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Metal Lives Here. The Metal Rebellion is about all things metal. Metal Lives Here

Metal Lives Here. The Metal Rebellion is about all things metal. Metal Lives Here
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Metal Lives Here. The Metal Rebellion is about all things metal. Metal Lives Here




EPS 16: GWAR A Show Unlike Any Other

On this episode of The Metal Rebellion, we talk about FLAW ripping off a YouTuber. We also discuss Ozzy and his new album that will be coming out very soon. Then Jesse gives us the Concert Report as he went to a GWAR show! Many shenanigans ensued! Then we talk about the new albums coming out on the 20th, As I Lay Dying and The Agonist. Other topics include Lacuna Coil and the upcoming show that The Metal Rebellion will be attending HALLOW POINT! Come join us in the Shack for another chat...


EPS 15: War Of Words With Arch Enemy

On this weeks episode we discuss the war of words between front women Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. Lucas Mann of Rings Of Saturn finds himself in hot water....again. This time from a band called We Are The End. We also cover new music Scream Of Syrens and Disarmonia Mundi. Then we talk about bands that are beginning to the classic stage at 25 years of being formed. Wow feel like we are getting old in the Shack! Come join us in the Shack for another...


EPS 14: Matt Heafy VS Hurricane Dorian

On this weeks episode we talk about the car accident that Power Metal behemoths Sabaton was involved in. Matt Heafy of Trivium takes on Hurricane Dorian, And Kuwaii Metal looks like it's here to stay with Ironbunny. On our New Music segment, we cover a metal band from Scotland: From Sorrow To Serenity and Love The Hate. We also talk about the new TOOL album Fear Inoculum and Wage War's album Pressure. Come join us in The Shack as we talk Metal, Metal, and more Metal.


EPS 13: Sumerian Records Loses Their Minds

On this weeks episode: We are changing up formats for you guys! Lemmy recorded a country song back in 1979, Sumerian Records signs Poppy (yea you read right!), and Hasbro the toy company got their hands on music from In Flames, Kittie, Black Label Society, and a bunch of other metal bands. We talk New Metal Discovery, From Under The Willow and Russia's Illidiance. Also Jinjer released a new video to Judgement and Punishment. Then we talk about the new video from Periphery Chvrch Bvrner. Come...


EPS 12: Racing With Slayer

On this weeks episode: Jesse's back from his work vacation! We cover NASCAR pulling the Slayer car. In the office with Amon Amarth. New music this week from the Philippines: Natal Cleft! We also cover Jared Dines, Stevie T, and Dragonforce. Jesse and Jar give you their thoughts on the new Killswitch Engage video and album. Come join us in the Shack!


EPS 11: Solo Ride To The Depths Of Metal

This week's episode covers a wide range of new bands that Jesse and JAR have found. Jar covers metal bands like AESOP, Meadows End, Cypecore, ILLIST, and the always dark Dimmu Borgir. Come join Jar in the shack as he goes on a solo ride to the depths of the metal world! Jesse will be back next week for more metal talks and shenanigans.


EPS 10: A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Episode 10 of The Metal Rebellion, we take a trip to the past. We made it to our 10th episode! We talk about the Van Halen 1982 Rider Contract. We also take a deep dive into Loudwire's top 25 metalcore albums of all time. Then we take a trip down memory lane with Trivium and Killswitch Engage! We also cover the interviews that The Metal Rebellion have started. Come check us out and take a listen. Come join us in the Shack!


EPS 9: Storming Area 51 Spectacle

On this weeks episode we talk about The Storm Area 51 movement. We also cover the meaning behind Slipknot's We Are Not Your Kind album. Chris Adler is back in the metal news for joining !HAIL. We also cover Why You Should Travel for a metal show. Other topics include Dragonforce, Dividium for new music, and the metalcore movement as well as Lacuna Coil going metalcore. Come join us in the Shack!!!


EPS 8 Streaming On The Hate Train

In this week's episode we cover some huge topics. Chris Adler and Lamb Of God part ways for reasons unknown. There's a Metallica Rep that wants your money. New Music segment with Unreqvited and the Post Black Metal Genre. Slipknot is back in the news with their next single Solway Firth. We also cover some new tours that are being announced like the pairing of Lacuna Coil and All That Remains. Hallow Point is back in the local news with an Album Release Party. We also discuss how streaming...


EPS 7: Its OK To Not Be OK

On this weeks episode we discuss Killswitch Engage's new song I Am Broken Too and how they are using it to fight the epidemic of suicide. We also discuss Finland's first Heavy Metal Knitting Festival. We talk about new albums by Norma Jean and Insomnium. There's a new band for our New Metal Segment and they are ILLIST. Also on the agenda we have Rammstein in London and how technology is making a difference in the Metal world and Community. Come join us in THE SHACK where Jesse is always...


EPS 6: Jesse Returns Full Of Angst

Today Jesse is back in the Shack! We discuss how Iran imprisoned Confess for playing metal! Also a Slayer fan gets some awesome treatment from Budweiser! Other topics include Persephone, Metallica, Wage War, and Lacuna Coil


EPS 5: Alone In The Dark

This weeks episode goes solo! Today we talk about Slayer, Static X, Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God, and Cannibal Corpse


Recording In The Shack

Today we talk about Dave Mustane, Betraying the Martyr, FFDP, Babymetal, Kilswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, and GWAR


Small Town Throwdown

This weeks episode: Hardcore Dancing Is a Fail, Atreyu, Jesse and JAR Meet, Jinjer, Raunchy, and Ice Nine Kills


Never To Old To Rock

This weeks episode: Old People and Metal, Metal makes You a Better Person, and maybe just maybe a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden Tour!


Spaghetti Hair

This weeks topics cover: As I lay Dying, Slipknot, and Hallow Point.