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Welcome to The Moneypot, the new podcast from Money20/20, discussing the forces and ideas shaping the future of money.

Welcome to The Moneypot, the new podcast from Money20/20, discussing the forces and ideas shaping the future of money.


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Welcome to The Moneypot, the new podcast from Money20/20, discussing the forces and ideas shaping the future of money.








Dynamic Data RegTech

Too often, regulations and regulators, are looked at as the enemies of innovation. But, the world of RegTech isn't only about lowering the costs of compliance. It is about empowering regulators to be flexible to serve bigger policy goals, keeping the market fair and dynamic. We spoke with Murat Abur, Co-founder and CTO at Suade Labs to discuss the developments and possibilities that RegTech is creating to keep from over or under reacting to the amazing speed of the fintech...


Financial Gains are Still Attainable- But How?

For years we’ve discussed the shift to mobile and the importance of digitizing businesses, and today we are seeing that shift accelerated. We have also witnessed an acceleration in consumers’ expectations for how brands are showing up and a seamless digital-first experience. We are navigating unique challenges as we think through ways to create impactful marketing that answers to consumers’ needs while strategizing ways to drive efficiencies for our business. Whether determining how to reach...


China's Blockchain Service Network

China's BSN- Blockchain Service Network- first announced in 2019, provides infrastructure and tools for the deployment of blockchain solutions for Chinese businesses as well as businesses that operate in or trade with China. To learn more about this potentially game-changing infrastructure investment, we spoke with Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner of the Blockchain Founders Fund and Zennon Kapron, Director of KapronAsia. Guests: Zennon Kapron, Director, KapronAsia Aly Mahavji, Managing...


This Episode is an NFT

NFTs have been the buzz in the air, but it seems like there is enduring confusion about what an NFT is and what it does. So, we thought- could we walk in the pioneering footsteps of the Kings of Leon, and make an audio episode about making an NFT into an NFT? So we did! AND, in the process we made episode art and a song about what else?- NFTs. And you can bid on it here!: All of our proceeds will go to a charity that we will be announcing next...


Estate Planning is the New Black Reprise

For grim reasons, the estate planning business boomed during the early days of the pandemic. Access demanded a completely digital approach that allowed for highly informed decision making and legally binding documentation. But there is another barrier that needs to be broken- the notion that Wills and Planning are only for wealthy people and white people. Did you know that Aretha Franklin died without a will? Why would a woman that empowered not have something so many consider part of basic...


How do you Re-Platform a Bank?

It is hard to transform to digital first, or as our guest co-host Kevin Holditch says, "Replatforming a bank is like swapping out a couple of decades old jet engine, mid flight, whilst being 38,000 feet in the air with an over-pack passenger list." Seems like that might cause a few difficulties, doesn't it? This is the first of a special series with Form3. Gary Dempsey, Content Lead, Money20/20 EU brings on Kevin Holditch, Head of Platform Engineering at Form3, to co-host. They speak with...


EXTRA- SPACS and ChasePay ends...

SPACs have made going public incredibly tantalizing, and the number of SPACS in 2021 is eye-popping. So, is that actually a great thing? And what does JP Morgan shutting down ChasePay mean for the big banks in a big tech world? Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief and Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer at Money20/20 USA discuss these topics to try to give context and thoughts about the trends in 2021 Hosts: Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20 Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money20/20...


CitiPlex Account- Big Banks Partnering with Big Tech

Citi and Google recently announced the creation of the CitiPlex with GooglePay account that is a full bank account residing in the Google ecosystem. Google also announced 11 other partnerships with a variety of banks. It is one of the most significant steps of "big tech" into formal banking, and creating a seamless experience for the consumer. It is a step in the direction of the superapps popular in Asia. Luckily, we got the chance to talk to Alpesh Chokshi, Global Head of Business...


What can Fintech learn about Product Development from LEGO?

Product Development is the heart and soul of fintech. Building a better mousetrap was the point of creating products and services that addressed the needs and behaviors of modern consumers. Sometimes, it is helpful to look at that journey through the eyes of another industry, so we took the opportunity to speak with one of the best product designers we know. Melissa Pickering is the Head of Product at LEGO, with a history of designing for play. Turns out that the questions around delivering...


THE Right Way to Build the Best Checkout Experience on the Planet

As e-commerce has boomed, digital multi-channel payments have become a necessity, but companies want their brand on every element, including the payments experience. We spoke with Paul Anthony at Primer to learn how we can make payments less complicated and give the power of experience design back to the merchants. Guest: Paul Anthony, Co-Founder, Primer Hosts: Elena Mesropyan, Content Lead, Money20/20 Europe Rachel Morrissey, Producer, Money20/20 Producers: Roland Bodenham, Senior Video...


Reflecting on the GameStop Short

As the followers of /WallStreetBets, a subReddit group, took the unprecedented action of retail investors squeezing the hedge fund shorts of GameStop stock, it set the entire world buzzing. In the process, RobinHood, an investing app and one of fintech's unicorns became inadvertently squeezed a bit as well. Due to some great investor relations, RobinHood gathered the capital to be able to keep doing business, but they were dinged a bit in the process. Some of this was their fault. Some of it...


Making Digital More Human

Understanding customer behaviors are only the beginning of the customer journey. As digital transformation has become table stakes, understanding the balance between digital and in person service is all about redefining how we look at the customers, how we look at their data, and how we plan to meet expectations. We spoke with Brandon Rembe of Envestnet to talk about what you need to plan your digital transformation. Guests: Brandon Rembe, Senior VP of Products, Envestnet | Yodlee Hosts:...


Banking the E-Commerce Boom

During Covid, the ability to be a digital, multi-channel, diversified business became a matter of survival for SMEs. Solving the banking issues for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and shop owners has always been about giving them tools and space to follow their dreams and passions, but now, it is about lasting and recovering. Could the push to digital have put small businesses that survive the strains of the pandemic in a stronger place than they were before? We spoke to David Rusenko, GM of...


Reprise- Put your Money Where Your Heart Is

Sustainability values are permeating every industry as the realities of climate change sink in. Many banks are creating earth-friendly investment funds, and firms like BlackRock Investors have announced that they will divest from all thermal coal exposure, and will take active measures to help companies that are part of their profile to go green. This is extremely appealing to younger generations who want to invest in brands and ideas that match their values. On this episode, we spoke to...


The Fintech Effect

Those in fintech have long maintained that the industry would lower the barriers of inclusion, and create opportunities for building wealth. And for the last 10 years, we have collected the stories that seem to support this. But, Plaid has decided to get some actual numbers and find out whether this theory holds water. Turns out it might! We spoke to John Pitts, Head of Policy, at Plaid about their report, which you can find right here:...


SPECIAL: Why Smart VC's are Investing in Women Founders

In this anniversary special for RiseUp, sponsored by Western Union, we address the struggles of minority female entrepreneurs, exploring the unique struggles of intersectionality in the venture capitalist ecosystem, the positive/negative impacts of COVID this year, and the path forward. We spoke with founder Natasha Bansgopaul, DarcMatter, and VC's - Sean Park of Anthemis and Sarah Kunst of Cleo Capital. Sponsored by Western Union and featuring Caroline Tsai, Lead Counsel, WU Guests:...


Fintech Innovation Lab Spills the Sauce for Enterprise Startups

Accelerators allow startups and entrepreneurs to be a part of necessary networks- learning networks, talent development networks, and institutional relationships. Fintech Innovation Lab, established in 2009, has created an unbeatable network for enterprise startups that help companies to capitalize on their true market value. We spoke with Maria Gotsch, Co-founder of the Fintech Innovation Lab, about guiding an idea and a technology into a product, and get it ready to scale. Apply to be in...


What Black Friday is telling us about Consumer Behavior Trends

Consumer behavior has undergone a lot of changes during the pandemic, but Black Friday is still the cornerstone of the retail world. A lot of small businesses rely on this time of year for survival, so we spoke with Howard Grosfield, Executive Vice President and General Manager- US Consumer Marketing, AMEX about what trends they are seeing and how retail can flourish despite the challenges this winter. Guest: Howard Grosfield, Executive Vice President and General Manager- US Consumer...


Is an Industry Led standard better for Open Banking transformation?

Right now, there is an assumption that the US is drastically behind in developing the open banking standards necessary to widespread adoption. The EU, with PSD2, has a strong consumer centric standard, meant to give users more privacy and control of their data and requiring banks to share the data wealth. But, open banking is growing rapidly in the US, despite the lack of a regulator led standard. We spoke with Don Cardinal and Tom Carpenter with Financial Data Exchange (FDX) who are...


Estate Planning is the New Black

For grim reasons, the estate planning business boomed during the early days of the pandemic. Access demanded a completely digital approach that allowed for highly informed decision making and legally binding documentation. But there is another barrier that needs to be broken- the notion that Wills and Planning are only for wealthy people. This week, we talk about what problems this creates, and speak with Cody Barbo, CEO of Trust&Will about his ideas around a solution. Guest: Cody Barbo,...