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Welcome to The Moneypot, the podcast from Money20/20. Money is Changing. Know More.

Welcome to The Moneypot, the podcast from Money20/20. Money is Changing. Know More.


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Welcome to The Moneypot, the podcast from Money20/20. Money is Changing. Know More.








Is the Crypto Market Fundamentally Broken

We are breaking from our typical format because of the intense news that is developing around the crypto markets, and how that is affecting businesses in that sector of the industry. We all know that the price of cryptocurrencies dropped. Bitcoin dove to a year low of $26284. Ethereum dove to $1792. Both seem to be stabilizing, but are very far from their beginning of the year highs. Even bigger are the stories about Luna and TerraUSD. TerraUSD is a stablecoin that is pegged to the...


Can Crypto Be Undone by Quantum?

Quantum computing is coming. And that puts encryption in danger, because the ability to process long numbers will be so much faster and deeper in scope will be at the finger tips of major players. Crypto currencies and blockchain technologies rely on distributed ledgers keeps value and contractual agreements on them safe without mediation now, but advances will need to be made in order to keep that ledger safe from corruptibility. We spoke to Rhiddiman Das, the Founder and CEO of...


MoneyPot LIVE: With Chainalysis and Cross River - Increasing Access to Crypto Services

Chainalysis and Cross River invited us to host a LIVE podcast conversation at the launch party for their new partnership designed to increase the ability of fintechs and community banks to offer crypto products ands services. We had the chance to interview Nathan Bekerman of Cross River and Jeff Billingham of Chainalysis and we discussed the accessibility of crypto for smaller players such as community banks and fintechs, the ways crypto has become more legitimized, and the benefits of web 3...


SPECIAL: Is this the Golden Age of Bank-Fintech Partnerships

Collaboration between banks and fintechs has been central to the conversation about the future of money since 2015. But truly flourishing examples are finally in abundance. We got a chance to speak to Josh Goines from and Reetika Grewal from Wells Fargo about their partnership to serve medium enterprise banking needs. Done in partnership with Guests: Josh Goines, SVP of Partnership and Business Dev, Reetika Grewal, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Host:...


Preparing for an Attack on Global Financial Networks

Earlier this year, 10 nations and several international institutions participated in a simulation "war game" on the global financial networks. It was organized and led by the Israeli Ministry of Finance, to anticipate the need for smarter international cooperation to protect systems. The goal was to prepare for the possibility of wide-spread simultaneous hacks, understand what were the key weaknesses, and find measures that could be implemented across international lines. We got to speak to...


What do the SWIFT sanctions really do?

The sanctions on Russian financial institutions following the invasion of Ukraine, including from SWIFT and the freezing of Russian Central Bank assets have been the center of attention for the global financial world. These sanctions or threats of sanctions have already had severe repercussions for both Russia and the global economy- repercussions that have yet to be fully felt. We at Money20/20 wanted to provide clarity around the details of the sanctions, what they seem to imply, and what...


Funding Non-Unicorns

Fintech investment is exploding. But, with so much investment, valuations are in question. VC money is aimed at breeding unicorns, which are now much less rare, and being created at a rate of two per day. Is this the best way to truly grow and nourish a healthy financial ecosystem and communities? Or is the VC funding model ready to be disrupted as well? We spoke with Bhavik Vasa, Founder & CEO of GetVantage and Saket Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of Vitt. about plans to fund smaller niche...


Robot Moses: Creating Ethical Rules for AI

AI has a ‘black box’ issue and the lack of understanding about how such systems work can raise concerns about opacity, unfair discrimination, ethics and threats to individual privacy and autonomy. Would it be fair/acceptable if in the future AI used your digital identity and social media posts and decided you have very expensive habits and are thus unlikely to repay your debts? The new AI regulation proposed in the EU aims to address these issues by requesting processes to build, audit and...


Special: It’s about more than Cryptocurrency; it’s about Commerce with PayPal

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. All have made headway in the mainstream regarding their functionality and potential use as an actual currency. For crypto to truly take hold as a currency, it needs to be accepted during commerce activities such as buying and selling. Edwin Aoki, CTO of PayPal’s BCDC unit, and May Zabaneh, VP of Product for BCDC, join us to discuss how PayPal views these new technologies and what we should expect when it comes to using them for commerce. Guests: Edwin Aoki, CTO...


AI and Advanced Analytics at Oracle Lakehouse

We think of AI as something from a Sci-Fi novel, but the reality is AI and natural language processing are already being used in aiding core financial systems. We got the chance to speak to Nino Bice and Vijay Krishnamurthy from the Oracle Lakehouse about their projects in AI, why they are so vital, and what opportunities their projects open in the future. Guests: Nino Bice, Vice President Product Management AI, Oracle Viji Krishnamurthy, AI Specialist, Analytics for Blockchain,...


SPECIAL: BNPL: The Millennial Payment Method Comes of Age.

The pandemic forced everyone to reevaluate many parts of life – from work life balance to payment habits. As consumers considered their various situations, it brought about the coming of age and exponential growth of the buy now, pay later industry. Thought of as primarily a millennial and Gen Z payment method due to their existing adoption of the subscription lifestyle, the pandemic forced older generations to adopt buy now pay later services. Hear from Greg Lisiewski, VP of Global Pay...


Driving the Future of Transaction Banking with Embedded Finance

Since banking became mobile, it feels like it should be more intuitive and more automated. Our money should feel easier to use, easier to save and serve us better. Embedded finance is the beginning of a system where the banking is simply an inherent part of any transaction, and not a belabored afterthought. And with open banking empowering consumers to own their data, the combination with embedded finance could lead to incredible opportunities in every type of financial transaction. We spoke...


Recreating the Retailers Payments Stack

The pandemic rocked retail to the core, and was a time when multiple payments options and omni-channel commerce became vital to survival. Some of the biggest casualties are the mid to large traditional retailers who have declared bankruptcy in record numbers. Their profit margins are being squeezed by the behemoths while a lot of the problem solving has been for small businesses to operate better and smoother. In order to compete, retailers need to be able to move as swiftly as the payments...


Clearing the Hurdles of Digital Asset Adoption for Institutional Clients

DeFi and Web 3.0 are upon us. With the growing popularity of crypto, NFTs and other digital assets, new ways to create, gather, and transform wealth are developing. As they do, institutional investors are becoming more and more interested. But, as they invest more in these assets, they must take extra measures around the potential risks and compliance requirements. We spoke with Sanjay Mathew from Oracle and Greg Gilman, from Protego Trust about the way digital assets can change the nature...


Becoming the Dungeon Master of Retail Investing

Retail investing has never been a hotter space. During the pandemic, as certain discretionary incomes increased, and apps have made participating in the markets easier, there has been an explosion of interest and activity. But this has led to a proliferation of meme stocks, and questionable investment activities, none of which are disappearing. Retail investing has always had a memetic nature, but social media communities about investing are changing the movement of investing information and...



Over the past year, both traditional and upstart financial service providers have streamlined and digitized to enable remote workforces and customer experiences. Consumers and society overcame challenges not seen in over a generation. Just as survivors of the Great Depression focused on achieving the necessary with minimal resources, consumers coming out of the pandemic have different expectations and behaviors, shaped by the events of the last two years. The game of leapfrog continues and...


Changing the Game of Digital Customer Experience: Reimagining E-commerce

Over the past 18 months, businesses of all shapes and sizes have needed to focus specifically on the digital customer experience as other channels have closed or slowed down. The ability to define the customer experience – and make it unique – is not just a differentiator, but what allows companies to succeed during a challenging, unprecedented time. We spoke with Dr. Tiffany Raymond of PayPal on how leveraging e-commerce will not just accelerate business but can also be optimized with...


Will Your Next Curry Come with a Side Credit Card?

Embedded finance is at the heart of payments innovation. Uberized payments, digital wallets, and contactless service has become the standard. Will the next wave be credit cards? Do the brands that you love know you better than your financial institution, and are they willing to extend you more credit because of it? We spoke with Dov Marmor about the new Railsbank Credit Card as a Service (CCaaS) platform about this new evolution of credit and the deep satisfaction of creating tools to help...


Community Banks with the Right Tools Can Compete

Community banks are at a moment of decision, like a football game going to penalties. They are in the midst of consolidations, acquisitions, and pressure to digitize. The number of these banks are shrinking in the EU and US, but during the pandemic, many have shown resilience and won a lot of goodwill through excellent customer engagement. We spoke with Mantl's Nathaniel Harley and Jesse Wedler, Capital G to speak about the mission to help community banks digitize their culture, their...


Bank in Transition: From Muffins to Mergers, Cupcakes to Culture

We are on the verge of the great bank consolidation. While currently, there are nearly 5000 banks each in the US and Europe, that number is going to significantly reduce in the next few years as banks merge, and are acquired by other banks or fintechs. Amidst this, how do you create a culture that is tech forward and eliminates the hierarchies that can prevent quicker innovation? We decided to speak to Dontà Wilson and Scott Case, who have led the merger to create Truist Bank, dealing with...