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With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.

With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.
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With new interviews thrice-weekly, The New Stack Makers stream of featured speakers and interviews is all about the new software stacks that change the way we development and deploy software.






Kublr's Slava Koltovich Says Canaries are for Ops, Too

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, TC Currie talks with Kublr CEO Slava Koltovich about canaries, Kubernetes and operations. Klotovich, was working in company providing technical services to enterprise clients when Kubernetes hit the scene a few years ago. He saw that most companies who are providing Kubernetes abstraction layers are focused on development, and not so much was being done for operations. Recognizing an opportunity, Kublr was born. The Kublr products are tuned for the...


Using BOSH To Get The Stack Done

Cloud Foundry’s BOSH continues to serve many organizations as a missing Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) link for managing deployments throughout the production cycle across multi-cloud environments. Dr. Nic Williams, CEO of Stark & Wayne, a cloud services consultancy, and Marco Voelz, a developer for software giant SAP, were on hand during Cloud Foundry Summit Europe in Basel last week to discuss during this podcast why BOSH continues to be at the heart of Cloud Foundry with Alex Williams,...


Dr. Nicole Forsgren on DevOps: 'You Are What You Measure'

Dr. Nicole Forsgren is the CEO and Chief Scientist of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), and the principal author of the annual State of DevOps Report. On many occasions, she’s asserted the case that “you are what you measure” — that a company’s capabilities may be either enabled or constrained by the extent to which it is capable of perceiving how it does what it does. In a recent conversation for The New Stack, I presented Dr. Forsgren with the notion that an organization that...


GrapeUp’s Take On Creating Stacks On Open Source

A major theme among others at the Cloud Foundry Summit Europe in Basel last week was about how to leverage open source architectures while picking and choosing from the best-and-brightest tools to complete a stack. How to combine the best of both worlds was a major topic during a conversation at the Basel summit between Daniel Hekman, GrapeUp head of enterprise business development, Roman Swoszowski, GrapeUp vice president of cloud R&D, and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The...


Defining Company Values and DevOps Practices

“Where do you put your value as a company?” asked Sacha Labourey, CEO of DevOps automation platform maker CloudBees, speaking with The New Stack. “Where do you think your differentiation will come from? I’ll be a bit sarcastic here, because I have great regard for the IT Ops people, but a company is not going to become a leader of the market because it’s just ten times better at installing Linux and switches. A company is going to be ten times better in the market at differentiating...


Cloud Native DevOps Roles Offer Vision of a New Organization

Kohsuke Kawaguchi is Chief Technology Officer of CloudBees, and the originator of the Jenkins automation platform upon which so many development and operations teams both depend. As Kawaguchi told The New Stack, he’s witnessed numerous examples of organic evolutions of automation, where two teams automated their own processes to the extent that the interactions between them get automated as well. In such a circumstance, he acknowledges, the transactions that take place may only exist today...


Creating a Standard for Serverless Events

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) last year established a serverless working group to help define serverless technologies and how they fit into a cloud native architecture. One of the first, most common issues the group addressed was the lack of an industry-wide definition for events and the associated metadata. “Everyone defines an event a little bit differently and they don't really take into account the context of the event,” said Ken Owens, vice president of digital...


AppDynamics Evangelist on Why Today's Developers Are in a Good Place

Today, we speak with Ravi Lachman, a technical evangelist for application monitoring platform provider AppDynamics, as part of The New Stack podcast series featuring developers and engineers who share their down-in-the-trenches stories during this renaissance era in computing. Lachman’s professional life began when he got his foot in the door over 10 years ago at IBM. There, he was paid to take part in its software engineer co-op program while completing his undergraduate studies at the...


SignalFx Co-Founder and CTO on The Radical Performance Leaps Microservices Must Make

Monitoring today’s highly distributed and often immensely complex and decentralized environments requires unprecedented capabilities and reach. Speaking with Alex Williams, founder and editor in chief of The New Stack during the recently held PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco, SignalFx co-founder and CEO Karthik Rau and the CTO Arijit Mukherji discussed the new age of monitoring and how it has become a core capability in managing infrastructures. A core capability of effective monitoring...


Steve Hazel of Sauce Labs Says Pipeline Automation is Key for Competitive Advantage

With the move from waterfall to agile to continuous delivery, software testing has undergone several necessary transformations, the most important of which is testing automation. For this episode of The New Stack Makers, Steve Hazel, Co-Founder and Principal Architect at Sauce Labs joins TC Currie to talk about the move to automated testing, which Sauce Labs has been at the forefront. The best advice Hazel has is to aggressively invest in automating your deployment pipeline from start to...


PagerDuty’s CTO Alex Solomon On Building Microservices At Scale

Deploying microservices on cloud as well as on-premise environments can offer enormous boosts in computing and agility. But once rolled out, the ability to effectively manage hundreds or even thousands of microservices that run in highly distributed environments becomes critical in order to maintain these ambitious deployments. Alex Solomon, CTO and co-founder at digital operations management PagerDuty, should know — Solomon started his career on the ground floor of cloud computing as a...


Serverless for Teams

A pay-as-you-go pricing model and increased velocity are two well-known effects that serverless technologies have on application delivery. Just as important, but often overlooked, is how serverless affects developer workflows and team dynamics. Rather than focusing entirely on business logic and code, developers take on more responsibility for configuring cloud resources. “[Serverless] redistributes the responsibility of operations work and in the grand scheme it actually enforces the DevOps...


Open Source and Humanity, a Discussion with Mårten Mickos

Elon Musk and Tesla's open-sourcing of its code is a symbol of a major next phase of transformation for how we perceive ourselves and society. It touches on the truth of open source software as an example that humans can show that really, they love to debate. "I think society has to always look for resilience, and build resilience into society. Things that will survive no matter what happens, and will survive even if nobody's watching, even if the boss is missing, even if there's no decision...


Iterate Quickly and Test More, Turo's Car Sharing Service Depends On It

Iterate quickly and let the product team test out ideas, says Adam Bovill, director of engineering at Turo, the car-sharing service that connects owners with travelers. "If you can test ten, 15 or 100 ideas quickly and effectively you can find one, two, or ten that are good," said Bovill, adding that as the Turo team is working through ideas, their data science team comes up with different models to understand risk, pricing on vehicles. Turo has two different customers. They have owners,...


A Google Product Management Lead on What CI/CD Really Means

The term CI/CD can mean many things to many people, sometimes only referring in general terms to software development and deployment. Too often, it is buried in marketing speak, with only vague connotations in relation to CI/CD’s true meaning: as a way to combine continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Michael Winser, product management lead for Google’s Cloud Build, described what CI/CD means for Google as well as the term’s meaning for the software industry. He discussed...


The Changing Role Of An SRE In An Event-Driven World

The role of the site reliability engineer (SRE) has emerged as a key component in new stack development. One part developer, another part operations admin; the SRE is a key player in DevOps teams, tasked with creating applications, following the process through the entire production cycle and then debugging and troubleshooting when things go awry. Abdullah Siddiqui, an SRE at cloud accounting software provider Xero, described to Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack,...


Taking a Proactive Approach to Distributed Tracing with New Relic APM

The evolution of distributed tracing has seen many changes over the years. TNS Founder Alex Williams sat down with New Relic Senior Product Manager Vic Soares to discuss where the industry is going and how customers are making the most of distributed tracing in their workflow. New Relic announced recently that it has made distributed tracing generally available in New Relic APM. "It's geared for folks that have written applications that rely on services oriented architecture, microservices...


Build DevOps Teams, Start Your Digital Transformation

A digital transformation requires DevOps — DevOps consists of individual teams that make up the building blocks of a successful digital journey. This was a major theme of a conversation between Ben Connolly, head of Digital IT at Vodafone; Matty Stratton, DevOps Evangelist at PagerDuty and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, at the PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco last week. Vodafone, for example, which is at the early stages of its digital transformation, is...


Devops and Security Practices Equals DevSecOps

On today's episode of The New Stack Makers, TNS Founder Alex Williams sat down for a discussion with tCell Founder and Vice President of Engineering Boris Chen to learn more about the impact of what is now called DevSecOps in today's enterprises. Unifying DevOps and Security and moving towards the trend of DevSecOps is something many engineering teams are embracing as they find themselves not only working across distributed systems, but distributed teams. Chen's 25 year background is based...


Jennifer Tejada, CEO At PagerDuty: DevOps Success Relies On Teams, Empathy And Inclusion

Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty dropped by the TNS podcast booth to talk about teams with Alex Williams and TC Currie at the PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco earlier this week. The theme of the Summit is Ops and Opportunity and Tejada used her keynote to speak about the importance of being team-centric, and trust. But how do you get there? When I think about teams and real-time operations, it can often be a mess, said Williams. “There is often chaos before there is order,” she...