones but are we being left vulnerable simply by being logged on 24/7. Find out what can we do to protect ourselves ?


How Stupid Is Brexit Making Us Brits Look ? Episode 89

I think every resident in the UK if not the world, is sick to death of hearing about Brexit. Every time you turn on the telly, open a newspaper, turn the Radio on its BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT !!! Well iam sorry to say episode 89 is me and my good mate jj talking about the total shambles the Tory government is making of Brexit. How did you vote? Did you get what you voted for? Is everything going to plan? Do you think there should be another referendum ? All these questions answered plus...


A Winter Wonderland - Episode 88

Marc takes the kids on a wonderful adventure to Lapland The boys meet Santa and the Elf's, takes the Huskies for a ride , goes sledging down the side of the hill and goes on a Reindeer ride. On the journey home Marc takes a listen to an amazing book by Jon Acuff called FINISH Give Yourself The Gift Of Done. A perfect book for starting 2019 .....


Bill The Taxman Eats Cake On Cyber Monday - Episode 87

Taff is back after suffering from a spell of man flu .. This Mondays podcast was recorded on Cyber Monday and National cake day so we talk cake and cyber. Taff tells us what he has bought his mum for christmas. Marc gives us a pointless fact about Bats and a review on a new podcast hes found. George blames Hip Hop....... The boys conclude the episode by emptying their pockets and working out if the have enough money to buy a Cornish Owl Sanctuary.


Lapland On The Piste - Episode 86

On this episode we diagnose Taffs illness over the phone. It is National Toilet Day and also International Mens day. We examine the facts and discuss the perfect time to produce a Tom Tit.. Climate change , green house effects , plastics and recycling do we do enough? We find out why George has been getting strange phone calls and what the perfect breakfast consists off. We also have another top tune from this months album of the month from Underdog.


Knives Dont Kill People Robbers Do - Episode 85

Cornwall weather gets Four seasons in one day...... Taff goes ice skating, George and Marc go to a car boot sale and return with a very special new toy!! Everything is going grand until Marc returns home and notices water running down his walls.. On the plus side the Spice Girls announce a surprised reunion and we debate Kylie and Dani and their perfect genes .... We have another fantastic song from this months chosen album by Underdog.


Penny For The Guy - Episode 84 (feat George & Taff)

We invite George and Taff back to talk about their week and chat about why we celebrate November the 5th with fireworks, here in the uk. We also discuss why we think the Pub industry is on the decline and Taff is shocked to find out the price of old motorbikes and cars. We also launch Novembers album of the month. The album we are giving away is by a band called Underdog. We will be giving away A Message From Someone at the end of November. if you cannot wait till then head on over to...


Feast Of The Dead - Episode 83 (feat George & Taff)

Welcome to our Halloween Special. The studio on the hill is all spooked out this week. Marc gets the willies put up him from two Celtic Clowns who have come to celebrate The Eve Of All Saints Day. Together they recorded a podcast, tried to talk about everything Halloween and try to find the origin of Halloween.. In the end they conclude, the Festival of Samhain is actually an holiday abroad for ghosts and spirits... Special Links Richard Ashcroft, has he lost his...


Wok This Way - Epiosde 82

Last week we talked Technology This week we Discover Technology, via the Internet. We Talk to the Rob & Tim from my favourite Podcast "From Under The Thumb" Rob tell us of the days he was Community Radio and Tim finally lets it out the bag where Marco comes from? As well as all this we talk Music and films and discuss our favourite three course meals. Please check out their Podcast, It really is a good show.


The Rise Of Technology - Episode 81 (FEAT George Vincent)

Some might say we have entered the 4th Industrial Revolution? Some say the introduction of digital technology and the smart lifestyle we live in is just part of Generation Z But what does technology mean to you? At 40 years of age me and George look at technology and how it has change in our lifetime. On this episode we also feature music from The Raft and plat track number 4 off of their latest ep " The Jellyfish EP'S" For more info on the band please check out their facebook...