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With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.

With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.
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With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.






It Was Ugly, But Rancher Fought Back

The trouble CVE-2018-1002105 began to cause for Rancher, as well as the Kubernetes community, started a couple of years ago, long before it became public earlier this month. In Rancher’s case, users were already complaining about mysterious error messages and set up failures they were experiencing in 2016 with the release of Rancher 1.6 and Amazon’s ALB. More recently, the community began to experience similar problems in August with Rancher 2.1. “It was a pretty low risk vulnerability in...


Buoyant CEO on Linkerd's Origins During Twitter's Heady Early Days

It wasn’t that long ago when deploying massive-scale projects to the cloud meant largely creating the underlying infrastructure to make the migration from scratch. This reinventing the wheel-like gargantuan task is what Twitter software engineers certainly had to do. But as they figured out how to scale the social media network from Twitter’s days as a fledging startup to handle today’s 300 million regular users today, they also, almost by accident it seems, created the basis for the first...


Couchbase's Ravi Mayuram on the Future of Databases

We’re moving beyond the idea that every company is a software company, said Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO of Couchbase. “Now every company is a data company.” The Couchbase data platform is a unique NoSQL Engagement database, designed for using data to connect customers, employees, and machines. The goal is to engage customers through exceptional digital experiences, which is rapidly becoming a key differentiator in business across all industries. To create these...


Is Salesforce Really Talking about a ‘DevOps Transition?’

The concept of business transition is so synonymous with Salesforce that a Google search for both phrases will automatically omit one phrase as being superfluous. So it will come as an absolute shock to perhaps several of our readers that Salesforce finds itself just as much a journeyman to the concept of the “DevOps transition” as any corporation on the planet. “If it was three or four teams, we could have the build/test/deploy [pattern] easily,” said Byron Vonthal, product manager for...


FoundationDB’s Legacy Continues with New Improvements

Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, recently spoke with Ashish Motivala from Snowflake Computing and Clement Pang from VMware who are also committee members for the FoundationDB Summit. They described FoundationDB’s history and new improvements it offers for organizations seeking to scale their databases in multi-cloud environments and across different geographical sectors by using the open source alternative. The open source FoundationDB data store “falls in the...


Two Transitions Make ‘Cloud Native DevOps’ a Challenge

DevOps, as any successful practitioner will tell you, involves deciding which processes in your organization are worth standardizing, and bringing software developers and IT operators together to work to automate them. When a company is making a strategic effort to shift the infrastructure hosting burden away from IT operations and toward the public cloud, it’s not always clear whether those infrastructural processes are due to be perpetuated or expunged. “They are two different tracks that...


Portworx CTO Gou Rao: PX 2.0 Followed the ‘Big Shift’ to the Cloud

It is certainly well known how Kubernetes and microservices can offer organizations unapparelled opportunities in agility, speed to deployment, resource savings and other advantages — but harnessing this power can be a difficult, especially when moving to multi-cloud environments. The challenges associated with helping organizations make the jump to the cloud has served as a main theme of Portworx’s narrative as a company, culminating in the release this week of PX-Enterprise 2.0, a cloud...


Two Thought Leaders on Open Source Past, Present and Future

Open source software has taken new and exciting directions since the early days when collaboration and sharing source code was first introduced a few decades ago. Whether or not the original spirit of the free software movement has been maintained or not is a subject of debate, open source has evolved to underpin computing today, ranging from the Linux operating systems of most servers to Kubernetes and the cloud. Before open open source reached its mainstream status of today, there were...


Former Google Engineer Helps Make China Become A ‘Cashless Society’

Ant Financial, a spinoff from Alipay of China search engine giant Alibaba, offers credit card payment and financial services at scale in a country whose population is 1.4 billion, as well as to consumers worldwide. Zhengyu He, head of systems engineering at Ant Financial, described what it has taken to bring monolithic and outdated systems to meet today’s computing challenges at scale during a podcast hosted by Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, recorded at KubeCon...


Kubeflow Co-Founder: Machine Learning Workflows On Kubernetes Can Be Simple

Machine learning (ML) should have a profound effect on many facets of our lives in the future, from self-driving cars and trucks to utility grid management. As artificial intelligence (AI) engineers and data scientists develop advanced systems based on neural networks and other technologies designed to teach machines to learn and act in ways similar to the human brain, workflows that integrate all facets of the underlying software development and deployments for ML applications will play an...


Security’s Case Against ‘Cloud-Native DevOps’

The whole point of the movement-within-a-movement that Utsav Sanghani, Senior Product Manager for Desktop and AppDev Security for code security platform provider Synopsys, calls “DevSecOps,” is to engage information security professionals in the task of automating enterprise processes. That engagement requires a shared understanding among all departments of the infrastructure with which applications and critical functions are being hosted. That knowledge is cast to the wind, suggested...


Why Kubernetes Makes Lyft Rides What They Are Today

Ride-sharing firm Lyft will continue to rely heavily in Kubernetes and microservices platforms in the race to offer mobility solutions that should eventually include AI-piloted cars in the very near future. This was a key point Vicki Cheung, engineering manager at Lyft, told Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, hosted during a podcast recorded at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018 in Shanghai. After serving as head of engineering at OpenAI, a non-profit AI research group...


What Tech Can Learn From The Fashion Industry

Software will likely continue to underpin advances in tech throughout the indefinite future, especially as artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies begin to have a direct influence on new stack development. But the very male-dominated world of software development can also stand to benefit from new concepts and industries beyond the traditional realm of tech. The fashion industry is a perfect example, says Charmmie Hendon, who very recently transitioned into a key...


Telus Takes First Step Toward AI/ML with IT Automation

In the telecommunications industry, the level of manual labor involved in maintaining large and complex applications at scale on a traditional software architecture has become untenable. In an effort to avoid costly service outages, system administrators are frequently up all night monitoring dashboards for spikes in activity that may signal trouble, said Sana Tariq, a senior architect of Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E) service orchestration at Canadian telecommunications service provider Telus....


Kubernetes Co-Creator Brendan Burns On What Comes Next

Like so many milestones that were achieve in the history of computing, creators and inventors rarely had eureka moments, but instead, found a very practical way to solve a problem. The creation of Kubernetes is but another example of something very big that was created with little initial fanfare, before becoming one of the most important developments in modern computing that will likely serve as the cornerstone of how software is deployed and developed for at least years to come. As Brendan...


Caicloud COO And CEO On The New Age Of AI Programming

The programming languages and platforms of tomorrow when code for machine learning and artificial intelligence code become as common as writing java scripts are just beginning. They should also be Kubernetes and cloud-native-centric, according to to emerge, co-founder and COO Jiayao (Julia) Han and CEO Xin Zhang of Caicloud, as the role operating systems and other components will play, during the podcast Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, hosted live during KubeCon...


TriggerMesh Serverless Startup and OpenStack Summit Berlin

Welcome to The New Stack Context, a weekly podcast discussing the latest news around at-scale application development and management. For this week's episode, we discuss the latest developments in serverless computing, with Sebastien Goasguen who this month launched a new company, TriggerMesh, offering an event triggering cloud service for serverless workloads. Goasguen's last company, Skippbox was acquired by Bitnami, where he subsequently became senior director of cloud technologies. We're...


A Software Engineer VP Learned She Loved Coding On A BBC Microcomputer

Many, if not most people, discover their life calling at a very young age. In the software engineering space, those with decades of experience who came of age in the 1980s and 1990s learned they loved to code often got their start programming in BASIC in grade school or junior high. Anouska Streets, vice president of engineering, at Fiserv, is yet another example of someone lucky enough to have had access to a PC while growing decades ago. In her case, it was a school BBC microcomputer made...


Cloud Native Challenges and Opportunities with Continuous Delivery

Cloud Native means different things to different people. However, Ian Andrews, vice president, products and marketing, of Pivotal, sees continuous delivery at the heart of the cloud native movement. “In the last ten years or so, a handful of organizations decided that the model of building and operating software was not effective. One of the changes they needed was the rate of changes and management of software,” said Andrews talking about the evolution of the cloud native paradigm. People...


New Context Security VP On Why It Pays to Be Paranoid

Today, we speak with Andrew Storms, vice president, security and product, for New Context, as part of The New Stack Makers podcast series featuring developers and engineers who share their down-in-the-trenches stories during this renaissance era in computing. Storms took the opportunity to discuss his experience past and present as a security application developer. Renaissance aptly describes Storms’ 15-year plus career in IT security. Besides holding high-level security roles including...